Signing players on and off strategy


Bobby Collins left Celtic in 1958 after nine years’ service.  He’d won the Cup, the Double, the Coronation Cup, and, of course, the 1957 League Cup Final – Hampden in the Sun, Celtic 7, Rangers 1.

He went on to have a great career at Everton and to make a transformational contribution to Leeds United, but he will forever be a team mate of Sean Fallon, Willie Fernie, Bertie Peacock, Neil Mochan and Charles Patrick Tully.  Our thoughts go to his family and friends today.

Over the last year or so we’ve asked the question, how many appearances a player needs to make in a well-scouted league to allow an agile club to discover him, before the hoards arrive and price-away any value in him?

Victor Wanyama made 50 appearances in Belgium before we nabbed him but he was knocking back substantially improved contracts from Celtic after only 30 games (which is a different point); England had already taken notice.  Virgil van Dijk made 62 appearances for Groningen, would we have been able to sign him on the kind of money we did if he’d stayed for another 30-or-so games?  It’s unlikely.

Amido Balde made 27 top flight appearances before arriving here, while Teemu Pukki played 37 times for Schalke – enough to score 8 times but there would have been little game time for Celtic scouts to watch him.

In the summer we concluded that there was a 50-80 game value opportunity.  Below this and you’ll struggle to find a player who has developed sufficiently for our agile scouts to be on the case and to do their work properly.  Above this and any player worth a punt will be packing stands with scouts from all over Europe.

If we’re signing someone without the necessary miles on the clock, he’s a punt and should be considered off strategy.  If we’re singing someone who has been watched by dozens of scouts, chances are, at best, he will be no more than a decent return on our money, there will be no hidden value.

Stefan Johansen has made 67 top flight appearances for Norwegian champions, Stromsgodset.  Enough for him to develop into a player who can attract the most agile to Norway, not enough for him to attract those who seem to use Fifa 14 as their primary recruitment database, so he’s on strategy, as far as our 50-80 game value opportunity theory goes.
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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The Token Tim. In my opinion Biton should be a first team regular we Know Broonie will be.If Sammi and Ledley both leave that would give the new guy a chance to battle it out for a game on the left with Boerichter. Mulgrew will slot into the middle I dont know what has happened to Kayal but he seems out of the picture that is before we even consider any of the youngsters so midfield looks fairly well covered.Now we should try and find a proven goal scorer .H.H.

  2. Rangers market Capitilisation has dropp from £75.3 Mio to £16.3Mio in twelve months.



    Shooorely a World Record? :-0))))

  3. Assuming Stefan signs…



    Good to see us getting a European player clearly on an upward trajectory from a respected (though not top) league and with good progress through his national team set up.



    He is young but not green. He is not a project I’d guess.



    I have never seen him play and comments from his agent (as all agents) need disregarding…. comments by Carew & Riseth however are much more interesting.



    No guarantees of course but to me it just seems right!!!!



    12:22 on


    14 January, 2014


    Does anyone know how many Rangers shares have been traded in the last month?


    A World Record amount….?





    The stadium and training ground are valued and listed as assets on the balance sheet.



    They were clearly overvalued under Murray,but it was relatively unimportant due to the strength of his shareholding.



    However,those values are now being used to shore up the balance sheet.



    Comparisons with buying a dodgy second-hand motor with a forged logbook and the odo turned back….

  6. I’m sure that owning a football club is a dream come true for some happy (sic) bun out there.



    Sitting playing the lottery hoping the numbers will come in….. Well this Wednesday could be the night…



    And now you’ll just need 3 numbers to scoop the lot!!!’






    HH jamesgang

  7. ABZMike


    12:30 on


    14 January, 2014


    googybhoy ♥ Celtic – For every seller there is a buyer – Who would buy a tanking stock?


    The Kray Twins probably…




    (From last atricle)



    That’s one of the reasons when you purchase a house here you get at least an Acre of land with it. -)))



    My dogs are Siberian mate (both parents from St Pete’s burgh) or Leningrad if you age with me.



    12:37 on


    14 January, 2014



    True, but you could probably argue the same for us to be honest. Although it’s less important as we’re not a basket case.




    12:37 on 14 January, 2014





    ‘They were clearly overvalued under Murray,but it was relatively unimportant due to the strength of his shareholding. ‘







    Far from being ‘relatively unimportant’ the valuations were absolutely critical to allow them to continue to trade. An true valuation would have made it obvious they were trading whilst insolvent.

  11. Sent this E-Mail to the Commonwealth Games enquiries section.


    I will be in Glasgow to attend the games with family and friends.The Rugby being held at Ibrox Stadium was one of the events we were really looking forward to.However I have since been informed that this venue might not meet the required safety standards to hold such events.I read that on Saturday 11.1.14 large sections of fans had to be moved as parts of the roof were deemed unsafe.I have also been informed that the stadium could have Asbestos problems.


    I would like your assurances on these matters,as I do not want to attend any venue that might possibly have any danger involved.


    I await your reply.

  12. Here’s an example of how AIM is ridiculous. 2.5M shares traded at 24p. 331 traded at 25.65 – price goes back up to 25p. Stupid.

  13. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    some time ago my old dad took me to Celtic Park to see celtic for the first time


    It was around 1971 or 1972


    Celtic 2 Morton 0



    I sat on the wall at the front of the jungle at the half way line



    I seem to recall Bobby Collins of Morton was the best player on the park against a fairly decent celtic team. God Bless





    Apologies for the somewhat offensive nature of that post. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek,and I hope you read it that way.



    JOHN O’NEILL formerly of this parish is now in Leningrad. He seems rather partial to that part of the world.



    He could probably do wi a couple of your dogs to help him get about at the moment!



