Speak his name in hushed tones


For three months a charade took place, where Craig Whyte – who is and will remain owner of Rangers until they are finally ‘flushed away’, Duff and Phelps, The Blue Knight(s), Bill Miller, Charles Green, several members of the accountancy profession who should have known better, and some of the Fourth Estate, who clearly didn’t know better, all told you Rangers were likely to achieve a CVA.

As we (and several others) told you, a CVA was never, ever, going to be accepted by HMRC.  A cursory glance at the HMRC web site would confirm that.  Once Alex Salmond had his wings clipped, that debate was over.

The charade was a distraction.  There are many other distractions available today and they will multiply in the days to come, but I reckon if you’re looking for the critical path on this one you should keep an eye on Lord Carloway.  The chair of the SFA Appellate Panel is worth listening out for.  Say his name in hushed tones, better still, abbreviate.  Even the mention of LC will cause anxiety and distress, for some.

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  1. Paul67



    Said last night to a mate, they might have their membership terminated anyway.

  2. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    Close, so very, very close …



    I’ll have to settle for a podium on Liquidation Thursday!

  3. Was wondering where that battle of britain music was coming from.


    Watch the you tube link above ,hilarious.

  4. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Is he like Beetlegeuse?


    I hope so.


    Lord Carloway


    Lord Carloway


    Lord Carloway

  5. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    A taste of justice.



    I can get an appetite for this.



    I’d like to taste more.

  6. HIBS fans’ chief Mike Riley today insisted that Rangers must be thrown out of the SPL if Scottish football is to restore any pride to the game.




    The Ibrox team were told yesterday that HMRC will reject their nine penny-in-the-pound CVA proposal – a decision that will effectively force them into liquidation.



    The deal for Charles Green to officially buy the stricken Glasgow club is expected to go through in days and the new Rangers owner is set to form a new company to allow them to continue to function.



    When that happens, the chairmen of the other 11 SPL clubs will face a vote on whether to allow Rangers to remain in their league or demote them to the Third Division.



    With a number of fans already warning that they will boycott matches if Rangers are allowed to continue in the SPL, Riley, chairman of the Hibs Supporters’ Club, believes there should be little doubt in their minds over which way to vote.



    He said: “I think the majority view among the Hibs supporters is that Rangers should be punished and punished severely. They have done wrong and they should stand up and take whatever comes their way. Whatever way the vote goes, it is going to cause ructions in Scottish football for a long time to come.



    “For them to come back as a ‘newco’ and go straight back into the SPL would upset a lot of people and I know a lot of Hibs fans who would be very unhappy if that were to be the case.



    “They are due many clubs money, so everyone is being dragged into it.



    “I think at the moment, they are getting what they deserve.”

  7. Paul, the obituary is up there with Chaucer, Dickens, Austen, Bronte et al. Only one word BRILLIANT.


    Are there hard copies available? If so, how do I get it?



    H H

  8. If the Appeals Tribunal is reconvened and decides to suspend them from football, what would it actually mean in practical terms? Would the club still hold its SPL share even though it is suspended? After all a player who cannot play through suspension is still a registered player.



    Could a suspended club ask for its SPL share to be transferred – or would that count as taking part in footballing activity? Even if it could make the request, would it then be able to vote?

  9. Bah Humbug, typed too slowly and got 11th – am no playin’ anymore it’s no fair.



    Another happy day in a damp and dreary Dublin




  10. Heard Hateley saying its like a new signing. Today he’s meeting up with Goram who will be sporting his old black armband and Gazza will lead the the trio round the debtdome mimicking playing the flute on his fishing rod.


    Wits no tae like

  11. A HEARTS supporters’ chief today declared that his club could thrive in the SPL without Rangers because they would stand a stronger chance of challenging Celtic for the league championship.




    Steve Kilgour, secretary of the Federation of Hearts Supporters’ Clubs, believes expelling Rangers from the SPL would actually benefit Hearts more than most clubs. He argued that crowds would rise if the Tynecastle side emerged as genuine title contenders, thus creating a feel-good factor and generating more interest in his club.



    The Ibrox side are likely to reform as a “newco” following confirmation that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs will not back a CVA proposal to exit administration. SPL clubs must vote on whether a new Rangers should be readmitted to the league, with an 8-4 majority required.



    Kilgour admitted different clubs will have different attitudes on how to vote but stressed that, in the event of Rangers being refused entry, Hearts could be the main beneficiaries on the field.



