Semi date definitely not in Celtic favour


I’m not one for conspiracy theories; you will read less here about referees than most other places, so don’t misconstrue, but moving our Scottish Cup semi-final to the Sunday, to be played on the fragile Hampden surface after it has been dug up by Falkirk and Inverness, is definitely not in Celtic’s favour.

We need a good surface to play our natural game, domestic opponents need a poor surface to help upset our rhythm.  This call went against us.

That aside, more positive news continued to flow.  Cameron Carter-Vickers, whose only World Cup appearance coincided with the USA’s best performance and a clean sheet, against Iran, was left out of their international squad for next week.  Unlike Japan, Cameron’s inclusion or otherwise will have little influence on which players pitch up at Lennoxtown in the near future.  It is better he stays home and prepares for the run-in.

It’s going to be an unusually noisy quiet week ahead.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy 2.01


    A dive? It’s one of the better establishments I have fallen out of. And occasionally into. 🤔

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    No conspiracy to negatively impact Celtic here.



    Just an obvious fringe benefit of the job.



    As Scottish Cup organisers, the SFA have an obligation to maximise the experience at both semi finals by providing



    1. An appropriate venue


    2. An appropriate playing surface



    First semi – They’ll definitely fail on #1 (a bowl which is far too big) and #2 is not a given.



    Second semi – They’ll fail on #2 and, in the opinion of many, have already failed on #1.



    Big Jimmy 2.01





    A dive? It’s one of the better establishments I have fallen out of. And occasionally into. 🤔




    Its a busy wee Pub at Weekends cos of the Kareoke and theres a lot of DAFTIES Drink in it.


    Why anyone would choose to Drink in ” The Winds” when there a few other decent pubs nearby is beyond me ?



    HH Mate.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    To change the mood a little …..





    … I thought this was hilarious.



    Shame it was tucked away by BBC Online under ….



    1. News


    2. UK News


    3. Scottish News


    4. Glasgow & West



    You’d almost think an online editor didn’t want it to be found.



  5. Paul67



    As you know, I have been on this site from it’s embryo and loved it, fresh, good stuff.


    Always so many diverse views, some amusing, others interesting, all enjoyable.


    Recently however, I think there is without doubt, a clique and if one has different viewpoints from the clique , one is “sent to Coventry”


    There have been some good people, who have had enough, I sadly being one of them. Examples , Ok, going back a bit, KOJO, Singing Detective ( same guy methinks. More recently, Kev J, and a good few others


    Best wishes for the future




  6. The SFA have a product to market, to sell.


    What will the visuals be like on the Saturday, 2 average teams playing in the cavernous, half empty hampden park?


    We really don’t maximise our offering.


    Ridiculous nonsense

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seems a proposal at a meeting today was next 4 Derby games,home fans only



    Hearts cut our allocation to 600 tickets next season

  8. Iwata looks the real deal and ideally suited to give Calum a rest or indeed. Whereas I am not so impressed by Oh yet. Yes he has better outfield qualities than GG but lacks the clinical goal scoring ability that GG had.



    Ange knows things that we don’t.



    So I’m happy with whatever he decides in terms of playing / resting players.



    National team managers who overlook our players haven’t yet realised WHY the opposition look poor against us. It’s because of the way we play and the quality of player we have.



    Europe next year, if we can retain our prized assets (players and manager), will be a good one. If we don’t get through the group stages we will give the Europ teams a good run for their money.

  9. BB,



    Didn’t know it was a bank holiday. That’s what happens when we don’t get any 🙂

  10. NO Winners Today so far, although I did back a 40/1 shot EACH WAY in the 3.30 race.


    it finished 2nd after running its heart out, only for the Stewards to Demote it to 3rd soon after for MINOR swerving.


    Apparently this ” Demotion” has cost the Owners £38,000.




  11. Kinglubo


    I think you could have picked better than Kojo and Kev J to make your point…..or have I missed the joke? Wouldn’t be the first time!!

