Summer business underway as Fojut signed


Celtic tied-up their first piece of business for the summer 2012 transfer window this afternoon by securing Polish central defender, Jaroslaw Fojut, 24, on a pre-contract.  Jaroslaw moved to England straight from school to join Bolton Wanderers, who he made two appearances for, before spending short loan periods at Luton and Stockport.

He moved back to Poland as a 21-year-old and has become a popular player at Polish league leaders, Slask Wroclaw, who knocked Dundee United out of the Europa League qualifying rounds this season in their first European football adventure in 40 years.

I hear he is a solid defender who commands the air well and who is likely to have his best years ahead of him.

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  1. Why, when it is the public that have been defrauded, why can’t the public be allowed into the court? What is there to hide really. Surely it is in the intersets of both the public and the courts to have this hearing as transparent as is possible. Has any red-top or quality (sic) broad sheet done an expose yet on the football affiliations of the three judges?

  2. GoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD









    It’s a better day in the Costa…………………………………………..



    10 knots of wind from the north, and should make 17deg




  3. Tom McLaughlin on

    Ok, going by popular CQN opinion, I reckon I got that wrong. The tribunal resumed on Monday.



    Even better.

  4. Good morning from a dull but dry George St in Edinburgh, fecking hate driving in this city, road layout changed once again.


    Anyone know where the FTT is being held, might take a wee pop round. If I can find a place to park!!!!!



    Diawara to Seville, done deal?




  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



    Almost forgot………………………………



    Have the huns gone bust yet….




  6. I see there seems to be no likelihood that we will buy our goalkeeper just now. I think that should be a priority NOW. He might well sign for someone else in the summer, who will be able to offer him better money.



    I have never met him but we actually walked down the street together going to the King’s Theatre to watch the Johnny Thompson Story. I wasn’t too sure it was him; so, I didn’t try and make conversation but he struck me as a big, quiet gentle lhad, very unlike your usual footballer. He now seems to be gaining the self-belief and confidence so essential in a top class player.

  7. In an effort to raise some cash Craig Whyte has released his own version of Dolly Parton’s D-I-V-O-R-C-E.



    Take it away, Craig….



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    Our H-M-R-C-F-T-T becomes final today


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    Oh, I wish that we could stop this H-M-R-C-F-T-T

  8. Parkheadcumsalford



    the deal for Foster is already agreed at £2m if we want him no point paying early

  9. Before I hear that your papers say :He told us.


    The only interview that Foyoot gave. This is from Polish newspaper.



    “When turned out that Celtic are interested in me I knew we can agree a deal.


    – Were the financial conditions you got from Celtic that persuade to make a deal with them?


    JF. When you get the offer from such club, you don’t consider how much money you can get from them. You look at your dreams and see that they happen to come true when you sign the contract.


    -How the transfer to that big club is happening?


    JF. I have representatives in Poland and Germany. I have representavive who is my agent in Great Britain. Everything went well without my participation.


    -Everybody is surprised, including your teammates from Śląsk. You told nothing to anybody.


    JF. I made it all the Śląsk Wrocław way. They say nothing about who they want to buy. They inform people when the deal is done. I had good offer from Śląsk. Śląsk owners made enough good to keep me in the club.”





    Aye,mate,I know.



    There’s cheating on a big scale aand cheating on a small scale.



    The big guys get an accountant or two to do it,so that’s alright then.



    On a related subject…..



    I noticed that HMRC reported their biggest ever take for NI and Income Tax.



    So much for the scare stories about the outflow of high-earners if the 50% band was introduced.



    Greedy lying toerags.

  11. ASonOfDan & Palacio67



    The most annoying thing (if true) about the Diawara to Seville deal is that reports have him moving for only £3M!


    If true someone should be getting their books.





    /Bishop B

  12. No [ English]Wikipedia today – could be a good day to set a quiz ;/)



    I did see EvilWebmaster Lenny Murdoch and Evil Webmistress Tracy Barlow trying to bus in some e-Scabs over the virtual picket lines.

  13. Just read a newspaper report on the SFA’s action against Hearts. It contains a quote from an SFA source:



    “The issue is that clubs must live within their means. Any that don’t enjoy an unfair advantage.”




