Speculative class action talk


Suggestions over the weekend that, in the event Newco won the league title and continued to refuse SPFL sponsor cinch the coverage they have paid for, clubs could have issued a class action suit against the Ibrox club is highly speculative.

Newco are in dispute with the League as cinch, a car retailer, compete with their chairman Douglas Park’s business, which is a Newco sponsor.  This conflict of sponsors is common, indeed, before cinch, the League was sponsored by bookmaker Ladbrokes, while Newco’s shirt sponsor was 32 Red, who are also a bookmaker.

As we have discussed before, Newco would like to see SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, his legal advisors and other non-execs forced from office.  This dispute gives them a clear target to aim for.
The SPFL referred the matter to arbitration.  Park’s of Hamilton subsequently challenged this process at court, insisting they should be involved in the process.  In a statement last December, the motor group wrote, “We are prepared to pursue a claim against the SPFL regarding this ongoing conduct.”

The legal process could take years to resolve, resulting in cinch losing sponsorship properties they have paid for.


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  1. Was forever thus. They want their men in the highest positions of Scottish Football, and we all know what happened the last time the occurred. por cierto

  2. And yet the Celtic Board see no conflict in helping to promote the Parks of Hamilton brand.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Did one of the Celtic blogs, could be this one?, offer an explanation that Old Firm FC fell out with cinch about a naming issue ie the stadium😱😵😕

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Brilliant It’s-Definitely-Not-Rangers chat. Can never have too much of it. Super-exciting!

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  6. Weebobbycollins on

    Re yesterday’s radio programme…


    “I’m not here to defend that…I don’t associate with that.”


    So said Catriona Shearer on yesterday’s Off The Ball. And on this occasion I must defend her. OTB is a football/comedy show. I like Stuart Cosgrove, he’s not afraid to call out the huns and their sectarianism, but


    yesterday’s ‘holy water’ comment caught them cold, hence the pregnant pause. When Catriona realised what was meant she didn’t want to get involved. Obviously, she thought it was not the time nor place to bring up a debate about sectarianism. It was totally unexpected, she wanted to move on and talk about her experience in the stadium. She said there was no trouble (in Seville). She was wrong. Then again, I have a mate who didn’t know about the trouble in Manchester until he got back to Glasgow. So, I can accept her response. I know her and can vouch for her. She’s a likeable, intelligent lassie.


    As regards Kenny Mac, I get the feeling Ange likes him. Again, he’s a likeable character. You must remember, journalists and managers often have a lot of chat off-mike and can actually establish a rapport with each other. There were some reporters Mo’N didn’t like and always gave them short shrift, Gordon Strachan had little time for any of them. Neil Lennon on the other hand, was very open with almost all of them, including the more hunnish types.


    An Tearmann makes the point that Kenny Mac failed to respond on two occasions to Aiden’s question about why he was booed. That is what is expected of a journalist in that situation.


    I’m just trying to be fair here. He gets a lot of stick from Celtic fans but Kenny is a very decent human being.

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    With very few exceptions, notably Mr Cosgrove, BBC sport is populated by Huns and hun apologists.



    Cosgrove has an excellent podcast where he has called out anti Irish racism and anti-catholic behaviour from old co, sevco and the supporters of the various incarnations of the hun. Worth a listen.

  8. I wonder what the reaction would be, should anyone announce ‘they don’t wish to talk about’ racism?


    Seems some equality is more equal than others

  9. Anybody slightly worried about the ‘not holding back’ comment from Ange with regards to UEL next season?



    The gubbings we took from Rodgers time were not easy viewing.



    Did we see enough pragmatism this season from Ange when up against those in Pot 1 and 2 who could seriously do us some damage.



    Pragmatic winners (a la Huns at their Euro best) versus Dogmatic losers ?




  10. Weebobbycollins on

    Bada Bing…”Kenny McIntyre is up there with the worst,the SMSM has to offer.”


    That is your biased opinion.

  11. IniquitousIV on

    FAIRHILL BHOY (from 9:16 yesterday)



    “It was my birthday today 52 and feeling it . I usually just read the blog now with the odd comment thrown in.


    But honestly INIQUITOUSIV do you know anything about football.


    This Man City team have accepted defeat.


    Not for the first team you have made an arse of it”




    If you want to insult somebody with an opinion different from yours on a blog on your birthday, that’s up to you. I was going to invite you to go have sexual congress with yourself yesterday, but decided that would be inappropriate on your big day.



    At 75 minutes in yesterday, and City 2-0 down, there wasn’t a person inside the Etihad or the millions watching worldwide, who didn’t think City had blown it. Guardiola was slumped in despair, and not one of his players thought they would get 3 goals in 12 minutes. Here is a direct quote from one of them:



    Jack Grealish


    After being 2-0 down: “Truthfully I didn’t think we were going to win, I just didn’t. Sometimes you have those bad feelings in your head and I just didn’t think we were going to do it.”



    So not only did he think they were not going to win, he managed to say it THREE TIMES in two sentences.



    Yet you want us to believe that somewhere in Fairhill, there was one single person who was thinking, “Never any danger.”



    Aye, right you are.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Weebobbycollins on 23rd May 2022 12:45 pm



    Bada Bing…”Kenny McIntyre is up there with the worst,the SMSM has to offer.”





    That is your biased opinion.



    If you class with what i have listened to from McIntyre over a number of years, ‘biased’,yes……..

