Regrets, we have a few


While you, me, the manager and captain can agree we need to strengthen in January, the mood in the camp will not be entirely positive until several frustrated players move on.  There is a lot of work to do here, especially in central defence.

Nat Phillips is not getting much love these days.  This is unfortunate, as his has only been a small piece of a dysfunctional few weeks and he is by no means the reason we are floundering.  Still, form was never good enough to see his stay in Glasgow extended.  He is one of several central defenders who must be moping around Lennoxtown at the moment.  Yuki Kobayashi surely has his agent busy looking for a return ticket to Japan – can you imagine the mood in the Japanese camp with so a few frustrated comrades?

The situation with Gustaf Lagerbielke and Maik Nawrocki is less straightforward.  Gus earned a full international cap for Sweden this autumn and had his day in the sun six days ago.  His five Celtic starts saw the loss of only two goals.  Four of those games were away from home and one was at Ibrox.  The 23-year-old must be wondering what’s going on.

Maik (22) was Celtic’s most expensive summer signing at €5m.  He has made a total three appearances in a Celtic shirt, all in August, and has not been seen since returning from injury.  I know his old club Legia Warsaw are on the lookout for a central defender next month and Maik might be wondering what he’s doing in Glasgow.

The need to clear out the dressing room, free up wages and (most importantly) create an atmosphere of positivity is clear, but I don’t like when we churn through promising talent without providing proper development opportunities.  Regrets, we have a few.

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  1. We have a week to prepare for a home game v Livingston. Win that, away to dundee, win that, home v the huns, win that, then win away to St Mirren. One game at a time. No panicking, playing into the huns and hunmsm hands. Don’t sign any frogs to be kissed (PL) in January. Regroup, integrate three or four decent, quality players (at least, considering Kyogo et al will be playing in Asia cup). The huns win this league and we’ll have a hellava job getting it back.

  2. ZIGGYDOC1 on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 4:59 PM


    We have a week to prepare for a home game v Livingston. Win that, away to dundee, win that, home v the huns, win that, then win away to St Mirren. One game at a time. No panicking, playing into the huns and hunmsm hands. Don’t sign any frogs to be kissed (PL) in January. Regroup, integrate three or four decent, quality players (at least, considering Kyogo et al will be playing in Asia cup). The huns win this league and we’ll have a hellava job getting it back.



    *after the ball hit a divot and bounced over big John Fallon’s hands tae give that scabby mob an undeserved equaliser seemingly on the first day back’s team meeting the Big Mhan told them that we had tae win every game if we wanted tae retain our title, well we did bar from a loss in the Cup tae a very good pars side who went on tae win it.



    And that my fellow Tims was one of our most exciting and gratifying wins in that honest NIAR as the huns only last their last League game at home tae the sheep while Jock was watching his first ever managerial side win the Cup on the last day League games were ever played on the same day as the Final.



    He walked out of hunden that afternoon with his arms reaching the sky as he knew we were champions again, 3 days later at East End park both captains, the Celtic Minded Roy Barry and Big Billy emerged fae the tunnel with big smiles on their lips

  3. Celtic Football Club






    19 Dec 2023, 4:38 pm


    Given the recent serious safety and matchday issues which our fans have experienced at fixtures at Ibrox and Celtic Park, Celtic’s position on this matter has been very clear.



    Celtic welcomes the opportunity to seek to resolve these important issues, and it was a hearing for which the Club was very well-prepared.



    We are pleased that the sub-committee recognised the importance of safety and matchday experience issues in considering the question of a reasonable allocation for both fixtures.



    While respecting the ongoing process, Celtic stands by its decision not to allocate any tickets for away supporters for the match on December 30th.



    Celtic will continue to focus on the importance of safety and matchday experience issues as we look to address reasonable allocations at Celtic Park and Ibrox from next year, in a responsible manner.

  4. No Huns at Celtic Park. Wish I could say the same about CQN !!!


    Really is dreadful at the moment and certainly gives the lie to ‘ We don’t care if we win,lose or draw.’

  5. AN TEARMANN on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 5:10 PM


    No huns at CP on 30th







    I’m sure this is something we can all agree on.

  6. Why is the game on the 30th as opposed to 1st or 2nd??



    Just because its a saturday?



    A hunskelping the first game of a new year is just the thing

  7. Desmond, Lawwell, etc, etc, are only in control of Celtic because they know that 58,000 fans don`t have the balls to replace them.



    58,000 fans are dumbed down on info because CQN Paul and the bent Mod, Sentinel Celts lol, Phil Mac, CST, ACSOM, CSA, Auldheid, SFTB, Chairboy, Bourne..and many other folk who have a lot to say about a load of baloney and pillow fights but never get to the point and inform their so called fellow fans that 58,000 customers(says wee hero Fergus :) have been financing a PLC which cemented the same club lie after the hun promotion in 2016.



