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  1. What do posters say mean by forgetting about Europa League? We phone in to UEFA and say we don’t want to play anymore as we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves?



    We have 2 very tough games against 2 very good teams and therefore all the chance of 2 very high gubbings against a team devoid of confidence.



    We are months behind decisive action for this shambles but that shouldn;t stop us pulling the plug now and trying a plan B and a dead cat bounce with a new coach who the players will respond to.



    Appalling for all concerned, Neil included, that it has come to this in such a momentous season.



    Lawell GTF.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:52 AM


    Does anyone know if Fraser Forster will be available in the transfer window?





    As the new coach?

  3. GEEBEE1978 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:39 AM









    ‘The buck always stops with the manager I’m afraid.







    He signs them, along with his staff coaches them’






    NFL doesn’t have any staff. He didn’t recruit or appoint any of the coaching staff.

  4. Well, when I woke up this morning I was still a Celtic supporter.



    But a totally pissed off one.

  5. Chairbhoy & Deniabhoy,



    Agree. Manager is a symptom of the problem.



    Root cause is Lawwell —- self serving control freak. Destroying club from within.



    If Dermot has his marbles and the balls he would change both.



    There are Celtic minded people who can step into do the CEO job until end of season. They have been in CEOs positions in much larger companies than Celtic. Another one is a NED of a major company. Dermot knows these guys and chatted to them in Milan at a CL game in the sunshine.



    Lawwell is killing our club.

  6. Does not feel any better this morning normally I am a bit calmer the day after an event that does no please me .



    I am very unsettled and my mind keeps asking how it has come to this there are surprisingly lots of things … Hindsight is a wonderful thing !



    However I watched a few things back I mentally noted look a Eddy when he scores. He almost does not want to celebrate compared to last year !



    No real encouragement from bench/coaches towards the team during play Lots of looking at boards/pads.



    And I am sorry to say it this is not the Neil Lennon of 5 years as go he is a shell of the guy we know and love it’s as if his passion has been sucked out .



    It is am ever the optimist. I still don’think the title is gone … The bigger issue is who do we bring in I am not convinced and I keep reading it that our squad is far and away the best in Scotland …. I’d take issue with that to be honest .



    We have a run of “easy “games is the answer to allow Neil to play them and see if it clicks I don’t thin in our worst day we will lose any between now and the game vrs the forces of darkness except maybe the Europa LGE.games



    The problem maybe as above fine change the manager but you have got to get the new one 110 % correct or a drama becomes a crisis .



    I look around and fail to see who can come in I honestly do we can stop with the pie in the sky type appointments. Mainly because they have to want the job and probably take less wages … I don’t think the board would offer the top rate. Despite us demanding they do .

  7. Hindsight…..



    Who ever decided that Craig Gordon was not worth a new contract for 2 years cost the club.millions !

  8. Lots of opinions being voiced. Lots of emotion being shown.



    I can understand most of the opinions – other than any which blames the fans



    Strange target, especially this season.



    For me, we need to consider which football management model we are aiming for. Get the correct coaching team in place for the next 3 to 5 years.



    Big decisions ahead.

  9. DENIABHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:17 AM


    VideoCelts website claiming that Duffy is going back to Brighton in January.





    Good bloody riddance.

  10. BOB on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:10 AM




    ‘And I am sorry to say it this is not the Neil Lennon of 5 years as go he is a shell of the guy we know and love it’s as if his passion has been sucked out .’








    Remember the transformation in BTM’s demeanour between the pre season and the season starting?

  11. Sutton who, up until last night, defended Neil to the hilt, has done a 180. He was part of an obvious PR campaign last week aimed at supporting the status quo:



    ” If I’m honest I thought that Sparta Prague were the better team throughout the game. This is a Sparta team who have lost four out of the last five games, this is a team Celtic should be beating. They have been humiliated over two legs. 8-2 was the score over two games.



    Neil Lennon now is under severe pressure. This is a team who have conceded 21 goals in the last nine games. They haven’t stepped up in the big games. They look disjointed, disorganised and, he’s my mate, but he’s in big trouble. I can’t defend that – it was a hopeless, hopeless performance.



