Semi date definitely not in Celtic favour


I’m not one for conspiracy theories; you will read less here about referees than most other places, so don’t misconstrue, but moving our Scottish Cup semi-final to the Sunday, to be played on the fragile Hampden surface after it has been dug up by Falkirk and Inverness, is definitely not in Celtic’s favour.

We need a good surface to play our natural game, domestic opponents need a poor surface to help upset our rhythm.  This call went against us.

That aside, more positive news continued to flow.  Cameron Carter-Vickers, whose only World Cup appearance coincided with the USA’s best performance and a clean sheet, against Iran, was left out of their international squad for next week.  Unlike Japan, Cameron’s inclusion or otherwise will have little influence on which players pitch up at Lennoxtown in the near future.  It is better he stays home and prepares for the run-in.

It’s going to be an unusually noisy quiet week ahead.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    SAINT STIVS on 16TH MARCH 2023 7:04 PM,


    whit age are you?


    cause they’re tims, ffs keep up

  2. Ernie can be accused of many things. But bampottery 🙂😆😀🤣.


    I think not.

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 7:15 PM,


    Really, NHS, social housing, welfare support, infrastructure like the national grid energy generation and distribution, road and rail networks, water, sewage and sewage treatment, communications, literally everything Thatcher nationalised and then some came from the people dumping Churchill for Labour after the war. Every single effing thing, do you honestly believe any of that would have been implemented if it was only the tories and liberals, seriously?

  4. Canalmar



    All that you refer to, the improvements in society which benefitted the working classes ( unequally in fact because Glasgow was not properly rebuilt after the war and the residents were sent out to soulless schemes over time and the city lost its dynamism.) It started at the beginning of the 20th Century with the Liberal Party of Asquith who was a real politician, not the civil servant that Labiur Prime Minister Clement Atlee was. Asquith was the only Prime Minister to ever take on the House of Lords as well, the highest corruption in the land, because the Lords constantly blocked his reforming bills. If Labour had done so well from 1945-51, why was Churchill back in power by 1951?

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SAINT STIVS @ 7:02 PM


    the blog is a cleaner safer place without the return of …. kojo and tsd.






    Help me out here will you?



    tsd ?

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    And what was the name of that troll who turned up last season, routinely praised Sevco, and tried to dilute any feel good factor.



    I recall it was three initials but the answer escapes me.

  7. ‘Alfredo Morelos: Rangers manager says striker has not agreed pre-contract’ – bbc sport



    this is very weird non speculation

  8. tsd – the singing detective.



    copyright madmitch initial factory, no missed either



    Canalmar –



    did you ever meet any of them “cos their tims” , they never turned up anywhere to support anythuing,



    supporters my arse.

  9. Celtic Graves Society








    From the Graveyard to Paradise.



    Our next ceremony on Easter Sunday makes this story very relevant.



    Details later today.

  10. Celtic Graves Society








    We’re delighted to announce a commemoration of the life & contribution to Celtic, of Dan McArthur on Easter Sunday at 12.30pm.



    Dan lies at rest in the Eastern Necropolis, just yards from the North Stand at Paradise.



    Dan was a very special Celt and our first star goalkeeper.



  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    Mojo was a man ahead of his time.



    Used to self identify as a dug before self identifying was a thing.

  12. Celtic legend, Dan McArthur’s cap back in Paradise thanks to his Stateside clan


    By Joe Sullivan






    It was 78 years ago today, on November 11, 1943 that early Celtic goalkeeper, Dan McArthur passed away at the age of 66.



    Just last year, in March 2020, the legendary Celt’s Stateside descendants made the trip over from Kearney, New Jersey to present one of Dan’s League Caps to the club.



    Here is the story as published in the Celtic View.



  13. and the DR has two non stories about transfers to Rangers, they must know now they are being played

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The wummins 2 semis are getting played at Hampden the week before our semi final, shambles

  15. Canamalar



    Having actually “taken that sitting doon”- (I was away for ma dinner- and I prefer to eat that way), I can now respond.