  13. Go tell the Spartim on




    im of the same opinion as Bada, based solely on his large body of work on BBC Shortbread, i have had discussions with another from this parish (maybe it was you) that knows his family about him being decent and im willing to take that on faith at this stage, however, he may come across as “friendly” when interviewing Ange (who called him out after the St Mirren game) or with Aiden, but sometimes youve got to dance with devil.




    I’m just trying to be fair here. He gets a lot of stick from Celtic fans but Kenny is a very decent human being.






    !!BADA BING!! on 23RD MAY 2022 12:24 PM


    Kenny McIntyre is up there with the worst,the SMSM has to offer.

  15. If cinch were smart they’d supply Celtic with a cinch-branded bus for next season.

  16. OFFICIAL: Yokohama F. Marinos (





    ) announce that Daizen Maeda’s sale to




    has been finalized after his one-year loan.

  17. McIntyre is a hun, and it’s obvious from his BBC output that he’s a hun. No attempt at balance. Doesn’t hide his bias.



    Whether he’s an otherwise nice person or not is irrelevant.



    Is there a mirror image Celtic fan working in a similar role at Shortbread? No. Would such a thing be tolerated? No.

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    Is it preferable to hear Ange interviewed by Gerry McCulloch? Boris Johnson being interviewed by a Tory leaning reporter? What would be more interesting and informative, Nicola Sturgeon being asked questions by an SNP toady reporter or JHB?


    I know what my answer is…

  19. IniquitousIV on

    Sobering article on ETIMS today about the Champions League Group Stage pots and various scenarios.



    With our luck, we might draw Bayern, PSG, or Real Madrid (Pot 1)


    Barca or Juventus ( Pot 2 )


    Leverkusen or Inter ( Pot 3 )



    The Orcs have to qualify, and will be in Pot 4 if they make it, or Pot 3 if Benfica do not.



    With their luck, they would possibly get Eintracht or Porto ( Pot 1 )


    Leipzig ( Pot 2 )


    Sporting or Benfica ( Pot 3 )


    And if they get into Pot 3, they would possibly get Red Star Belgrade from Pot 4.



    Conceivably, they would draw a Portuguese side ( they have played 18 games against Portuguese sides in Europe, and have only lost once ), or sides they knocked out of the Europa League last season.

  20. I hope our scouting staff have been busy , looking at midfield assassins . Left backs , and no nonsense tough as teak centre half’s . can’t see CCV staying with us so hence we will need the centre half’s , midfield enforcers to protect our totty ball players from non entities like lundstrum , bassy , jack , airfield , who have decided to be hard men since Scott brown left us . I hope our manager has noticed that old firm fc got to a european final with a group of players inferior to our Bhoys but a hell of a lot tougher , although I hate that club with a passion you have to recognise the teams they put out all be it with loads of luck and friendly refs , but they have the mix for Europe . Ange has done great so far but still plenty room for improvement , only if our custodians back him 100% to Aim higher which due to past experiences is not guaranteed . HH

  21. vinniethedog on

    Reading an online Daily record ( Michael Gannon) article regarding wages and how to compete in the champions league…..he now reckons the AVERAGE championship is 35k a week !!!!…I’m struggling to believe that unless they all have a death wish…….but the problem i have is simple ….wages in European countries are on the whole far lower …..certainly outwith Italy Spain Germany and France…..we can compete we just have to be clever !!

  22. WBC


    I feel you are defending the man whilst others are attacking the journalist. For me, on these pages, the man is irrelevant and the journalist is all that counts. In that sense, McIntyre is an obvious Hun.

  23. Has Cosgrove ever challenged the SNP on their history of anti Irish Catholic racism?

  24. This time last year the Ibrox Chairman, Douglas Ireland Park, would be feeling quite pleased with himself. His team was at the top of the pile and he would now call the shots. WATP, and all that stuff. Champions League qualification would be a shoo-in and they would leave those scruffs from the east end in their rear view mirror.


    Cinch, with their paltry deal, could go and do one.



    My guess is that their MD, Stewart Robertson, and their Commercial guy, James sports-socks-3forra-pound Bisgrove, would not have an issue in the slightest with the cinch deal.



    Anyway, I sure those chaps who reside in Bothwell and Mount Vernon will stay loyal to big Dougie’s BMW franchise when a getaway car is required.

  25. Weebobbycollins on

    Hot Smoked…I am indeed defending the man. Kenny McIntyre is undoubtedly a hun supporter. However, he is not a Celtic hater like Boyd. I have known him and his family for many years. I much prefer to hear him interview Ange than Gerry McCulloch for example. When listening to him on radio, people will hear what they want to hear. Surprise, surprise, even wee Chic is not a Celtic hater.

  26. “WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 23RD MAY 2022 1:43 PM


    Hot Smoked…I am indeed defending the man. “




    That`s my point ! For the purpose of this `debate` , the `man` is irrelevant. His output as a journalist is everything and in that area his bias is obvious.

  27. ‘ In a statement last December, the motor group wrote, “We are prepared to pursue a claim against the SPFL regarding this ongoing conduct.” ‘



    Little makes sense in the bonkers world of sevco legal disputes, but you have to wonder how Parks of Hamilton could pursue a claim against the SPFL, with whom they have no direct relationship or contract. Parks’ have a contract with sevco (allegedly), and sevco have a separate contract with the SPFL. The SPFL could have no input, knowledge, or liability regarding what sevco signed up to with Parks.



    It’s likely in this matter Parks are acting as proxy for sevco, as the latter can’t pursue a claim through the legal courts without breaching FIFA/UEFA rules. I’m sure Parks/sevco would prefer to see this played out in an Edinburgh law court rather than a Nyon sports one.

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