Semi date definitely not in Celtic favour


I’m not one for conspiracy theories; you will read less here about referees than most other places, so don’t misconstrue, but moving our Scottish Cup semi-final to the Sunday, to be played on the fragile Hampden surface after it has been dug up by Falkirk and Inverness, is definitely not in Celtic’s favour.

We need a good surface to play our natural game, domestic opponents need a poor surface to help upset our rhythm.  This call went against us.

That aside, more positive news continued to flow.  Cameron Carter-Vickers, whose only World Cup appearance coincided with the USA’s best performance and a clean sheet, against Iran, was left out of their international squad for next week.  Unlike Japan, Cameron’s inclusion or otherwise will have little influence on which players pitch up at Lennoxtown in the near future.  It is better he stays home and prepares for the run-in.

It’s going to be an unusually noisy quiet week ahead.

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  1. Canalmar



    When I visited the Soviet Union in 1984 it was an opportunity to see with my own eyes what communism had brought to that vast territory. I went on an organised trip to Moscow, the then Leningrad, Kishinev and Odessa, through my father’s trade union, ironically, or maybe not, called TASS the Draughtsmen’s Union. TASS was also the acronym used for the Soviet news agency of that time. Leningrad was best with Odessa interesting as well. In Moscow the streets were thronged with people, just like in Argyll Street in Glasgow and it was a strange feeling of everyone being of the same social class, no rich or poor. However, let’s just say the visit didn’t end up convincing me that all was well there. I wouldn’t say grey was the general colour I perceived, more of a light brown shade to things but not very colourful anyway.You are right when you say there is a lack of respect towards Russia from the west and that the west tells lies about them. Basically because Russia is seen as an economic threat. Ivan can be very productive, as can Ivana.



    War is over if you want it.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Penalty number 7 is THE pressure kick in the shoot out.



    Score it to go ahead and, more often than not, you win.

  3. bigrailroadblues on

    The Donegal Doll to Johnny tonight; Are those rangers things not the ones who went bust? I couldn’t stop laughing. 😂😂

  4. My aunt died a few days ago



    Not seen my cousin for about 20 years



    Took him a tour of the places I used to do the doors on



    Am not sure if I need to murder him so he doesn’t remind me



    Or I need to murder me so I don’t remember



    You feckers are all old AF



    How do you cope with shit like this???????

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on




    steer clear if you’re bored with my dirge :O)





    Yes I’m sceptical about RT but I just don’t believe a single thing that comes from western media, in fact I’ve made my own rule of thumb on western media, invert everything they say, if they make accusations then it makes more sense they are telling us what they done.



    Is Putin a liar, no I don’t think so, not from what I’ve been reviewing. I don’t even need to accept he espoused/needed to be a communist, at the time he became involved I don’t believe it was even an issue.



    Ukraine a non-country? Well before the soviet union it was a region like the Steppes or the highlands that was won and lost by empires, it is a synthetic country of soviet invention. The “Ukrainian’s” are what were previously known as Galicean’s a small region partly in Ukraine and Poland (not to be confused with the Spanish/Portugese galicea) that was part of the AustroHungarian empire, there is no such language as Ukrainian, their Galicean language is what is now called Ukrainian. It was a tiny part centred around Lvov in what the soviets created as Ukraine. Kiev was part of Russia for hundreds of years, the soviets made a blunder when they though they were being altruistic. The Galicean’s had concentration camps slaughtering people of Russian descent before WWI when it was part of the AustroHungarian empire, and again when Kruschev released the Banderas Waffen SS nazi’s from the gulags and redrew the map to include Crimea. Galicean hatred of Russian’s has never waned, nor has their love of Banderas.


    Does it have equivalents in Russia? My understanding is that all fascist and supremacist organisations were outlawed, including Navalny’s, the recent terror attack and murder of civilians in Bryansk was carried out by one of those Russian supremacist organisations now working for the Ukraine army because they are outlawed in Russia, so naw.



    For the last 5 years I’ve watched Putin’s national addresses, every year he sits and takes questions live for four hours and responds to them all, he does not always provide answers but promises to investigate and respond. While I originally thought it was all staged I realised that even staged, no one could remember such a script so had to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has and does try to improve the conditions for his people. When you think what his country was like after the soviet union folded, how Russian were portrayed and the conditions the people lived under and compare that to now there can be no question IMO.