    Being accused of drivel by someone who goes onto write that “Putin never claimed to be a communist” is hard to take.



    How did Vlad get into the KGB in 1975 and work at the Red Banner Institute without being a card carrying communist. Of course, after the collapse, he claimed Communism was a blind alley. He was a loyal and devious apparatchik, willing to climb that greasy pole and switch allegiances at the drop of a hat. He sided with Gorbachev over the KGB attempted coup and chose the right side to continue his climb.



    I believe a grandparent cooked for both Lenin and Stalin too so he was not from a minor family.



    Of course, like the Jan 6th guys he claims to be an ultra-patriot but he appeals to the usual right wing tropes of church, manliness of the misogynist kind, and a heavy handed approach to political dissidence (he didn’t invent this but he makes fair use of it). Now, these policies and a law and order image was popular but media outlets in Russia are worse than Fox News in their unwillingness to criticise their fan boy.



    Xi is an avowed capitalist too but it’s a dictatorship capitalism. Only the Central Committee gets to dictate the market- it’s not laiisez-faire no more.



    Human Rights observers would not place either country as high on allowing individual freedoms. So, when the ground changes, the political labels change. You can’t (yet) be a Russian Patriot and admit to be a Rightist (too much baggage) so you just adopt the rightest tropes- law and order, Mother Country, Men work- women make babies, Trade union activity is allowed by law but cracked down in practice. Political opposition is also allowed but cracked down at the same time. At all costs, Putin must not lose an election until he has appointed his successor. Of course some of the opposition are in receipt of CIA support and this is reciprocated by Putin towards Tories and Republicans in the west. On that score only can we say one is as bad as the other.



    I tell a lot about a country from how many people want to go there. For all its faults Western Liberal Democracies attract many economic immigrants seeking a better life. Most of Russia’s immigrants come from their far east Soviet Empire.



    Russia remains as ripe for a slide into fascism as Belarus, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil and Montana/Gilead.

  16. I see that all the cult of personality leaders are in various levels of hassle



    .macron surely gone


    Sturgeon gone


    Trudeau on fumes


    Varadkar staying quiet but gone


    Putin would be if he had real elections(sorry best mate)



    Hard working, boring leaders are the future



    Wilson Callaghan Blair Brown did proper government, not blatant populism



    Goodnight SNP and hopefully Fine Gael and Fianna Fail too

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 7:43 PM,



    Pretty simple really, few working class areas were “properly rebuilt” anywhere in Britain, most districts were over populated with the land and housing owned by private landlords. Not all schemes were soulless or became soulless, poor quality of build was a direct result of the policies of guys you promoted in your response.



    Liberal Party of Asquith who was a real politician prime minister (1908 to 1916),


    That the guy who consistently voted against wummins suffrage until the Labour party came along, that guy? Where every concession he made was based on the undermining of the growing Labour movement and its appeal to the working class? that guy, Aye a true statesman, the guy that according to you, “only Prime Minister to ever take on the House of Lords” couldn’t control Maxwell his appointed military governor, as he massacred hundreds if Irish for the Easter Uprising 1916, that Asquith?



    I will repeat not one single advance in Britain’s working class peoples conditions and by extension the western world was donated by liberals or tory’s, except off the backs of the labour movement and the British Labour party. And even those advances were a direct result of the Russian revolution. Unfortunately what happened with Churchill and subsequent tory governments and their faux concern for peoples well being was mirrored by Labour after Thatcher.

  18. Right shhhhhh



    That BRRB guy is not around where are we telling him we are meeting on the 25th and where are we actualy meeting…..



    D :)

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Lovely, and you’ll be able to provide the independent sources that support all your assertions, or will that all be “common knowledge”?


    Putin became a political leader in the late 90’s, according to his own memoirs, as he perused the halls of power within the Kremlin, he noted the number of US flags on the desks of Russian administrators, according to him, when he got real power as prime minister he removed administrators that demonstrated allegiance to those flying US flags and travelling to the US regularly. Since then the lives of Russians has improved, this year they have increased the wages of the majority of Russian workers by 25% while decreasing inflation, imagine that eh. Surely some mistake, I hear you say, inflation can’t come down without high unemployment and low wages.


