Semi date definitely not in Celtic favour


I’m not one for conspiracy theories; you will read less here about referees than most other places, so don’t misconstrue, but moving our Scottish Cup semi-final to the Sunday, to be played on the fragile Hampden surface after it has been dug up by Falkirk and Inverness, is definitely not in Celtic’s favour.

We need a good surface to play our natural game, domestic opponents need a poor surface to help upset our rhythm.  This call went against us.

That aside, more positive news continued to flow.  Cameron Carter-Vickers, whose only World Cup appearance coincided with the USA’s best performance and a clean sheet, against Iran, was left out of their international squad for next week.  Unlike Japan, Cameron’s inclusion or otherwise will have little influence on which players pitch up at Lennoxtown in the near future.  It is better he stays home and prepares for the run-in.

It’s going to be an unusually noisy quiet week ahead.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    And a hearty good evening from the Victoria Bar. I hope you are all well and raring to go for Saturday when we give the Embra Greens a sound thrashing. 👍

  2. Canamalar


    I have always — well since I was about 15 — considered myself left wing. My basic views haven`t really changed but I now feel I must be totalatarian, extreme , as far as you can get left wing when i compare myself with some whom the Media proclaim to be of the left persuasion :-))

  3. “RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:15 PM


    everyone has a right to express an opinion”



    Is that a fact? What if the expressing of opinion causes real harm to another person?


    Also, who gives that `right`.

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    BIG JIMMY on 16TH MARCH 2023 4:34 PM





    Revenge is a dish best served cold 😃😄

  5. But seeing as you`re one of the good guys Bada, let me say that Hibs can be a funny team capable of unexpected good performances. That being so, I am going for 5-0 for the Glasgow Green (Copyright BRRB)

  6. The sleekit multi-posters…………….?????



    Sad, trumped-up guff, from sad hump troll(s)


    jealous of CQN’s success…………………..



    Doubtless to be found on the smaller, fringe sites


    exorcising their narcissistic nutbaggery.



    Choon-less trumpets or chinless wonders (sp).



    AhhThat;sBetter CSC

  7. Canman



    Any group of people who think they have the secret to how society should be structured and the rest of us should be forced to go along with it.



    So that applies to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Eastern Europe, Communist China, Islamic Iran and ISIS communities.



    It would bore the pants of me and many others to get into it over Traditional and modern left (Putin and Xi claim to be Communist for nostalgia purposes but they operate radically differently from Stalin and Mao). Some Marxists ain’t totalitarian anymore and many former rightists claim to be “libertarian”, whilst arming themselves with AK47’s and planning to kidnap women to set up a new Christian White USA in poor old Montana.



    Many of those wishing to be given equal status for views that are ill-founded and unevidenced, who, indeed dispute there is such a thing as proof and evidence, are the first ones who genuinely cancel people dead once they get into power.



    In Germany in the 30’s it took a lot of non-Nazis to say “maybe they’ve got a point” or “maybe it’s time to give someone else a go at power” to get the Nazis “elected”. Once they were in power, as with the Soviets, then elections became another decadent bourgeois thing they could do without.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:15 PM,


    I’d say it was not the almost the opposite but directly opposite have taken command however I’d dispute the idea of who were/are considered the opposite. I’ve always considered the liberals the opposition to family values.


    Now questioning the msm and authorities policy of overriding parents concerns about education institutions encouraging children’s gender confusion and insecurities, by relegating parents concerns to irrelevant is ok. And anyone who objects is a dangerous bigot, seriously, wtf has happened to free speech and family values. But all we hear about is liberal values being of the left, when the copulation did liberals become the left?

  9. Hot Smoked



    An opinion is hot air , it cannot harm anyone.



    When you physically strike someone that is a different matter



    I would have thought any pacifist would agree with that.

  10. The Family Values behaviour of the new Christian right is a PR exercise.



    Fox News was started by and staffed by sex pest males.



    Billy Graham Sir. was unique among the telly evangelists as the only one not chasing other young women or boys while espousing family values.



    Even the Catholic faith has a long history of corrupt sex-pest behaviour amongst clergy and figureheads. Stating you support Family Values, without living, them does not impress

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Bada 5.19




    Prestonpans 5.23


    Ffs my mate is a mafia hitman. 😳

  12. “RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:31 PM


    Hot Smoked


    An opinion is hot air , it cannot harm anyone.”




    Do you really believe that?

  13. Is `cancelled` now being used to mean something other than in this way `” The match has been cancelled.” ?

  14. I have just looked it up. Is this a fair definition:



    `To cancel someone (usually a celebrity or other well-known figure) means to stop giving support to that person.`

  15. Canalmar



    The word Liberal covers a lot of ground, in Britain and Ireland, in the US and in Europe in the political world. Being liberal is considered positive in the real world we all like a friend who is liberal with his money. In Scotland it was an upper/ middle class political party with a benevolent attitude to the disfavoured population, some of these liberal party people were genuine, some were out of touch, some were weak, many were careerists. House of Commons- Lords always on the horizon. To have liberal ideals is the third scenario. This is where the debates are taking place. Liberals can’t be considered left wing in Scotland, but their ideals are similar to Labour and Communist . The big difference is how to achieve those ideals, through parliament or through radical reconstruction or through revolution.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “Putin and Xi claim to be Communist for nostalgia purposes” absolute drivel, go read something outside the propaganda drivel you’ve been devouring. Putin never claimed to be communist and is an avid capitalist that demands free market. The communist party of Russia is the main opposition party with only 6% of the house representatives (still more than Navalny) which also makes a fool of anyone that claims he’s a fascist, when did a fascists allow communists to exist?



