Sunday: developing players and building a team


The truth is, football is not always exhilarating.  If we were two points off the pace going into yesterday’s Premiership game, all sorts of dramas would have taken place, but with an 8 point lead and a game in hand, there was no conceivable jeopardy.

Instead of contesting for all three points with his strongest available team, Brendan Rodgers chose to rest limbs ahead of the trip to St Petersburg, where he will attempt to defend a one goal lead.  This was, without shadow of a doubt, the correct course of action.  There are few enough advantages of playing in a weaker league, being able to rest players before a European game is the principle benefit.

Brendan also has developmental considerations.  Jack Hendry, Calvin Miller, Odsonne Edouard and Charly Musonda will all gain  from game time in the first team.  The expectations when playing for Celtic are uniquely onerous, these four young players will learn that from occasions like yesterday.

We came through a unique season last term.  The treble was won with a procession of brilliance, but our European endeavours ended in at the Champions League group stage.  If you look at the league table, you might be tempted to assume there is clear evidence that we are weaker now than a year ago, but the jury is out on that question.  If we progress to the Europa League last 16 on Thursday evening, Brendan’s second season will be set to eclipse his first.  This is perhaps a consequence of enduring some afternoons like yesterday.

Developing great footballers, building great teams, is not a linear process.  It takes time and patience.  Don’t bet against this squad delivering another treble and a European run which extends into the light nights.

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  1. “Unless someone walks in with a big barrowload, he will be a Rangers player,”



    “I want players who have aspirations to be in a better place.”



    Graeme Murty 24/01/18

  2. Found this when cleaning up my computer…. brill !





    Exclusive Revealed Rangers’ Secret Stadium Blueprint


    A TOP secret plan to demolish and rebuild Ibrox in a sensational s700million scheme can be revealed today.


    The club’s famous stadium would even be given a new name when it reopens with a 70,000 capacity.


    Confidential blueprints for the stunning development, which includes a radical transformation of the ground and the surrounding neighbourhood – are being studied by chairman Sir David Murray. The plans include: A revolutionary pitch where the turf can be lifted and stored outside the stadium, allowing other major sporting events and concerts to be staged.


    A huge hotel and retail development built around the ground in Glasgow’s Govan.


    A massive increase in the stadium’s capacity, with fans enjoying clearer views because of the futuristic design.


    Sources say the club will ask to play home games at Hampden for two seasons while the s700million project becomes reality.


    The New Ibrox plan would also give naming rights to a major corporate sponsor – similar to London giant Arsenal’s deal with Emirates airlines that included the renaming of the club’s new ground.


    Murray last night confirmed the stunning project was being scrutinised with an announcement expected soon.


    In a statement, he said: “We are analysing a variety of proposals along with development of the existing outline planning for Hinshelwood.


    “There are three strategies – one which includes the total rebuilding of Ibrox Stadium with the retention of the brick facade.


    “Full details will be announced at the appropriate time.”


    The rebuilt stadium would be based on state-of-the-art Japanese and Korean grounds built for the 2002 World Cup.


    The “hovering” playing surface can be kept outside Ibrox when no games are being played – inspired by Japan’s stunning Sapporo dome, which hosted England’s match against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup.


    It would give Ibrox greater flexibility in hosting other sporting events and major rock concerts.


    There is strong interest – mostly from overseas – from potential sponsors of the stadium’s name.


    The New Ibrox plan would see the stadium capacity rise by 20,000 – making it bigger than Celtic Park by 10,000.


    It would also make it bigger than Hampden by 17,000 seats.


    Ibrox would become the second biggest club ground in Britain, behind only Manchester United’s Old Trafford.


    It would dwarf Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Newcastle’s St James Park and Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.


    A 40-acre area surrounding the ground including Hinshelwood would be transformed into an Ibrox “village” featuring at least one hotel, luxury apartments, conference facilities, restaurants and shops.


    The template is Stamford Bridge which is surrounded by a similar “Chelsea village” owned by the club.


    One aspect that will be retained is the stadium’s famous red brick facade on Ibrox’s Edmiston drive – designed by legendary architect Archibald Leitch.


    The listed facade is one of the most instantly recognisable fronts in European football.


    It would remain a centrepiece of any new stadium but all the stands would be bulldozed then rebuilt in a “bowl” shape.


    The car park would also be developed and there would be new housing to replace some of the rundown flats close to the ground – many of which are now derelict and boarded up. Local people and businesses are desperate for a project to regenerate the area.


    The major advantage the plan would give Rangers is a massive boost to their revenue as well as new major investment.


    An insider said: “There have been some incredible transformations at Ibrox including significant changes to the stadium as it exists just now. But this is bigger than anything that has happened in the last 20 years – it is massive and takes Rangers into the next century.


    “It will be the biggest change made to Ibrox since the stadium was first rebuilt as an all-seater ground after the Ibrox disaster.


    “Rangers would have the biggest stadium in Scotland for the first time in more than a decade. It would allow them to compete for the biggest rock concerts.


    “This blueprint would transform not just the stadium but the city.


    “The whole thing would complete the transformation of Glasgow’s south side. linking Ibrox to the changes which have been made at Pacific Quay where the new BBC Scotland headquarters is.”


    The new plan grew from the embers of Rangers’ hopes to be awarded the first regional casino.


    The casino instead went to Manchester in January last year.


    At the time, Rangers chief executive Martin Bain said of the Ibrox area: “The site is crying out for regeneration.”


