Signing players on and off strategy


Bobby Collins left Celtic in 1958 after nine years’ service.  He’d won the Cup, the Double, the Coronation Cup, and, of course, the 1957 League Cup Final – Hampden in the Sun, Celtic 7, Rangers 1.

He went on to have a great career at Everton and to make a transformational contribution to Leeds United, but he will forever be a team mate of Sean Fallon, Willie Fernie, Bertie Peacock, Neil Mochan and Charles Patrick Tully.  Our thoughts go to his family and friends today.

Over the last year or so we’ve asked the question, how many appearances a player needs to make in a well-scouted league to allow an agile club to discover him, before the hoards arrive and price-away any value in him?

Victor Wanyama made 50 appearances in Belgium before we nabbed him but he was knocking back substantially improved contracts from Celtic after only 30 games (which is a different point); England had already taken notice.  Virgil van Dijk made 62 appearances for Groningen, would we have been able to sign him on the kind of money we did if he’d stayed for another 30-or-so games?  It’s unlikely.

Amido Balde made 27 top flight appearances before arriving here, while Teemu Pukki played 37 times for Schalke – enough to score 8 times but there would have been little game time for Celtic scouts to watch him.

In the summer we concluded that there was a 50-80 game value opportunity.  Below this and you’ll struggle to find a player who has developed sufficiently for our agile scouts to be on the case and to do their work properly.  Above this and any player worth a punt will be packing stands with scouts from all over Europe.

If we’re signing someone without the necessary miles on the clock, he’s a punt and should be considered off strategy.  If we’re singing someone who has been watched by dozens of scouts, chances are, at best, he will be no more than a decent return on our money, there will be no hidden value.

Stefan Johansen has made 67 top flight appearances for Norwegian champions, Stromsgodset.  Enough for him to develop into a player who can attract the most agile to Norway, not enough for him to attract those who seem to use Fifa 14 as their primary recruitment database, so he’s on strategy, as far as our 50-80 game value opportunity theory goes.
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  1. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Soldiers avoid charges over sectarian songs at Ibrox






    Tuesday 14 January 2014





    NO formal criminal charges or Army disciplinary action have been progressed more than three months after complaints were made that soldiers sang sectarian songs at a match between Rangers and Stenhousemuir.














    A police and army probe was launched over “concerns” raised as 400 personnel from all three forces were invited to Ibrox for a game in September.



    Despite evidence that four soldiers had posed with a scarf with a sectarian slogan on it, no formal disciplinary or criminal action is being processed.




    There was outrage when a video emerged from the game, which appeared to show military personnel dancing and applauding in front of singing fans before Rangers went on to win 8-0. Senior personnel from the Armed Forces looked on from the directors’ box.



    Police received complaints that soldiers, who had been invited to Ibrox to mark Armed Forces Day, appeared to sing sectarian songs.



    A Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service source said there had been no prosecution report in respect of any individuals.



    An Army source said the Royal Military Police, which assisted with a police investigation, had not brought any formal disciplinary charges.



    The source said “administrative action” had been taken against four soldiers pictured holding a scarf with a sectarian slogan.



    Administrative action is akin to having a warning.

  2. Just phoned the DR-hotline there with the following point…



    “Will the Celtic ‘bored’ re-instate the 111 section as, none of the hooligans arrested were members of the Green Brigade and, imo, if the ‘bored’ don’t re-instate the fans to their correct seats then they run the risk of turning CP into a – tumbleweed library.”



    We’ll see if it makes the grade…..Ghood Luck Tims – Off oot.

  3. WilliamKentigern67 on

    Now read the article. Bobby Collins was my Dad’s favourite player in the fifties. What a goalscoring stat for a midfielder.

  4. I was looking for some info regarding Rangers roof and came across this.


    Warning!!!!!!!!! You may need incontinence pants.



