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  1. By the way, E-Tims has a poll with Keep Lenny Sell Players as one of the options.



    500 plus votes in, that option has exactly 3% of the total vote.



    Weakening the team to protect the weak manager has way more votes than I think it deserves.

  2. Nothing much is going to change before a commanding goalkeeper is between the sticks. That’s not a hand NFL asked to be dealt.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Was tempted to post several times after that match ended.



    It was a sore one.



    Maybe I’ll sleep on it.



    Didn’t watch (or track) any other football after the Celtic game but not surprised by Sevco’s capitulation.



    Four goals lost in first 18 matches of the season was genuinely impressive and deserving of credit.



    But the wheels are starting to come off the imperious, majestic, all conquering juggernaut.



    Five conceded in just two games against Benfica reserves (one game against 10 men) is telling.



    I actually feel sorry for their players.



    Having been told the club needs euro result bonuses to pay them their deferred wages from spring and summer … can you imagine the pain early next year trying to collect what is rightfully theirs …. only to find the cupboard is bare?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    How can you win a league with no defence? We gave up the same number of goals to the Czechs in 2 games as Sevco have lost all season. We have a defence like a colander, with a really wide mesh, AND a big hole in the middle.

  5. mad mitch



    So Victor Wanyama improved himself after he arrived at Celtic Park in 2011?


    He didn’t join the Masons did he, perchance?

  6. Just read Lennon’s excuses



    Covid isolation is the issue



    Same for every team but our wee snowflakes are a bit out of sorts



    He won’t leave ; Lowell needs to grow a pair

  7. Henry Joy



    I suspected that Kenny wanted FF.


    PL saw no sell on value in FFandtherefore would not meet the terms.



    Lenny had Barkas foisted upon him because he met the moneyball strategy that PL





    I have no inside knowledge of this ,it’s just a hunch.



    Do you have any info on it?



  8. Sid



    “SFTB are you still backing Neil?”



    Since you are one of the posters who tries hard to keep it civil, I will respond, in an Eric Morecambe fashion:-



    Of course I am still backing Neil……..



    Just, not necessarily, as the manager.




    I am not going to jump pon the grave of one of the best servants we have had as a club. Whether he stays on as manager or not, Neil Lennon should always be welcome at CP.



    But no manager can survive the resuts his players have given to him over most of this season.



    Any replacement manager can get us a dead cat bounce.



    The trick will be to get one that can continue to build after the honeymon period.



    We play Ross County on Sunday and I expect, whoever is in charge, to see a major shake up of the starting 11 who have failed us. There is absolutely no player with a nailed on starting place at present. In choosing my 3 least worst players tonight for Jobo’s competition, I will be selecting , at least 2, if not 3 players that many fans want chased.



    We showed, at times tonight, that we have many good technical players, but confidence and initiative have been shot in most of them. Any of the managers of the past would react to this by making us harder to get beat, maybe at the expense of attacking flair.



    Me, I’d just pick the hungriest 11 players



    If we can find that many.

  9. Iniquitousiv



    My brain says we will end up 3rd but if we ditch the mgt team we lose nothing but perhaps gaun done cohesion to win domestically and beat the hun in our head to heads






    Elhamed was disciplined but adventurous for Israel



    Stays in his position and bs watches in several games for us , including tonight



    Lennon does his tactics on a subbuteo board it seems.



    A proper coach allows the players to use their brains



    Do you think McGregor said ‘everyone up and I’ll mind the back, we can win this’ on 88 mins?






    On hesgoal feed I could only hear a NI accent shouting

  10. I can’t recall a more disorganised mess of a Celtic side. We’ve hit new lows, consistently, this season.



    Deila was better.



    Watching the game tonight at 0-1, I was waiting for the inevitable. We’re all over the place and it was only a matter of time before we were caught.



    Scott Brown should retire and stop embarrassing himself.



    Lennon must need the money very badly to sacrifice his reputation like this rather than walking.



    As for Lawwell, I’ve no idea why he won’t act. He can go to now as well. Utterly incompetent.

  11. SFTB


    Our own Diego is a sure starter for LB – hasn’t done much wrong since joining this dazed and confused squad.

