Spinning Struth, high integrity and some great Celtic fans


It will make little difference to those who really should be paying attention.  Malcolm Murray left the Rangers International board yesterday with a statement to fans unlike anything previously heard from a departing director of a Scottish football club.  His warning is loud and clear, “Events of the last year have seen behaviour that would make the late, great, Bill Struth spin in his grave (no, he doesn’t mean the fact that all faiths are now employed at Ibrox)”.

It’ll make little difference because the groundwork has already been laid to ignore anything Malcolm Murray says by those who in previous years did the bidding of David Murray, Craig Whyte and Charles Green.  Notions of having a club “run by men of the highest integrity” don’t fit the narrative, talk of “mysterious individuals” will not be heard.

We’re now watching the equivalent of the opening scenes of Police Academy 4, the same farce will unfold with increasingly less interest from the wider world.

I know lots of good Celtic fans, lots and lots of them. Respect today to those who buy Overseas Season Tickets, meaning they can attend five games per season, but they buy tickets to 16 games for underprivileged supporters.

We are part of a genuinely incredible body of people. Stories like this simply don’t happen elsewhere. If you’re part of ‘the programme’, well done.

Just checked, Police Academy 4 was subtitled ‘Citizens on Patrol’. If only!!
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    Just nipped onto the blog to say….






    Hanging around till the eve of the twelfth,sounds like my kinda guy…..

  2. HT



    Where’s my fekn book ?Mind I go on holiday in September.


    Give Calton Tongues a wee phone I have passed Bar67 a


    few times this week and he hasn’t been outside.






    Raki is well named…hasn’t got the same inviting ring as Courvoisier(googled spelling)



    Saying that any port in a storm :O)



    hail hail to you two fine gentlemhen.


    Well done,HAMILTON TIM.



    My office in Oxford has blocked all external signals_I couldnae remember my password in time.




  4. Boabpunter



    When suits you and I’ll drop it off. Not stopping the car though, it’s rough in ol Halfway!!

  5. Bould Bhoys



    Congratulations mhate…..I hope the birth of your wee son will quieten you down


    a bit.



    naechance c.s.c hh

  6. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:04 on 11 July, 2013


    Well done,HAMILTON TIM.



    My office in Oxford has blocked all external signals_I couldnae remember my password in time.









    Strange password.

  7. HT



    Rough in ole Halfway? Funnily in enough in all my time passing through


    the place I haven’t seen any trouble…and luckily enough I haven’t received


    a speeding ticket.



    Give me a text when your passing through the season whilst picking up yer


    daft pal fae up the road :O)hh

  8. A question of perseverence.


    Should Kev J and Sydney Tim ever meet up and given the ammount of negativity that would be unleashed.


    Which one of them would be last man standing

  9. HT



    BMCUWP’s password ….funnily enough he keeps a mirror next his laptop


    as a reminder.


    Don’t ask me why anyone from Kilwinkie would keep a looking glass .

  10. Clink\o/



    Kev J is Jimmy Clitheroe next to ole SidTim’s Clint Eastwood in a poncho.

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Police Academy 4 – nice one, Paul ! :-)



    HT – taking advantage of the long summer break, I see. How’s the orienteering coming along…?! ;-)




  12. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Apparently our hero Craigy was regaled with cries of ” scum” and “crook” when he appeared at Inverness Sheriff Court this morning.




  13. VP



    I’ll text you and drop it off in the next few days auld yin.







  14. Paul67



    “I hope to be the only chairman in our history to preside over a Third Division title!”



    If that is not the equivalent of a Tsunami warning for the zombies then I don’t know what is.

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    clink \o/. From my recollection of basic arithmetic, two negatives make a positive.

  16. T4.


    For a bhoy who has completed the west Highland way im sure a 14 mile trek is nothing to HT..

  17. auldheid



    12:16 on 11 July, 2013STKJThere are three main personality types. The Thinkers. The Feelers and The Doers.Im a Thinker/Doer who recognises that whilst I do not believe what I or others feel is in fact real, no matter how real it feels to them, those feelings come from somewhere and represent reality to the Feelers and those feelings should not be dismissed but explored.That is how I think with my thinking head on (Worzel stuff). With my feeling head on as happens occasionally I get annoyed that Feelers do not explore the cause of those feelings enough.But when I say annoyed, I am not so much annoyed at them but at what I FEELthey are missing and that is life is absolutey incredible and whoever designed it is a better judge of reality than I or any of us are.