    He has had zero positive press in the “west” in the last 25 years, he has always been portrayed as you say with “right wing tropes of church, manliness of the misogynist kind, and a heavy handed approach to political dissidence”. I’ll add its “highly likely” he’s also an international assassin and has a penchant for destroying his most expensive infrastructure projects yes, but never any evidence to demonstrate any of that just a lot of hun like FACT. It is really all you or anyone else in the “west” has been fed for the last 25 years, and it’s obviously kept everyone objective and in the know, eh.


    Remind me, honestly, when was the last time you read or heard anything positive about Putin in western media in the last 25 years? Seriously, think about it.


    Then tell me it has had no affect on your opinion?


    when was the last time you were provided unequivocal evidence that would actually stand up in a court of law that he is/was guilty of any of the accusations made against him?


    Do you honestly believe if there was such evidence it would not be spread across the worlds media?


    Get a grip.

  20. Canman



    I have scepticism of the Western Press AND Russia Today. He is seen through these right wing tropes because these are the ones his supporters and he espouse. Do you think he is lying ?



    Just accept that he once believed and espoused Communism and was a Communist and we’re halfway there. After that it’s just a question of whether he is misportrayed (and I’m sure he is) or whether the values he speaks about are his own. Was he honest then and is he honest now? When he said that Ukraine was a non-country, did he mean it and was it true? (And yes- Ukraine was harassing the Russian-identifying population of Donetsk and yes- there is a Nazi group in Ukraine but it has equivalents in Russia).



    Interesting as all this may be to you and me (on occasion), I still prefer the football chat and we have a game in 2 days time.



    Here’s a football question- Could we survive a few games with a Kobayashi + Starfelt CB combination. I think we will need to try out these things as we move on. Injuries and suspensions will see this forced upon us in future. I may even put a bet on for Oh to score on Saturday

  21. bigrailroadblues on 16th March 2023 9:23 pm



    Brazen Head. Ya Garngad daftie. 😂






    I was walking towards the City Centre efter the Maddest weekend ever, well wan of them.



    I got jibber Jabberin to 2 Lisburn Bhoys who were heading towards the Brazen. I knew where I was going. They Flagged down a Taxi and the Roaster said it would be £30, me and a few others soon let that Taxi driver know he was @ it. He got to ASAP.



    It was ~ 5 minutes away.

  22. Malachy Duffin on

    SNP membership figures have fallen by a third in two years.



    Get woke.


    Go broke.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    On Xi in China, a little known fact, while I was doing my project management thesis on corruption in the construction industry, most available references and studies were done in china, apparently they appeared to be the only country/culture that were actually studying it seriously. What I found in the western academic studies appeared to be in support of corruption with the most striking title, greasing the wheels is it the only way to get things done. What I found was the west appeared to be ok with it it happens and we just need to factor it in, while China appeared to be seriously trying to address it.



    As for “Human Rights observers” they are generally western NGO’s that want to start colour revolutions in other people countries when their funding becomes the object of investigation.



    “Western Liberal Democracies attract many economic immigrants seeking a better life” because NATO usually go to those countries, destabilise and bomb them into the stone age, NATO countries don’t advertise that their homelessness and poverty is out of control, when telling their victims how good their way of life is, obviously realism has no baring on it eh?


    Russia don’t get immigrants from many foreign countries because they don’t bullshit about how much better they are, most people who have suffered the NATO treatment are led to believe NATO countries streets are paved with gold so why wouldn’t they want a piece of that after all the shit they’ve been put through? do you honestly think the people who have been bombed out of their homes give a funkeys muck about “individual freedoms” when all they really want is to be able live somewhere they might not be considered potential collateral damage?

  24. Hoping but certainly not expecting we get 2 Tickets for the Semi Final. It’s usually been 1 when it’s Newco.



    First Time Ever we have had 2.



    Hampden is a disgrace of a spectator Stadium but its just being there when The Celts go up.

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