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    Good to hear from you ( although the occasion could be happier )! We definitely need a defensive midfielder with pace, who can tackle, sit in front of the central defenders, and provide them protection. Maybe even two?



    The combination of Brown and Ntcham has not worked for a long time. This has to be rectified immediately. HENRY JOY has a very fair point about the goalie position. Sparta had 7 attempts on target, scored 4 and hit the post once. Celtic keepers this season are losing a goal for every 2 or 3 shots on target, which is an abysmal statistic. How many times this season have we had a bright start to a game, then lost a goal with the opposition’s very first attempt at goal? This emphasizes AULDHEID’s point about confidence. We are as porous as a colander, and the players know it. The first goal goes in and the heads go down.








    Our own Diego is a sure starter for LB – hasn’t done much wrong since joining this dazed and confused squad .



    would not be surprised if he was out on sunday his ankles to several sore ones




  3. ANTEARMANN – True; the ref was very lenient on ‘accidental stampings’ incl the one by Christie.


    Wonder what a fit Diego might do for our midfield, as someone suggested earlier?


    Fuggit, chop n change of players is still not gonna fix this viral-like malaise infecting what used to be a decent looking side. HH

  4. What I saw was a change in defence that would strengthen it and a player up front who would be a match winner.



    I’m not keen on Ntcham but given Sparta are aggressive and strong I could see why NL replaced Rogic and Frimpong in defence and midfield.



    So we take the lead in first 15 because of the selection



    Sparta then overrun Brown,McGregor with Christie Ntcham of little help to take charge.



    We defend the corner badly when McGregor fails to do what he should not need to be coached to do, which is run out to leave Sparta players offside, just as Bitton and Frimpong failed to cover the Hibs winger on Saturday, again not something players need coached to do and if they do and were coached but didn’t do as coached then player error.



    After half time the midfield plays more advanced and we take control.


    At 2-1 Eddy misses a sitter when we are playing good stuff to make chances. Player error from a good player.



    Not long after they punt a high ball clear. Elhamed heads it in entirely the wrong direction under no pressure. They run up the park to score and sicken us.



    If my memory serves me well same player caused a goal at a game changer point v ? by letting the ball bounce. Another individual error.



    In the bad run there have been a few game changes of that ilk. Fine, fine margins.



    If I were NL I’d be saying we played well enough to get a result but individual errors are costing us.



    My point is how would a new manager stop them and what can NL do with the players at his disposal to turn things around that a new manager wouldn’t or couldn’t?



    I imagine pick his strongest side from the players available, play them until familiarity means individual errors reduce.



    I’m not defending NL, I’m asking what is the right football thing to do, not what might take the pain away.

  5. saw a comment about Neil using a scrabble bag to select team. maybe that’s how Ntcham appears and again , another imposter



    Elouyounoussi is an impostor of a player , Neil dropped him earlier in season as he was awfull, brought him back a he scored a goal in europe. has been totally anonymous in about 80% of games since.


    Neil you pick him and he rewards you with awful displays , but you still pick him, !!!!



    Elhamed, sits on bench week in week out , bought as our right back, but needs introduced to the rest of the team



    Indeed look at the shambles of transfer window( i thought it was shambles at time not just now)


    we bought a cheap striker who looks that way , what age is he?, he runs about like 40 year old


    Goal keeper, do you really believe PL would have paid FF 40+ a week not a chance so we have a goalie on 12 K a week



    Turn ball man of the future surely he deserves a start now and again



    Laxalt on loan good going forward, but not defender and it shows, still one of better efforts



    coaching staff zero experience in new Europe coaching methods



    Now is great time to bring a new boss in, run at home ,



    I would bring Mon and maloney in along with another European coach. Mon would tell PL to bugger off from football side

  6. Auldheid , Callum came on Leaps and bounds under BR, he was told were to go and what to do, it was very noticeable that he was being coached



    Now??? headless chicken especially in Europe, he looks like a 18 year old reserve player



    people talk about transfer budget for Jan, i dont think we need much except invest heavily in a good coaching team. a good coaching team needs to be autonomous, but Peter wont have that and we end up with what we have




    One of the main things Rangers did when able was bring back McGregor who has saved their embarrassment on occasions. So an experienced keeper required.