    Once you understand better what makes folk tick you come to appreciate there is really nothing to get annoyed about and that everything is going to plan.

  18. lol!



    Sevco will be unseeded when the first


    round draw of the League Cup takes place at


    Hampden tomorrow.


    And that means they will draw one of the 10


    First Division sides or the top five in the


    Second Division from last season.


    The draw takes place at 2.30pm with the first


    round scheduled to take place on Saturday,


    August 3 – a week before the beginning of the


    league campaign.


    So Rangers will face one of the following:


    Partick Thistle, Morton, Falkirk, Livingston,


    Hamilton, Raith, Dumbarton, Cowdenbeath,


    Dunfermline, Airdrie, Queen of the South, Alloa,


    Brechin, Forfar, Arbroath.

  19. BT



    Not when you have three greeting weans in tow!! :-)))



    Right, offski stuff to do.

  20. ‘McCoist plea to board over Mohsni cash’



    I suppose it all depends on whether there is a leccy bill or not…

  21. .





    12:12 on


    11 July, 2013


    A question of perseverence.


    Should Kev J and Sydney Tim ever meet up and given the ammount of negativity that would be unleashed.


    Which one of them would be last man standing






    It Would be Ole KevJungle 100%..for Last Man Standing..



    Mrs SydneyTim only lets Him out till 9pm where MrsKevJungle is alaways telling Him to Get the Feck..Off Oot..



    Summa of SydneyJungleCSC

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    SydneyTim 11:55 on 11 July, 2013



    “How many players have we signed and how long and much money will be wasted before another Vic comes along”



    That’s life following a football team.



    The club is still here. And will always survive the departure of our top players.

  23. It would be naive to assume there has never been any match fixing in the Scottish game. Just ask Chris Sutton…



    The Spanish league has opened an investigation into a second-division match between Racing Santander and Hercules for possible match-fixing.

  24. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    I think The Hangover 3 is an apt comparison on the habitual and wearying events at Ibrox.

  25. Why will Snyde not admit he is a rangers fan who smashed up a toilet at Celtic park?



    Radio Clyde News @RadioClydeNews


    Police officer Samuel Johnston has appeared in court charged with smashing up the toilets at an Old Firm game in April 2012.

  26. tommytwiststommyturns on

    SSN yet again talking up Sevco’s showing during their wee Highland tour. You could be mistaken for thinking that Sky want to sell some sports packages!




  27. South Of Tunis on

    Disappointed to have missed this —-



    Man from Yorkshire who lives in my wee part of the world , related this .



    Went to Siracusa to buy a pair of sandals .



    Got the sandals and nipped into a bar for a caffe freddo .



    Old school style bar . You tell the person at the till what you want , they tell you how much and give you a receipt to give to the guy behind the bar who then gives what you have paid for .



    He has gone through the necessary rigmarole and is now sitting at the bar with a fab caffe freddo.[ with added granita]



    Cue arrival of an elderly English couple . They don’t know about the rigmarole so head straight for the bar and ask for -” a pot of Darjeeling leaf tea for two please ”



    Guy behind the bar points them in the direction of the till . Cue the order for tea being repeated , much more loudly . Man behind the bar doesn’t understand



    Man from Yorkshire decides to help out and intervenes —- he explains how to order and tells the couple to forget the Darjeeling loose leaf tea —no chance — Maybe you’d like something else . Couple thought about it and decided on ——-



    ” 2 Ginger Beer and Lime ”



    Man from Yorkshire said —– Mmm -not here .. ..and got this in return .



    ” We English are mugs—– you can easily buy things like pizza and spaghetti in England . It’s so unfair “.



    Hot —beach time -way down south

  28. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am looking forward to Fridays game and to see how we line up. I hope that we can restore some pride in our performance. I am also hopeful that some of the money raised from the sale of big Victor is used to increase the contracts of some of our players including Gary Hooper.H.H.

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