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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    That’s what Turnbull gives you. His USP. Well done son. Even Dallas couldn’t chop that one off… though they checked it 😆😱.



    Just the 21 shots. A tad one-sided…

  2. Total control. Great goal from Turnbull.



    Move it quicker though.



    They will tire. Use the subs well and get back on the GD trail.



    RC 0-5 Celtic




  3. As I saw it.


    It was a red card on Yang.


    I was no foul by Oh in the box.


    Maeda was offside


    The elbow Scales copped was a yellow at least.



    Thank Christ VAR is sorting out aww they dubious masonic reffing decisions eh??




    PS: Comment of the first 45…





    Players and officials squeeze out of the tunnel.


    Looks like Charles Bronson and John Layton dug it.




  4. We have a lot of hardworking football players, we dont have a lot of crafty , intelligent football players

  5. Great finish, well deserved for Turnbull. Anyone know what the offside VAR lines were supposed to show? Looked perfectly level.

  6. New cheating at VAR now,the still picture shows the ball is in the air when Maeda is just ‘offside ‘,it’s when the ball is struck

  7. Oh had a header that went over the bar, but the RC player had a clear hold of his shirt for a couple of seconds. Why did var not look at that?

  8. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I’ve seen the disallowed scales goal for the first time. Blatant cheating. There was no discussion in the sky studio about the second potential red card. To me, it was a definite yellow. How the ref checks the monitor without an upgrade to a yellow is another example of us being refereed differently

  9. Stuck in a log in and register loop. I log in its me but why I go to last page, I’m logged out again on a loop.






  10. Think Tony is going well. Scalesy solid as. Bernardo less so.


    We will break them this 45.

  11. Balls into the box doesn’t work, walking it in doesn’t work but here we are with our elite management.



    Worked for 140 yrs, just shoot



    Well done the Bull.



    Never catch




  12. AuroraBorealis79 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH NOVEMBER 2023 1:33 PM


    New cheating at VAR now,the still picture shows the ball is in the air when Maeda is just ‘offside ‘,it’s when the ball is struck



    This just been highlighted on sky sports



    The cheating in this game is at an all time high. Really surprising that they got that red card

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on 4th November 2023 1:26 pm



    Why does Anthony Ralston often run in to the central midfield area.




    Thats been the tactic since Ange was here, him and Taylor