Semi-final wounds to heal


Trying hard not to be disrespectful here, but given lower league Inverness and even lower league Falkirk reached the Scottish Cup semi-finals, we were always going to have to beat Newco to take what we hope will be our eighth treble.

Bravado is easy before the event, but this was the draw I wanted.  Celtic now have a clear target: beat Hibs, Ross County and then Newco, to move at least 12 points clear.  Effectively secure the title and pour all the pressure in the world onto the talking Mick Beale Show.  See what his chat is before taking a squad to Hampden littered with out of contract losers.

Between now and then, Ange Postecoglou’s team talks will script themselves.  He has a squad filled with habitual winners.  With very few exceptions, they need to fight for their place in the crucial games ahead.  Hibs on Saturday cannot come soon enough for a committed, energetic squad.

And as though you could forget, Ange will inform the players they left a trophy behind last season in similar circumstances.  We have an open wound to heal.

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  1. Coneybhoy



    Wtf is goin on re the Burke family member in Dublin?


    You know anythin?






  2. Condolences after the passing of former Celt, Chris Shevlane



    Everyone at Celtic is saddened to hear of the death of former player, Chris Shevlane, who has passed away at the age of 80.



    Chris, who was born in Edinburgh, joined Celtic in June 1967 after several years at Hearts and just a month after the club’s European Cup triumph in Lisbon, and he made his debut in a Glasgow Cup tie at home to Partick Thistle in August of that year.



    A right-back, Chris went on to make three appearances in that 1967/68 season, two in the league and one in the League Cup, before leaving the following year to join Hibernian.



    After three years at Easter Road, he moved to Morton, remaining there for just under two years before he retired.



    The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Celtic are with Chris’ family and friends at this extremely sad time.



    Rip Chris Shevlane 🙏



    Hail Hail

  3. An Tearmann: the Burke family are religious zealots, imho.



    They are clever people, high achievers, but they are very much out of touch with modern Irish society.



    This link will have links for further reading:



    Simeon Burke to remain in prison, a week after being charged over Court of Appeal outbursts



  4. Go tell the Spartim on




    It was tongue in cheek though he does come across, occasionally, as a tad negative or more likely seeking perfection (I’m being kind 😉)



    Having not met many, well not intentionally, how could I know what people are actually like, it’s more a reaction to individuals posts. As long as his team keeps winning then we’re all happy!!!



    I’m at a loss to how you can get a 2 game ban for diving, don’t recall him even getting booked. Steve Conroy was a pariah when he reffed why would anyone bother with him now? Oh that’s right it’s that sevco rag with the dwindling circulation, we’ve one lucky manager who’s had an 18 month start that’s why we’re so good, said the CSS host last week trying to justify its a compliment, we can all see thru the facade.

  5. Strong line up for CL last 8 it would seem.



    3 Italians likely



    Inter, AC Milan and Napoli



    2 English



    Man C and Chelsea



    1 Spanish likely Real Madrid



    1 German Bayern Munich



    1 Portuguese Benfica



    Weirdly I would back our current team to give 5 of that lot a real good run for their money.



    Only Man City, Bayern and Napoli would be certain to beat us IMO.

  6. Big Jimmy



    Well done with the winners today.


    You’ll need to let us in on your selections for tomorrow 🤣🤣

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    St Tams



    You never will I’ll be celebrating life you’ll be looking for an angle to justify your football manager persona. So both of us will be easy to spot.

  8. itscalledthemalvinas on

    I take it there won’t be a St. Patrick’s Day parade this year in Glasgow again this year ?


    Are they sure we are all Jock Tamsons bairns ?




    Sorry for VERY VERY late reply to your post the other day about the Quality Street Kids. I’ve been off-line for a wee while.



    Personally, enjoying all of the ‘Kids’ as they grew up (I was a regular at the Reserve Games at that time), even then I just loved the footballer and the ‘heart’ of Davy Hay! Later on I got to know Davy through his love life in Bothwell, but he was to me my kind of player (and he proved to be Jock’s as well for a few years). He could certainly play the beautiful game, but if/when it came to the more prosaic side of the game he was well up for it.