    Not much chance of a roll n skwerr over there,so not for me!

  15. The DR has been a major player in an anti-Celtic conspiracy for over 30 he and some prize idiot on here wants to write their copy for them. Not only that but he wants applause.





    I agree that the overvaluation underpinned their balance sheet. But the trade in their shares over that period was minimal.



    The only people who suffered were the institutions which lent to them on the back of such valuations.



    At the sums concerned,the banks should have done their own homework. Also,it would not surprise me if the overvaluation was suggested by the banks in the first place.



    Otherwise such levels of lending would have been subject to scrutiny by their auditors.




    Apologies for the somewhat offensive nature of that post. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek,and I hope you read it that way.




    No offence taken at all my friend, in fact the Bulgarski’s i class as friends wouldn’t head the UK if they were paid to go.




    JOHN O’NEILL formerly of this parish is now in Leningrad.



    Well that’s two up there now that i know off, my old school pal has been there 18yrs now.



    Done a road trip a few yrs ago up to see him………………Interesting !!! -)))

  19. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Trivia about ma first Celtic Game



    •Gala day at Parkhead as the League championship flag is unfurled.


    •Celtic play in change strip of green shirts, white shorts and white socks.


    •Morton captain and ex Celt Bobby Collins is given a rapturous reception from the Celtic fans.


    •A young Joe Jordan is sub for Morton.


    •Murdoch missed a penalty.


    •Gemmell has stitches in an ankle injury and will now miss the Scottish League game with the Irish League.


    •Danny McGrain make his first start as a Celt and Stein rates his first game as the best of all his young players so far.







    Brogan’s goal line clearance at 1-0 helps Celtic to victory.



    Harry Hood now earning rave reviews. He looks more sharper and now looks more efficient with added pace.







    Celtic: Williams McGrain Gemmell (Connelly) Murdoch McNeill Brogan Johnstone Hay Hood Lennox Macari



    Scorers: Lennox 30 49



    Morton: Sorensen Murray McDermott Sweeney Rankin Gray Booth (Jordan) Collins Mason Hannigan Clark






    Attendance: 35,000

  20. GoosyGoosy on January 10, 2014 at 7:43 pm


    52 0 Rate This





    All the glee about the falling share price is misplaced


    Its simply another stage in the scam to get the Spiv ownership above 75% so they can issue freebie shares to their pals and dilute the holding of the remaining 25%




    This is a company owned by Spivs and run by Spivs


    Spivs have as much or perhaps more experience in running down a share price than they do in asset stripping


    All we are seeing in the market is an attempt to panic the gullible into selling their tiny individual holdings for fear of losing the lot


    And its really simple to do


    In a nutshell


    Two spivs agree to rotate ownership of similar holdings which they each own


    One Spiv sells his holding to another Spiv and around the same time buys the same number of shares at the same price



    This “same price” just happens to be lower than the current price on offer in the market



    The transactions are dressed up as a series of share trades which just happen to add up to more or less the same total


    This shakes the tree and deceives the genuine punter into thinking there must be a good business reason for the sp to fall





    If enough freebie shares are issued by the Spiv Board(Say10m) the price can plummet to 5p and they are still well in profit

  21. Should we be publicising our scouting tactics? Won’t all the other teams’ scouts now pile in to watch the 50-80 gamers?




  22. Tonydonnelly67



    While you are out, pop in to B&Q.


    Get large pair of scissors and wallpaper adhesive.


    Easiest way to cut and paste.



  23. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say Hail Hail to Pablo’s family


    I’m well sir, good news on the health front dont need to go back to hospital for 9 months as they have got my colitis stabalised with medication.


    I wont know what to do with myself :)) first break I have had in over three years. sorry for the delay in getting back to you the wee mhan wanted gel in his hair for nursery :))).

  24. rumour the guy selling shares this morning,is currently dining out….at Greggs no less…

  25. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on



    10m at say 20p not a bad wee days work:))


    Ohhhh and charlie has the history in the safe in his french villa to sell on a rainy day, the zombies may be stupid stupid people but the spivs certainly are not.


    There is still a bit of flesh on the bone for them yet.


    Till later all

  26. A couple of notes from the Investors Discussion Board on RIFC Shares:



    “So after days of heavy falls in the share price, we see nearly 5% of the company change ownership in the space of an hour – all at rock bottom prices (24.00). Is this the beginning of the end?”



    “The share price is dropping further towards my predicted share price of 24.25p – the most recent trades are below that and I see no sign of any information that will reverse this trend. I worry for shareholders who bought at anything over the penny the priveledged few were allowed to buy at. I note looking back that I wrote that price for “the end of the year”, I actually meant the end of the season, but it looks like it will be that price by the end of the week!”

  27. JoeFillipisHaircut @ 1233,



    I agree re Biton. he looks as if he has got the talent in the limited time ive seen him so far.



    Like BMCUW i had hopes for Rogic, but as yet it just hasnt happened for him. Possibly a few consecutive games under his belt on a loan deal will see him find his feet and really challenge for a place next season. Or even a decent World Cup showing see him moving on!



    And i also agree a real centre forward must be our next priority.






  28. South Of Tunis on

    Bobby Collins RIP.



    A great player. A childhood hero -him and the great Willie Fernie.Pictures of both adorned the wee recess in the kitchen where I slept ( with Blakey ( after Art !) -the brindle Staffie )



    Indelibly associated in my mind with the 7-1 game. A game I went to . Walked there and back from Queens X. A sunny day, a poke of chips in Govanhill on the way home. My old man popping in to see a mate in Ashley Street to borrow a Hank Mobley LP.People fighting near Woodside Halls.I remember nothing of the game itself !

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