Soro, the difference from Kouassi


Ismaila Soro joined Celtic yesterday after two years in Israel with Bnei Yehuda.  He is a year younger than fellow Ivorian, and fellow central midfielder, Eboue Kouassi, who this month left Celtic on loan to Genk, having failed to make any noticeable impression.  The biggest difference I can discern between the two is who recruited them.

Kouassi was brought in by Brendan Rodgers, just before the arrival of chief scout Lee Congerton, but while Lee was in dialogue with Brendan and the club.  Soro is here courtesy of Neil Lennon and his chief scout, Nick Hammond.  There’s your difference – and why we should expect a better outcome this time.

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  1. BOGNORBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2020 8:50 PM


    Benkovic on Leicester bench tonight.





    Rodgers already has said that Benkovic will only leave if they sign another CB.



    He’s their 4th choice behind Morgan, Evans and the Turkish lad. He’s only a couple of injuries away from being needed.



    It’d be a massive surprise if he ended up here.

  2. The only tthing about signing players from other Scottish clubs is that it then reduces the chances of those clubs taking points against Sevco (and, admittedly, against us). So, wouldn’t it be better to do the opposite and loan some of our non-playing players to Aberdeen, Hibs, etc with the usual proviso that they can’t play against us?


    ps Good morning, friends!

  3. Story doing the rounds,former Hibs and Celtic star Derek Riordan involved in buying pub with ‘known’ gangster.


    Factually correct…..but why omit he also is a former Scottish internationalist.Surely it’s only right the media tell us former Scotland ‘stars’ are pursuing a different career other than football.

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a lightly clouded, but nearly bright Central Highlands. The mercury can’t decide whether to stick or twist, and is currently residing at the minus 0.5c mark.


    I think Neil’s comment that he is happy with the current squad if we don’t make any more signings can mean one of three things. It may literally mean that he is happy with the current squad, which would be extremely worrying, not to say disappointing. It might mean we are working on some deals, but he is being pragmatic, in case we can’t close the deals, whilst protecting the mindset of the current players in the squad. This would also be disappointing, but good management, in that he is protecting the players that we may have to rely on to win the league. Finally it might mean that we are close to a deal, or even some deals, and he is not publicly signalling any desperation for new players on our part. To use sales parlance, a takeaway,


    Hopefully it’s option three, but we will know for sure, one way or the other, by Midnight on Friday.



  5. TIMALOY29


    It would be a surprise if we got him on loan /signed ,but we know what he can do and he knows us .

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    There could also be an option 4. No further deals. Whether or not Neil is happy with the squad and/or transfers, he is being professional with his response and giving nothing away.

  7. This is worthy of a repost and some consideration…..



    TIMALOY29 on 29TH JANUARY 2020 9:18 AM


    Think it’s very harsh for some people to sit on their armchair and complain about players who have had a catastrophic ACL injury (Kouassi & Arzani)




    These injuries used to be career-ending. Luckily that’s no longer the case. But it’s still catastrophic for a player’s career. Arzani and Kouassi may never be the same player again.




    The ACL injury is so serious that you cannot predict a return. Arzani returned 444 days after the injury.




    Kouassi had bloody malaria as well!

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Timaloy29 – fair point re Brown but that was 13 years ago.



    The exception, rather than the norm?



    BTW – Broonie was signed by Gordon Strachan.



    Due to the fact GS signed, on average, a new player every five weeks during his tenure, I deliberately left him off my last post (about being selective with signings)



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    And the winner of the Common Sense in a Transfer Window Award is…



    Jobo Baldie for his post at 10.07am.




    Ryan Christie as well.



    Do we agree John McGinn would have done a job?



    It annoys me to think of some of the players we missed the boat on. James McCarthy, Robert Snodgrass etc.

  11. The players who are good enough to play for Celtic won’t remain in the SPFL long:



    John McGinn, Robert Snodgrass, James McCarthy, James McArthur, Ryan Fraser, Andrew Robertson, Ross McCormack etc.



    Even some of the ones who aren’t good enough like Graeme Shinnie



    Don’t see the logic in missing out on good players. If they are good enough for us they are good enough to earn good money down south.

  12. AULDHEID, If you are about.



    I cannot help but draw a parallel between how Rugby’s Saracens and Old co , and how each were punished. When you get into it, it is sickeningly obvious the favours /corruption here in Scotland, again what Saracens did was nothing like as serious as OLDCO.



    Best of luck in your quest, I’m sure you will achieve success.




  13. Provisional squad: Forster, Bauer, Hayes, Ajer, Bolingoli, Taylor, Jullien, Simunovic, Brown, McGregor, Arzani, Rogic, Ntcham, Johnston, Forrest, Edouard, Bayo, Klimala, Griffiths, Christie, Welsh, Dembele, Gordon



    Effectively that’s a list of everyone available.



    Prediction: Forster, Taylor, Bauer, Jullien, Ajer, McGregor, Brown, Forrest, Christie, Ntcham, Edouard


    Bench: Gordon, Simunovic, Hayes, Griffiths, Johnston, Boli, Klimala

  14. I remember being home in Troon a couple of years ago and going with friends to see Ayr Utd. Shankland was a standout. I said on here several times we should have bought him, he’s been a goalscoring machine for three seasons and would have provided cover for Griff over last couple of seasons. In reply some said, on here, he’s not very keen on us and would prefer a move to the dark side. Well he wouldn’t be the first, would he?


    At the end of the day, professional footballers can normally rise above their allegiances to play for whoever is paying their wages. I’m sure LS could do the same.


    He is a better option off the bench to play CF than lewis Morgan or MJ. He’s young, and if he delivers, we would get our money back easy enough (1-2 million).


    Now LG is back to some form and we have bought Patryk, I doubt this will happen.


    If I was Dave King, I would have sent Defoe back down the road and used the money to buy Shankland. More than good enough for them and still has his future ahead of him.

  15. JAMESGANG on 29TH JANUARY 2020 10:25 AM



    Thanks for reposting. Think some people dismiss those guys too easily.



    If Kouassi gets some football over the next 6 months he might return to Celtic ready to compete for places. Or maybe he moves on and has a decent career.



    It might not work out for either at Celtic due to bad timing. Patience is required.

  16. A number of us have asked Celtic via JPT to forward a variety of correspondence to Peter Lawwell for comment. Will be interesting to see what response, if any, we receive.

  17. Denia



    Was thinking the same, it would have made sense for them to sign Shankland in place of Defoe



    But then Gerrard and Defoe are mates



    And they don’t do sense…

  18. GG 6.20



    Girn the individual grumbler


    Gurn the collective lol evident in social meeja



    Gurn scoreboard is their alter,fame! Lol I was jus fed up with progs like that gettin Celtic fans to shiteswipe Celtic.no happy cos o this,that and everything.when it comes down to it it.they are just no happy!Huns love it either way.


    Hope all’s good



  19. Macjay 11.58



    That’s ok then,let’s make it not happen….yeh try tellin that to the hun!


    He knew what he was doing.exactly




  20. Would anybody prefer to see Christie come straight into the team for Johnston? Ntcham seems the most logical replacement but I’d be more comfortable seeing him stay in the team for a game away from home.



    The midfield of Brown, McGregor, Christie, Ntcham, Forrest worked pretty well before it was changed for the Old Firm game.

  21. hopefully the judge today awards sports direct a fortune


    plus legal fees



    we will know today i hope

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Maybe the new article is about Jamesie, and that’s why we cannae see it.



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