    I’ll make it easy for you, there is no modern left, the pendulum has swung so far to the right that imperialist liberalism is considered the left, pay attention, what we used to consider socialism in our mixed economic application is now considered communist ffs.



    I spend a fair bit of time reading drivel about “the left” but do not recognise wtf they are talking about. The liberals are now being normalised as communists because they use tax money to bail out banks, MIC, pay for big pharma and undermine living conditions of their populations but they cant provide a single example of where the workers own the means of production, which is after all the basic premise of socialism.


    Conservatives are considered fascists when they question the education system indoctrinating their children to be gender lost and the changes to their safe places are being undermined by forced acceptance of cultural diversity, I’ve met over the years plenty of old people who felt unsafe because they feel they became a minority in their own districts. Whether you like it or not, old yins (what’s left of them after the cull) don’t respond well to drastic demographic change, people who considered themselves socialists all their lives, voted and happily paid for the NHS and all other social advances in Scotland/UK are now last on the list and in plenty of places feel like the minority and it frightens them.



    Now, about structural control of society? If you can’t even keep track of history how the hell can you know what and who is trying to control it? The only thing you can be sure of is that it’s not the electorate, they want their representatives to to put their interests first, the issues they consider important are the NHS and cost of living, employment and housing, instead they are greeted with wars that continue to flood our streets with asylum seekers and illegal immigrants claiming to be asylum seekers. And its all the left communists or the right fascists fault, according to the msm and apparently you buy into that from what I’ve just read.

  17. Big Jimmy (if you are around)



    What was the story of the stewards enquiry at the horse racing?


    I caught some of it. Did the officials move the 2nd and 3rd placed horses around?


    That is quite a move, considering it would affect many millions of pounds.


    Is this common?


    I was pretty astonished. Otherwise, enjoyed watching the day.


    Hope you thrived and won handsomely

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:56 PM,


    Sorry to be so crass but, bullshit, the liberals (Whigs) were far more imperialist than the conservatives in their day and we’ve come full circle. While they feigned freedom of expression and equality, their policies were all geared to protect a specific class/race who they considered above everyone else. In this aspect both aligned after Labour/socialism forced change in British governance. Unfortunately the “new labour” have taken on the roll to happily obfuscate and confuse the difference between socialism and liberal imperialism. Identity politics has become far more important than doing their job because if people were able to lift their heads long enough to see how they were being represented they’d likely be demanding scalps but people either can’t afford to lift their heads or feel they if they upset someone for speaking out they’ll get cancelled and ostracised. As far as I’m concerned the Liberals are and always have been vagina’s.

  19. Canalmar



    As I said earlier it depends on HOW you express an opinion. To go on about “enormous drivel you devour” in response to SFTB is patronising and entirely subjective.



    Likewise when Hot Smoked asks me…Do you really believe that?







    Sticks and stones will break ……..

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good merry evening from Paddy Neesons. It’s a hard life. Especially if yer a hun.😂

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 6:36 PM,


    sorry pal but it was “absolute drivel” not “enormous drivel” portraying Putin as a communist is pandering to ignorance and deserved to be called out in the most derogatory way possible as far as I’m concerned. It panders to the msm propaganda and supports lies. Luckily for me I know SFTB will not take that sittin doon, he will stand up and go and try to find arguments that support his assertion, when he finds he was in error he will either say nothing, or will come back and accept the correction. In my experience he will come back and accept the correction but will be forced to reassess his opinion on Putin, even if only a little, the force of my objection will have worked only because I got on his tits and he does not like to be wrong or implied as ignorant, unlike a few other’s on here that can’t accept non-binary cognition.

  22. the blog is a cleaner safer place without the return of the right wing horribles that were kojo and tsd.



    personally dont care if ernie ever comes back at all.



    sure we have less posters, and less posts but i am less subjected to reams and reams of bampottery



    the new poster was a laugh well the first paragraph then i scrolled on bye.

  23. Canalmar



    I think you greatly overstate any positive changes in governance at British Govt level at the auspices of the Labour Party. Not to mention the total implosion of the Labour Party in its greatest stronghold (Scotland) 3 Scotsmen formed the Labour Party.



    But let’s not look back. It’s encouraging to hear that parents are taking more of an interest in their child’s education. And also that people challenge the MSM narrative.



    More seriously, more violence and destruction being reported from Rome tonight, around the AS Roma Real Sociedad tie. There were similar scenes after yesterday’s visit by Eintracht Frankfurt to Naples. UEFA is full of freeloaders, city mayors have dollars in their eyes and neither are working on the ground to avoid these clashes. Charlatans

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