SPFL streaming services and fans exclusion from football


Having disposed of Celtic and AZ Alkmaar in earlier Conference League knockout rounds, Bodo/Glimt return to Rome tonight to face Roma (why we insist on calling the city one name and the club another, when they answer to exactly the same word is perplexing).  In November, on Europa League duty, they drew 2-2 with Roma, after defeating Jose Mourinho’s men 6-1 in Norway.

Our season that has already delivered so much, has European blots in August and February.  The defeats to Bodo/Glimt, in particular, were an indication of how much work still has to be done.  I would like to see the Norwegians go even deeper into the tournament, if only to offer a reflective glow on our own performance against them, but that feels too much like grasping for straws.

SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster said he expected Pass to Paradise and other clubs’ streaming services to stop for domestic viewers from next season.  There remains a significant number of season ticket holders shielding and unable to congregate in large crowds.

The League is dependent on Sky TV’s largess here.  Sky changed the terms of their contract to permit Pass to Paradise-type services, a return to business as usual was always on the cards.  Before that happens, a Health Accommodation exclusion is worth exploring, especially now season ticket renewals have been issued.

I know one season ticket holder who has not attended since the socially distanced game against Dundee in August.  What happens next affects real people, real fans and their exclusion from football.

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  1. Toaty Trumper @ Last nigh / 10.52



    You say the capitalist system is broke / broken — interesting.


    If you are the Big Bang / City / Thatcherite bean counter that you claim to be then double interesting.



    Care to expand your analysis?


    Is this your Socialist Vanguard youth re-surfacing?



    Reasoned argument would be useful.


    Frontier gibberish less so.



    The floor is yours …

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    I would be very surprised if the Pass to Paradise continues next season. TBH half expected its withdrawal after most covid restrictions were dropped

  3. If the SPFL had any ambition then SKY would be history.


    PPV / Away season tickets would be the future.



    The issue is who owns the matches — the home side by all accounts.


    How would we benefit from selling other people’s property?


    Offer they cannot refuse / revenue split on PPV / they keep the ticket money?



    1975 looms large when the gates stopped being divided.


    Interesting that this was the time when the TFOD1.0 were spending big on new stands


    You spend all that money and then you have to give half of the increased revenue to the away team.



    You get the impression it is being tried out on the QT.


    PPV from P/head is not a SKY issue it is ours.



    They only cover 3/4 games out of 19 — that is our future.


    But our present is the sale of season tickets — how would that be affected?



    SPFL vs SKY — who would generate the most revenue for the clubs overall?

  4. Margaret, a lady who sits along from me in the Main Stand falls into the category of fan that you speak about PAUL67. Hasn’t been to a game all season, as the seat lies empty at every game, so I assume she purchased the ST. Surely, with the new health experiences behind us, it’s now time to make allowances for these kinds of fans. They should not be excluded from maybe the only outside interest they have, por cierto.




    All the best to you and your family in this difficult time.




  6. Pingback: SPFL streaming services and fans exclusion from football | Celtic FC News Now




    The very best of good wishes to you and yours at this time.



    por cierto

  8. prestonpans bhoys on




    ‘But our present is the sale of season tickets — how would that be affected’



    Don’t think PPV will have much impact. It’s the match day experience; chats on the bus; few drinks in the pub; the atmosphere of the game and more importantly seven hours away from the wife.



    What’s not to like😂😱😵👏

  9. I see Braga are 24 points behind Porto, 18 behind Sporing and 9 behind Benfica. Not exactly a tough game this deep into the Europa League. Always feels like we get a top team in Europe when we are playing. Wouldn’t be a massive surprise if they get a result tonight.

  10. PPB @ 12.22



    7 hrs — I think the club need to double season ticket prices …


    Still good value to a man of my vintage.



    Revenue from games — easy to sort out.


    Revenue from a support — more difficult.



    We don’t own the growth areas — the away games.


    Needs a lot of work to sort it out.



    Interesting that this season has seen so many away games not on SKY.


    Introduced PPV to the SPL with away teams doing their own thing.


