Rascal racism


Football’s impudent scamps have long caused more annoyance than actual harm to their clubs.  Many live by a different moral code to the rest of us which leads to all sorts of excesses, including the occasional violent bust-up.

Can you kick a team mate on the training field and punch him in the dressing room?  You bet, there are hundreds of precedents for you.  You can certainly kick lumps out of an opponent, but what about doling out racial references in the middle of a game?

The use of a racist term in my office, and I’m sure your workplace, would lead to summary disciplinary procedures, but football has a way of looking at miscreants through rose tinted lenses.  The hoary old defence on these occasions, be if for footballers or anyone else, is ‘He’s not a racist, some of his best friends are….’.

This doesn’t matter.  The guilty party may be more rascal than racist but he needs to be treated in the same way anyone else using racist language in the workplace would be.  English football has done enormous work to combat racism since the 1980s but it’s in danger of undermining these efforts by accommodating people who should know better.

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  1. I remember conversations on cqn about great tv series and there was one that was always mentioned in the same lists as the sopranos and the wire. Can anyone help out a slightly desperate Christmas shopper? Was it breaking bad?

  2. BelfastCityCelt says:


    23 December, 2011 at 12:02



    tbf, when I was reading much of your posts last night I was wondering how long they would last.



    I think you crossed the language borders a few times as well.

  3. celtic40me says:


    23 December, 2011 at 12:05



    That would be the one, yes. James Forrest is yer man for that series – swears by it, which is just, as it’s possibly the best thing on tv for the last couple of years.

  4. saltires en sevilla on

    paddy turner



    you think far too many posters are argumentative and talk p@sh –


    of course you don’t fall into said category -not ever?



    I remember I set a wee fun friday crackerjack question for a bottle of malt: you responded (not quoting my name?) with wrong answer a few times and when finally corrected to the right answer you added that said question was p@sh



    how does that square with your post above?



    mebbe have a wee look in the miror before you look out the windae ;-)



    hope you have a good Christmas and New Year 2012







  5. Dont know if its just me but I wish posters wouldnt be so confident of victory on the 28th as it always makes me feel this overconfidence will come back to haunt us, Il just say I hope we play as well as we have been recently no 4-0 3-0 scorelines from me



    NR Vous csc

  6. saltires en sevilla on

    Belfast City Celt



    your post were ok but at least one had the full f word in there



    mebbe why the mods removed?







  7. After many years of lurking I have finally decided to register an account, seeing as my life has just begun today, hailhail

  8. Whether or not the Huns have a fire-sale in January depends purely on whether such a course of action is in the interests of Craig Whyte. What is best for Rangers is almost certainly of no concern to him – the interests of the football club and CW may overlap, but his main concern is how he can exit RFC with a profit.



    I believe his initial aim was quite simple: Use the fans money to purchase the debt (in the form of season ticket revenues, (or mortgaging these in the future); set himself up as main creditor; use European money to fund his “warchest”; and sit back and wait for the FTT verdict. As revealed in the Bain Papers, CW speculated that a bill over 15million would see insolvency; anything less could be lived with one way or another.



    Insolvency would see him clean up, as the main creditor. Survival for RFC would see him suddenly owning a valuable asset which he would almost certainly be able to sell to collection of RFC-minded individuals. Either way, a nice profit for Craigy boy, and probably no blame attached to him if it all went tits-up.



    Unfortunately for him, Master Tactician Sally managed to get the team pumped out of 2 European trophies at the hands of comically bad opponents. As soon as that happened CW had a problem- no Euro money meant that there was no cash to fund his warchest. On top of this, arrestments piled up and HMRC began to box clever about other bills owed to it. Suddenly cash-flow was his central worry.



    The result is that CW is embattled: He cannot get the accounts signed off (a remarkable humiliation for RFC and one that is attracting scandalously little attention in the MSM); and he faces the prospect of running out of money before the tax case crystalises. In this new situation, a fire-sale of playing assets may well be a wise course of action – certainly it would keep the whole show on the road for another few months.



    On the other hand, he may want to brazen it out, keep the team together, and hope a combination of payday loans, late payment of bills, and mortgaging assets can see him through to the championship and possible Euro jackpot. This is a long-shot, but he is clearly a gambler so he might give it a go.

  9. BelfastcityCelt I was on the blog until 1am this morning and read this mornings posts.



    It looks like you have posted but for some reason they never appeared on the blog, Fortunes Favour was posting earlier in reply to someone at a time when there were no posts, that’s curious innaw. Looks like a server problem.



    Additionally, I believe only Paul67 can delete posts and there is no way he was up in the middle of the night deleting posts, besides he always gives the reason why a post has been deleted.



    Ps CQN’ers if you’re post is a long one then save it prior to posting, ye know it makes sense.




  10. Neil canamalar@11.12am


    I haven’t forgotten the Sarsfield Celtic constitution.Busy time now but will source. Another Christmas lunch now calls down at Borough Market, London Bridge.

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    A man said to me today. Have got a light mac? I said no but ive got nice brown overcoat!!