Set-piece, VARless, first save of the season!


How frustrating is it that we could control the game against Newco for 90 minutes yet still put our finger on the self-destruction button?   It is equally frustrating that this level of control has been absent against so many lesser opponents.  Why that is, is a question that will asked around these parts for years.

I liked the balance of our play: controlled, with sufficient cover that the defence was never stretched.  Ryan Christie stuck to his role, without trying to win the jackpot every time in possession.

Mohamed Elyounoussi scored with a glorious diving header, should have added a second and was a constant threat when linking with his strike partner, Odsonne Edouard.  Odsonne created the goal and would have doubled the advantage, but for his shot hitting the undercarriage of McGregor in the Newco goal.

When is a trip in the box not a penalty?  We both know the answer to that.  VAR has not removed controversy from the English game so I do not anticipate it will solve our problems here, but surely, surely, the trip on Odsonne would have resulted in a penalty awarded under video review.

VAR would also have seen that Alfredo Morelos was red carded for his attack on Stephen Welsh, we await to see if the SFA video review panel is sufficiently motivated to act.

Season 2020-21 will not be remembered fondly for our goalkeeper performances, however, Scott Bain’s save from a Kent volley yesterday might just count as the first impressive save of the campaign.  I cannot remember another.

I have praised Jonjo Kenny here but it was clear from early on yesterday he did not enjoy the step up in expectation.  Years from now you will be reminded that he conceded a corner that led to the Newco goal while in possession around the halfway line and a familiar pain will emerge.  What on earth?

The stat of this Celtic team: four of Newco’s last five goals against us were from set-pieces; three corners and a free kick into the box.  Martin O’Neill, who added analysis for Sky TV, must have had been dismayed.  His teams were seldom known for their passing game but they all understood how important it was to attack a set-piece.

Newco were no more than ordinary.  They had an exerting European tie on Thursday and could easily have conceded three or four goals, but they left with a point, surprising no one.

And for anyone living in the west of Scotland, this whole over-celebrating a point thing defines them to a T.

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  1. The fact that the penalty was ‘debated’ and almost to a man (hun) except MON they all thought it was a dive, luckily I don’t pay for this type of punditry from Sky, but I’d be livid if I was paying a licence for the BBC!

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND MARCH 2021 12:15 PM


    Kennedy said we’re working on losing goals from corners, it’s nearly April….






    Maybe he was being quite literal. The work being done is to make us concede?

  3. On the penalty. He came flying in off the ground with no control, that in itself warrants a penalty, Edouard did the right thing trying to evade an injury, maybe career threatening, and also, Barisic would have been red carded, something not many people are speaking about, as he was denying a goal scoring opportunity. When you think about it that way, then it becomes clearer why the ref tried so hard not to award it, por cierto.

  4. lets all do the huddle on




    the contact/no contact question is a red herring



    the lunge itself is a foul and would have been awarded anywhere else on the pitch

  5. Paul67



    Fast starts don’t make points especially with non strikers.



    The sieve has to play for 90 plus minutes we don’t have the players to win over the first half


    or the second.



    Fix the sieve, or forget it, both full backs are found wanting in every game, we can’t even mark the front never mind the back post.



    Change the cast CSC



    p.s. VAR might give us two Willie Collums’




    Don’t give up on Declan Gallagher coming to the Hoops, I won’t be surprised if he’s here on a free at the start of the season..

  7. Kenny not only gave away the corner he also completely lost his man .



    Incidentally, what would we think of a Celtc striker that went home to let off fireworks to celebrate scoring an equaliser after 15 games against Rangers

  8. Yesterday was the fourth 90 minutes I’ve watched the FOD for a full 90 minutes.



    Our three matches and their European exit last week.



    My conclusion, if you’d offered us that quality of opposition squad as the only thing standing between us and 10 IAR, we’d have bitten off whoever made the offer.



    That makes our performance all the more abject.



    There is so little for a new management team to come in and build with. Rubble mainly.



    HH jg

  9. Serious Foul play


    A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.


    Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.



    Rule above is taken from FIFA official website



    No matter the level of contact or even no contact at all is irrelevant



    Barisic lunge could have caused Edouard a serious ankle injury, Barisic timing of his desperate lunge was late and missed the ball by a clear margin, by the rules it was a penalty

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Reasonable enough Pablo



    But …..



    Morelos’ latest got virtually zero air time so I expect it to be swept under the carpet.






    IMHO, in terms of basic football technique, Ryan Christie was dreadful on Sunday.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “It is equally frustrating that this level of control has been absent against so many lesser opponents. Why that is, is a question that will asked around these parts for years.”




    Yeah – a complete mystery! Couldn’t even hazard a wild guess at that one!!!

  12. After a marvellous week in Cheltenham for the green and another for the green in the rugby on Saturday against the English chaps, I was hoping for the hatrick once again for the green yesterday against the Gers 2.