    Some better than others.



    I think this was part of the plan — how many of us would buy an Away PPV for a game that wasn’t on SKY?



    I think the numbers would make interesting reading.

  11. Games against Portuguese sides — who would we expect to beat over 2 legs?










    We have a lot of work to do.

  12. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Still no statements from Celtic or sevco regards the disgraceful scenes at poundland on Sunday………are they being pressured into silence?




  13. Games against Italian sides — again over 2 legs hwo would we expect to beat?












    How much effort would be put into making up excuses for failure?

  14. The myopia of football administration in Scotland never fails to amaze.



    I’m convinced there is better money to be made with streaming than with Sky and Premier Sports.



    An attempt at it is a relatively low risk strategy.



    But they don’t have the vision or the cajones to try

  15. I haven’t posted for a while and thought it would be a good time to let you all know that I’m still here,I rarely post now because of health issues and losing most of the posters who were the main reason I came on here.



    I hope that the Huns get the conviction that they deserve for the way the clowns acted when they were getting gubbed at the weekend. It’s up to us to win over the next few games and drive them into more financial problems which they can’t afford to get.



    And the best news that I have read is the loss of the cheat Morales for the rest of the season,I doubt the huns will win many games with the loss of the cheater called Morales.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Getting away tickets has been a closed shop for many a year, especially when the GB turned up at CP.



    Only real chance of an away ticket was when the home team handled the tickets. Then Celtic blackmailed them by saying its more safer for Celtic to handle it, known ST holder etc. Then we created a closed shop😕

  17. troll you do not go to games



    You are a troll.



    Don’t pretend you are anything else



    I suppose like it was wi big jimmy, it’s an outlet



    You carry on being a troll.

  18. Oldtim67



    Fantastic to see you on these pages.Hope you are as well as poss my friend,great result on Sunday I bet that cheered ye.:-))




  19. Micro Marxist @ 12.36



    You claim capitalism is broken — interesting.


    You claim to be a city / Big Bang / Thatcherite bean counter — double interesting.



    I am sure you would want to expand on your analysis to take us on your economic journey.


    Hoping for some explanation on how you arrived at your opinions.



    Looking to generate some light on the subject.


    The floor is yours.



    Failing that your thoughts on PPV.

  20. MadMitch – right now, I would fancy our chances against Braga that’s for sure. Our team and squad have matured a lot these past few weeks. Defence has settled down and much less likely to give away goals as cheaply as they did earlier in the season.


    We are not likely to have much joy in the CL, which is a bit of a sadomasochistic experience for most clubs outside the top leagues, but I am optimistic that we can match the kind of results newco are getting in the last 32, last 16 of the Europa League which is where we are likely to be post Christmas.


    Newco have been solid for three years, settled team and very hard to beat at home. No reason why Ange cannot achieve something similar.

  21. Old Tim


    Was just thinking about you the other day and was about to post an enquiry when i was interrupted so, good to see you back on but not so good to hear that your health is one of the reasons for your absence. Hope to meet up sometime in The Blane Valley or elsewhere.


    In the meantime, all the very best, Dave.



  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    Old Tim



    Great to see you back on. I hope you get your health issues resolved so that we can hear from you more often.


    All the best.


    A big HH from GGH

  23. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Great to see names like Old Tim posting. Glad St Stivs still posts too.



    Would warm the heart to see a post from Big Jimmy……

  24. The Scotsman has a report today that Sky have shown 18 Sevco games so far this season and 13 of our own.



    That’s entirely in keeping with their editorial practices when it comes to Scottish football.



    I despise Sky Sports Scotland and we should be using our considerable influence to ensure a move away from them when the time comes.



    I’ve availed of the PPV service all season and will be disappointed to once again have to rely on other streams. I’d far rather contribute to the club.

  25. Oldtim67



    Hope you seen the game,was at a Celtic foundation night last Saturday,talking of you to Richie and Onemalloy,hopefully get to see you before season ends.Take very good care of yourself.:-)


    Some turnaround from last year and I bet your enjoying:-)




  26. The mention of Moreloss has me wondering what happened to the guy who was suspected/arrested/charged/prosecuted for planting the car bomb under his motor, or something like that.