    He did a Q&A session on CQN a while back and I got to ask him about one particular game. It was a quarter final Scottish Cup game agin the Hun at Celtic Park and I asked him had Jock deliberately moved him from right back to right mid to take on Rangers’ Greatest Ever Thug head-on? He admitted that that was the case and it made me even more happy in my memories of that day when he went head-to-head with the Thug and battered him in to submission. It would never be allowed these days, but it was a real, genuine battle between two hard, hard guys (well ….. one thug) and our Bhoy won out.



    The final sugar coating in that game was that, with the game 2 – 1 in our favour, Davy tackled The Thug (again), won the ball (again), strode forward and walloped the ball into the roof of the net to settle the tie.



    Glorious days. eh? And more to come.



    Ave Ave

  10. Emerald Bee.



    Top post and recall seeing that on Sportsreel that night and the pitch was the puddin of all quagmires thro my 9yo eyes.


    Davie is a parishioner at St.Vincents.a humble Celt indeed,and could handle himself






    Seems that the SHIP BANK on a Monday afternoon is the PLACE to be…




    WRONG yet again !



    Neither ME and/or BRRB are in the Shipbank on Monday afternoon. I was at home picking WINNERS and PLACED Horses at BIG PRICES !


    Not to worry, one day you MAY get something right ?



    Show me the Money….LOL

  12. DAN on 14TH MARCH 2023 4:53 PM


    Big Jimmy,







    I enjoy following your bets on the horses and football.







    Although I am not usually a horse racing follower, spent an enjoyable afternoon with my 90 year old mum watching the Cheltenham festival. The atmosphere was amazing.







    Top class presentation from ITV as well.







    HH Dan





    Cheers DAN.



    Thank you for your kind Post. I am pleased to read that you and your MUM enjoy the Horse Racing, especially The Cheltenham Festival.


    So many beautiful and talented brave Horses on show.



    I always hope that apart from backing any Winners….ALL the Horses come back safe and sound ?



    The Cheltenham Festival is a GREAT SPORTING SPECTACULE.


    I had FOUR Winners yesterday on the first day, and FOUR other Horses at Big Prices PLACED 2ND….which is pretty good going….so I very NEARLY got the KEYS of the Bookies shop !




    HH Mate and ALL the Best to you and your wee MUM.


    God Bless you both.

  13. ST TAMS on 14TH MARCH 2023 10:30 PM


    Big Jimmy







    Well done with the winners today.





    You’ll need to let us in on your selections for tomorrow




    I would have been quite happy to Post Horse Tips and my fancies during Cheltenham, but SADLY….there are some so called Celtic Supporters on here yesterday, that appear to RESENT My winning any Money.


    Maybe its just JEALOUSY….who knows, but NONE of those CHUMPS should expect a welcome to any CQN Bevvy Session any time soon, certainly NOT any Session that I may organise ?




    HH Mate….I hope to see you once again real soon ?

  14. I already have Horses that I backed with the Bookies ANTE POST in the last couple of weeks, but I will STILL be having some other Bets on the 2nd Day of Cheltenham, and the next TWO Days.



    I dont expect FOUR Winners every day…but I sincerely hope that the TRAINERS TIP that runs Today at Cheltenham romps home, especially as I have a good few good Quid on it…AND Because I TEXTED some of the CQN Bhoys about it yesterday… So FINGERS CROSSED.


    Ye canny whack ” HORSE Power” !





  15. The CQN Bhoys will probably ” WHACK” ME, if this Trainers TIP does NOT Win Today ?


    Thats okay, Im an East End Glesga Bhoy….I can take it.






  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    From another sun drenched Melbourne peninsula.


    Lovely build up to a 30 degs Paddy’s day , we’ll weekend lol.


    BIG Jimmy


    Don’t know much about horses, but I’m an expert on donkeys


    as that’s what I back lol.




