Provocative views about mental health as entertainment


Tomorrow’s visit of Ross County is one of the two oasis of home games amid our eight away game deluge.  Celtic comfortably swept County aside when the teams met in Dingwall last month.  That 1-4 win was followed by a dip in from by Celtic, who struggled to overcome Hamilton next time out, and throughout December.

County have had two draws and three defeats in their last five outings, including a Scottish Cup exit at Ayr.  If we can get the heavy lifting done early, tomorrow should be an opportunity for Neil Lennon to rest and experiment.

It will be interesting to hear if Sky Sports react to Celtic’s letter of yesterday regarding the comments of Kris Boyd about Leigh Griffiths.  Football is an entertainment business, the question for Sky is, do they regard provocative views about mental health as entertainment.  I don’t think we will be reassured by their response.

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  1. John Paul Taylor this morning replied to my e-mail asking that Kris Boyd be persona non grata at Celtic Park in future thus:



    “I can confirm the Club has written to Sky TV regarding the comments made on Wednesday evening.”



    We “the Celtic support” now await Sky and Kris Boyd’s statements…………

  2. It was not just Boyd’s rant that was a disgrace, it was the fact that the national manager and the presenter said nothing to reign him in, correct him, chastise him.


    Steve Clarke is supposed to be Celtic-leaning, and not a chirp from him.



    Boyd’s fury in the studio during the LCF and his uncontrollable bias during the league game should have been his last gigs. Rangers TV should be the only place for such one-sided bias where it is expected.

  3. TIMBHOY2 on 24TH JANUARY 2020 11:21 AM





    Watched Ray Donovan last night Terry his brother drinking in a Bar in Boston,CELTIC F C Pennant hangingin the Gantry.







    I read it was Tony Curran, who plays a dirty cop in that series, put the pennant in the bar,he’s a proper Tim

  4. Well done to Celtic, for going to bat on this one.



    I had my doubts yesterday. Glad to be proven wrong.

  5. DENIABHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2020 12:28 PM



    Personally i dont care if a commentator is biased. I dont really care what they say. It makes it sweeter when we gub them. ( Especially if we were outplayed )



    However this is different, Boyd has crossed a line with his premeditated criticism of a player who has faced his demons and is trying to recover from well publicised mental health issues.



    Given Boyd’s personal knowledge of the subject his conduct can only be described as vindictive and despicable



    Cheers and HH.

  6. I have always had a huge question marks over why Sky employed either of the Kris’s… both have ongoing struggles with the English language and talk a lot while actually saying nothing?!! Who is responsible for employing these guys?



    My biggest issue with the Leigh Griffiths “tapegate” is though… there is a bin bag in front of Alfred Trotter… watch the videos again… that is what Griffiths is aiming at!!! Case closed.

  7. Steve Clarke should have said something to Boyd especially when being aware of Leighs problems in the past AND given the likelihood that HE (Clarke) may well pick Leigh for future Scotland squads and will be relying on Leigh to deliver during those games ?


    Also, they ALL have ear pieces… why did no one from Sky advise the Presenter to correct Boyd….did Boyd have direct contact with a Producer, who could maybe have stopped him in his tracks via his ear piece ……..OR ( as I suspect) were Sky just happy for Boyd or any other “Pundit” to say whatever they wished ?


    As the old saying goes…”There is no such thing as bad publicity” !


    I also hope that Celtic and/or Sky discover IF Boyd was reading from a pre planned script ( auto cue), as that would also deter Boyd ( and Sky), from just issuing an apology and/or Sky and Boyd trying to distance him and/or Sky from his disgraceful comments, IF Boyd and/or Sky attempted to play matters down, and try to say that Boyd was just picking Leighs playing stats out of fresh air…and that Boyd had just made a simple mistake etc ?



  8. Agree with Deniabhoy at 12.28, but what is it Sun Tzu said – when your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him? It’s the only possible defence of Steve Clarke failing to call out Boyd the other night.