    “Not having Rangers in the SPL might help us because, if we were to emerge as a challenger to Celtic, our crowds could go up,” he said. “When clubs are challenging attendances rise. Look at Hibs when they got relegated to the First Division – their crowds went up because they had a team that was winning. Folk will go and watch a winning team no matter what level it is.



    “I think Hearts are one of the clubs it wouldn’t impact too heavily on. Clubs have been relegated from the Premier League and survived so I’m sure they can survive in an SPL without Rangers. The TV money might drop but I don’t think Hearts would suffer.



    “Go back to the 2006 season when we were filling Tynecastle ourselves, with or without the Old Firm coming to Edinburgh. A lot of things come with the Old Firm and when they visit a lot of people don’t go any more.”

  12. Just been called a ‘bigot’ by my bowling club type neebur. I was talking to a fellow Tim in the street about my sheer joy at thems dying. The auld neebur says this makes me a bigot.


    He’s an old fool but it shows that ‘ra peepul’ are not taking this well.


    Take care guys.


    These peepul will get violent. ( then plead guilty and get off with it).

  13. JF



    I hope your writing of that obit. gave you as much pleasure as it gave this reader …



    Well done and thanks …




  14. RalphWaldoEllison fights ALS on

    RalphWaldoEllison fights ALS on 13 June, 2012 at 11:28 said:




    Their “history” has died, but they will drag their “history” with them to SFL Div 3.



    Their record of trophy wins has gone but their record of shame will remain.


    Their record of games played has gone but their record of violence will remain.


    Their record of European qualification has gone, but their record of cheating remains.



    The culture will continue because they subscribe to a self serving philosophy which allows them to shout that they are right, especially when they are wrong.



    We know that their history will hang about, because we will make sure it does.


    Their demise is all the sweeter when we remember their history of atrocious behaviour towards us and treatment of us and all our forbears.



    In the act of celebrating this day we remember.



    Here’s to all of those who endured.




  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    “Flushed Away” A particularly apt metaphor for the stench that was rankers.

  16. Paul67 – Personally I think LC completing Rangers’ pyhrric victory by selecting Suspension from the menu handed to him by the Civil Court will actually suit our shamed and impoverished former rivals.



    A year to regroup and properly prepare their bid for acceptance to the 3rd Division is just what they need

  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    lorbobo on 13 June, 2012 at 11:29 said:


    Just been called a ‘bigot’ by my bowling club type neebur.



    Tell him you’re no bigot, merely a concerned citizen, taxpayer and torch holder of the corinthian spirit.

  18. leftclicktic on 13 June, 2012 at 11:28 said:




    BRTH 10.22


    Now we know why “he is a household name – well in his own country anyway”.


    Just sent text with Mr Rafat Ali Rizvis involvemevt to everyone in my contact list :)))))))



  19. It’s bad enough having to listen to the same Goebbel’s type repetitive mantra’s like “Scottish football needs Rangers” or “Too big to fail” or “Rangers will keep their history” from the LL/MSM but when you hear this garbage from ex-Celtic players…well, its just cringe worthy.



    There are so many Uncle Tim’s out there willing to be used by the media machine for a few silver pieces: Walker, Burley, McLeod, Hay, Provan etc all telling us “all true Celtic fans will want Rangers to survive.”



    It will be hun spin and pro-Newclub propaganda cranked up to maximum fever pitch; to a hysterical level that even Goebbels himself would have been ashamed of.

  20. Hi Paul,



    Critical Path Analysis as well, no end to your talents.



    If LC manages to expurgate the SFA’s black sheep.



    What are the chances of East Kilbride R@ngers in Division III?

  21. Those that are familiar with family guy should have heard the peanut butter jelly time song (if not look it up).



    Can’t get it “it’s ice cream & jelly time” out of my head. Just struggling to find an apt replacement for the “with a baseball bat” bit. Suggestions?



    “with an EBT”


    “with no CVA”



    C’mon ghuys help me out!



    On a different note, any rumblings on the transfer front?

  22. wonkyradar on 13 June, 2012 at 11:39 said:




    Nah…they’re no even worthy of being ‘uncle tims’….just big ‘auntie jessies’…ex-bhoys tryin’ to screw a coin out of a zombie situation.


    Burley’s the chief hun in hoops. A sorely intellectually deficient walloper.



  23. Shane MacGowan: mere lyrical genius or Nostradamus style prophet?



    ‘There’s a Tesco on the sacred ground


    Where I pulled her knickers down


    While Judas took his measly price


    And St Anthony gazed in awe at Christ


    Down on Rain Street’

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