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  1. The fix is in …this is the one trophy that the new entity has not won …only going to be one conclusion although nothing would delight me more if I was wrong






    Good evening, friends.


    Brendan rung the changes pre-match with six of last Wednesday’s starters relegated to the bench or completely rested. But that’s what he’s paid the big bucks for and the decision eventually proved to be correct. We played with a bit more pace, attacking down both sides and helped when Ross County were correctly reduced to 10 men after only 10 minutes. The home fans spent the rest of the game booing Yang every time he touched the ball – presumably they were unhappy with him allowing their defender to almost break his leg with a high, studs up tackle!


    Despite our numerous attempts at goal it took us to the final kick of the first half to break the deadlock. Well, ‘officially’ at least having already had the ball in the net twice only to see both goals ruled out for inconclusive reasons! 2 minutes were added (it should have been 4 or 5!) and a few seconds beyond the 47-minute mark a fine strike by David Turnbull saw him open our account for the second game in a row.


    The one-sided game was never really in doubt, but it was late into the 2nd half before we finally sealed our victory with a fantastic dipping shot from Palma who then went on to cross for James Forrest to score in the league for the 15th season running.


    A wee random start to end with. In our first game this season Turnbull scored twice. Since then, no one at all has scored more than one goal in a single game. We have now played 16 games, winning 10, drawing 3 and losing 3 with 31 goals scored and 14 conceded.


    A huge thank you to the 77 who voted this time around. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Hart: 0


    Ralston: 1


    Carter-Vickers*: 11


    Scales*: 55


    Taylor: 2


    McGregor: 3


    Turnbull: 26


    Bernardo: 2


    Maeda: 0


    Oh*: 54


    Yang: 10


    Holm: 2


    Palma: 60


    Kyogo: 0




    Forrest: 5



    And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Ross County are –


    Palma – 5 points


    Scales – 4 points


    Oh – 3 points


    Turnbull – 2 points


    Carter-Vickers – 1 point



    That’s 2 games in a row where a second half substitute has received the Man Of The Match award!


    The overall positions after 16 games played are –


    47 points – O’Riley


    43 points – Scales


    19 points – Kyogo


    18 points – McGregor


    16 points – Maeda


    13 points – Palma


    12 points – Carter-Vickers and Yang


    11 points – Johnston A


    9 points – Nawrocki


    7 points – Hart


    6 points – Lagerbielke, Oh, Taylor and Turnbull


    5 points – Hatate


    4 points – Bain


    2 points – Ralston


    1 point – Forrest and Holm


    0 points – Abada, Bernabei, Bernardo, Haksabanovic, Iwata, Johnston M, Phillips, Starfelt and Welsh



    And now it’s back into Europe with an away tie against Atletico Madrid. The game is on Tuesday evening with an 8.00pm kick off.


    Hail Hail!

  3. The main penalty stats for the huns is League games, and look at the amount of times they get then when drawing or getting beat

  4. Saturday at Dingwall was soooooo good for many reasons.:-



    We gave Oh a start and gametime ( That he fully warranted ) and he didn’t let us down. He looks more lean and purposeful.



    We rotated our squad to great effect.. Rotation of our squad is not disrespectful to anybody and does not equate to complacency or entitlement



    We are finding out about our a competitive environment.



    Callum McGregor does not need to play every minute and it was good to see our manager agree.



    Palma continues to impress.



    David Turnbull and Anthony Ralston have a place and a future @ Parkhead.



    We did not let ” Debatable ” decisions affect our concentration and gameplan.



    We now know we can and will rotate when circumstances dictate.



    We are at last prioritising European games and demonstrating correct preparation.



    Finally, we have a manager who is bold and not afraid of change.



    We go to Madrid. A result would be brilliant and although very difficult, it is achievable.


    We have given ourselves every chance, hopefully we play to our full potential with no regrets.



    HH the journey continues.

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    8 points ahead, and the sun is shining.


    Enjoy your day everyone 🌞


    H H. Mick

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 5TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:59 PM


    The main penalty stats for the huns is League games, and look at the amount of times they get then when drawing or getting beat




    The huns were heading for dropped points v Hearts, before the officials saved them. That would have put some early pressure on the new manager. Surely the upcoming AGM will see the board asked what they are doing about the open bias we are seeing almost every game.




    There are a few on here who could learn from your bright and breezy approach to supporting Celtic !


    Absent makes the heart grow fonder?

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 5TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:32 PM


    Some fantastic Clairvoyants on here,reading back.Amazing place this.



    I knew you were going to say that

  9. CARPE DIEM 63 on 5TH NOVEMBER 2023 9:49 PM


    What possible real pleasure can be derived from winning by cheating ?





    To a normal well-adjusted person, not much pleasure from a crooked victory.


    But for ego-maniacal narcissists or sociopaths, I’ve heard it’s just all part of their game.



    When I used to play golf, one of the guys was an inveterate pochler; eventually got done in court for some heartbreaking swindle. No longer see him and he’s pretty much a social pariah.



    In Scottish fitba, the pochlers-in-chief are the hegemonic heroes.

  10. The official in charge of the final may make a difference. For me though Aberdeen under Barry has the bottle for this. They came, saw and conquered last month.



    Rangers are at Aberdeen 2 weeks before but hopefully their Clement bubble will be burst long before then.



    Livingston need a win next eeek for instance and Sparta won’t be a pushover on Thursday.

  11. Greenpinata



    Agree with all you say there.



    I would add Brendan calling out the decisions for the first time ever was good.



    Sadly the MSM especially BBC didn’t mention it.




    Excuse the pedantry but surely the only ‘hegemonic heroes’ in ‘Scottish fitba’ must be Celtic. Mind you it’s nice alliteration.




    Thanks for that, if you can’t be happy being a Celtic


    fan, what’s the point.


    Whenever I see your nom de plum I always think


    about my wee sojourns through your toon, after a


    stint offshore, for the life of me I could never remember


    the second name of a mad Celtic fan who worked with


    me, and dragged me round the pubs there.


    But suddenly it appeared, Scappatici, Tony Scappatici.


    Did you ever come across him ?


    H H. Mick

  14. FRITZSONG on 6TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:38 AM




    Excuse the pedantry but surely the only ‘hegemonic heroes’ in ‘Scottish fitba’ must be Celtic. Mind you it’s nice alliteration.






    I shoulda signalled my attempt to be ironic by – as you did – putting the hegemonic heroes in inverteds.


    Alliteration over punctuation on my part ;)