Regrets, we have a few


While you, me, the manager and captain can agree we need to strengthen in January, the mood in the camp will not be entirely positive until several frustrated players move on.  There is a lot of work to do here, especially in central defence.

Nat Phillips is not getting much love these days.  This is unfortunate, as his has only been a small piece of a dysfunctional few weeks and he is by no means the reason we are floundering.  Still, form was never good enough to see his stay in Glasgow extended.  He is one of several central defenders who must be moping around Lennoxtown at the moment.  Yuki Kobayashi surely has his agent busy looking for a return ticket to Japan – can you imagine the mood in the Japanese camp with so a few frustrated comrades?

The situation with Gustaf Lagerbielke and Maik Nawrocki is less straightforward.  Gus earned a full international cap for Sweden this autumn and had his day in the sun six days ago.  His five Celtic starts saw the loss of only two goals.  Four of those games were away from home and one was at Ibrox.  The 23-year-old must be wondering what’s going on.

Maik (22) was Celtic’s most expensive summer signing at €5m.  He has made a total three appearances in a Celtic shirt, all in August, and has not been seen since returning from injury.  I know his old club Legia Warsaw are on the lookout for a central defender next month and Maik might be wondering what he’s doing in Glasgow.

The need to clear out the dressing room, free up wages and (most importantly) create an atmosphere of positivity is clear, but I don’t like when we churn through promising talent without providing proper development opportunities.  Regrets, we have a few.

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    “At the time I didn’t find the recruitment of Maik and Gustaf strange at all.



    Both had decent profiles.



    Young, decent game time in decent enough leagues, nibbling at national squads.



    Plus, a common refrain last season was Cam-Carl carrying the CB load on their own and more quality needed.



    It’s this subsequent reveal from Paul67 (which could just be talk) I find strange.



    One of them surplus? Fine



    But both?



    And against what benchmark? Scales AND Welsh?



    Respectfully, IMHO, one of Scales or Welsh should be 4 of 4 in the first team squad’s CB group.



    Otherwise hard to argue with justifiable claims of regression.




    Not sure the numbers tally as regards the Centre Backs.



    We have seven CBs in the first team squad at the moment.



    My thoughts are that Yuki and Nat will go in January, that will leave us with five, can’t see both Gustaf and Maik moving on leaving us with three.



    Some of the first team CBs out on loan may come back, they are all getting game time with their respective clubs, unlikely as they are out on loan until the summer 2024.



    We also have the B team CBs to consider.



    First Team CBs



    Nat Phillips


    Maik Nawrocki




    Liam Scales


    Stephen Welsh


    Gustaf Lagerbielke





    CBs out on loan



    Ben McPherson


    Bosun Lawal


    Matthew Anderson



    Celtic B CBs



    Dane Murray


    Lenny Agbaire


    Mitchel Robertson


    Liam Bonetig – recruited from Oz



    That’s fourteen CBs at the moment, including our own development players, we know for a fact if we don’t give these players a path through to the first team, the best of them shall leave.



    Liam Bonetig was signed and flown over from Oz as a top prospect.



    You can see this hasn’t been managed very well for a few seasons now, we need to have a real plan for our CBs.



    Yet can’t see four of our seven first team CBs leaving this January unless players are….



    – Coming back from loan


    – Players being promoted from the B team


    – We are signing another CB.



    Hail Hail

  2. Kenny Dalglish to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Sports Personality Awards tonight, assuming I haven’t missed it already. Hope to see him in the Green and White Hoops he wore from the late 1960s to 1977 before adding class to that great Liverpool side of the latter 1970s and 1980s. Well done King Kenny!

  3. Read that about Kenny Dalglish a few days ago. Well deserved.



    An unassuming Glasgow boy who was brilliant at football.


    His finest hour however was supporting the people of Liverpool. The people the establishment tried to shaft.


    Kenny, his wife and family have shown real courage and solidarity when faced with true adversity.



    No wonder he says the peoples of Liverpool snd Glasgow are very similar.



    World class, the cap has never fitted better.



    HH. YNWA.

  4. After I calmed down a bit after the Hearts defeat I noticed on Google and YouTube there comments when it comes to all things Celtic,Starting this Saturday v Livingston everyone of us need to get behind the Celtic players and hopefully we get the 3 points

  5. Brendan Rodgers is a Celtic fan under pressure ..he feels our pain at the moment and it shows …how many of us smile when the workplace is crap or worse toxic ?.The guy is a class act and the only people to benefit from him leaving are our enemies .Players , Fans and the Board get behind our leader genuinely and we will be just fine…In Brendan We trust 💚🍀

  6. Drivin back up the road there I listened tae the very excellent “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart” which had me thinkin will our support be singing the BR version on Saturday

  7. Timbhoy163 and Carpe Diem63.



    Yes, now is the time to back the manager and the team. Its soooo fu@king easy when we we are winning every game and winning every trophy.



    Never mind Brendan throwing the team under the proverbial bus, what about some supporters.



    Our players are normal humans and indulge in social media. What must they think.



    Hail, hail, the journey continues.

  8. TONTIME CELTIC I agree about the song you have put on here ,The Day if he looks in on here should play that tune .

  9. We’re doing it again.



    Last Christmas Day, we opened our doors to help Homeless Project Scotland feed and entertain as many people as we could who were homeless, hungry or alone on that day of all days. It was a wonderful day, but the sheer volume of people who came down was a stark reminder of just how badly the Tory government are (deliberately) failing not just the most vulnerable members of society, but every single one of us.