    Great wee post about Davey Hay, a great player and a real


    hard man 👍


    H H. Mick




    Thats been my problem my whole life….



    FAST Wummin….and SLOW Horses !




    Only joking MICK.



    I hope that you and PADDY and the families are all Fit and Healthy.




  18. FAO BRRB….


    The Cheltenham Place Pot yesterday only paid just over £21.00 for a One Pound Stake because FIVE Favourites were Placed outta SIX….So it wasnt a surprise.


    I had it for £2.00, so it was just like backing a 43/1 Winner for £1.00.


    Enjoy your day and the rest of Cheltenham mate….BE LUCKY !



  19. Feckin Typical….


    For weeks now I have been backing KYOGO and Man Citys HAALAND to Score TWO or THREE Goals in most games in Singles and Doubles etc. But HAALAND has NOT been scoring in recent weeks.


    I backed Man City to win by the Correct Score of 4 – 0 yesterday….they won 7 – 0.


    However, HAALAND Scored FIVE Goals last night against Leipzig….and I DIDN’T have a Bet on him !


    As I said…Feckin Typical !






  20. Melbourne Mick on




    Old Rod all over our local news tonight after his concert in




    The wimmen all melting, sweating and swooning, as the aul yin


    gyrated the night away.


    The mhen all fainted with exitement when he paid a massive


    tribute to local hero big Ange, with flags ,banners and loads of


    hoops on show .


    So still a chance for us old codgers lol. 🇮🇪 🎶


    H H. Mick

  21. EBay, hun style –


    Feeding stories of phantom bids for their players to compliant media, always Real Madrid, Man City level clubs chasing their latest sensation.

  22. Weebobbycollins on

    Don’t tell me that blinking Cheltenham is on today again? Is it all week? Poor horses!

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I posted a similar link years ago concerning the 2012 bill that was the precursor and enabler of this latest assault on the NHS.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    Hello again all you young rebels



    From another sun drenched Melbourne peninsula.



    Lovely build up to a 30 degs Paddy’s day , we’ll weekend lol.





    Brill MM.






    Don’t suppose you could ship 8 of those 30 degrees over to us?




  25. AT /Almore from last night



    Re: Burke family – the wiki page is good at listing all the self started controversies they have been in and how litigious they are.



    Tactic seems to be to cause an issue, go to court, destroy the court process to get thrown out or jailed. Most times they would have won their case.



    The pitch seems to be about religious discrimination against them and get air time.



    Enoch ahs lost his job and gets fined €700 a day (for a few weeks now) until he purges his contempt, his dad drives him to stand outside his old school each day so can’t be doing his electrician job; Ammi got sacked from Arthur Cox law firm so much have been earning OK before; but 10 kids , a lot still at uni so where is the money coming from?? The mother taught them all at home so is very clever but no inward cash.





    Almore, I say a pic last week of a stag night in Limerick where the stag was dressed like Enoch Burke and had to stand outside each pub (like the school protest) and not get any beer!



    Big Jimmy,







    I’m not horses’ mhan but you should feel able to put up on CQN what you fancy. It might benefit those who enjoy a wee punt or two.





    Yes, you are CORRECT that I SHOULD be able to Post Horse TIPS and my Fancies etc on here…but WHY should I give my CRITICS/CHUMPS ANY opportunity of WINNING Money…..IF My Tips/ Fancies etc happen to Win ?



    These Guys ( because of THEIR JEALOUSY), do NOT wish to read about a Celtic supporter ( ME), possibily winning at the Horses. I can NOT think of any other reason for WEEBOBBYCOLLINS, ONENIGHTIN LISBON, or HAIRLIKE SPAG to be wishing and praying that a DISABLED, OAP Celtic Supporter had nothing but BAD LUCK…..So I can only ASSUME that its JEALOUSY ?



    I dont remember Pissing in their Pints ?



    Cheers Mate.



  27. Off to the golf and I hope when I come back I am calling Big Jimmy a good lad :-))



    ( Horse related play on words.)



    Cheerio for now

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