Rogic’s next contract


Tom Rogic is well within his rights to take time to consider his next contract.  He is thriving at Celtic, but with a year left on his current deal, the future is open.  Front and centre of his mind, of all players’ minds, will be the dirty little subject.  The money paid to lesser talents than Tom in England is incredible, Tom is well within his rights to ponder his position in the food chain.

Then there is his place in the Celtic squad.  Brendan Rodgers is continually looking to improve the team.  It doesn’t matter who you are, you cannot be sure of a place well into the future.

There are also reasons to consider why Celtic might be a good fit for him.  He is not the archetypal English Premier League player, all physique and running.  Tom is a throwback to not so long ago when craft on the ball got you into the team, not the ability to burst a lung for 90 minutes.  All too often, he’s a 60 minute star.

Evidence is everywhere that he is a big game player and proven match winner, but he is not going to temp a title chasing team from England, instead it would be the bottom half battlers who are most likely to be interested in him.  He’s not a natural fit.  Better to stay with the champions.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Thanks to Tony R for buying 4 owners for Laura’s race night tonight.



    Now got 6 to sell :-)







  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    re the johnjames BBC piece from the last thread



    While he did post about the arresting of funds a day or so before Phil Mac did, I am sure someone posted the thing about the BBC stance on the continuity myth on cqn a few days ago.


    I can’t remember the day or the name of the poster.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    MEDTIM @ 11 51 –



    Yes — I’ve read the John Foot book -I liked it a lot .. I think this is also very good on Italians , Italy and Calcio –



    A Season With Verona -Tim Parks (Vintage Books ).



    Weather — been an unusual winter — drier than average , warmer than average but windier and snowier than average . Some places saw snow for the first time in 150 years . . Recently it has been very changeable and those changes happen very quickly . .It can be sunny with a warm wind and suddenly it’s cloudy with a really cold wind . I’ve been here for 17 years -usually when it rains it pours -this winter is the first time I’ve seen rain that could be described as drizzle . There’s an increasing problem with water in the centre of Sicily – it’s running out -it doesn’t rain like it used to

  4. Tom Rogic seems to have a liking for the injury table……..seems the kinda guy who likes to pick and choose his games…….scores the odd goal……..never shows dissent in getting subbed…….why the fuss about him I don’t know……give me Broony any day.




    Fantastic footballer but not consistent enough.


    Although when on his game no one can get the ball from those magic feet.




  6. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    If anybody has a spare hour over the weekend, I am sure Lionsroar67 wouldn’t mind you popping into Monklands Hospital to see him. Mind wish him a Happy 60th!!! :-)



    His operation is due Monday










    My old memory ain’t what it used to be :-(( Just checked about Roddy McKenzie and he was indeed capped by Norn Iron. I’ve lived under the mistaken belief for the last forty years that he played for the Republic



    *as I have mentioned on here before I know Roddy very well, I know his wife better. He only got one cap for NI and that was due to the brilliance of Pat Jennings in the goalie role.



    His mother came fae the black north while his da, brother of the Firhill Flyer, was born in Glasgow of a tuechter family. I always thought that he got his cap due tae his mother coming fae NI but it seems he was actually born in a wee town in Co. Down.

  8. BRIZZO 1888 on 23RD MARCH 2018 12:04 PM



    Please remember in your prayers Nod , Neil O‘ donnel from Alexandria who passed through the gates of paradise , on wed morning. Eternal rest grant unto him . RIP Neil



    *I knew NOD he was a good friend of my da, in fact they worked together for many years. On the morning of May 25th I walked down fae early Mass at St Martins in the Renton with my da and his workmates, one of them was NOD.



    Someone recently posted on a Vale Memories site a photo of a Vale Guild team (Our Lady & St Marks) just after the war, I have an uncle in it, NOD is there as well.



    RIP NOD.

  9. This season Tom Rogic has been on the pitch for only 38% of minutes in league games, scored 3 + 4 assists


    Last season he was on the pitch for only 39% of minutes in league games, scored 7 + 5 assists



    Great player, rarely available due to either injury or international travel. Hopefully signs new deal but not the end of the world if he doesn’t. I’m sure we are already looking for potential replacement.

  10. TOPKAT



    They play two different positions you noticed that right??



    So unless you’re saying we should play Broony at No. 10 I don’t really see the point of your comparison??




  11. Paul67



    Hmmm………….Tom Rogic’s new contract.



    The same as this time last year when Stuart Armstrong’s contract was about to enter its final year, and who would buy Stuart Armstrong given how’s he’s performed ‘whilst fit ‘ since his contract extension?



    Anyway, Tom Rogic has an extensive injury record punctuated with great goals or great goals punctuated by an extensive injury record.



    I’m sure we’ll want to keep him, and he’ll get as good an offer as Celtic can afford, before his run down year, and if he doesn’t get a better offer he’ll sign up, for the club that made him, just like Stuart Armstrong did.



    GlassHalfFull CSC

  12. If tom could only get an injury free season then he would be invaluable.



    When on form non better going forward.



    He has his place in Celtic folklore.



    A goalscoring cup final winner. An invincible. And a hun skelper.



    Give him 2more years.

  13. try roberts at the #10 we need someone to unlock the defence especially at cp.



    happy birthday bertie one of my favourite celts.

  14. Tale of two Tom’s ?



    German striker Andreas Thom arrived at Celtic from German side Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 1995 for around £2.2million. He was a tremendous capture for Tommy Burns and went on to be a huge fan favourite over his three seasons with the club.



