Semi-final wounds to heal


Trying hard not to be disrespectful here, but given lower league Inverness and even lower league Falkirk reached the Scottish Cup semi-finals, we were always going to have to beat Newco to take what we hope will be our eighth treble.

Bravado is easy before the event, but this was the draw I wanted.  Celtic now have a clear target: beat Hibs, Ross County and then Newco, to move at least 12 points clear.  Effectively secure the title and pour all the pressure in the world onto the talking Mick Beale Show.  See what his chat is before taking a squad to Hampden littered with out of contract losers.

Between now and then, Ange Postecoglou’s team talks will script themselves.  He has a squad filled with habitual winners.  With very few exceptions, they need to fight for their place in the crucial games ahead.  Hibs on Saturday cannot come soon enough for a committed, energetic squad.

And as though you could forget, Ange will inform the players they left a trophy behind last season in similar circumstances.  We have an open wound to heal.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Got this from videocelts




    Clarke told The Sun:



    I know Greg very very well. We have a good relationship. I have had a chat with him and he is fine.



    There are one or two little issues around that one, which is not for me to say. It is a Celtic matter



    What’s that last sentence about??



    Looks like a full another week of claims of bookie bashing after the event, noticeable that none of these winning punts are shared on the blog before the race…




    THREE RACES so far at Cheltenham….and Ive had the THREE WINNERS at EARLY Odds of 5/1, 11/8 and 6/1.


    Not too shabby.


    You appear rather jealous and/or doubtful ?


    That aint my problem.


    Ive got a GREAT TIP for Cheltenham Tomorrow straight from the TRAINER, but I will only let my close friends know about later when I Text them, so you are outta luck once again.

  3. GG,



    Thanks for putting up the 69 Final. Enjoyed once again George Connolly’s goal. I enjoyed it all the more because he dispossessed the deid team’s “greatest ever player” so easily.










    100%. Tiresome…




    What a PITY….Other so called Celtic supporters UNHAPPY at the thought of a Celtic man having WINNERS …..Whats that all about ?


    Jealousy is a BITCH aint it ?



  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Curious indeed but I would not be surprised if it was an answer to a different question applied out of context, you know they rag being quoted

  6. It appears that IF CELTIC beat the Huns 10 – 0, and I had a Bet on the Correct Score at odds of 100/1…Some on here would rather Celtic DID NOT do that IF it means ME having a WINNING Bet ?



    How sad is that ?

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    About 3 weeks ago Ange stated that Siegrist had suffered a setback in his recovery from a calf injury. 11 days ago — Friday — he said the goalkeeper was fit again and would return to full training the following Monday.



    A week ago Ange confirmed that Siegrist had resumed training the previous day and it would be a couple of weeks before he’s ready to return to the match day squad.



    All of the above was posted on CQN at the time following Ange press conferences.



    Without exception, the first question asked at the pressers is — any injury updates? Ange always provides a full update.



    Try watching the pressers. Usually held on the eve of each game.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    I was also considering escaping the greetin faced that took the punt and it lost :oD))))

  9. The Fourth Race at Cheltenham Today….and Ive had FOUR WINNERS !



    That might upset some folk on here ?


    What a shame.



    MON the ” CONSTITUTION HILL”…..WHAT a Horse !


    This Horse is a FREAK….one of the best that I have ever seen.


    Just a wee pity that the Odds were not great…But a Winner is a Winner !


    YAHOO !

  10. Please scroll by if betting and so called conspiracy don’t float your boat.



    Betting is vary relevant to this blog. Doesn’t mean to say that everyone needs to participate.



    We have bookies in our ground and we have bookies advertising our shirt.



    So called Conspiracy theories are a long standing topic on this blog. Basically they are relevant to many on here.



    Subsequently, withdrawing a lot of long standing, established medicines for an very unlikely allergic reaction seems peculiar.



    Some may say an overreaction considering we still sell nuts for example.



    Presumably these medicines were subject to the most stringent tests over a number of years, Decades even.



    Compare that to the Covid vaccinations which are basically experimental and were rushed out. They were even given to a demographic that had very, very little chance of being ill with the virus.



    Now everyone on here knows I agreed with the Vaccine roll out. We needed it to regain our freedom.



    However certain questions must be asked, certain eyebrows must be raised and certain conclusions are hard to ignore.



    Be wary, be very wary.




  11. Parkheadcumsalford


    1969 final is one of my favorite football memories.


    My birthday was a couple of days later and I was married within a month.


    Willie Wallace gives some insights into the game here, although he doesn’t mention how dirty they were, Johnston in particular.


    Which reminds me that we had Jinky and Yogi out for that game, which instilled some misplaced confidence down river.


  12. Can’t say that I’m surprised that Greg Taylor is not in Scotland squad.


    He has been poor in his last 3 games.