  12. Peter Latchford


    If it wasn’t for Covid we would be in CL last 16 you know



    You are right about us fans though. If we had all spent more time talking about pictures of our grandas chasing wiggly beezers up the back of the jungle, the team would have excelled . 😜

  13. TINYTIM on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:07 AM




    I have no info on it that I’m willing to share. Anyone that knows anything about Forster knows he wouldnt take a penny less. His agent and Marshall’s were in cahoots?

  14. Our manager gets confused when a tactically astute opposition leads us by a goal or two, then allows us to have the ball, drawing us in then cutting us open with a counter attack. He assesses this period as “We played great for 25 minutes.” There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  15. MADMITCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:16 AM


    Strange events about us and the SPL that don’t make sense?





    The three titles that the TFOD1 managed in 2009 / 2010 / 2011 do stand out.





    They came very close to digging themselves out of the tax hole that SDM put them in.





    The leagues titles and the CL opportunities were a “Ghod” send.





    PL never said or did much at the time.







    And we were very passive in trying to stop them.





    BTM — 13th in a “shortlist” of 16 and even that was being harsh on MMcG.





    Careful or you will end up sounding like Aw Naw.



    Now if you want to go that road check http://www.res12.uk. Go to the latest date and work back. There is a bit more to be added since SFA halted their investigation though, but it only changes hmmmmm to HMMMMM.

  16. I’m genuinely shocked, and a little concerned, that anyone would want to see our cobbled together mgt team remain.



    We are simply dreadful. Ours goals conceded total is horrific.



    I have yet to see any logical argument that the remainder of the season won’t see us fighting to stay ahead of Hibs and Aberdeen, whilst sevco romp to the league title.



    To continue as we are, is madness

  17. INIQUITOUSIV on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:53 AM




    By the time our fragile defence are reminded what’s behind the second goal conceded is complimentary.


    Nothing will improve much til we replace the commanding GK we lost.

  18. INIQUITOUSIV on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:53 AM


    Our manager gets confused when a tactically astute opposition leads us by a goal or two, then allows us to have the ball, drawing us in then cutting us open with a counter attack. He assesses this period as “We played great for 25 minutes.” There are none so blind as those who will not see.




    If only Eddy hadn’t missed the sitter and ElHamed not put his defensive header where the Sparta guys were waiting to pounce then the 25 minutes might have had us feeling better.



    We are in a vicious circle, the players and we now know that no matter how well (or badly) we play, no matter how much control we exercise, somebody somewhere will undo all the good work by a poor decision.



    Its as if we are all waiting for it and a player is praying please God let it not be me and when he is thinking that , its him.



    I don’t know the cause but unforced errors have been very costly.

  19. UNCLE JIMMY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:59 AM




    The powers that be at Celtic are nobody’s fools. Ignore der hun narrative and hold your nerve.

  20. Just caught some of the BBC convo with Lennon keeps referring to ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the team and in the dressing room. Abdication of responsibility when he said a few weeks ago that he took full responsibility’ for US(not them ) being shite



    Man has no idea what his job entails or what responsibility is . His boss has no idea what accountability is either

  21. Henry Joy



    What is the hun narrative?



    Genuine question.



    My angst stems from league position, results and learned experience.



    Currently, we are crap (and in second spot)

  22. I just went back and listened to our manager’s post match comments after the 1-4 humiliation 3 weeks ago at home. “Lazy, lackadaisical, insipid, lack of hunger, unacceptable, embarrassing, poor goal to lose from a set piece, I’ll have to change the culture and get us back on point.”



    For the life of me, I did not detect one iota of difference yesterday, 21 days on. In both interviews, not one mention of formation, structure, tactics, coaching strategy, or personal responsibility.



    His time is up. He has to go. It may already be too late to prevent further mauling from Milan and Lille, and further ( and possibly terminal ) disaster at the Bigotdome on Jan 2.

  23. Auldheid



    Fair point on the fear of failure being an enabler for failure



    I read the book ‘ why do England miss penalties!’ and they made the point that if you think about missing them you will



    A GAA player also told me that the brain can’t think of an action in a negative syntax



    E.g saying to yourself ‘don’t miss’ ; the brain hears ‘miss’



    The German lads think ‘which way will I score?’ The brain just hears ‘score’

  24. Henry Joy



    Thanks for the reply.



    I’m not convinced a narrative can expose every weakness in our defence.



    We’ve seen a myriad of fairly average footballers do that, however.