    Anyone know?

  27. I’m convinced Sky bought the SPFL rights to ensure they wither on the vine, and for the primary purpose to control any domestic viewing competition to their flagship product, the EPL. Occasionally using it to fill a convenient broadcasting slot in support of the EPL programme rather than driving it as a marketable product in its own right.



    I hope the SPL have learnt their lesson, and any subsequent tender for a broadcaster will include commitments on how they will actually market and broadcast our league. Awarding a tender to a company who pays the highest fee but actually de-values your product in the long run is a false economy.

  28. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 7TH APRIL 2022 12:36 PM


    ‘Getting away tickets has been a closed shop for many a year, especially when the GB turned up at CP.’







    Don’t know what it’s like now but for away games it used to be there was always someone with a spare outside the ground. So those who made the effort to travel and took the risk of having a wasted trip had a chance to get a ticket. Which is probably as fair a system as you can get.

  29. DB @ 12.44



    The CL has been dross this year.


    Consequently opportunities to make progress are there.



    Just a case that the QF / SF stages are 75% the same old faces.


    At some point the rinse and repeat angle will kill the competition.



    It would be interesting to see the viewing figures over the past few seasons — they might be gaining traction in Asia / NA but it is not the draw it once was in Europe.



    It might be my age but I have to rely on JR to keep me up to speed.


    He made the effort to watch the Chelsea game last night — I did the dishes and provided taxi services. A bit like F1 — not the draw it once was to me.

  30. McPhail Bhoy on

    Pass to Paradise is indeed a lifeline to those who have health issues/disabled/are shielding these past 2 years. What they are also is an opportunity for those travelling from afar. I’m not talking about those in Europe/North America/Australia but those of us in Ireland which for whatever reason is thought of as the same as the person who lives on the Gallowgate, as we can’t access live Celtic TV. Travel is difficult and expensive, added to this over the past number of weeks is the whole P&O fiasco, twice the local CSC had 3 coaches booked but didn’t get a boat, what about these fans too? As for Sky, agree with the sentiment already expressed. Pass to Paradise will not affect Sky in any way, apart from v the Huns, league decide, or trophy presentation as they never show any home Celtic games out with these mentioned. It’s 2022, everywhere else in business and in sport they are trying to widen the appeal, only in the SPFL are they trying to shut it down, madness!

  31. A bit like F1 — not the draw it once was to me.






    That’s a strange one mate because last season was the best ever and this season is shaping up to be the same.

  32. A back of the bus Celtic, cowed by Scotland and its ‘media’ ( or ‘middle ground’ ) where most of us know in this country, there is no such thing.



    You have to win a game of football which Celtic and AP regularly do, (26 times) but the latest victory was again overshadowed by media menace, undiluted poison and Scotlands continual shame, who for some inexplicable reason implicate you and I ?



    There seems to be no end to the controversy from George Square or bouncy along the squinty bridge, this new club remains out of control unrecognising the league sponsor or the general rule of law. Rest assured the locus will swing very quickly to the Kings Park end of Hampden in a few weeks time, where ‘old firmary’ will again deflect an impotent board of directors who might thumbs up a game in Oz, or Rory Bremner some pi*hy media tweets which merely mock what our club has faced since Rainjurz died, let alone why they died, or why nobody seems to have secured their lid.



    Increasing the season ticket price is inevitable, players being bombarded with objects from all four sides of Poundland in Govan, without comment, let alone retribution won’t do, its time for Celtic to change it’s stance, permanently. Scott Brown was attacked ages ago nothing was done, players are regularly abused at the main door and here we are years later, sharded with glass?



    Someone needs to take control of Celtic football club and its non football political wing Ian Bankier, Brian Wilson with one or two others, just cannot do it, move along, or retire, write your memoirs. The league title, is far, from being won, Rainjurz are unscaithed and in Portugal with Scotland all behind them, re-enforcements are pencilled in.



    Captain Mainwaring CSC

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