    I know that the board have backed him, but they have a decision to make. The last time a (Celtic) manager was on this bad a run was Tony Mowbray. Ronny Deila failed in Europe too. This isn’t the Champions League though, this is the Europa League and for Celtic to be out after four games isn’t good enough.



    This time last year Celtic beat Lazio and they qualified after four games. They’ve regressed and he’s in trouble. I’m not sure it solves the problems if he does go. It’s a huge decision for the board to make. He’s won nine major trophies as Celtic manager. Do they trust him?



    I don’t know what’s been going on behind the scenes. Whether Peter Lawwell has seen enough with what’s going on in the training ground to trust him. The fact of the matter is the results have not been good enough and it’s been all season. It’s been on Neil Lennon’s watch.



    You can’t get knocked out the Europa League after four games. It happened to Ronny Deila and I don’t know where Neil goes from here. He needs a reaction. But I watched his whole interview (after the match) and some of the stuff he was saying, in my opinion, was delusional – and he’s my mate!



    He got a lot wrong about tonight. I can’t stick up for him on the evidence of what we’ve seen this season.”

  12. Uncle Jimmy,



    A modern one for me mate. None of this Celtic-minded pish or ‘they need to get the city’ rubbish.



    I want us to maximise every ounce of our hard-earned revenue to invest in analytics, diet, science, training, systems, recruitment, infrastructure, marketing, professionalism and excellence to attract talented young players who see the value of choosing us over others. (Develop their career).



    On the field I want to see an exciting, young, athletic, well-drilled team playing beautiful football.



    It all starts with a modern coach instilling a proper culture. I think that’s all achievable.




  13. onenightinlisbon on

    Morning after the night before. Groundhog day.



    Lennon’s post match interview was yet another car crash.



    We were brilliant for 35 minutes……… it’s psychological…….



    Interesting stats re Barnes, Mowbray and Ronnie’s tripping point for the sack compared to lennon’s yet he’s still here….

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    Mental health issues have rocketed during the many diverse forms of control measures and lockdown. 1/4 of the country’s ill health is now attribubital to this and rising dramatically with 2/3rds of people with previous diagnosis saying their illness had got worse.



    We should all be aware of this and be supportive and non judgemental. Persons who have had previous history of this illness are particularly at risk.



    We are living in unprecedented times and the much used phrase ” It’s ok not to be ok” has never been more true.


    Good employers and friends will identify the symptoms and offer pro active support and observe confidentiality.


    Just because something is not sometimes apparent, doesn’t mean to say it’s not there.



    Stay well, support each other and stay safe.




  15. Just had a nice breakfast of bacon, egg, black pudding, and fried bread.



    Ready to face anything so I am.



    Has anyone resigned yet?

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s not my worst morning as a Celtic supporter having physically witnessed the 80’s when we pinched pennies even tighter but the current mess we find ourselves in was avoidable (I’m being generous in choice of word ) .



    If nothing changes then that just reinforces my opinion that the plc are in on the big lie and the return of the Old Firm, put it this way nothing would surprise me.



    Ant new articles today will only confirm that there’s not going to be a change, you know the one were people are lauded for taking emotion out of decisions, here’s a snippet of advice for them, see when revenues plummet next season, if our current path continues, remember to take emotion out when your panicking

  17. Few things I have heard … But football is a funny old dame and throws up some strange coincidences!



    8 of last as nights team beat Lazio away



    The last team to beat us in a cup tie 4 years ago



    Ross county !

  18. Big Wavy



    Agree, entirely, with your 9:24 post. Exactly the forward thinking view we need.



    Regarding your later post – I fear we have a bit to fall yet, I’m afraid.

  19. Lets not be gulled; we are a poisoned chalice of a job, esp for a younger manager with 20+ years ahead of him.


    Nothing but success expected, but terminal if the season derails in failure (could scare a Howe or like off)


    Few weeks ago, I watched the Hammers when Davie Moyes was ill, and Alan Irvine was on the touchline.


    Seemed v active, engaged and motivating. They were organised, tough and allowed their fast forwards to inflict some damage; not perfect but impressive.


    He and Moyes have done a pretty good job so far this season. Someone of that age and experience for me.


    A Clark, an Irvine or Hughton to organise and sort these troubled players out is wur safest bet.