  14. Taken from Wiki two minutes ago. A wee education for some lurkers…



    The City of London Police is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement within the City of London, England, including the Middle and Inner Temple. The service responsible for law enforcement within the rest of Greater London is the Metropolitan Police Service, a separate organisation. The City of London, which is now primarily a financial centre with a small resident population but a large commuting workforce, is the historic core of London, and has an administrative history distinct from that of the rest of the metropolis, of which its separate police force is one manifestation.



    Nationally, as a result of the Fraud Review 2008 the force was recognised as the lead police force for fraud and granted funding from government to further develop its capabilities nationally and internationally.[3] The police authority is the Common Council of the City, and unlike other territorial forces in England there will not be an elected commissioner replacing that police authority by way of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.[4]



    With around 1,200 employees, including 813 police officers, 85 Special Constables, 48 PCSOs and three police stations (located in Snow Hill, Wood Street and Bishopsgate), the City of London Police is the smallest territorial police force in England and Wales, both in terms of geographic area – the square mile centre of London – and the number of police officers.[2] The Commissioner since December 2010 is Adrian Leppard, QPM, formerly Deputy Chief Constable of Kent Police.



    The City of London area has a resident population of 8,043 with 4,421 households. These numbers are increased by the daily influx of approximately 300,000 commuters working in the City, with an additional 300,000 cars passing through the square mile a day, along with thousands of tourists.[5]



    History of policing in the City



    Policing in the City of London has existed since Roman times. Wood Street Police Station, the current headquarters of the City Police, is built on part of the site of a Roman fortress, which may have housed some of the first police in the City.[6]


    Prior to 1839, the responsibility for policing in the City was divided between day and night, primarily under the two Sheriffs. It was these officers responsible for ensuring the Night Watch was maintained. Policing during the day eventually came under the City Patrol, which evolved into the City Day Police, which was modelled on the Metropolitan Police. In 1838, the Day Police and Night Watch were merged into a single organisation. The passing of the City of London Police Act 1839 gave statutory approval to the force as an independent police body, heading off attempts made to merge it with the Metropolitan Police.[7]



    During 1842, the City Police moved its headquarters from Corporation’s Guildhall to 26 Old Jewry, where it remained until it was relocated to Wood Street in 2002.[6]


    [edit] Organisation


    The City Police is organised into five Basic Command Units:[8]


    • Economic Crime Directorate


    • Counter Terrorism and Serious Crime Directorate


    • Specialist Support Directorate


    • Territorial Policing Directorate


    • Corporate Services Directorate


    Because of the City’s role as a world financial centre, the City of London Police has developed a great deal of expertise in dealing with fraud and “is the acknowledged lead force within the UK for economic crime investigation.”[9] The Economic Crime Directorate includes the Fraud Squad, the Cheque and Credit Card Unit, the Money Laundering Investigation Unit, the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit, the Fraud Intelligence Development Team and the Overseas Corruption Unit.[10]




    I see they pulled the recent FTP thread from a popular Rangers site, it was quite nasty, I’m surprised the Strathclyde Police haven’t followed up on it. It took me all of a minute to confirm its contents even after it had been pulled. And I’m no a cop.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Here is a link to the Tribunal website where the verdict will be published.



    Scroll down and you can see a list – starting with the most recent – of all cases since April 2003.



    Click on any one and you will be shown the details of the case and a link to a PDF which you can then open to read the verdict in its entirety.



    So I suppose, from tomorrow, all we need do is look for new entries, open it and see if it is the one. Sooner or later you will hit the jackpot.



    Happy hunting.

  16. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    18 January, 2012 at 08:51




    I don’t believe the punishment will be too severe (Hope it is though). They will be scared of


    Mad Vlad going for the jugular asking more questions about Dignitys dealings.


    Cmon Vlad you know you want to.




  17. 6 to 8 weeks before you’ll get a verdict or so they say. Weren’t you giving out just recently how much the RTC bored you rigid?



    Volte-face is all the rage.

  18. Regarding the depth of squad required, I feel we need to experienced Pros for each position (based on the 4-4-2 system) with the exception of Goalie where we need 3.



    A squad size of 23 with the U19s joining them. Anything bigger would just be a waste of resources.



    My squad for next year as it stands



    GK – Forster, ?????? & ???????



    RB- Matthews & Lustig



    LB – Izzy & ??????



    CB – Wilson, Rogne, Mulgrew & Fojut



    LM – Commons & Samaras



    RM – Forrest & Brown



    CM – Kayal, Wanyama, Ledley & Ki



    CF – Stokes, Hooper, ?????? & ???????