    The presenter, on the other hand…Eilidh Barbour’s star is on the rise, apparently, but she did herself no favours with her half-hearted attempt to interject. Very disappointing. As a broadcaster and as a decent human being, she missed an opportunity there.

  9. I would also hope that Leigh if/when picked for any future Scotland squad asks Mr Clarke….” Why didnt you support/back me up when Boyd was shouting his bigoted, biased mouth off live on TV” ?



  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH JANUARY 2020 12:54 PM



    Also, they ALL have ear pieces… why did no one from Sky advise the Presenter to correct Boyd





    Exactly – when Gary Neville make a passionate and excellent riposte to a racist incident during an EPL match recently the presenter couldn’t say quickly enough that ‘these aren’t the views of Sky’ etc etc.



    (Quite why they felt the need to say that then is another matter – I think it was because Neville made references to politics and politicians – because calling out racism is clearly to be applauded you’d think!)



    Unless the Sky TV researches and presenters have been stationed on Mars recently you’d think it’d have crossed one persons mind that Leigh missed some action for very valid reasons.




  11. weebobbycollins on

    Greenpinata…”Given Boyd’s personal knowledge of the subject…”


    Just because his brother had mental issues and ended his own life doesn’t mean KB gleaned any knowledge of the subject…

  12. Having watched the tackle on Wee Jerry again,I have to say my first comments were wrong,It was a Red.Funny enough,in the boozers last night,Galatasaray were on.One of their players involved in a carbon copy incident.Player not carried off,and a yellow given.Bedlam erupted,GY players going berserk with Ref.Game held up for about 4 mins trying to restore order.


    Morelos.Yesterday,Barca,today,Seville,tomorrow,the world.Some of the gash headlines on Newsnow Celtic are getting worse,even from Celtic sites.


    No idea what surprises Lenny will have in store for us tomorrow.Will be a surprise if we don’t score 4 or 5.They are mince.

  13. I dont have a Legal brain, but I wonder if Leigh could consult Celtic’s legal team and discover if Boyd could be sued for ” Defammation of Character”, as its my understanding that legally speaking “Slander” doesnt exist in Law anymore ?



    Surely Sky as an employer of Chumps like Boyd also have a legal and/or Moral duty to ensure that anyone employed by them, doesnt provide the viewing public with false information, especially in relation to a Players/Managers health etc ?


    Just a thought or two.



    If Celtic get a response from Sky that is only an “apology”…then Celtic should insist on asking sky about their Legal duties as an employer, and whether Boyd was reading from a auto cue etc…did the Sky Director/Producer/Presenter have ANY idea of what Boyd was going to state live on air ?





  14. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2020 1:05 PM



    Morelos.Yesterday,Barca,today,Seville,tomorrow,the world.Some of the gash headlines on Newsnow Celtic are getting worse,even from Celtic sites.






    The rags are trying to keep the hun natives happy. Stevie G let the cat out the bag when he said they aren’t doing any January business. Celtic will probably come out the window with 3/4 new faces.



    So keep leaking stories about how Tyrese Campbell has turned Celtic down over Rangers. Days after Neil Lennon said we weren’t interested.



    Europes elite all want Morelos….



    As for the Celtic News Now, you do have the option to ignore some publications. I hide HITC (clickbait headlines of old stories), Football Insider (made up stories), Read Celtic (some guy based in Sandhurst, England who regurgitates stories) and a few more.

  15. I took it from Clark’s wee snide grin that he has no intention of calling up Wee Griff to the national team.



    Griff should decline if asked and state that he cannot play for a manager who stood in silence when he was being attacked by Boyd .



    I repeat .



    Boyd knew what he was doing.


    It was calculated to get inside Griffs head.



    Clark is a snake.



    When he gets sacked from Scotland.


    Griff will get the last laugh .



  16. Boyd has managed to galvanize and unite the Celtic family with his comments.



    Don’t think he intended that, but cheers anyway Fuddo.

