Ronny’s Aberdeen-Salzburg dilemma


Before the second leg against Maribor I went into detail about how important it was for Ronny Deila to rest his players.  He did, we lost to Inverness and players spent the bulk the Maribor game looking like strangers.

Since then players’ propensity to look strangers has increased, with the arrival of Stefan Scepovic, John Guidetti and Wakaso Mubarak, not to mention the anticipated return of Aleks Tonev.  Ronny has some serious decisions to make.

Does he flood the team with all this new blood, or allow them time to build match fitness and familiarity?  New blood is badly needed but so is team cohesion.

Any decision for Aberdeen will be made with the visit to Salzburg one week today in mind.  On paper, away to the top seed is our most difficult Europa League game, so we have to be ready.

My expectation is that three, if not all four, of the above will feature heavily on Saturday, which will inform Ronny ahead of his choices for Europe.

Fancy some comfy seats at the Aberdeen game and helping Mary’s Meals as well?  The Club’s main sponsor Magners have again offered us two premium seat tickets for the Jock Stein Stand, which you can win by answering the following question:

Who do Celtic play in the lunchtime kick off on Saturday, 13 September 2014?

Optionally….. if you have £1 available, please donate £1 to Mary’s Meals at this MyDonate page, which sends your £1 straight to Mary’s Meals, then send me your confirmation email, with your contact details to  Competition closes noon on Friday, so get your entries in now and watch your inbox on Friday afternoon.

You can donate more than £1, if you like, but £1 from as many people as possible will be gratefully received, as, like many organisations working in Africa right now, they are encountering a wave of additional ebola-related challenges.

Thanks for helping.

Terms and Conditions of the competition apply and are available here.

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  1. rocket man – If you’re in frontline services or essential support, I wouldn’t worry.



    We’ll always need more doers in the NHS.



    The folks who should worry are the middle management fat. Anybody whose job title includes words like “coordinator”, “outreach”, “community”, or “diversity” can probably be paid off with no detriment to patients. (thumbsup)

  2. Finally some good news for the nats.









    Exclusive: Kim Jong-un’s regime would support an independent Scotland under Alex Salmond and is hoping to trade its natural resources for Scotch whisky, officials tell Telegraph



    North Korea would be keen to increase trade with a newly independent Scotland



    By Julian Ryall in Tokyo



    12:32PM BST 11 Sep 2014



    Comments113 Comments



    North Korea is quietly backing the Yes vote in Scotland and would be keen to increase trade with a newly independent Edinburgh, according to officials of the Pyongyang regime.



    “I think that independence would be a very positive thing for Scotland,” Choe Kwan-il, managing editor of the Choson Sinbo newspaper, told The Telegraph.



    Supported by Pyongyang, the Tokyo-based publication provides news to an estimated 200,000 Koreans who live in Japan but swear allegiance – and send vast amounts of financial support – to North Korea.



    “We have not reported on the vote in Scotland yet, but we will after it has happened,” Choe said.



    “I believe that every person has the right to be a member of an independent nation, to have sovereignty, to live in peace and to enjoy equality,” he said. “And I believe that a majority of Scots feel the same and will vote for independence.”




  3. Could 2nd rangers compete for promotion with a -25 point deduction.



    Is 4th place a possibility with -25pts or even -15pts.



    The repercussions of NOT being promoted are so huge could they possibly be considering admitting that ‘we are a new club, so -15pts only’



    All of this may well fill your back pages before we leave for Salzburg

  4. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    14:47 on



    11 September, 2014




    There is a real misunderstanding of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership here – largely because the nationalists are promoting an interpretation that is misconceived.




    As someone who was in pubic service and has had to deal with what I’ll call private sector/right wing thinking under Thatcher and under Blair I can comment from that experience.



    The implementation was cold and impersonal. It set out devaluing what folk had already offered and it promoted fear BUT (and this is maybe hard to accept if you have not seen it) the end result was a more satisfied efficient work force, feeling valued and responding to challenge. They had gone through all the stages of grief. Denial, Anger, Bargaiining, Depression and Acceptance to rise to the challenge.



    In my own personal way I did what I could to add some empathy to the process (the lack of empathy being something I do find scary in Torythink ) at some personal career cost under the even more cold Thatcherthink) and have thought it is a pity that fear is needed to drive change and move folk out of their where they have become comfortable.



    So bringing in American companies that are paid by taxation to offer medical services they have pioneered under the bizarre US Health Care programme is not the big bad bogey man portrayed. It might make for a difficult time for NHS staff (it did for my IT lads) but the end result was beneficial to both staff and customers, so no reason why it could not be for patients.



    Now that there is an example of how clarification and sharing of actual experience might make folk rethink their fears. It is not my purpose to influence the vote but to present balance to the debate, you never know, a dialogue might emerge that really listens to peoples fears and tries to address them, rather than decry them.



    I have something that helps me decide to speak out on anything that I’ll post it next.



    Its called On Waken Up.