  12. Kinglubo



    Keep postin your tangent,whether Celts agree or not.say your bit




  13. Cheltenham 4.10 race…


    ” SEDDON” wins at 20/1.



    Ive got it on TWO lines at 28/1 EARLY Price.



    Things are looking up.





  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    HOT SMOKED on 16TH MARCH 2023 4:13 PM,


    I don’t think he could have picked any better, diversity was what I thought was his point, that both the names you selected were prefect examples of the cancel culture on CQN.


    Think about how ridiculous that has become when the majority on here now support Nazi’s in Ukraine.

  15. The clique is an imagined group conjured up by those who feel their views are not welcomed or appreciated.



    There are posters on here who have views broadly similar to mine whose company I do not and would not seek regularly.



    There are other posters with views that diverge from mine whose company I like.



    Most can meet on common ground, either in a pub or at CP, and share a willingness to talk Celtic and nonsense.



    The trio you mention as unwelcome were 3 recruiting agents for the SDL and UKIP. TSD was an out an out racist. Kojo had a nostalgia for a world with fewer non-white faces, and most of the KevJ variants were peddling the same anti-imigrant line. As both my parents were “immigrants” to Scotland, I would have remained opposed to that viewpoint and I am confident that a good 90%+ of our support would find it equally objectionable.



    I am glad that most fellow posters on Celtic sites, along with CQN, refused to offer tolerance to that divergent view. The day it doesn’t, I would be out of here.

  16. The Alt-right and Nazis bleating about cancel culture is a very unconvincing look.



    They did more than restrict people’s ability to spout racism in sacred places. They genuinely cancelled people, as did the Totalitarian left.



    Alpha males and the Master Race are such snowflakes.

  17. I like the Hootenanny when I’m on Clydeside. The Scotia as well. Last 2 times i went for a late one in Clutha, it was deserted.



    The worst pub in a long time is Gallaghers, near Hottenanny. A Celtic pub but sterile, useless staff and rules (cash only), and full of young wallopers who randomly shout and then laugh and slap each other hard on the back . Cocaine I think. I was very disappointed

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Meeting Leggy tomorrow in the 8 ball pool hall above the Scotia about 11am. A St Patrick’s day parade about Tim friendly pubs in old Glasgow Town. Come along and have a good day of fun and laughter. Usually at the expense of halfwit huns. 🍺🇮🇪😂



    Wooooohoooo Seddon! Ya dancer! Don’t tell Prestonpans.





    i take it BRRB that you ALSO backed ” SEDDON” ?


    Well done Son.



    I will NOT tell PRESTONPANS….If you send me a FIVER ?




    HH Mate.

  20. Malachy Duffin on

    Good job those easily led weren’t around 20,000 years ago when the one mile of ice that sat above Manhattan began to thaw. Lets not even discuss Montreal.



    Climates change, people should get used to this, it’s been happening for centuries, switching your heating down one degree, driving electric cars or paying a fiver for a litre of petrol ain’t going to change this.



    Same folk, conned again and dragging the rest down along with them.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    nobody says their views were different but they had as much right as anyone else to air them, as we’ve seen from mob psychology studies, people with divergent opinions are more important than the mob’s consensus as they make people think about their position. Opposite views must be heard or we end up like Germany in the 30’s, when people become afraid to air their views totalitarianism wins.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “Totalitarian left” can you define who you mean?


    Are you referring to what is considered the current “Totalitarian left” or the traditional “Totalitarian left”?




    Is that a Life of Brian quote? :-))

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    HOT SMOKED on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:06 PM,


    I use them where ever I can

  25. Agreed Canalmar, everyone has a right to express an opinion but it also matters how you express an opinion. Some believe more in evolution than living a faith, but sadly the holders of the first condition are not only not evolving themselves but denigrate and smear others for holding faith nowadays. Almost the opposite happened 60 years + ago when churches held the upper hand in Scotland. The left in Scotland has a fantastic history, not of its leaders though…they’re all fat and old queueing for the house of lords….

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