‘Rangers’ v Celtic, Live updates


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  1. Maybe Ange will learn about JF now.



    JJ can go as well.



    What a bench we have.







  2. Forest has never played well at Ibrox.


    Abada puts them in fear.


    And yet he chooses Forest.

  3. Incredible we are losing to this lot – our poor play has fuelled them – still got plenty about us to win but need to stop the errors

  4. Right Mooy on now to take back the middle.



    Oriley has answered a big question today for Ange as Has JF.




  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Looks like we’re going to need those 9 points and the goal difference.



    Juranovic has been a disgrace since coming on. Sell.

  6. Two players that should never play against Rangers at Ibrox …one is suspended the other is Forrest

  7. That’s why I an saying shoot



    Var and balls into the box will result in nothing or a foul against.



    If we shoot!!!!!!




  8. James Forrest’s performance today is why no top division English club has ever come in for him .


    We face The Darnel 4 or 5 times a season .


    It’s the only time we are not red hot favourites domestically.


    He is required to show heart ,bravery , and self belief .



    In these matches ,over the years ,he has been an abject failure ,dare I say cowardly .



    When I saw his name in the starting line up ,I hoped that he would prove me wrong .



    I should know better .



    Never has there been a better example of a trackside bully.



  9. Poor stuff from jura today .and our passing is awful and to slow on the ball ,Need to up our game here .,our main man for me made a mistake with his team selection . Poor penalty , but not surprised it was given .