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  1. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Pod i


    20:37 on


    3 April, 2015


    Is Paul67 pished?





    Good Friday is a day of fast and abstinence,hic hic


    hail hail the canteen Catholics

  2. thetimreaper





    I was thinking the exact same. We are missing Nir and SJ has been less effective without him.



    Changes by the 60th minute at the latest.

  3. Thunder Road on




    Sorry for the loss of your uncle.



    Have that greet…..it shows just how much he meant.

  4. CowieBhoy, you go to a shop and buy an iPad, that will improve the picture:-)



    Thought you had one?

  5. Captain Beefheart on

    We used to have Hooper. Now we have Stokes. That worked out well.


    Give our Serb Celt a chance the next time we play.

  6. mike in toronto on

    Noticed a few time tonight and in recent games … when Denayer gets pulled out wide, and is one on one with the attacker, how infrequently he allows the cross to be played into the box… that kid is the real deal.



    Compare that to AM and EI, and how often they allow the wingers to get their crosses in ….



    Really hope that we can hold on to Denayer for another season …. if ML isn’t going to be fit to play, we need an upgrade at both fullback positions (although I would give young Darnell a run …)

  7. Commons with 2 great chances and really should have scored both.


    St Mirren are poor I’m sure we will pick them off in the 2nd half.


    Armstrong, Stokes & Forrest quiet.


    Need more from them in the 2nd half if they’re still on.



    Onwards and upwards

  8. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Cowiebhoy 20:38



    I am watching on one of these android boxes How do you improve quality of picture ?



    GMS on for JF, LG for AS and Bitton on too !

  9. syd negakev



    20:35 on 3 April, 2015


    Griffiths has had plenty of time to flatten out the red and silver wrapper and make sure all the wrinkles are out of it.





  10. Very flat performance.



    Armstrong and as usual Forrest, not very good.



    Stokes has had no service.



    Day sumthin Ronny!



    Actually Forrest is pish. Nay fight, nay strength, nay nuthin’!



    Otherwise he’s da’in fine.

  11. HT St Mirren 0-0 Celtic



    Well, that’s 45 mins we are not going to get back. What a disappointment. My hopes for a good game sank when I saw Stokes and Forrest in the line-up. We never play well when both these guys start. As I expected both have contributed nothing. We made two very similar chances through the middle of their defense but both Commons and Forrest displayed poor finishing.



    Hopefully Ronny makes some changes.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    do the slitty eyes thing by pulling your temples back. You can adjust the quality with the pressure.




  13. Thunder Road on

    very strong bench?



    Just as well cos the griff is putting it to the test with the teacakes!

  14. ***We have a winner***



    Bob Loblaw very very closely followed by the huddle.



    Given the joint time frame Both are presented with a coveted coconut.



    Easier than I thought it would seem.

  15. Right Doc



    Android connected to the 55″ LG Smart TV, not a great quality picture, so how do you improve this ?



    IPad for posting



    Roaster :-) birthday or not

  16. Burgas Hoops on



    20:38 on


    3 April, 2015


    I am watching on one of these android boxes



    How do you improve quality of picture ?







    . You need to go through your menu and do a screen calibration. This lines up all three of your colors(red,green, blue) If they are off, it will be blurry.

  17. Not sure why the commentator mentioned the tea cake and nutrition, most sports teams who need instant energy use ‘junk food’ to get sugar as quickly a possible into the blood stream. Celtic supplied industrial packets of jelly babies in the dressing room and to my knowledge still do .

  18. Cathedral View on

    Stokes has been playing very well wide left as a foil for Izzy this season. He’s not having his best game so far tonight.



    GMS for Forrest seems a natural sub to make and Griff or Guid on during the second half.



    We need to keep Commons on until he scores as I’ve taken him first scorer tonight.





  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Griffiths to be investigated by compliance officer for eating a Tunnocks tea cake

  20. Cowiebhoy



    Android connected to the 55″ LG Smart TV, not a great quality picture, so how do you improve this ?




    You can’t improve it, the quality is determined by the internet and who/which site is streaming the game.



    If you are watching a Flash Site then the quality will always be low.



    If you are using a torrent type streaming then it should be better quality.

  21. mungolian bhoy on

    If Gary m steven comes on he will make a difference. He is champin at the bit.

  22. nye bevans’ rebel soldier



    20:37 on 3 April, 2015


    There are other teacakes available!!!!!!!!!!




    Indeed! Lees produce an excellent product in Coatbridge! Or have they left that unrepentant enclave of my youth? Ill ask my mammy when I see her tomorrow….



    Between them, Lees and Tunnocks must use 90% of the worlds desiccated coconut. North and South Lanarkshire councils should consider a joint Desiccated Coconut Museum.




  23. Ronny deila definitely has a liking for stokes . Can’t see what he see,s in him at all . But hope he proves me wrong .