    Then they sign Davis and Defoe, sod sell on value, they want to win, not make a profit.



    It is the business models that are the cause of the symptoms we see on the park. Forster just might not have fancied it and Duffy did look like an answer instead of becoming part of the problem but now we have domestic competition to worry about we might need to if not totally match their debt fuelled business model at least recognise our debt averse policy is surrendering first place as it did from 2009 to 2011 when they went for broke and succeeded.



    The sanctions for insolvency are not sufficient deterrent if a club can be sanctioned 15 points and still retain 2nd place. Either that changes to throttle back their debt fuelled engine or domestic FFP that stops loan being converted to shares as a means of assisting running costs needs introduced and I’ve been saying that since 2011 because I saw what happened then and feared that with no deterrent/control it would happen again.



    I take no pleasure in being right or pursuing Res12 to provide leverage for such controls they are closer to us and better than all the other opposition because we failed to get domestic FFP introduced and the 5 Way Agreement was the perfect opportunity but the clubs, including Celtic, rolled over to Green’s demands that gave rise to the same club myth..



    How we did I happened to post elsewhere today so here it is.



    On going for 55 here is a copy of a recent DM reminding someone of the circumstances that made it possible.


    Note that the a licence of the usual rules was part of the 5 Way Agreement that Celtic accepted.



    The key is the SFA membership. Sevco had 14 days from joining the SFL when they automatically became a Registered Member of SFA to apply for Associate Membership under the then rules. 5 years later they could apply for Full SFA Membership.



    Green however wanted Full SFA Membership as a condition of purchase. Apart from same club myth, it gave him a seat at The SFA Committees.



    Transfer of Full Membership was Prohibited under an SFA article but gave SFA the discretionary power to do so, which they exercised as part of the 5 Way





    UEFA btw did not recognise the Xfer made Sevco same club as Rangers, hence 3 year wait before Sevco, by then Rangers, could apply for a UEFA licence.



    It is actually RIFC who apply as the company under Art12 b and the question to pose is who was the equivalent of RIFC before 2012 and why did Rangers Football club appear on the application form before 2012.



    Finally the SFA did NOT apply the normal rules for a new club as I described earlier so normal rules avoided to give Green what he wanted Full SFA membership and SFA agreed with no conditions in respect of future behaviour.



    A wee bit more on why conditional SFA Membership was needed to let Sevco play Brechin.



    The xfer of SFA membership could not happen until Rangers SPL share was given to Dundee. Hence conditional membership for Brechin game.



    The other promoted club got the share of the demoted club automatically but there was no SPL share for Dundee until the 5 Way was signed at end July after Brechin game.



    If Rangers SPL share was not released then 5 Way fell apart.



    Now you all know why the 5 Way Agreement was secret.



    And its goodnight from me.

  8. Sparta are aggressive and strong; Rangers are aggressive and organised. Milan are creative and strong yada, yada…


    From the expensively recruited pool at his disposal, can Lenny get/put a team on the park that can be equally aggressive, creative, organised & strong – cos that’s what it takes to beat whoever is in front of us…


    At the mo, the only one of these we touch on is creative – and only in 35min patches!

  9. SYDNEYTIM on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:07 AM



    I would not dispute any of that, strongly agree with most of it, but to me they are all the symptoms of a greater problem where we come to the same solution, except I want the business model to change and that means having someone with experience of making a new model work is needed at the top. See my reply to Iniquitous.



    10iar is not as important as putting Celtic on a firm football footing in the next ten years, which means being highly competitive in Europe, which will still be necessary win or lose 10iar.



    Def gnight now.