    Maybe carrying an injury

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    St Tam



    Him not being 100% fit might explain Clarke’s last sentence 🤔

  14. GP and GG



    I’ve been texted to get another booster but haven’t bothered getting round to it as the bug seems to have retreated.



    On the other hand, my GP reckons a lot of the bad bugs people have been getting are probably safer mutations of Covid.


    Also, I really hated having Covid, off work for 2 weeks, useless at work for a week and no energy for 6 months.



    Pretty sure the Burkes of Castlebar are against boosters so I think I’ll get it . (if you haven’t followed the Burke family, look it up. Start a fight in an empty courtroom)

  15. Pakheadcumsalford


    Isn’t the 1969 final the occasion of Bertie’s famous quip to Greig.


    When lining up in the tunnel Greig turned to Bertie and said “What’s you bonus today Bertie.”


    Bertie replies “5 quid John.”


    Greig looks at Bertie and says “We’re on a teener.”


    “Aye John” says Bertie “But ours is guaranteed.”

  16. Coneybhoy


    My Family Practitioner reckoned I needed the flu jab more than Covid boosters.


    Too many people with the jab getting Covid again and far too many unanswered questions about the boosters’ efficacy and side effects.

  17. 5th Race at Cheltenham….


    My Horse finished 2nd at 11/1.


    NO MATTER, as I still have TWO Place Pots running…..with One Race still to come.



    MON MY Horses !



  18. We’ll drink a drink a drink


    To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink


    The saviour of the human race


    For she invented medicinal compound


    Most efficacious in every case.


    Mr. Frears


    Had sticky-out ears


    And it made him awful shy


    And so they gave him medicinal compound


    And now he’s learning how to fly.


    Brother Tony


    Was notably bony


    He would never eat his meals


    And so they gave him medicinal compound


    Now they move him round on wheels.


    We’ll drink a drink a drink


    To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink


    The saviour of the human race


    For she invented medicinal compound


    Most efficacious in every case.


    Old Ebeneezer


    Thought he was Julius Caesar


    And so they put him in a Home


    Where they gave him medicinal compound


    And now he’s Emperor of Rome.


    Johnny Hammer


    Had a terrible stammer


    He could hardly say a word


    And so they gave him medicinal compound


    Now he’s seen (but never heard)!


    We’ll drink a drink a drink


    To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink


    The saviour of the human race


    For she invented medicinal compound


    Most efficacious in every case.


    Auntie Millie


    Ran willy-nilly


    When her legs, they did recede


    And so they rubbed on medicinal compound


    And now they call her Millipede.


    Jennifer Eccles


    Had terrible freckles


    And the boys all called her names


    But she changed with medicinal compound


    And now he joins in all their games.


    We’ll drink a drink a drink


    To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink


    The saviour of the human race


    For she invented medicinal compound


    Most efficacious in every case.


    Lily the Pink, she


    Turned to drink, she


    Filled up with paraffin inside


    And despite her medicinal compound


    Sadly Picca-Lily died.


    Up to Heaven


    Her soul ascended


    All the church bells they did ring


    She took with her medicinal compound


    Hark the herald angels sing.


    Oooooooooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ll drink a drink a drink


    To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink


    The saviour of the human race


    For she invented medicinal compound


    Most efficacious in every case

  19. Lily the Pig was the nickname of a particularly rabid hun landlady of a hun filled hotel in Kilwinning.


    Our supporters bus stopped on the way back from the 69 final and more than a few piled into the den of bears to console them :)



  20. Big Jimmy,



    I enjoy following your bets on the horses and football.



    Although I am not usually a horse racing follower, spent an enjoyable afternoon with my 90 year old mum watching the Cheltenham festival. The atmosphere was amazing.



    Top class presentation from ITV as well.



    HH Dan

  21. Only 6 players in that Scotland squad that don’t play in England. 😳



    One plays in Belgium and one in Italy. Four in Scotland.

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    And the legend that is Big Jimmy hammers the craven bookies again with a winning placepot. Probably too much for some torn faced horrors on here to stomach. Behave yersels.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Just watched Robert F Kennedy saying he is going to run for Democratic party candidate, that doesn’t have misgivings eh.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I find them a tough and chewy :)

  25. Weebobbycollins on

    Anyway, I hope BSR is okay and just staying away from this drinking/gambling news outlet…

  26. TOM MCLAUGHLIN- thanks for the update. Before posting I did a Google search including on the official site and found nothing.


    The only info on injury updates to the keeper I could find was in January. Sometimes news just passes me by, what with work and family stuff, but thank you for chastising me for not catching every press conference that Ange gives.

  27. Weebobbycollins on

    Canamalar…as a vegetarian, I wouldn’t know. Horse radish is more my taste. :-)

  28. celticforever on



    Best of luck with the horses and ignore the jealousy in here



    I am sure if you told everyone your horses before the race and if


    some decided to bet them and they lost then they would be getting


    on your back big style




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