    That is the `real` reason that Brendan1 was recruited and NOT because a hun director was disrespectful to DD when Sevco ousted RD`s Celtic in the SCSF 2016 as `FAKE` Phil Mac continues to glib his ass off about, etc, etc.



    All mentioned are Old Firm facilitators who lie and lie and glib down the facts of most matters and the £49 ticket issue is obviously nuclear to ALL mentioned above plants who are scripted based on ALL Tims being too dim to catch on and those who do will be subjected to a witchhunt pile on and smeared as a troll lol they are all planted by the PLC to do what I describe at the top dumb down fans range of information these people mentioned are helping the Huns but the narrative is never projected in that light so that most Tims will not know were to turn when things come off the tracks.



    For example, how many times have these people mentioned above ever told their so call fellow fans that the PLC recruited Brendan so that the PLC could pull off the same club lie through pricing new Sevco tickets at the same £49 price as old Rangers tickets from 2012 continued since the huns were priomoted in 2016 to keep Old Firm games going making fans look like mugs and idiots?



    DD, PL, will get away with whatever they want as long as these `bent` people mentioned above continue to deny fans any truthful information that does not require a long yawning boring as fck 10 year RES12 waste of everybody`s time by attempting to change rules in some rulebook that NOBODY WILL EVER apply to the huns…stupifying beyond belief!



    DD, PL, etc, used the 2016 Brendan1 publicity to exercise a `psyop` just like bent Governmets pulled with their Covid stunt for tyhe past 3 wasted years and this would allow the PLC to see how many suckers that would fall for it ie: keep Rangers £49 ticket price on new Sevco tickets and as it turned out…only the hated with venom…KevJungle…HE and only HE called out this betrayal of Celtic fans which he was constantly deleted for by CQN`s erse-wipe of a Mod who`s main mission was to crush KevJungle…but…sadly for the bent Mod he failed just like dozens of immature broken Ego`s before him did.



    Who is the enemy of Celtic Supporters?



    KevJungle – The Unrepentant Whistle Blower Of PLC Crimes Against Tims?






    The bent ersewipe of a CQN Mod and all of the other mentioned Bible thumping brainwashed wasters of everybody`s time mentioned above who are pathetic planted blockers of Timmy Truth`s?



    PS Only the truth will set you free.



    Prediction – A hun Treble maybe even a Quadruple will see Celtic playing in front of less than 10,000 next season.



    IF…this had to happen…who would be to blame?



    Would it be…



    KevJungle – For trying to tool up Tims with a view to regime change the PLC by whistle blowing info since 2016 PLC Old Firm forever £49 now £52 ticket grift?






    CQN`s Bent Ersewipe of a Mod and the other sleekit dullards mentioned above?



    Good luck Timmy.

  8. model/sustainability/shareholders vs hopes dreams excitement



    that is the clash at the moment

  9. Gp



    We agree on Celtic.thats all.👍



    Not a whisper,no ‘i heard’,and defo no imaginings at where yi purchase yir claes




  10. We can’t have everything.


    What is it that we want?


    European football after Christmas or the prestige of being a globally cuddly team with a great light show?



    As for the Celtic board of directionless amateurs, time to adapt JFK’s famous phrase.


    “It’s no longer about what the fans are doing i.e. financing the club through season ticket sales, It’s now about what any of You are going to do in 2024”

  11. With the body-language experts assemblin’…..


    …..can those who post links to the Rectum be far behind????



    Oh wait………………





  12. BLACKSOX @ 2:31 PM,



    Good post.



    The thing is, no top Manager is going to play Angeball, AP has a refreshing yet unique approach to football, a latter day Kevin Keegan if you will.



    There is no deeper student of the game than Pep and he said AP was unique and had never seen a Manager set up a team like Ange does.



    If you then add to the mix the Asian players who he had a very good understanding of culturally, then you have what looks like a the Angeball was a short term phenomenon, which it of course was.



    Having said that, the constant 4-3-3 is a head scratcher for me, thought it would be the first thing BR would have changed.



    On the moneyball football approach.



    We have now had a decade + of it, although we point to players like Wanyama, VvD and Frimpong to show it works, we have had two hundred players going through with that strategy in place.



    Then how much did we really get from those players, yes, some great performances, some outstanding memories, yet all too brief and hardly legendary.



    You could equally point out flaws in our recruitment when we went for “established” players, 5,6,7 mn pound players under Lenny MkII.



    Yet like moneyball, it’s not particularly the approach at fault, it’s the reliance on a strategy or model without proper structure or implementation.



    Look at our current team…



    CCV a more quality experienced player that cost more, good value.



    Calmac, one of our own, nurtured through the system from a bhoy, now Captain.



    Liam Scales, quality player from one of partner Clubs that has succeeded in bridging the gap in levels of performance necessary, a team stalwart.