  25. Auldheid



    Do you just remember our mistakes?


    They missed the biggest sitter of the match before half time, free header, middle of the goal, otherwise it was game over 1st half.



    Not buying the hard luck story, sorry.

  26. SFTB



    Thank you, always a pleasure, no one likes to see Neil suffer but Celtic must come first.



    How much he has to suffer is in the hands of our board, they should treat a legend accordingly.

  27. DENIABHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:11 PM


    This is from NL tonight:







    “The performance was nowhere near as disjointed or as bad as it was three weeks ago and I felt we deserved better.







    “It’s my job to keep with them and for them to keep with us to turn a corner.







    “We can’t spook the players. You cajole them and you stick together.







    “That’s what we’ve done and what we’ll always do. I’m not going to come out here and criticise them for a lack of effort or a lack of belief because there is plenty of criticism out there.







    “For 35 minutes in the second half, that’s as good as we’ve played in Europe for a while. And yet we still got beat 4-1 and you’re left scratching your head why.







    “They’re going to get criticised from all quarters so the last thing they need is extra criticism from any of us on the coaching staff.







    “We know we have to be more consistent now. Not only game by game, but consistent within games.







    “Right now it’s 30 minutes of good stuff then five minutes of shooting ourselves in the foot at times and we need to eradicate that.”




    That is how I saw the game tonight. We took more control of midfield in second half and I could see a draw as quite possible./



    Eddy gets put in the clear after excellent play and I’m giving it ” FFS and JC” so loud the good lady next doors asks later what was that about?



    It was because scoring then would have increased belief in themselves and us but we then go and sell the jerseys.



    That more than anything is what needs sorted out and the only way I can see it is sticking with the same back four, experiment with midfield to get right balance of energy, aggressiveness, and skill and play Eddy and LG up front.



    Apart from Christie for his work rate , energy and reasonable skill I don’t know who else to play. I’m not keen on Ntcham , technically ok but lacking the other attributes.


    Rogic is better technically than NtCham but no workhorse, McGregor possibly but as support to forwards, Brown is not the player of last year unfortunately. If Duffy or Bitton stopped being bomb scares Id play Ajer midfield.



    It is vital we drop no more points until Christmas and perhaps signing a quality ball winning midfielder might just turn the tables.

  28. I would like to make it clear to the blog that it brings me no joy or satisfaction whatever to call for Neil Lennon’s removal. He has been a wonderful servant to Celtic, he is intelligent and very brave in the face of despicable intimidation, and has had to endure his own personal demons. He is also very personable, as attested to by my brother, who played him many times at snooker while he was with Crewe Alexandria.



    He should go now with our heartfelt thanks and blessing. If he dallies, I fear he will be inextricably linked for all time with our failed attempt to reach the ten. I would be delighted to be very wrong, and eat lots of humble pie should our season miraculously turn around and we overcome an ascendant Sevco and their sleekit allies, the MIB. Watching Neil Lennon lift the 10th Championship would of course sicken Der Hun and I would love it. But folks, it ain’t happening, and the writing has been on the wall since big Fraser won us the Cup. Sevco had our number, and our manager has done squat since to alter our tactics against their 4-4-3 set up, culminating in the worst Celtic performance I have watched in 60 years without one single attempt at goal. Has any one of us seen one single thing to convince that anything will be different on Jan 2?


    Answers on a post card.

  29. UNCLE JIMMY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:29 AM




    I ve played football at a professional level. The difference a commanding gk makes is obvious. Seen enough to worry me what this season was going to be like without Forster.


    Best short term bet, we limp along hanging on til the transfer window and get a NO1.


    Benfica reserves showed what the Orangies are made of this season.


    Same WASP bottle merchant ethos as last.

  30. SID on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:32 AM









    Do you just remember our mistakes?




    They missed the biggest sitter of the match before half time, free header, middle of the goal, otherwise it was game over 1st half.




    Not buying the hard luck story, sorry.




    Its not hard luck Sid, it happens too often to be hard luck.



    Sure we got lucky not to go in 3 1 down but we didn’t and we competed in the second half until we shot ourself in the foot and that wasn’t hard luck, it was poor decisions by the players involved. Recent games are littered with them.



    Look I get it we all want the pain to go away and think a new manager will do that, which depends on who and how long it takes.



    Until then perhaps we need to man up.