    I watch him addressing his nation I think this guy is on the ball and does not appear to be pulling punches, he says the hard things as freely as he says the good things. Honestly IMO there’s nothing in the west that compares, shoots from the hip and afraid of nothing. We are so used to liars we attribute that to everyone in power and I believe that attitude is nurtured in the west and that allows them to continue lying.



    On the football,


    You’ve watched me getting scolded for suggesting our less used defensive players need game time, so aye, of course I think we could survive it, as far as I’m concerned it can only be a good thing, the more battle hardened players we have the less the impact of losing current first choices.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Best you can, sorry for your loss.


    Tell us your best memory of your aunt?

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RIMTIMTIM on 16TH MARCH 2023 10:45 PM,


    even the grass, tree’s and flowers, all brown?



    TOBAGO STREET on 16TH MARCH 2023 12:08 PM,



    … perspective you raise is interesting and sheds a new light on it for me.



    Excellent stuff Canamalar. We should always be open to reassessing how we see things. Particularly when it comes to the arts.


    The Great Gatsby is considered to be a great American novel by people who study such things. I’ve read it more than once and I’m not there yet. But I’ll read it again with, I’m hopeful an open mind and see if I can get there.


    Like with films, multiple viewings reveal multiple layers.




  9. What is the Starz on

    So …just to be clear..


    Putin is a lovely chap who has enhanced the lives of millions


    Ukraine is not a country


    However it does have lots of nasty nazis


    Russia doesn’t have an issue with far right nationalist groups..They were outlawed by Mother Teresa Putin.


    There is no corruption in China.


    Most of us poor eejits in the West are brainwashed by The Mail and The Telegraph.


    Right so…

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Putin lover?


    Naw, I know he has done bad stuff, like every other leader, comes with the job.


    Has he been as bad as our leaders, matter of opinion that eh. I’ll compare the number of countries decimated, oh wait.


    I don’t need to love or hate Putin more than I love or hate our own leaders but Putin’s decisions have not made our peoples poorer or lives harder, that choice was all down to our own, who are only trying to protect our freedom from a megalomaniac that believes his people are just as important, how very dare he.


    Down with this sort of thing.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You might be right, paying much tax on asylum seekers that’ll never go home?


    Providing many bombs to a conflict that has nothing to do with you, supporting Nazi’s that have been murdering pro-democracy people for 8 years murdering 15,000, aye good for you, you show them, defiance is easy when your the bully.



  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    TOBAGO STREET on 17TH MARCH 2023 12:07 AM,


    Know what you mean, I thought the Great Gatsby was a romp about decadence, read that “Catcher in the Rye” ffs wits that all about?


    No sure but thought it was a bit suggestive of gay soft porn , might have been a phase but I expect I’m right :0D))


    Books and writers I will never read,


    1. Ulyssis – Brother is a book worm and it took him years to get through it, no sure how many read, copulate that, just seems like hard work:)


    2. Tolstoy – don’t sell them here any more, need to go to a burning event.


    3. Dostoyevsky – dito Tolstoy



    But we’ve got all the individual freedom, so I choose not to read the Russian’s

  13. Canamalar



    And i will repeat the betrayals of the British Labour Party can we include these in your mantra



    1.Merlyn Rees 1976 introduced the process of Ulsterization as a Labour and Unionist(socialist wing) Home secretary.criminalization of freedom ,prison uniform intro.


    it led to the blanket protest,


    a continuation of the tyranny of the “hooded men” style breach of human right.a judgement confirmed during the labour and unionist gov tenure 1978)



    2.Denis and the introduction Monetarism,1976



    The rancid strain of perfect competition needed by capital.The UK was broke it turned to the IMF


    who said yes,but only if you try out our Structural Adjustment programmes.


    no option to accept,but allowed thatcher to say her cuts in the monetarist policies Denis Healey intro’d were not as bad as his form of Freidman,Hayek etc.All political parties have followed its feralness since



    From that second on Capitalism has socialism in retreat in the wholevlabour movement(name any pro union legislation since 1976?)and The labour and Unionist party has done nothing but buckle and retreat from ordinary working people since,class along with redistribution of wealth are cancelled topics.



    The end of postwar keynesianism.


    It meant feral,individualistic,market and ideologically driven capitalism from now.


    we have it right up to today.



    3.The iraq war .



    Betrayal of ordinary working class took place here? Or did it show that the Labour and unionist tramps were of the same death cult that gave us An Gorta Mors feral humanity



    Oh thats right we had a full debate about how


    to transfer this new form of ‘noo international socialism’ over to iraq,(2 options’ trident or polaris missile!!)what utter British decadence!