  10. AULDHEID Yes late for you. And yes agree with you


    The work on res 12 was fantastic. But with all projects you must remove obstacles


    I heard through a very close source to lawell , who I shared a beer with at Xmas and has been in the house of a heated driveway , that Peter would never rock the boat in Uefa as he thinks that he will get a Nice position in Uefa when he retires


    17 years too long at one job and his time was up in 2009, We won league in 2012 and won last 9 leagues with virtually no competition domestically


    Europe a different matter. A total embarrassing episode due mainly to having a ceo as director of football

  11. Sydneytim — 100% ; Lawwell selecting cheap manager picking his back room staff and signing players. Even the Ukraine winger when Rodgers was asked he made it clear he knew nothing about it.



    Auldheid — feel sorry for you. The bonus thief buried Res 12 and helped them up with 5WA



    Lennon done and delusional.



    The real architect of our demise is Lawwell. He has helped them up and daamaged us in equal measure. He wants the old firm model he made that clear. He wants to have the model of tit for tat and trade trophies.



    In fact his biggest failure when the manager first time round was experiencing malicious anti Irish racism he never spoke out as CEO. Imagine a CEO watching a high profile suffer racist attacks and never speak out in any other PLC. Lawwell and our joke of a Board are cowards.

  12. CONEYBHOY @ 2:22 AM,






    Fair point on the fear of failure being an enabler for failure



    I read the book ‘ why do England miss penalties!’ and they made the point that if you think about missing them you will



    A GAA player also told me that the brain can’t think of an action in a negative syntax



    E.g saying to yourself ‘don’t miss’ ; the brain hears ‘miss’



    The German lads think ‘which way will I score?’ The brain just hears ‘score’



    This is a crucial point, Celtic… Dermot Desmond, Lenny etc have talked about the psychological issues at the Club – but just how much do they understand it and how do they go about “fixing it”.



    So the first point negative syntax, a crucial insight there…



    In many fields not least autism support this is crucial to understand. Let me give you an example…



    You are supporting a person with autism, you are going shopping, they have poor impulse control, they see a shop across a busy road they want to visit, they urgently leave your side and make a b-line for the shop, seemly unaware of the cars and other dangers of crossing the road.



    You shout… “don’t cross the road!”



    Well, first they will process, “cross the road,” then after further processing the “don’t”.



    Of course many people with autism can be slow, often very, very slow to process this type of information, by the time they have processed the “don’t”, things could be dire…



    Worse some people can’t process the negative at all. The fact of something “not”, doesn’t compute.



    If you say jump, that is an instruction most could understand.



    If you say don’t jump, that can be a huge problem…



    They think, how do you “not”, the concept of “not” is unreal… to do something, I get that, the “not”, what’s that about, how can you not? It’s an alien concept to some.



    Some people will process the negative slowly, some not at all, all of us, after the main instruction… whether that is “cross the road” or “jump”.



    People are often thought obtuse or downright disobedient in these circumstances, when the issue is processing.



    In the situation with the person with autism darting across the road, depending on the individual, a clear instruction “wait!”, followed by, “we will cross when the road is clear”, may firstly stop the person in their tracks and secondly assuage their impulse control.



    So what has that got to do with top professional footballers… well the processing, decision making and reaction time is crucial for these players. With fear of failure or lots of negativity around it can and will effect that crucial split second thinking.



    The next point is a more general aspect but none the less crucial. I’ve referred to that in the past as the “toxic culture” at Celtic.



    Now maybe my negative syntax didn’t help. All I meant by that is there seemed to be a lack of a strong support structure, personal regard and a win~win culture at the Club… now, you may say we are talking fitbaw here, what they need is a good kick in the maw-haws!!



    Well, the fact is that works, yet it’s results are limited and the effects short term.



    Also without these positive, proactive structures in place you get unfairness, inconsistency and alienation.



    Let me give you an example… Moussa Dembele



    During the Rodgers’ era he was arguably our best player, he was certainly the most valuable.



    BR talked him into coming to Celtic [we got him for a song remember] by waving a number of carrots… trophies, UCL football, top quality coaching etc, etc, and of course the main one; come to Scotland, get the experience, do well and you’ll get a lucrative move to a top European Club.