    If anything, things are even worse out there for nearly everyone, so us hosting another Christmas Day party goes without saying. If you, or anyone you know, is homeless, vulnerable, struggling or just lonely, we’d love to see you on December 25th. There’ll be full Christmas dinners to suit all diets, plenty of alcohol-free drinks, music, dancing, warmth, good patter and laughter. Last year was a brilliant day for everyone so we’re really looking forward to welcoming folk back again, seeing old friends and making new ones.



    It shouldn’t happen any day, but especially on Christmas Day…you shouldn’t be hungry, you shouldn’t be cold and you shouldn’t be alone.



    Come down to McChuills. We’d love to see you.






    #homeless #christmas #christmasday #hunger #charity #glasgow #glasgowpub #fuckthetories #allwelcome

  10. TIMBHOY163 on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 11:19 PM



    TONTIME CELTIC I agree about the song you have put on here ,The Day if he looks in on here should play that tune .



    *hopefully our faithful support will belt it out on Saturday

  11. GREENPINATA on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 11:21 PM



    Maybe Burnley 78 has a point.



    B78 makes many Gp,which point are you talking of?




  12. Was looking back to when King Kenny got his first first team game for us. League Cup quarter finals September1968, against the mighty Hamilton Accies. We had won six of six in our group, including beating Rangers home and away. Beat the Accies 10-0 in the first leg, Lennox 5, Chalmers 5. Lou Macari got his first start for Celtic. Kenny came on as sub in a 4-2 victory in the 2nd leg, at Douglas Park, John Gorman also played as did George Connelly, Davie Hay, Jimmy Quinn, plus Bobby Wraith in goal and Pat McMahon. Won all ten games in the League Cup that season beating Hibs 6-2 in the delayed but great final in April 1969. Took a wee while to establish himself after that but once he did well he went from strength to strength, with a fair claim to being the greatest player in these isles of the 20th century. For me though always the 20th Century Bhoy.

  13. Good morning all from a soaking wet Garngad, its not stopped raining for about 40 days.



    Carpie Diem – good post C, lets get behind the team and manager on Saturday.


    The only winners of BR leaving are our enemies and Lawwells.



    D :)

  14. BELMONTBRIAN on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 7:24 PM


    Evening all.







    I hope you are all well, including our old and new trolls, you stick out like a sore thumb.







    Just on to wish ‘ma big china and fellow Shipwreck BIG JIMMY a happy 68th birthday.







    Keep on battering the bookies.







    PS, Esther and Veronica are asking for you. and both say that they are willing to rub Vicks onto your chest. :)







    Not a word from Kylie though.







    Hope you will be feeling better soon big fella.












    Cheers Brian and many thanks to ALL who wished me a Happy Birthday and better health yesterday.



    Im STILL having that violent Cough and feeling rather sick at times so I will NOT be drinking Beers for now.



    I will pop out for a few minutes and head into THE SHIPBANK, to wish the owner ( FRANKIE ) a Happy Birthday this morning ( Wednesday), as he is 64 years old Today, and a good TIM.


    i have a Birthday present for him, and some Christmas presents for some of the Staff to hand in.


    I bought those presents ONLINE a few weeks ago, and I wrapped them all up yesterday morning.



    Every year Frankie would give me several FREE Pints of Beer for my Birthday, and I would give him a Bottle of Malt Whisky the following day on his Birthday.



    This year ( Today), I decided against buying him Whisky and I have bought him something for his Car.


    I hope he likes it ?


    I will NOT be having any Beers ( FREE or otherwise ) Today, due to still being unwell when I pop into the Pub later Today.


    Thank you again to ALL the BHOYS who have sent their best wishes to me since yesterday in Posts and TEXTS to my Phone.



    Get the finger oot Celtic !



  15. Horses…



    yesterday my Favourite ” Jumps” Trainer Mr Henderson had TWO horse running.


    The first runner WON at odds of 6/4.


    Sadly, his second runner was well beaten…BAH HUMBUG !



    Its STILL a 50% strike rate which is one way of looking at it ?



    Today, he has SEVEN Horses running and ONE Horse running Tomorrow ( Thursday).


    NONE of these runners are ” Odds On”, so IF he can get a few winners Today from his seven runners, it MAY be a good profitable day ?



    I live in hope.





  16. BELMONTBRIAN on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 7:24 PM





    PS, Esther and Veronica are asking for you. and both say that they are willing to rub Vicks onto your chest. :)





    VERONICA especially….. was some GAL.


    She was Sex Mad.


    Oh, how I miss that GAL…..Sometimes.



    BOO HOO.






  17. IMO, the manager of ROss County got it right. Football here in Scotland’s top league is rubbish. Playing to entertain, certainly against us, is the last thing most attempt. It’s usually the old 10 men behind the ball and big punts up the park. Dire stuff. Mind you, having said all that, our current style of play plays into that, as teams have plenty of time to get everyone back when we have possession.

  18. CARPE DIEM 63 on 19TH DECEMBER 2023 10:23 PM


    Brendan Rodgers is a Celtic fan under pressure ..he feels our pain at the moment and it shows …how many of us smile when the workplace is crap or worse toxic ?.The guy is a class act and the only people to benefit from him leaving are our enemies .Players , Fans and the Board get behind our leader genuinely and we will be just fine…In Brendan We trust 💚🍀





    Very sensible comment and I’m in total agreement. We need to show Brendan that we are behind him and the players will then realise that they need to fall into line and up their game. It’s absolutely vital that we take maximum available points between now and January.



    We need to present a united front fellow Tims.


    Hail! Hail! 🍀🍀🍀

  19. DAVID66 on 20TH DECEMBER 2023 10:59 AM


    Big Jimmy – Happy Belated Birthday big mhan.







    Hail Hail




    Thank you ma big China.



    I wish I was well enough to have a good Bevvy !



    HH Mate.

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