    I’d let Mark Wilson, Loovens, Big Dan, Zaluska, Cha & McCourt go! Have I missed anybody? I’m also assuming that some of the players in my list above will also go as is the nature if things. But as long as we sign a couple of quality players instead of several OK players I’ll be happy.

  19. Tom McLaughlin says:


    18 January, 2012 at 09:11


    Kittoch –



    Is FF on loan till the end of the season?






    Yes all signed he is ours if we want him, transfer fee, wages everything agreed and ready to go, all we have to do is pay. FF feels like one of the bhoys he knows if he carries on in this form he is here to stay.

  20. Tom McLaughlin says:


    18 January, 2012 at 09:11


    Kittoch –



    Is FF on loan till the end of the season?






    Yes mate year long loan with a £2M clause, so we could taken him now or at the end of season for this.


    Not sure what would happen if say another club came in with a higher offer, so IMHO it would probably make sense to sign him now at that price instead of risk being gazumpted in the summer.





    /Bishop B

  21. Tom McLaughlin on

    Len Brennan –



    I knew about the 2m fee, but thought he was on loan only until this window.



    The 2m means that Celtic get first option to buy at that price. If another club offers more, it makes no difference, unless Celtic decide not to buy, or the player decides he’d prefer to go to the other club.



    So if Celtic decide to buy at 2m and FF agrees to sign, they cannot be gazumped by any other club.

  22. Tom McLaughlin says:


    18 January, 2012 at 09:16


    Rangers tax case latest









    What does it say, can’t access it?

  23. Tom McLaughlin says:


    18 January, 2012 at 09:25



    Only mentioned the possible gazumping based on the fact that we “supposedly” had first option on Diawara based on an agreement between the two clubs and look what happened there.


    I know it’s different as FF is on loan but I think this demonstrates how fickle these dealings can be





    /Bishop B

  24. Tom McLaughlin on

    greenjedi –



    As dawn breaks over Edinburgh this morning, The Rangers Football Club plc, will see its last sunrise in a world where it can influence its own fate. By this evening, the future of the famous football club shall lie in the hands of three tribunal judges. If this case finally concludes today (as I believe, and hope, it will), the clock will start ticking down to the decision that will see Rangers released victorious to thrive again or suffocated with by unpayable debt.



    The waiting time for the outcome shall depend upon how much work the judges have prepared in advance of the final days’ summations. If they have written up their findings of fact in advance of this week, a decision might come within a matter of a few weeks. (Following tribunal process, both sides have presented their versions of the facts of the case in previous sessions). Much more likely, given the volume of evidence presented, is that Rangers’ fate will not be known until late March or early April. In fact, there is no deadline on when a result must be published. A few exceptional decisions have taken over a year to be released.



    As the Scottish media and Rangers’ own supporters slowly wake up to the seriousness of the danger, it is worth revisiting the efforts expended to deflect and deny that this story was even true. Following fast on the heels of the News of The World (RIP) story that HMRC were planning an attack on “Scottish football clubs”, Darrell King of The Herald and Evening Times published details (delayed to avoid possibly derailing league victory) that Rangers were the specific club being targeted. Despite getting the basic facts correct, King’s newspapers were forced into humiliating retractions. With his wings clipped, he avoiding discussing the subject until very recently.



    Rangers’ Chairman at the time, Alastair Johnston, cunningly mislead fans and shareholders in media releases and at Rangers’ AGM in 2010. While his statements were not inaccurate in the strictest sense, they were designed to give the impression that the tax issue was a matter for the club’s parent company and that “‘I do not think it should be a material concern for us“.



    The subject was then dropped. For Scotland’s famously craven and incompetent sports hacks, it was business as usual. They reprinted PR-firm lies in return for access to transfer trivia. Any attempt to discuss the tax case in public fora was met with either derision or “may I remind you that we are a live broadcast“. If there is a legal barrier to commentary, it seems to apply only in Govan- as the media’s frequent flaying of Hearts’ owner continues to demonstrate. The most important story in the history of Scottish football was ignored and left to die. For the general public, the attitude to the tax case could be summed up as: ”If there was any truth in this story, the newspapers would be all over it“.



