Provocative views about mental health as entertainment


Tomorrow’s visit of Ross County is one of the two oasis of home games amid our eight away game deluge.  Celtic comfortably swept County aside when the teams met in Dingwall last month.  That 1-4 win was followed by a dip in from by Celtic, who struggled to overcome Hamilton next time out, and throughout December.

County have had two draws and three defeats in their last five outings, including a Scottish Cup exit at Ayr.  If we can get the heavy lifting done early, tomorrow should be an opportunity for Neil Lennon to rest and experiment.

It will be interesting to hear if Sky Sports react to Celtic’s letter of yesterday regarding the comments of Kris Boyd about Leigh Griffiths.  Football is an entertainment business, the question for Sky is, do they regard provocative views about mental health as entertainment.  I don’t think we will be reassured by their response.

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  1. AoW 10.59



    Agreed.hence his statement via sky


    murdoch toughed out raiding milly dowlers bins so this is a sinch!..




    David17 10.54



    Breathtaking in its stupidity the more yi read it.



  2. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Great post that at 10.46 pm


    Loved the bit about Mohammed Salim, we’ve had so many young


    Indian kids applying for registration down at our local soccer club




    I’ve said recently on CQN how i always relate his story to anybody


    that will listen about his time at Celtic, and i get the parents and kids


    asking me about how he could play without boots and only bandaged


    feet, totally amazes me, but there is a utube video …5 FACTS ABOUT


    MOHAMMED SALIM.. which shows Celtic were really a very compassionate


    club back in the day.


    Have a look at it and enjoy.


    H.H . Mick

  3. With a week to go in this window I expect Neil to get the players he wants, if these players want to come ….



    If not, I think this squad who won their first ever Europa league group and the first trophy of the season in the bag are not as bad as they are made out to be .. Klimala & Soro to try and dislodge the bhoys already in possession of a first team jersey … maybe this time in 7 days things might change but need to be very good players to replace the players who are already there

  4. Just thought, if wee Jeremy played with bandaged feet, would


    the huns have razor blades inserted in their studs?


    Naw, shirley naw?


    H.H . Mick

  5. Melbourne, we have always been inclusive.



    I always love the ‘firsts’ by Celtic.



    It’s what sets us apart.



    Lazy dynamite post earlier brought joy to my heart.



    You’re not doing too bad yourself.

  6. Early Indians dealt with the problem of their female members when approaching their period was to to stick them in a tent away from the general populace with only water to get by.



    I suggested this to the missus and am currently waiting for the ambulance.

  7. Petec 11.23pm



    Ha ha … I turned JavaScript on expecting to see Soro … but laughed at Gerry Cee…



    If in contact with 16roads tell him to get his apology in and get back on these pages … we have a big couple of months to enjoy :-)




    Yes, thats the ethos of our club.


    I keep giving out the wee mhans hoops tops to new bhoys at


    our groung when he outgrows them.


    Gave an away top to one Sudanese bhoy and didn’t see him wearing


    it for a few weeks, jokingly asked his parents why? said ” he wears it


    to bed ”


    That’ll do for me lol.


    H.H . Mick

  9. Mick. Eat. Sleep. Celtic.



    Think I bought every CQN badge from Celticrollercoaster but gave them away to a deserving kid. Result. Nothing to show for it.



    Was thinking of doing a charity gig called ‘my left boot’ whereby I would write to all clubs and ask for players boots (signed) with monies going to grassroots. But have no clout. Doesn’t stop me thinking.

  10. GFTB- hark the herald angels sing


    GFTB- don’t do nothing.



    I’m an influencer, you’re influenza.

  11. ART OF WAR



    Good idea that, remember back in the day, Tommy Burns


    Paul McStay etc. throwing their boots into the jungle and a


    mad scramble with hundreds trying to grab them, can’t


    really recall if any player did that back in the 50’s 60’s.


    Embdy… TONTINE TIM maybe

  12. Petec 11.42pm



    I hear you, don’t know the ins & outs there are many who have followed the same path … it’s a blog, apologise move on if not then I suppose nowhere to go



    AoW 11.44pm






    From now on Monday-Friday you will be known as “The Influencer” I will try my very best to make that stick :-)

  13. Tommy and Paul were international players, but i know what you


    mean lol.


    Off now to hunt for a club for Moreloss.


    There’s a wee club down the road from us called NAR NAR GOON


    soccer club, apparently it’s Aboriginal meaning is Native Bear, but


    to me the Goon bit is correct.


    H.H . Mick

  14. GFTB – Love is the LAW.



    Love this Queen.



    Pray for Leaders.



    A lot will be happy for a day aff work.



    a Crazy World.




    Dinnae Judge a Pope or a Queen for petes sake. It is the Ephesians jibber jabber…..



    please Forgive All, for petes sk.

  15. Like everywhere else in Oz, a good distance, probably a 8 hour drive


    to Adelaide and then south.


    Been over that way and absolutely stunning area.


    H.H . Mick

  16. Art of War,



    I know whit I’m doing.



    Love is the Jibber j ….



















  17. Mick, just suspicious as at the age of 92 he sent me his bowling club badge. Bowling club FFS.



    He was over here last year @ 91 and described how the trucking had changed since he first took an 18 wheeler out in the 50’s. Got it down on video, including how he met his missus.



    Thing about long distance driving is skin cancer. He’s been cut.



    Anyway enough.

  18. AoW 11.51pm



    Knew you would be :-)



    Influenza… Does that mean am infectious ?






    Celtic 3pm on a Saturday, ah the good old days, any 3pts will do, but somebody is going to get a hammering one of these days from the current champions



    Hail Hail

  19. A week to go and somehow there is no anxiety about the closing window.


    Are we happy with the personnel at our disposal?


    Are we strong enough to go undefeated for the rest of the season?


    Will “undefeated” be enough?

  20. ‘GG



    GETTING Samuel L Jackson angry will be Good.



    Who knows.






    Always Protect the UNBORN… ALWAYS.

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