  5. On Waking Up



    Spirituality means waking up. Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep. They’re born asleep, they live asleep, they marry in their sleep, they breed children in their sleep, they die in their sleep without ever waking up.


    They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing that we call human existence.


    You know, all mystics – Catholic, Christian, non Christian, no matter what their theology, no matter what their religion – are unanimous on one thing: that all is well, all is well. Though everything is a mess, all is well. Strange paradox, to be sure. But, tragically, most people never get to see that all is well because they are asleep. They are having a nightmare.



    Last year on Spanish Television I heard a story about this gentleman who knocks on his son’s door. “Jaime,” he says, “wake up!” Jaime answers “I don’t want to get up Papa.” The father shouts “Get up”, you have to go to school.” Jaime says, “I don’t want to go to school .” “Why not?” asks the father. “Three reasons” says Jaime. “First, because it’s so dull; second, the kids tease me; and third, I hate school.


    And the father says, “Well, I am going to give you three reasons why you must go to school. First, because it is your duty; second because you are forty five years old, and third, because you are the headmaster. “Wake up! You’ve grown up. You’re too big to be asleep. Wake up! Stop playing with your toys.”



    Most people tell you they want to get out of kindergarten, but don’t believe them. Don’t believe them! All they want you to do is to mend their broken toys. “Give me back my wife. Give me back my job. Give me back my money. Give me back my reputation, my success.” This is what they want; they want their toys replaced. That’s all. Even the best psychologist will tell you that, that people don’t really want to be cured. What they want is relief; a cure is painful.



    Waking up is unpleasant you know. You are nice and comfortable in bed. Its irritating to be woken up. That’s the reason the wise guru will not attempt to wake people up. I hope I’m going to be wise here and make no attempt whatsoever to wake you up if you are asleep. It is really none of my business, even though I say to you at times “Wake Up!”


    My business is to do my thing, to dance my dance. If you profit from it, fine; if you do not too bad! As the Arabs say,


    “The nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens.”

  6. weeminger


    15:04 on


    11 September, 2014




    14:55 on


    11 September, 2014



    That’s a story in itself though as her healthcare trust is using much needed funds to fudge waiting list targets.



    However, there’s a world of difference between sending the odd patient off to a private facility for an operation, and the wholesale contracting out of a service like A & E or cancer care –




    The first thing the tories did when they got into power was scrap waiting lists but they are still there.



    I can’t go on your link as I’m at work but can make a guess at the content.



    I lost my wife nearly 4 years ago to cancer. Apart from original mis-diagnosis which ultimately killed her, the treatment and care she recieved at the Christie was exceptional.


    Very topical subject at the moment – I tried to get laser knife treatment for a tumour which had metasticised in her brain but she was deemed a poor candidate.



    These treatments/machinery are not immediately available to the NHS but money is made available in the right circumstances, I really hope the wee lad in Prague is a ‘good candidate’, then again, if he is, it could call into question the the level of financial restraint the specialists in Southampton are operating under.



    Medicine/treatment is soooo expensive.

  7. Tamrabam





    14:36 on



    11 September, 2014







    We have had our disagreements on here a few times, however if resolution 12 questions dont get the fair hearing that is deserved, then it wont be the fault of folks like yourself. You only need to have a look around at what the huns/sevco have got away with so far to understand what we are up against.



    In fact if we had a hundred more who put in the same amount of effort, we might have been able to do better. Keep fighting the good fight!




    Thanks for that and I think I really needed to hear it.

  8. Gordon_J



    You, a Labour Party Better Together supporter (correct me if I am wrong) , has not informed himself about Andy Burnham’s view on NHS England. As I said many in this debate are voting from an ill informed position. You have just proven yourself one of said ill informed members of the electorate.



    Gordon Chisolm’s view on the NHS is formed from his views in support of Better Together at this time. His view will soon change again after the Independence debate and referendum on the lead up to the 2015 general election. Now this bit you can believe or disbelieve but I know someone very close to me who is a personal friend of many years of Gordon Chisolm’s. i have never met him but I trust the person who at this time could be no closer to me than my son. You see the Better Together guys views can and will change dependant on which referendum/election they are campaigning for and against. You only have to look at the disparity between Andy Burnham Shadow Secretary of State for Health and the labour party members and leaders attempting to portray your understanding to the Scottish eloctorate. Honestly I cannot believe you are so ill informed. I took you for an educated man who would want to know all he could and have a complete and fully informed view before casting pen to paper on his ballot paper. you have astounded me of forehead today.



    MWD says AYE

  9. SFTB



    All attempts at chucking the fags have been postponed till the 19th at the earliest.



    Your reason for No (hope I don’t get this wrong) could be summed up as saying the benefits don’t out weigh the costs. This is not fear, it is considered.



    My reason is not from some new found Nationalist tendency but because I see it as a bloody nose to the Milton Friedman school economics which are fed to us as some kind of infallible gospel truth of this is how it has to be. Somehow I think you are similar, apologies if I’m wrong.



    We both know that there are alternatives because economics is an art, not a science.