    No complaints about the quality of the Hoops football and with their complete dominance should have won this match easily. A vet goalkeeper at the top of his game and our old failure to put away so many chances and of course not forgetting Celtic’s set piece nightmare – the worst record in the SPFL with a 45% failure rate concessions from set plays – helped to deny us the victory.



    I wouldn’t favour a heavy cull of the Celtic squad which could see a return to the bad old days. Unfortunately we lose Ajer, French Eddie and Ryan Chrtistie who will be away shortly for at least 50 million and no less hopefully. Don Diego and Moi are undoubtedly quality and were superb yesterday. Diego in contrast to Jonjoe was a constant threat down the left and slipped past his direct opponent on many occasions. Hopefully we can keep these lads but they may be out of our price range, unless we get the asking price for the three wantaways. Scott Brown still also did well and still has a lot to offer. Now time to look forward to the Cup.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We drew a testimonial match against the new huns playing in 2nd gear. Big wow.



    The team’s garbage, many of the players are wage thieves and the club’s a shambles from top to bottom.



    Quite the legacy for the outgoing CEO.



    Maybe there’s some grand plan to put us back on top next season, but it’s just as plausible the strategy of downsizing accompanied by BS spin will continue. If it’s the former, kudos to Desmond. If it’s the latter, prepare for more pyrotechnics from the loyalist hordes a year hence.

  14. Garngad to Croy on

    If Newco are no more than ordinary then what are we ? Once Newco scored I never felt we could beat them. I thought young Welsh played well, he has a lot to learn but he is the one positive from a poor season.

  15. When Welsh went down yesterday, there wasn’t any replay shown. I didn’t see what happened and I don’t suppose many others did either. So as far as Sky are concerned, nothing happened.


    Quelle surprise

  16. Like most, I watched the game without seeing the foul on Welsh but the photo is doing the rounds on Twitter of Alfredo stamping him, looks like high up on the high but hard to tell.

  17. taking advice from one SAGE last night, I am away to phone the ticket office to threaten that I wont renew my season card unless they appoint a world class coach, that i personally get to interview,



    hello ticket office its me saint stivs, see ma 6 hunner quid, that means i am the most important supporter you have and there is another 40,000 like me that wullny renew either, unless you get us a world class manager, oh and tell desmond we are waiting to buy all his shares off him, ta



    bloody answering machine.

  18. Michael Stewart on BBC highlights said that Eddie should have stayed on the ground and waited to be “wiped out”by Barasic.


    That way it would have been a stonewall penalty !!!



    And spend next six months in rehab …



    Thanks for that Michael.



    The Onlooker



    We drew a testimonial match against the new huns playing in 2nd gear. Big wow.



    Damn, I missed it was a testimonial, whos was it ? that club isnt 10 years old so it wont be one of their players, maybe it was for Peter his 20 serive award, was that it ?



    The team’s garbage, (naw their irny)



    many of the players are wage thieves (naw they irny)



    and the club’s a shambles from top to bottom. (naw it isny)



    Quite the legacy for the outgoing CEO. (I am sure his legacy is a fully functioning PLC, the results of the football division in this one season are a temporary hinderance).



    Are you renewing next season , I think I will.

  20. Hankray @ 1:02



    Enjoyed reading your post.



    However a “cull”, in my opinion is inevitable.



    Agree that Ajer, Eduard(last year) & Christie(last year) will be sold – I feel if we get £30m for the three, we will be doing well.



    We could get something for Hendry, Shved, Ntcham, Bolingoli & Barkas…but not much. Let’s be optimistic & say £10m????



    Duffy, Kenny, Elyounoussi & Laxalt will go back to their respective clubs.



    We’ll end up with c£15m loss this season & c£7m in the bank.



    So by my calculations, we might have around £47m to rebuild, or, £60m, if we use all our bank facility of £13m.



    We can certainly put together a new squad good enough for Scotland for that money – win the title and there’s a £30m rainbow of the ECL.



    I do not envisage a return to large crowds at sporting events next season – in fact maybe not for years. Therefore our match-day income will not recover anytime soon & ECL qualification may be needed to balance the books.



    Unsure times for Celtic & sport in general, however there are much more important things to worry about. Regardless of vaccination I believe that we are only in the initial stages of this ‘plague’.

  21. POR CIERTO on 22ND MARCH 2021 12:17 PM



    …and also, Barisic would have been red carded, something not many people are speaking about, as he was denying a goal scoring opportunity.



    I might be mistaken here but I think the ‘double jeopardy’ rule which resulted in a penalty and a red card is now restricted to situations where the defender dies not make an attempt at a tackle. So, Barasic’s lunge would’ve been a yellow card, I think.

  22. 18 YARD MAN



    “defender dies ”



    Think that’s a bit harsh, normally I would go for a card…..


    But I like your thinking.😀



    The Onlooker

  23. A couple points Paul.


    What exactly was Ryan Christies role, as for the life of me I saw no contribution from him at all. Other than giving away throw ins by playing the ball out of play



    We also never dominated for 90mins.


    If anyone was going to score in the last 10mins , it was the huns

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