    The inspiration to start this blog was my incredulity at the degree to which the Scottish media had been co-opted. Sitting quietly in possession of the truth about what was happening, I could not believe that this story had not found a single champion inside the reporting establishment. At least fifty people, in seven or eight organisations, knew what I knew. In a city where the faintest whiff of a story involving either Rangers or Celtic is relayed like a shock-wave, that no one was talking seemed remarkable. Then I realised why- no one trusted the hacks.



    The people with access to the facts of this story are no mugs. We all understood the tight-knit corrupt ‘clubbyness’ of those within the sports media-Rangers axis. Promises of confidentiality would be breached for a glass of burgundy and a plate of succulent-lamb. Gossip traded over too many whiskys could ruin your career. No one in their right mind would talk to an establishment reporter for fear of being burned by in return for an “exclusive” on which foreign superstar was being tracked by the Ibrox club. (Darrell King was fed his story in April 2010 by Rangers’ director Dave King who was trying to launch his own bid to buy the club, coincidentally enough, for £18m for the debt + £1 for the shares. So it hardly counts as socking a blow against ‘The Man’).



    When any facet of society is able to conduct its business beyond public questioning corruption follows. The sloth of the sporting wing of the journalism profession in Scotland has played a large role in bringing our national game to this point. In the next 12 months, it is more likely than not that two of the three largest clubs in the country will file for insolvency.



    As a Celtic supporter, I fall prey to the occasional bout of Schadenfreude over Rangers’ misfortunes. It is the very essence of the rivalry between supporters of these clubs: no quarter asked, none given. One of best aspects of this blog is the way in which articulate and reasonable fans from both sides (and even a few others) can have an online discussion that does not degenerate into sectarian bile hurling. However, my contempt for what passes for a sports journalist in Scotland today has grown to the point where Rangers are almost a side-issue. Ill-informed, arrogant, and lazy, they have failed to do their jobs. I doubt that any of them dreamt of copying-and-pasting transparent lies for corporate interests when they made their career choice. However, they sold their souls for an easy life. For them, no worrying about cultivating contacts or having to have an original thought. I wonder how they face the mirror in the morning.



    We will find out Rangers’ fate soon enough. If, as I expect, that the tribunal will find heavily against Rangers, the inquest and recriminations should begin. It is unlikely that much blame will find its way to the right places. Already the media pack are already working hard to narrow down the options for remedy: the only game in town appears to be that a newco-Rangers must be allowed immediate and free entry to the Scottish Premier League. Scotland’s football journalists will brook no discussion about anything that threatens their gravy-train.

  25. Morning CQNer’s.


    I would just like to say that I hope the huns death-knell is almost upon them but, I wouldn’t count my chickens! Especially in this nice little country where, and a lot of ghuys/ghirls don’t seem to get this or, seem to overlook the fact that…The huns ARE Scotland, Scotland IS the huns!



    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hun/establishment ‘dark-arts’ dept, pull some sordid deal out of one of their ‘secret’ enclaves ?



    Hugh Keevins took a pounding for his performance on the Clyde phone-in the other night but, he did shed some light on something that seems to have been ignored….that is the fact that, Celtic FC/PLC WILL vote for the huns/newco to be reinstated in the SPL.



    I have spent a lot of time on here and elsewhere expressing my disappointment of the recent performances of the Celtic PLC board and, been roundly battered for it! Thats all btw. What is important is that, the stand taken by the Celtic board re: The hun extention to the season in 2007/8 where, PL said that it was important that the ‘integrity’ of the compitition should not be compromised!



    The boards spirit of 2008 will get them through the carnival of events in our immediate midst! IMO!



    The board must not be seen to endorse cheating on a grand scale or, it could prove to be the PLC/boards end-game ?



    Hail! Hail!



    “Keep Lenny and, Sack The PLC/Board Now!” CSC.

  26. KevJungle – “The Jungle Live’s On Through The Green Brigade!” says:


    18 January, 2012 at 09:37



    I think you’re wrong. They’ll vote against safe in the knowledge that they’ll be ‘over-ruled’ by the majority. It’s what follows that, that will demonstrate the boards true position.

  27. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Great post Tom,



    I hope those interested in the new media, establishments like the Press Complaints Commission and academic journalists read and heed your post, excellent.



    Hail Hail

  28. Tom McLaughlin on

    Kevin –



    Can’t you understand that you are yet again slaughtering the board for something they haven’t done yet, and may not do? You say it is true because Hugh Keevins said it is so.



    That’s why you have been brought to task in the past.