    Now when the time for his move came along things had pretty much gone to plan, yet he hadn’t hit the Barca, Chelsea, Bayern Munich heights some thought him capable of, so the manager had different ideas, he wanted to keep this prized asset, keep his development going and offered Dembele a luctrative new contract – BR thought he had buy in from the Board.



    Now we know what happened, the thing was a mess. While the manager and his staff were trying to persuade the player to stay, the Board were negotiating Dembele’s transfer, while his agent was working overtime to get the move done.



    BR was preventing Dembele moving and pressurising him to sign a new contract, Dembele was threatening to down tools.



    So in the last week of the transfer window things came to a head, BR vetoed the move, the Board, Lyon, Dembele and his agent forced through the £20m move. Result the bad relationship which had developed between the Board and the manager broke down, the relationship between the player(s) and the manager broke down.



    Dembele was seen as the wronged party and was invited to the end of season treble treble party!!



    Now it may be ancient history but there is a point. Schisms within Celtic Football Club had led to this total mess, if the Board and Footballing department had worked together they may have persuaded Dembele to sign a luctrative new contract, if not, they may have worked together and sold him for closer to the £30m he was no doubt worth. They didn’t, they happily knocked lumps out each other, damaging Celtic’s standing and finances.



    Yet, what does that do to the psychology of the players, the N’tcham’s and Boyata’s that never got their move… the Football department that didn’t get their Castagnes or McGinn’s. The players and staff in general.



    What we saw with the Dembele fiasco was not a badly handled transfer transaction, what we saw was just a single strand of a complex web, a manifestation of a poor corporate culture and bad operational practises.



    The knock-ons



    What happens when it’s Eddy’s, Dembele’s friends turn to get a move. The Board insisted on the Dembele move, they over rid the manager, they worked with Dembele’s agent and other Clubs to ensure the move happened.



    But Eddy’s not getting his move, he downs tools, he’s still not getting his move. He looks at the reception his friend Dembele got, he looks at how he’s been treated and he says sod this for a game…



    Then what of Ajer? What of Christie? What of Calmac? etc, etc



    Now, add to that the level of training, tactics and performance has dropped dramatically as Board cack handedly try to reduce costs.



    The results become worse, manager throws the players under a bus, the performace becomes even worse and we are now in a downward spiral… yes the psychology is bad, but how do you change that?



    Try to persuade them that trying a leg is in their own best interests, give the players half an hour with a sports psychologist, to gee them up.



    No – it’s far beyond that, performance and trust have broken down.



    What of the change of culture… well sure the Board may well think the culture needs to change but unless they can look in the mirror and see where the problem is and dramatically change, then the culture isn’t changing. This culture comes from the top. The poor psychology of team is not to do with the individual players, it won’t be “fixed” by tweaking at the periphery it’s to do with the (sorry) toxic environment they have to work in.



    That’s how come the Club scratch their head at Bolingoli… no idea how that happened, nuthin’ to do with us!!



    Demdele, Bolingoli, Eddy… the teams, fitness, tactics, performance. The team’s, the coaches’ and the manager’s psychological well being all a manifestation of a poor corporate culture at the top of the organisation.



    Hail Hail

  13. Good morning cqn from a groundhog day in the Garngad



    Weather/Celtic = Groundhog day



    Some good posts there guys.



    My own view is we are expecting different results time and time again when we are doing the same thing time and time again. Madness.



    So something or someone has to change.



    I would like to know Sparta’s shots on target against their 4 goals, although the outfield 10 are a shambles I think a lot of goals are straight at our keepers and they could not keep weans oota close.



    Ps if its Lenny that goes I dont think it would take much to organise and drill this squad into a well oiled unit.






    D :)

  14. We have an ok squad. Not great



    But it’s 11 players on the park who have no idea what the person beside him is supposed be doing



    Investment in the coaching staff is a must


    But will not change as long as Peter lawwel is in charge

  15. Ps. The great hope in Laxalt. Lots of energy Bhoy could not spell left back. Look at 2nd goal. Callum on his own at left back spot up against 2


    Look at 3rd goal. He was no where near his position left his man on their right




    “Mon would tell PL to bugger off from football side”



    One of the many reasons why he won’t get the job.