  17. I also wonder if Sky, when giving ANY Presenter and/or Pundit etc a CONTRACT of Employment have a “Built In” Disclaimer within that contract ?


    After all, there was nothing and/or nobody to stop Boyds comments, and what is to prevent any Presenter/Pundit saying something untoward/unsavoury live on air, possibly in the heat of the moment…or pre scripted ?


    If so, Sky can probably sack Boyd, and any Disclaimer that Boyd has signed would allow Sky itself “Off the Hook” ? Sky could maybe be in a position of hanging Boyd “out to dry”, by distancing themselves from his disgusting views and sacking the Hun Chump.


    How can Sky possibly STILL allow this potential “Legal Liability” to be employed in any capacity, not forgetting the likely loss of present day Sky Subscribers and the revenue that they bring….should they allow him to be On Screen and with a Microphone after this ?


    Again IF Celtic can PROVE that Sky were fully aware beforehand of what Boyd was going to say, I can only imagine that Sky wouldnt have a leg to stand on (Disclaimer or not ? ) as they not only allowed this Chump to spout disgusting crap, but that they were fully aware of his script/auto cue ?



  18. [insert club here] are weighing up an offer for Morelos…



    Weeks and months of endless tittle. Why do clubs always weigh up an offer rather than actually make one ? Is it really that difficult to pick up a phone ?

  19. From the press conference:



    No Jerry Frimpers tomorrow. No surprise.



    Delay in paperwork for Sorro, so arriving next week.



    Loving the interplay with the 2 up front.



    Boyd is a fat shitebag (implied but you could read between the lines).

  20. https://celtsarehere.com/latest-jeremie-frimpong-injury-update/



    I may be way out on this one, but almost everyone is anticipating Bauer to come in and replace Frimpong for Tomorrow.



    Baring in mind it is Ross County, at home… I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact James Forrest comes back in down the right hand-side. Even within a 3-5-2 shape.



    Now I can hear people saying, no danger, James Forrest can’t defend. He can’t play wing-back in a 3-5-2.



    Well actually, under Rodgers there were quite a few occasions whereby Forrest had the right-hand side all to himself.


    Although Rodgers never done it a lot, there were a good few occasions where he went with a back 3. Rodgers system on these occasions was a 3-4-2-1 . Usually when Sinclair was out of favour or injured. Coupled with Lustig being injured, and Rodgers not trusting Gamboa.




    ———Ajer Boyata Jozo———-



    Forrest Brown Calmac Tierney


    ————Christie Rogic————–






    With John Kennedy’s influence, I am sure Lenny will be aware of the option to recall Forrest as Frimpong’s replacement, yet still play 3-5-2, with Griff and Eddy up top.

  21. I work in occupational health and deal with an increasing number of psychological cases both in the UK and internationally where there is an epidemic of such cases.



    Employers worldwide have an obligation to protect employees from “injury” and this term includes psychological injury.



    The International Corporate Health Leadership Council is a body whose objective is “to drive policies and standards that result in reducing risk and improving the delivery of healthcare to international business travelers, expatriates and employees wherever they work and live”. In 2018 the Council stated that “Psychological health should not only be a high priority but should be incorporated in all health and wellbeing programmes”. This is the first time I have seen such a strong recommendation re an employer’s duty of care to protect an employee’s psychological health but it shows the worldwide recognition of the issue which, at 13% of the world global disease burden, now exceeds both cardiovascular and cancer diseases.



    In some countries, eg France, it is a mandatory element of a Fitness for Work medical.



    Leigh is not an employee of Sky but, under the principle of vicarious liability, Sky is collectively liable for “the actions of another when engaged in some form of joint or collective activity”



    Yesterday, I wrote to Sky to draw their attention to the case and asked them to consider the comments made by Kris Boyd. I did not demand that he was sacked. I stated that my only objective is to raise awareness of this important issue and to help Kris Boyd understand the possible consequences of his comments.