    I suppose,like history notes queen vicky sent a few quid while her govt exported food,cattle and grain while folk were dieing of greenmouth, the anti dissent will be never stopped 1 iraqi murder,death or displacement.That 1 life is worth more than all the excusary and obfuscation since.the fact we dont know how many,over a million shows the enormity of its inhumaneness



    4.2008 Banking bail out



    Feral capitalism cements its victory over socialism by demanding a(noo) socialist government “nationalize” (remember that term) Bank Debt.resulting in a massive transfer of wealth from poor to belief is socialism should be from rich to poor



    Some thought it’d get better here in 97.


    Some knew “new’was same in front of markets as their unionist brothers.




  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I did respond






    You really are a one trick pony, you try and accuse me of obfuscation when it is obviously your only strategy.


    As I said, I used only your logic and made ONE point.


    If people vote SNP then they must have fascist sympathies, that is exactly how your logic is applied.



    Every other item is raised by you and is obfuscation, you cannot accept that your own logic demonstrates your inconsistent understanding of democracy, or that being an Irish Unionist and accepting the 300 year old union between Scotland and England is not mutually exclusive, only your own self-imposed cognitive limitations force you to continue the mental gymnastics to push your blinkered and false narrative.



    Your last response was the poorest yet and its getting tiresome.






  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    That it took you three days for your witty repartee is hardly my fault.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Naw, sorry there’s no, anyone that doesn’t toe the line is silenced and cancelled in “western political blogs”.



    BUT, there’s always the option to start your own thread, your no forced to read any of it, scrolling is totally in your control.


    Talk about Celtic, that why the blog is here, I’m sure there’s many that would love to read your insights, and that is not a dig, its a fact.

  17. St Stivs


    17 March 1954. A Wednesday afternoon with the sun shining from a cloudless sky.


    Location Broomfield with Celtic on an inexorable run to a league and cup double.


    We were on a three day school holiday to celebrate St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s days.


    I walked from the Green Oasis with my uncles to meet up with cousins from Airdrie to witness a 6-0 thrashing of the diamonds.


    Hail Glorious St Patrick was sun lustily, maybe slightly drunkenly, from the packed terraces.


    I was 6 attending my second Celtic game, having seen them beat East Fife 4-1 at a grey and wet Celtic Park some 10 days previously. Johnny Higgins, my hero at that time, scored twice.


    Unfortunately the elder uncle who helped run the Celtic Supporters club has passed away. However his younger brother, the footballer in the family, is alive and still sharp, approaching 90, thank God. I was fortunate to see him late last year and feel blessed.


    Cherished memories being introduced to Celtic at an early age

  18. Canamalar



    Good trumpian technique.



    No obfuscation.just truth



    Labour didnt introduce ulsterization,1976


    Labour did not introduce monetarism,1976


    Labour didnt go to war,2000 since


    Labour did not nationalize bank debt 2008



    Ner ner theres no place like home dorothy


    Does that make your obfuscation technique better?


    No worries Canamalar you are a British unionist




    Love the one sided memory.




  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    As I said, I originally used only your logic and made ONE point.


    If people vote SNP then they must have fascist sympathies, that is exactly how your logic is applied



    Every other item is raised by you and is obfuscation, you cannot accept that your own logic demonstrates your inconsistent understanding of democracy.



    Or that being an Irish Unionist and accepting the 300 year old voluntary union between Scotland and England is not mutually exclusive.



    Only your own self-imposed cognitive limitations force you to continue the mental gymnastics to push your blinkered and false narrative.



    Nothing else you say is relevant, it’s not my fault you are incapable of appreciating that one idea does not necessarily invalidated by another.



    I am and can legitimately hold both, it is not, now or ever, been you place of define anyone but your own cognitive abilities and position, you can’t accept my ability then tough.


    To try and force me to accept your interpretation is totalitarianism by definition.

  20. Canamalar




    Double Trumpian dose


    Its relevant Dorothy.


    4 egs of your Labour and unionists carrying out its fascism to the fore,nothing confused and blinkered at all in those 4 event.



    You are a british unionist.nothing else.



    You got 4 examples of your partys fascism,racism and sectarianism there yet in your denial of those facts am the one obfuscatin



    Your duality and contraryism is there.



    Most unionists dont accept their own behaviour,history as fascist.they have never been good with is a genocidal death cult.Guise away :-)



    At least tonight your goin personal on me thats a smile,its my cognitive ability that stops you accepting The British Labour Party carried out fascist policies touch regressive eh? Especially wee Denis healey opening the gatesof feral capitalism.they would never do that ner ner Dorothy,theres no place like home.