    Rangers consider open-roof stadium with new-look Ibrox to host megastars


    Rangers will look to attract world sports stars like Ricky Hatton and rock acts like the Rolling Stones to a redeveloped Ibrox, it was claimed last night.


    • More Premier League news club by club


    Chairman David Murray has confirmed the club are looking at three different projects which would transform the stadium and its environs in Govan.


    The most ambitious plan would feature a 70,000-capacity futuristic stadium, with a retractable roof that would open up a whole new sphere of event possibilities.






    Glasgow City Council and private enterprise would be involved in the proposals, which would also include a hotel development with 2,000 bedrooms. Rangers are obliged to protect the red-brick facade of the main stand, which is named after their legendary manager Bill Struth.


    The ‘Category B’ listed building would be retained under any of the three redevelopment projects.


    But talks on the plans have already begun with soundings being taken on the kind of finance needed – the 70,000 capacity plan perhaps costing as much as £700million.


    Murray unveiled a similar blueprint in 2005 that included a casino project on the current car park but that deal collapsed when Manchester won the bidding.


    Now more ambitious ideas are being floated with the whole concept aimed at making Ibrox a venue which can cater for events far removed from fortnightly SPL action.


    “If something like this went through then there’s no reason why the Rolling Stones could not play one week and Ricky Hatton fight there the next,” said a source. “It is not about simply making a bigger football stadium but about creating a location which can attract big events.


    “There’s a gap in the market out with the NEC in Birmingham for major conferences and concerts and these blueprints would enable Ibrox to host multiple events.”


    Ibrox is already due to host rugby at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the potential for a retractable roof could even attract tennis events featuring the likes of Andy Murray.


    Rangers posted confirmation of their development ambitions on their website: “We are analysing a variety of proposals along with the development of the existing outline planning for the Hinshelwood area next to the stadium.


    “There are three strategies, one of which includes the total rebuilding of Ibrox with the retention of the traditional red-brick facade. Full details will be announced at the appropriate time.”


    Owner Murray declared 18 months ago that he was prepared to sell his controlling interest in Rangers, if he felt the right successor had emerged.


    It now looks as if Walter Smith’s rejuvenation on the pitch has stretched to the boardroom, with Murray plotting further schemes that could, ultimately, make the club’s home far more than a mere football stadium.




    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-506533/Rangers-consider-open-roof-stadium-new-look-Ibrox-host-megastars.html#ixzz2qNDiyi00


    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook





    If Laxey can’t find a means of maximising off the field (shareholder) returns at the expense of on the field (football) performance,I will be very surprised indeed.



    I also suspect that if they find that such as sale/leaseback is impossible due to structural concerns then they will go after those responsible for such non-disclosure.



    Caveat Emptor doesn’t apply in big business. Due diligence is only required when bidding for a company in its entirety. Mind,if you are daft enough to buy shares in a company which has enormous-and repeated-difficulty in finding accountants willing to sign off the interims,then hell mend ye!

  6. KevJungle – Murdo’s 30yd Title clinching boots 79


    12:04 on


    14 January, 2014



    Why contact the Daily Record?



    That’s the LAST place I would go to inform myself of anything.



    On hindsight, possibly a marriage made in Heaven for you Kev. Some of your views now make a bit of sense now I know your reference source.

  7. “Little Bobby Collins, game as a pebble, built like a Brencarrier, and in his element at inside-right, crashed home a picture opportunist goal, fired first time. Away up on the terracing behind the goals, out flew the green scarves. He brings back to Celtic, this boy, the immortal fire of Patsy Gallagher. His idea of progress is the shortest way through … the technique of the electric drill! When he was not hurling himself at the entire Hearts defence he was back defending. That was Patsy’s way. After the Collins winner, the roar from the Parkhead faithful went on for five minutes. No wonder!”




  8. ernie lynch



    12:07 on 14 January, 2014


    That’s another 1.5m traded at 24p.



    Something’s afoot.