    Thom was born and brought up in what was East Germany and spent much of his early career playing for Dynamo Berlin winning numerous championships with them and becoming a regular member of the East German national team. He made a big money transfer to Bayer Leverkusen in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall and remained with the club until June 1995. He was wanted by Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund but he chose to sign for Celtic.



    Burns hoped that he would be a partner for Pierre van Hooijdonk and from his first game, Andreas showed the class that had made him a regular contender for East German Player of the Season. He scored goals and he created a lot of goals for others, his experience and ability were invaluable. One of the great points was his goal against Rangers in a 3-3 draw, a fabulous goal from a few yards outside the RHS corner of the penalty box, thundering it in and leaving the Ranger’s keeper flabbergasted.



    Towards the end of his first season he was used in a more withdrawn role behind the front two of van Hooijdonk and Cadete and it was hoped that he would fit better in this position in the following season. The end of his first season saw him as easily the Celtic Player of the Season and won the most Man of the Match awards and was regarded as the factor that got the team ahead as far as it did. His guile and craft added enormously to the team.



    He started 96/97 in his more withdrawn midfield role. He provided the maturity up front and in the midfield along with Paul McStay but was not an automatic choice on the team sheet. The club had bought heavily in investing in Di Canio, Cadete & Van Hooijdonk in recent seasons and the first team was to top heavy for quality. Something had to give. In fact by January ’97 there were rumours that Burns was looking to sell him. A possible move to Karlsruhe fell through and he was allegedly told he could move at the end of the season if he found a club. Hertha Berlin then made a sustained bid for the player which came to nothing but he was thought to be off anyway.



    He saw out half of the next season with Celtic being under-utilised by Jansen before going back to Germany and Hertha Berlin, his transformed Dynamo, for £275k in January 1998.



    A popular player, a book was written about season 1997/98 mainly focussing on Andy Thom with the author using a pseudonym of “The Andy Thom Experience”. A cult player for some.



    He continued to play for Hertha till the end of the 2000/01 season. In July 2002 he became Assistant Manager of the Hertha ‘B’ team moving on to become Assistant Manager of the senior team under Falko Gotz. He resigned when Gotz was sacked in April 2007.



    @celtic wiki





    Sorry,I have to disagree with virtually every word of that. Though I respect your opinion.



    For once,I’ll be concise.



    Tom Rogic will be a major addition to most teams,all of whom will be watching him in The World Cup.



    Wow,what a window of opportunity.




    You also seem to paint him as not much more than a squad player.



    I point you to his achievements. His unique ability.



    And his priceless goals.



    Aye,take the money,Paul. Let’s see how much it costs to replace him.

  16. I’d have Rogic in my team every day- unfortunately he can’t be as he’s injury prone. Yet, he’s featured 16 times this term 26 last and 34 the previous with 24 goals ( acc to Wiki)



    I think if we offer him a reasonable contract, with a slight uplift and an appearance clause included, then he’ll accept it.

  17. South Of Tunis on

    Tom Rogic



    I like him . My kind of football player . Quick feet , quick brain , excellent technique.. . Looks like the futsal player he was . Maybe playing futsal did his body some damage . Not sure he’s ideal for playing kick the man / hoof the ball in Scotland . . He might choose to go somewhere that suits him better.

  18. Tom Rogic has lovely quick feet and a distinct asset to the team. I believe young Christie is his obvious replacement.





  19. With apologies to BSR, who would win a fight between Tom Raw-gitch and Tom Rodge-ick?

  20. Tom Rogic is one of the few players we have that gets you off your seat when he picks up the ball, I hope he stays and has a run of fitness to match his skills…

  21. I sincerely hope Tom Rogic signs a new contract with Celtic. Every successful team or squad is the sum of many parts , some are important parts others not so . Tom Rogic is a very good football player, who also has a wonderful habit of sticking one in the onion bag in big games. It’s a keep with a capital K for moi . HH

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If players want to leave, ultimately they will leave. It’s then a case of how much we get and how they can be replaced.


    In this instance I think Christie is an ideal replacement, but we need to be better at not letting contracts go down to the last year.

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I posted a c&p from TSFM, regarding the BBC’s staff mandate, the other day.






    I agree with you re Tom’s suitability for top English clubs.


    I see him as being in the Riquelme mould.


    An exquisite player, but short on the sustained energy levels required down south.



    I also see Patrick Roberts as a quintessential Celtic player, whose skills will never be appreciated as much elsewhere.

  24. I’d even import a couple of kangaroos to keep him happy if it meant him signing a new contract. The personal effects count as much as the dosh . Money, much like hair , is overrated. Contentment counts more CSC.

  25. mild mannered Pedro delgado on



    I used to pal about wi a guy who was a rangers fan, to say he was a Hun just wouldn’t be right but I remember he had rangers centenary belt marked 1872-1972. Or is my memory playing tricks.


    You do remember rangers(they died in 2012 dontchaknow)





    I used to read him on ,was it RSL back in the day then I thought “he’s a Tim “ but now I’m not so sure

  26. South Of Tunis on

    !! BADA BING !! @ 1 21 .



    They were 4 /1 in 1990 . An absolute snip .



    Morocco were the same price .in 98 .. Even more of a snip. A team packed with players playing top flight European football . The great Hadji ripped Hendry and Weir a new one

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