    So the various approaches work, it’s finding the right players with the right balance of development and experience for the team.



    We haven’t been great at this but hopefully, we have seen that change, Matt O’Riley would normally have been gone in the summer with the 10 mn Leeds United offer.



    Yet by holding on to him, giving him an extended contract, and supporting his further development, we are seeing benefits for the team, the player and the balance sheet



    A win, win, win



    That’s moneyball, that’s how it should work, bringing real value.



    That’s four players mentioned, all signed to the Club through various routes, at various cost.



    Yet each one a huge asset to this team.



    That’s the way forward.



    Unfortunately we have a legacy of squad players to clear out first, if they came in as EPL players three seasons ago, or came in as development players six months ago, if they are not the right fit for Celtic, they need to move on



    We need to get better at assessing and recruiting players and use a mix of “strategies” to get an elite first team squad together.



    Hail Hail

  13. Ange’s system relied heavily on inverted fullbacks



    This was to flood the midfield with players and allow us to play out quickly and get the balls to the wings for early balls into kyogo



    brendans biggest flaw in his current system is the fullbacks don’t tend to invert



    And the centre halves have no one to play out to



    Hence the crab like football



    By the time we get the ball forward the defense has organised and our wingers are useless



    It’s the main reason in the drop off in form of Taylor and AJ



    Also something I noticed AP was vociferous in talking about he recruits for attitude more than ability



    Not heard this nugget since he moved darn sarf



    I suggest it was psycological and fueled the players to excel and burst a gut

  14. the above crab like football and standard wingbacks kill kyogo as he needs to run onto the ball from cutbacks rather than get dominated in the air by defenders or our crosses get cut out as the defense is organised



    I would think brendan knows this but does not want to revert to the previous successful system as he either does not understand it



    Or his ego does not want to tolerate it



    This is why he is shouting for quality



    We have the quality and the proven system



    He wants players for HIS system



    Which is fair enough

  15. So far clement has changed feck all with the rangers high ball system



    And has doubled down on it



    This has worked for him



    Watch in January as he sneaks one or 2 players in that don’t quite suit the system but are better than what he has



    And he tweaks and adjusts



    The system and previous way of playing will collapse



    Much like it has at Parkhead (and yes it is Parkhead xx)

  16. CLUNKS @ 6:58 PM,



    My thoughts are BR wants to build his own team with his own style.



    He had Griff and Moussa first time around Griff scored goals for fun but Moussa was a great target man.



    Speed, physicality, presence, strength and could score goals.



    More importantly the shape of the team was so much better.



    At the moment we don’t have too many options at Centre Forward.



    My feeling is if GG was still here, unlike Ange, BR would be starting with Gia…



    Hail Hail

  17. One thing I have never understood about our current custodian and lawell is



    And hear me out



    Desmond brought rodgers back



    He was his pick and he must have got assurances on the transfer front



    lawell is blocking this



    and nicholson (allegedly) is too weak to stand up to him



    Surely a call from rodgers to desmond would stop this?????



    Something else is afoot. unless the above



    ie desmond sanctioned rodgers



    and lawell killing rodgers recruitment



    is wrong??

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    HOT SMOKED @ 5:29 PM



    BANKIEBHOY1 @ 6:25 PM



    Agree with you both.



    I wholeheartedly welcomed the explosive growth of Celtic cyberspace.



    The SMSM and all their malevolent traits could finally be avoided.



    Opinion, speculation and conjecture presented as fact.



    Exaggerations and, sometimes, downright lying.



    Doubling down with nothing new to say.



    Reinvention of history to fit agendas.



    Saying anything just because you could.



    Now, sadly, manifest daily on here.

  19. No Huns in Paradise.



    They don’t deserve to be.


    Tell the world why they are Scotland’s Shame.

  20. Evening all.



    I hope you are all well, including our old and new trolls, you stick out like a sore thumb.



    Just on to wish ‘ma big china and fellow Shipwreck BIG JIMMY a happy 68th birthday.



    Keep on battering the bookies.



    PS, Esther and Veronica are asking for you. and both say that they are willing to rub Vicks onto your chest. :)



    Not a word from Kylie though.



    Hope you will be feeling better soon big fella.







  21. The liars, the poseurs and the bumptious peripatetic mixers……


    ………… are easy to spot…………


    That they feel ever compelled to come to This Dear Green Place says much much more…and must stick in their big beery moooths.




  22. Jeez – now we’re the laughing stock of Scottish football. There’s remarkable insights on here into the inner workings of the football club and into the minds of our corporate leaders, not to mention Brendan who we have clearly sussed, based on his facial expressions, is not happy at Celtic.



    Get a grip. We’ve lost 2 league games and yes, we are struggling with form, but we’ll be fine. We were 2 sitters away from scoring goals that would have completely changed the game and the result at the weekend.

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