    Celtic was correct to refer this to Sky. It is up to Sky to conduct an investigation into the circumstances before an appropriate outcome can be determined.

  22. Big Jimmy – Sky are the broadcaster, so they’re ultimately responsible for the content they broadcast, no wriggling out of that one.



    I’d imagine sky will have an indemnity in their contracts with presenters, in essence if the presenter says something off-message or go on an unscripted rant, while Sky would still be liable they’d have a means to counter-claim against the presenter for any damages caused.



    However if Sky allow this to pass without action or comment, they’re relieving themselves of any opportunity to claim plausible deniability. Similar but different, it’s often amazed me how football broadcasters are allowed to beam swearing, racist chants, and bigotry from football crowds into my living room in the middle of the day, with a simple “apologies if you picked up any foul language” to cleanse the offence.

  23. Caveat. I haven’t seen Boyd’s rant. However that will not inhibit me from expressing my opinion.


    From reports Boyd quoted some prepared stats on Leigh’s appearances.


    So some producer on the program had already given him the figures meaning Boyd’s diatribe was scripted and a production of the Sky team.


    Boyd is merely the stooge delivering the prepared script.

  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘GG on 24TH JANUARY 2020 2:47 PM



    Its possible he used the stats in his newspaper column which was the reason for Leighs reaction the other night and then showed remarkable brain power (for Kris Boyd) to rattle them off again.



    Caveat: I don’t his articles or his paper :)



    Apparently his stats were not even close to being accurate anyway.



    He has been keeping quiet since I believe hoping this blows over.




  25. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Greenock Morton Football Club can announce that defender Stephen Welsh has today been recalled by Celtic with immediate effect.



    The 20-year-old arrived at Cappielow last Summer and made a total of 18 appearances during his time playing for the Ton.



    Following an impressive first half of the season, the central defender has been recalled by his parent club and will immediately go into their first team squad for the weekend.



    Speaking exclusively to gmfc.net, manager David Hopkin has praised Stephen for his efforts and believes he will continue to impress following his experience playing in the Ladbrokes Championship.



    He said: “Celtic have decided to recall Stephen early from his loan with us. The management team watched him recently and were very impressed with how he had developed as a player.



    “He will go immediately into the first team set-up there and I am pleased that we were able to work with him and thankful to Celtic for giving us the opportunity.



    “They have a few injuries at the moment therefore it’s the perfect chance for Stephen to be able to show what he can do and make an impression.



    “His desire and determination have been excellent, and we have given him the experience of first team football in a very competitive league.



    “Hopefully their injuries clear up and we are given the chance to take Stephen back on loan with us for the remainder of the season.”

  26. I believe Boyd had had his statements pre approved and the delivery was scripted. That explains why Clarke and the Presenter didn’t argue the mental Health issue.



    Ayrshire Huns are the worst type in my opinion not only Boyd but the Captain Birdseye character and the whole of their support for their constant abuse of our players and the booing of the injured Frimpong by the stand when Frimpong was being stretchered off.



    We need to win this league as every other club has set their face against us winning 9 in a row. It will be down to us to beat the Huns as none of the other clubs want us to win 9. Aside from a few celtic minded players at the other clubs, we have all of Scottish football ranged against us including Fans, Club officials SFA Referees and Media.



    Bring it on,. the triumph will be all the sweeter

  27. Another farce, was seeing the packed Chadwick stand with Celtic supporters and 3 sparsely populated stands There was a spurious argument that they couldn’t offer us the Moffat as there was a small area of safe standing. This had about 20 fans in it and who were all sitting down.



    I contend that they took a financial hit to make matters more difficult for us by reducing the Celtic fans, much like the Huns and the Broomloan

  28. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BIGBHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2020 3:15 PM



    Yeah. Reality is they could have bought a decent player with the extra proceeds from 4 games vs us and Sevco and actually made life harder for us but no one tell them that…




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