    And agree Bob; the moneyball decisions on Craig Gordon and Jozo Simunovic are biting us hard atm.

  20. The persecution of uppity Macari on

    Neil Lennon is a colossus in Celtic history, WRITTEN LARGE!


    The club dined at the top table’s in the game, when Neil Lennon was on the pitch for us.


    Now the club is small, because it’s been proven to be up to it’s neck, in corruption and scandal.


    Now the supporter’s are no longer “The Best In The World” because they failed to get rid of a board who’s sins, the Kelly’s & White’s would’ve been roasted in hell for, and rightly so.


    The status of the club has, woefully diminished, off the pitch.


    The integrity of the supporter’s was tested in 2016, and was found woefully wanting.


    Neil Lennon has been responsible for none of the above, and yet the guilty parties above, could integrate each others thought processes to combine the outcome of a decision, that removes Neil Lennon from Celtic employment, and we wonder what’s wrong with our club.


    If we had to get out the measuring tape, and measure the integrity table of present Celtic factions, it would read as follows,


    Neil Lennon – 100%


    PLC board – 0.000001%


    Fan’s – 0.00000000000000%


    Celtic FC is on the slide, because the PLC board, and post 1994 Celtic supporter’s, are driven by, an Old Firm status orientation.


    And the two corrupted sections of the club, will sit in judgement of a, former colossal player, and present manager who’s contributed 5 of the fabled 10 in a row title’s, 10 if it gets that far, but crucially, he hasn’t sold himself to corruption, like the judgemental supporter’s, or the greasy PLC board have, yet the corrupt, will judge the non corrupt!


    The PLC board are doing, and have done what PLC board’s do.




    I know you buy season ticket’s, that’s not because you’re faithful, it’s because you’re weak!


    And you are weak, and you do judge, but only when it suit’s you.


    Lennon isn’t glamorous enough for us, after having Brendan, they’ll think to themselves, and his Colgate smile, yet, lovely Brendan wasn’t away an hour, and he was called a rat, or a snake, or Fraudgers. “The Best Fan’s In The World” wouldn’t behave like present Celtic supporter’s do, no they wouldn’t. You’re Fakes!


    No Celtic supporter’s from today’s ‘batch’ should be sitting in judgement of a man, a colossus, a Celtic colossus, our colossus, you buy a ticket, then you think you own the club, but you don’t, you’re not smart enough, or a big enough, collective colossus, to own the club.


    Neil Lennon tower’s above the corrupt swamp that has, diminished his great love, not one season ticket holder, is big enough, or has the integrity, to sit in judgement of, Neil Francis Lennon, not after what you have done, and what you have failed to do.

  21. Auldheid.. You summed the game up perfectly.. Spot on for me…… Sydney.(MISSING WE JAMSEY TERRIBLY 😏) . Again some good points… Laxalt great going forward but I understand why some managers wouldn’t want him… Poor positional play sometimes


    GOALKEEPER.. Needs sorting… We may have to bite the 5 million bullet… Please please get Henderson from man u….. Straight away we’d notice a difference…. That combined with a top notch broony replacement…. Tweaks but vital…

  22. onenightinlisbon on

    John Barnes



    W4 D2 L3 GF22 GA 12 GD +10



    Tony Mowbray


    W6 D1 L2 GF15 GA9 GD +6



    Neil Lennon


    W2 D3 L4 GF16 GA21 GD -5




  23. Henderson isn’t coming to Scotland, plenty of EPL teams would take him on loan but ManU are keeping him to get him ready to replace DeGea next season.



    The keeper position is well down our list of issues, solve what’s in front of him first.




    Without a doubt it is not acceptable to the supporters……………………..our views and feelings go ignored or unnoticed by the suits.



    For example I’m sure Ian Bankier had a sleepless night last night same as a lot of us.

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    PHILBHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:04 AM



    I agree yet we still have supporters who think that this is a personal slur on the manager and the he deserves some kind of sainted protection!



    Look at the figures, his time is up.




    NFL will always be a Celtic Legend to me, but right now he is a useless manager and getting worse.



    In what other industry would this level of hopelessness be tolerated for the fat salary he must be getting?



    Does he get an annual appraisal?



    If not can I do it?