    Wow what is going on. Plague of rats running wild in Govan.

  9. eddieinkirkmichael on



    09:17 on


    14 January, 2014





    Unless you are on Facebook,which I’m not,and it seems neither is Hebcelt,you can’t access the link.





    You have to alter your privacy setting on your FB account so that anyone as well as friends can see your page

  10. sydneytim….



    While sympathising with your general point, think we’ve been waiting only recently for a second striker. Anthony Stokes & Gary were a pretty effective twin strike force!

  11. There’s a thread on the hun media site entitled ‘A guide to purchasing shares’



    The guy who seems to run the site and is a self styled financial expert to whom the rest look to for advice and guidance for all life’s little difficulties (how to tie their shoe lace, stuff like that) opined just before 10 am ‘it is very unlikely that any of the big players will sell at the current price’. An hour later 2.5 million shares were sold.



    They’re utterly pathetic.


    Does anyone know how many Rangers shares have been traded in the last month?



    That would be around the time that “locked-in” holdings were freed up,and also of the AGM.



    I’m beginning to suspect share manipulation. Either insider trading-using commercially unavailable information about unfavourable trading conditions or a pass-the-parcel of shares to force down the price.



    Not that I’m bothered,but I would laugh like f… if the huns went bust again due to share manipulation by people whom even FF couldnae accuse of being Tims!

  13. Here’s hoping Mr Johansen can make as big an impact as Victor did with us, but perhaps stay a little longer?



    Good Luck to him if and when he signs.










    Good points made once again about the timing of our signings.



    It also means that Tom Rogic,for whom is continue to have high hopes,was possibly signed too early.



    Perhaps we would have been better to have signed him then loaned him for the first six months.



    20/20 is a wonderful thing for hindsight. Not so good in a bottle though!

  15. If they’re are structural difficulties I guess (and I mean guess) that that might not matter if all parties are in on it ie they’re not trying to put it to the property market for such an arrangement – In fact it might suit the purchaser who can get the property for a lower value based on doing the work. Assuming they can get an ‘independent’ valuer on board.



    Has a stadium ever been valued a lot higher than you might expect though?

  16. I am delighted with this 1st signing if it goes through.Too many people in the know praising this boys talents.Looks like another great piece of business.Never had a gripe about our scouts picking up good to excellent midfielders and defenders,its their less than good record of supplying us with goalscorers that has been the problem.Maybe Fridjohnssen and hopefully another will put that to bed.We could have a really 1st class midfield for the foreseeable future,with Biton,Henderson,Johnssen,Broony,maybe Ledley.If all the younger guys develop at the rate we are seeing now,should be quite special.

  17. boscobhoy02



    12:07 on 14 January, 2014


    I was looking for some info regarding Rangers roof and came across this.


    Warning!!!!!!!!! You may need incontinence pants.



    Rangers consider open-roof stadium with new-look Ibrox to host megastars


    Rangers will look to attract world sports stars like Ricky Hatton and rock acts like the Rolling Stones to a redeveloped Ibrox, it was claimed last night.






    Boscobhoy. I demand clarification!


    Is the idea that Ricky Hatton and the Rolling Stones go straight into SooooperAlly’s squad or are they ‘projects’ for their assault on the Champions League (and assorted host cities) a couple of years hence?!?!



    HH jamesgang






    12:22 on


    14 January, 2014



    It won’t be insider trading but the AIM market is rife with manipulation. It is not the place for life savings. It’s where you take small punts in the hope that you’ll get a fat return to put somewhere safe.

  19. 1 A Freddo Bar



    2 A large pack of Space Raiders crisps



    3 A pack of Tesco Colour Washing Tablets



    4 A beer in the Czech Republic



    5 A Homebase strawberry plant



    6 A pack of eight Lemsip



    7 A two-minute phone call



    8 An out-of-date advent calendar



    9 Use of a public toilet



    10 12 goes on a 2p machine

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