    How we get there is where we differ.



    Salmond won’t be the man to do it, neither will Milliband but their names are not on the ballot paper.



    And I will also admit to being feart, bloody terrified actually, but that is my reason and I’m content with it.

  10. philvisreturns – thanks for that.



    TTIP got raised at a meeting I was at a while ago and nobody seemed to know too much about it. One person thought it was Top of the Pops mixed with T in the Park (not me honest!)



    I did a bit of reading about but I’m none the wiser.

  11. lennon's passion on

    DEILA the new players have to learn the playing system. This man will never take Celtic forward. One system getting played at all costs. DEILA get out know.

  12. PICTURE:


    Paul Wilson, Ronnie Glavin, Danny McGrain, Roy Aitken, Tommy Callaghan, Bobby Lennox, Peter Latchford and Kenny Dalglish?????????????



    BTW I hope this YES campaign slogan is not too late – SCOTLAND BE BRAVE

  13. monteblanco – see it as a bloody nose to the Milton Friedman school economics



    “There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch” – Milton Friedman (thumbsup)

  14. philvis






    congrats on your wean btw



    may all your nappies be full to brimming (thumbsup)

  15. rocket man – You’re welcome.



    Look at it from this point of view: we have an ageing population. Medical treatments are constantly improving. That means more and more demand for healthcare.



    That means the heathcare market will only grow. And that means we need more people who know what they’re doing working in healthcare. It’s as safe as any other line of work in these uncertain times. (thumbsup)

  16. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan,



    Another yes supporter with the insults? I thought you were better than that.



    Firstly, I speak for myself, no one else.



    Secondly, Andy Burnham’s views on NHS Engand may well be different from Malcolm (note the first name) Chisholm’s views on NHS Scotland. But there is a simple reason for this: the NHS in Scotland is devolved to the Scottish Parliament. It operates on a different legislative basis.

  17. bournesouprecipe on




    Oh aye Celtic remember them.



    Pity the GB won’t be in situ in time for Saturday as it would have provided an added boost to the early match day experience, and also given us a much needed reminder of an atmosphere, for home games.



    RD’s best result was what now seems a freaky 6-1 win against Utd, and he could do well to look back at his teamsheet that day. What’s more hopefully he’s made all his team selection and format errors early in the season, as there’s been plenty.



    Fascinating to see if he persists with the lone guman role, and who plays up top.

  18. Art of War



    15:36 on 11 September, 2014



    scullybhoy- i think i agree except Peter Latchford???



    King Kenny – agreed :-0








    These are just my guess and I could be totally wrong.




  19. -Tojo-


    15:17 on


    11 September, 2014



    I am prob wrong on this, but I was under the impression that clubs got a 1/3 of their last seasons points deducted for going into admin.



    I noticed on hun media that they reckon they will get 15 points cos they are a new company.




  20. Gordon J – as philvisreturns was saying front line care and essential support would be safe.



    My worry is that the new legislation (Public Services Act) means that other parts of the NHS (like the one I work for) may not be so safe. The outgoing director of my department was asked how we tender for contracts and who we are up against. Councils and Universities are in competition with us now, although we are in competition with them for the same contracts.



    Is a little competition a good thing? Probably…until jobs go. Not up for scaring tactics just like to have a discussion about something that is very close to the bone for me.

  21. Fed up with the referendum debate on here. So, On resolution 12. It should not have been left to auldheed. Calamari SP and the other tims. Who felt strong enough to challenge the stinking corruption that was going on in the game in Scotland, its root is based in the governing bodies hq, and as far as I’m concerned has rendered our game a total joke. Why the select few were ask or advised to hold fire, I have no idea. But IMHO the other clubs within Scottish football, outwith that one should have been calling them out. It’s not just our club who have suffered at the hands of that association, although we have endured more than most, but others indirectly have As well. Who can forget Craig levein ,s. Team being done up good and proper a few years back. Who can forget the kangaroo courts. The trials by TV on any team bar one. And on and on, and we ain’t seen nothing yet. We the celtic support should thank the bhoys who instigated the resolution. But should also condemn the club’s who knew what was going on and did nothing. Big mistake as more is on its way.



  22. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    TTIP is dangerous mainly because the people who negotiate it don’t understand the implications or they are working for the large multinationals. Shysters the lot of them.

  23. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Back to the fitba.



    I’m looking forward to Ronny’s swashbuckling Celts beginning to gel and giving the sheep a good going over

  24. Tet,



    It used to be a third of previous seasons total.



    That’s what hertz was hit with.



    It’s now 15 and 25 for a 2nd in a 5 year (I think) period.

  25. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    who supports young mothers, recovering addicts , children with learning difficulties and people suffering from mental health issues if these parts of nhs are not pretected?

  26. Bawsman – sorry to hear your tale but it does capture the essence of my fears for the NHS, not that we’ll be expected to pay up front or anything but that services operated by companies where the bottom line is their primary motivator and that will be the deciding factor on who is a ‘suitable candidate’.

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