  17. The persecution of uppity Macari on

    I don’t like Celtic manager’s to get persecuted by fan’s who demand instant action.


    Some manager’s just don’t get a fair hearing.


    Neil has been backed, without strategy being applied to that backing.


    Is it Neil’s fault that, the person who sign’s the cheque’s, didn’t get up off his backside until we were out of the hunt for the Champion’s League, £40 million bonanza?


    It’s Neil’s fault, that he doesn’t distance himself from Lawwell’s delayed decision making.


    I think that Neil is at Celtic for the job, and not the cause, because the cause doesn’t exist anymore.


    The cause was killed stone dead in 2016, by Celtic supporter’s when they indicated that they’d moved on from the ‘same club’ issue, when they paid the full price for RFC ticket’s, indicating that, in their mind’s, the Old Firm was back, and Brendan was here, so nobody cared anymore about stupid things like, principle’s, about trophy stripping, about boycotting Hampden, or Ibrox, none of it mattered anymore, because Brendan Rodgers was here, and the PLC board couldn’t have been all that bad after all.


    Neil Lennon must’ve watched on, from outside the club in 2016, thinking to himself,


    “These are the supporter’s, that I was kicked up and down the street’s of Glasgow for, getting bomb’s sent to my family for, because I stood up for them, Celtic supporter’s, and their cause, our cause, and now they don’t care. They’re Fakes!”


    If Neil did think the above, who could blame him?

  18. SYDNEYTIM on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:59 AM



    The problem is, we ended the season well with 3-5-2 and it seems as if we’ve recruited for that formation – extra center-back, striker, and Laxalt who you rightly say, is more of a wing-back.



    Fast forward a couple of months, we ditch 3-5-2 and now we have an imbalanced squad – top-heavy in some positions, woefully weak in others.



    Lennon says he can turn it around but he doesn’t even know his preferred system.



    Slippy is able to chop and change with no real damage to performances because they’re slotting into a system they know, have been drilled to play and are comfortable with.

  19. DAVID66 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:27 AM



    The keeper simply isn’t good enough. Not putting this all at Bain’s door as he hasn’t made too many glaring errors but he was third choice last season and is nowhere near the required standard. We shouldn’t underestimate the effect a quality, commanding goalkeeper can have on the rest of the defence.



    Might sound unrealistic but I reckon we should call Dean Henderson and offer him the game time he needs. Southgate has already suggested he’d be his number one IF he was playing. That isn’t happening at United so why not go for a loan move until the summer that can help our season and help him get the minutes required to get the England number one jersey.

  20. Geebee. We did not got to 352 because of some master tactic Chang


    We went that way because the god Awefull Elyounoussi was injured and so was Forrest and played griffifs up front as no Other option


    As for 3 at back we played that as no right or left back Which we still haven’t resolved

  21. If you are a man of a certain vintage then you get the fear every time someone mentions “the 10”.


    The memories of the concept of “Premature celebration” 46 years ago haunt you for life.



    So all the nonsense of “Here we go — ** in a row” from the young team and the not so young team gave me the dry boak and then some.



    Not sure if it was the number or the extended sense of entitlement — winning the league was not enough we had some date with destiny that superceded the here and now.



    Desperate to move things on this year — CL failures to overcome.


    Better football to play and a league to be won.



    And where are we now — three months plus into the season?


    Total trainwreck with the bonus thief of 17 years standing still getting it wrong at every level.



    Our situation this season does not make sense — in fact if defies reality on just about every level.



    We have collapsed in the three years from the TR SC winner in a manner that will bring us immortality in both Scottish football and global business terms.



    Instead of Nokia our name will be mentioned to raw business school students to shock them into understanding how ego / laziness / self serving / rampant trouser snakery can bring down the best.



