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  1. Guys,


    C’-Ant help it, I’ve got the bug.


    The Celtic and drinking bug.



    Cheers and HH to all.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD JANUARY 2023 11:34 AM



    Strange take. We weren’t spooked at the start – we were the better team for the first half hour and finished the stronger team. Mental fortitude gets the job done when you aren’t playing well



    Like Ange says, they aren’t robots, the effect of the crowd in the derbies these days can’t be underestimated

  3. An away draw in the derby with no away fans is worth more than a point these days. Anything less than a victory for the home team is a poor result, but when it’s in a must win game it’s even worse



    Beale has been banging on about how the league is really the results between the two teams. It’s nonsense of course but all things remaining equal we will go into the next derby knowing that a draw keeps us nine ahead.

  4. can celtic tv not air a programme after our game with highlights , discussion by neutral football persons , and air it to coincide with sportscene , either that, do what i do and just dont watch it , that programme is not for anyone of a celtic persuasion . malony made a comment that was well documentated that sevco should play high to beat celtic , which was really a plea to mcintyre and co to come and get me i will say what is requestwd by the corporation enough of a cv as is required . very same with clyde that playschool programme is not for us , there top joker comes away with anti celtic comments as a way of keeping his job getting a reaction from celtic fans and making him a personality into the bargain . do as i do switch off you wont miss either of those programmes and you will feel the better for it . we have real celtic bloggs to tune into , but log onto the real celtic fan forums there are too many rogue sites online too but they are easily spotted .

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Couple of points about yesterday



    Frustration continues with VAR – their penalty and our non penalty


    Team selection – not playing Jura I think due to selling him in Jan (we can’t sell if seriously injured)


    Johnson did OK


    Not sure why he played Forrest instead of Abada


    Taylor injury unbalanced us


    Huns kept the grass long to slow us down


    They have got better under Beal


    They will buy a Centre Forward in Jan The Fat Apache is done


    9 points clear is a good place to be




  6. https://twitter.com/JT67__/status/1609924150952443904/video/1



    When the commentators talk with such authority, which neither Walker especially nor Super Salary or Crocker have – is it any wonder we are being cheated with impunity. I know they steadfastedly refuse to show certain offside calls that well unless you are there you will have no real idea.



    Carl slid in to do a block not a tackle.



    The Celtic Board have evidence to get Neutral Referees as this is just ridiculous now.



    I mean Collum can always go back to his day job. o_0



    Crawford Allan surely can’t survive – next?

  7. JimTim



    I believe Tom Boyd and Joe Millar do some game analysis from a Celtic perspective.they could have all the referees on commenting too,but until we know what the club are doing we are stumped.i dare say the club are canvassing on the inside,but i feel wee need a more open and transparent response from the game we fund.


    All the best in new year.keep it lit.some were asking of you on another channel




  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    AN TEARMANN on 3RD JANUARY 2023 11:51 AM



    Confess I did not read back and I did not know Ernie has such influence


    Having had various exchanges with Ernie over the years this is a first


    Ernie thank you


    You have honest, sensible friends – he made sense to me – and he can scribe




  9. I wouldn’t have started James Forrest yesterday but as a blogger rightly posted, James done some excellent defensive work whilst his attacking play was not there.



    Superb result despite the VAR cheating.

  10. Maybe biased refereeing is good for business?



    In the same way that The Old Firm business model is good for business.



    Both help sustain interest and engagement in what is, lets face it, after the disappointment/humiliation/embarrassment of the European campaign a petty mundane footballing season.



    But yet here we are, all riled and fired up and wanting more of the same.

  11. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 3RD JANUARY 2023 12:05 PM



    I suspect the connection will be as much a surprise to Andrew Smith as it is to you.

  12. But not a suprise to you Ernie.



    You are the fake Ernie.


    You and Andrew are one



    You fool no one

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Lots of smirking Tims and a few torn faced huns in here. Wee Kyogo’s goal was a dagger to their rancid hearts. Which makes me rather jolly, don’t ye know. 😁