  21. UNCLE JIMMY on 16TH MARCH 2023 6:15 PM


    Big Jimmy (if you are around)







    What was the story of the stewards enquiry at the horse racing?





    I caught some of it. Did the officials move the 2nd and 3rd placed horses around?





    That is quite a move, considering it would affect many millions of pounds.





    Is this common?





    I was pretty astonished. Otherwise, enjoyed watching the day.





    Hope you thrived and won handsomely





    My Horse finished 2nd at 40/1 ( DASHEL DASHER ).


    After a Stewards Inquiry it was demoted to 3rd….and the 3rd Horse placed 2nd. It was deemed by the Stewards that Dashel Dasher had swerved a couple of times in the run i to the Winning Post and thereby interfered with the 3rd Place Horse ( The FAV I think ?).



    This AMENDED Result made NO difference to my Each Way Bet, but it MAY have cost some punters a few quid IF they had backed the ORIGINAL Forecast ?


    Having said that, MANY Bookies will PAY OUT on TWO Results….The ORIGINAL Result AND the AMENDED Result ?


    For example, IF my Horse WINS a Race, and I am happy etc, BUT then is placed 2nd after a Stewards Inquiry, my MAIN BOOKIE ( BET365 ) will STILL Pay me out as a Winner with the ORIGINAL Result. they will also Pay Out to the ” NEW WINNER” ?



    The TV Commentator claimed that by demoting DASHEL DANCER yesterday from 2nd to 3rd, that Stewards decision had cost the OWNERS £38,000, in PLACE PRIZE Money ?



    I hope that clears matters up for you Mate ?



    I only backed ONE Winner yesterday…it Won at odds of 20/1…but I had taken the EARLY Odds of 28/1, and I had it on TWO separate Lines. Overall yesterday, I did LOSE Money at Cheltenham, but I did very well on Tuesday and Wednesday, so you have to take the rough with the smooth.




    HH Mate.

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. A happy St Patrick’s day to each and every one of you rascals. You are an absolute shower. 😂👍🍺🇮🇪

  23. HOT SMOKED on 16TH MARCH 2023 5:19 PM







    I have always — well since I was about 15 — considered myself left wing. My basic views haven`t really changed but I now feel I must be totalatarian, extreme , as far as you can get left wing when i compare myself with some whom the Media proclaim to be of the left persuasion :-))




    HOT SMOKED, when I read your Post above this morning it reminded ME of when I was 15 years old betwen the end of 1970 and 1971.


    I had many POSTERS on my Bed Room walls….MANY LARGE Posters of T-REX especially….However, I also had very LARGE Posters of ” UNCLE JOE Stalin ” AND ” CHAIRMAN MEO” on my walls !


    God knows what Older Members of my Family thought ?






  24. A happy St Patrick’s day to all.



    Good luck on the Gold cup to punters, jockeys and our four legged friends with long faces. .🇮🇪



    Good morning all from Govanhill. A happy St Patrick’s day to each and every one of you rascals. You are an absolute shower. 😂👍🍺🇮🇪




    Have a GREAT Saint Patricks Day Mate…and try and make it also a WINNING One ?


    Happy Saint Patricks Day to ALL.




  26. The ST PATRICKS Day MASSACRE of the Huns in 1991 was a GRAET Day to be a Celt for obvious reasons, but AFTER the MASSACRE the following day, I had a Beer or Two with ALFIE CONN in one of my Local Pubs back then. I had got to know Alfie from the Pub.



    I MAY BE WRONG about this, but We were discussing the 2 – 0 Victory for Celtic the previous day, and I SUGGESTED to Alfie that ” Rangers” had MESSED UP Big Time towards the end of the game ?



    I claimed that ” Rangers”, having ALREADY had THREE players Sent Off, and being beaten 2 – 0…..THEY SHOULD have made SURE that a 4th ” Ranger” was also Sent Off, because IF that had happened, the REF would have had NO OPTION but to ABANDON the Game, according to the Rules ?


    However, as the years passed, it was then suggested to me that a TEAM would need to go down to just SIX Players for any Ref to ABANDON any Game ? IF that is true, then ” Rangers” would have to had made sure that FIVE Players were Sent Off….Not FOUR….as I had suggested to Alfie ?



    I am STILL UNSURE of what the Rules were back in 1991, can anyone know for sure ?





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