    And when that litany of failure is put forward the good business schools will also highlight how freelance astroturf merchants like P67 aidded and abetted this failure with their continual support for the guy who more than any other caused this failure — the bonus thief in chief / the master of disaster / the bean counter of founder / the agent helper not “Hun” skelper — a certain PL who has taken more money out of the club over the past 17 years than anyone else.



    What happens next — anyone’s guess.


    If this shambles carries on we are going to need covers for the full top tier.



    We have had our days in the sun and all we have to show for it is a bad case of sunburn.


    Well all apart from a certain PL — you could not mark his neck with a blowtorch.



    We are a slow motion train wreck that has been two and a half years in the making.


    The warning signs were out for all to see but too many just shrugged and looked away.

  22. SYDNEYTIM on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:05 AM



    Exactly my point and I think the reason the full-back situation wasn’t resolved was that he thought he could continue with 3-5-2…



    I heard Tim Vickery talk about Laxalt when we signed him and his description seems to have been spot-on…..tough, fast, a great engine, good going forward and good to have around but not a left-back.

  23. “Celtic jerseys are not for second best. The Celtic shirt doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players.”



    I will watch the team selection against Ross County with interest.




  24. We were 2-1 down. Eddie missed a sitter. Not much later the commentator said we should just go for it. Might as well lose 3-1 or 4-1.



    Trouble is, we didn’t go for it. And still lost 4-1. Sure we get suckered with counter attacking goals, but that was due to our defenders being up the field as part of the attack, instead of an organised attack with defenders in place to do their jobs,



    I can’t decide if that is the fault of the manager in that players are following his instructions, of the fault of the players unable to adjust on field for themselves.

  25. Chairbhoy – interesting read. A toxic work environment is extremely difficult to turnaround without a ruthless commitment to do so from the top. Neil said three weeks ago there had to be a change of culture. He got that right but organisational culture change cannot be driven through by a man in the middle of the flow chart.


    New board, new vision, new management, new culture.


    Buying a new goalkeeper, or a new midfielder won’t change anything.


    I am just waiting to see when Laxalt’s performances will start to drop as the work ethic and training commitment he is used to following is supplanted by the Celtic way of doing things.

  26. Options


    1 do nothing – head in sand, carry on


    Result ? No 10


    2 forget about Europa league, no more key players travelling – result – mitigate risk of further COVID issues/ tiredness of key players


    Not enough though to win 10


    3 change management- tried and trusted method to reverse consistent slump, sink the money into gaining quality – short term if need be – result ? Unsure – it is a gamble, but it’s surely better than option 1, which is going to ensure we miss out on a historic opportunity, and give Sevco a financial lifeline as they have managed through COVID to have deferred payment to hector and the sfa ignoring their car crash accounts


    That last bit might indicate to the cynic that keeping sevco alive is seen as best option by some



    On balance 2 + 3 looks to me like best course of action –

  27. SUPERSUTTON on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:33 AM



    The buck always stops with the manager I’m afraid.



    He signs them, along with his staff coaches them, instructs them then picks them. If they’re not following instructions, pick players who will.

  28. The persecution of uppity Macari on

    When we were “The Best Fan’s In The World” we wouldn’t have stuck our head’s in the sand when being presented with, volume, after volume, of PLC board corruption, and then acted like the pitchfork brigade, as we laid siege to a manager, our manager, who has either hit a wobbly patch, or his idea’s have been diluted by the dug out assistant’s who have probably been parachuted in, over his head.


    If I was Neil Lennon, then today I’d fire, Kennedy, and Strachan, and I’d appoint, Darren O’Dea as my assistant manager.


    Then I’d park the bus in front of goal’s, and another bus in front of that, play the long ball up to Ajer, who is too risky as a defender, and play on the break.


    Out of the team would go, Christie, Ely, and Broony.


    Be hard to beat, then take it from there.


    We’ve forgotten that, WE, US, Celtic, are thee under siege team, we can NEVER approach football from any other angle, than from our siege position,no matter the trophy haul.