    If Rangers go ahead with the plan they would be effectively homeless for two seasons. And the most likely solution would be for the club to rent the national stadium at Hampden for two years.


    There have been no talks with the SFA but it’s likely that a deal could be struck easily.


    Celtic played at Hampden for a year while Celtic Park was redeveloped in the 1994/95 season.





  3. DANSO_1888 on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 4:06 PM



    the sevco are coming be afraid very afraid ha ha ha ha



    *do not jest, he who laughs last. didn’t we all laugh when the uglies stormed hades screaming they deserve better, oh aye that was funny until 3 titles later.

  4. “I don’t care what they’ve said. I’ve just told you categorically, in front of the camera, when this interview finishes, I will show you an email where we are invited to go to Dallas Cowboys. The email came in three days ago.” (He never produced the email).



    Chortles Green

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 4:39 PM


    How’s that tie in thingy with The Dallas Cowboys coming along?



    Ones got a job at UEFA , Jr is still reffing.

  6. Walking a mile in another man’s shoes? Speak to me. I’ve probably walked a thousand miles in another man’s shoes….. and not just his shoes, his gutties and his fitba boots.



    My big brothers hand me downs when I was growing up!!



    Fortunately, I grew bigger than him so the practice stopped at about 15 years old.

  7. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    ADI_DASLER on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 4:32 PM



    Great to read that again. Half-expected the byline to read JK Rowling.



    And yet, in the midst of such acid-head fantasy literature, one line is clearly forged on the anvil of truth:



    “There have been no talks with the SFA but it’s likely that a deal could be struck easily.”

  8. KCVIC



    Interesting stats, however…………………….they don’t mean much as for example, Beaton yesterday allowed St J to foul without giving Celtic a foul and awarded fouls to St J that just were not fouls.



    Onwards and upwards…………….

  9. Strange thing is about Brother Beaton, he was the ref in the game when we spanked them at the bigot dome and he was as fair as I have ever seen a hun ref be in a game against them, obviously the call to arms has gone in.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    !!BADA BING!! on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 5:49 PM




    Hi there !!BADA BING!!



    Interested to hear your anecdote / views re: Andy Roxburgh, whenever you have the time?



    PS – wasn’t meaning he was part of the subsequent masonic cabal, just that the football under him was dull as dishwater – an over-reaction to the exciting failure to Win the World Cup in Argentina – Scotland lost all sparkle after that.






  11. Euro Refs,


    8 metres is equal to (nearly) 10 yards.


    Give me Euro refs over Scottish cheats every day of the week. If we had had European refs in all our games, we’d be a lot closer to having title #7 closed out.

  12. 16 ROADS – CELTIC ÜBER ALLES… on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 1:53 PM



    Wonder if CQN could hold a vote for the supporters asking one question only – would you prefer to win the Europa League this season or the SPFL title?










    TEN in a row is everything; The ultimate victory of a generation raised on the Hun triumphalism of Murray, Souness and Smith.



    Destroy their historical claims, set unsurpassable domestic records that will sicken every last one of the Scottish establishment goat-pumping cabals and marching tango twats.



    Anyone who wants anything else is just a glory-hunting entitled snowflake.




  13. Jock Stein said ” as long as you are kingpins in your own midden anything you get in Europe is a bonus”.



    League for me.

  14. GER57



    Yes i would still have squad of 20 maybe 23 at a push.



    Would ralston be worse than gamboa?


    Would heard be worse than ddv’s?


    Would atcheson be worse than Eduard?



    Not for me



    Squad is far to big and a lot of money is wasted on players who are not now or never will be good enough



    Johnny hayes ffs one million + for not a lot same goes for countless others




  15. so Aberdeen away after this round of Europa League and DeidCo away if we make the last 16. Luck of the draw or……?

  16. Sandman @ 18.07 hrs.



    How can we ever be rid of ” Old Firm” when we still judge everything in comparison with them. ?



    It’s not a criticism it’s only an observation.




  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on





    Wonder if CQN could hold a vote for the supporters asking one question only – would you prefer to win the Europa League this season or the SPFL title?






    Europa League without a hesitation.



    Europe is where we need to be long term. Winning the Europa would transform us as a club, making us a serious proposition overnight on the European stage, attracting better quality players as well as the financial benefits to sponsorship deals etc.



    It would also be hugely beneficial to us in terms of increasing our clout within the Scottish game, and/or our chances of moving out of it.



    The huns aren’t our benchmark any more; we’ve left them behind with the rotten cabal that have been propping them up for so many years. Europe is the benchmark, or at least it should be.



    But having said that, I think winning it would piss them off even more than us winning the Ten!



    !!BADA BING!! on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 5:49 PM






    Hi there !!BADA BING!!




    Interested to hear your anecdote / views re: Andy Roxburgh, whenever you have the time?



    When all my sources for Seville tickets were disappearing, i had a lightbulb moment and wrote to Andy Roxburgh, who worked for UEFA at the time.He replied within a few days, i nervously opened the letter, the word ‘unfortunately’ was in the first paragraph, and threw the letter on the floor, went for a walk, thinking i had no chance of being at the biggest game in my lifetime.When i returned, i picked the letter back up, as he had the decency to reply.It said ‘unfortunately i can’t make the game ,as i am attending a coaching seminar.I have 2 tickets, and i will give them to you on 2 conditions, do not sell them on, don’t tell anyone that i have more tickets, as i don’t, please call my PA and arrange collection of the tickets……’ I still have the letter, he presented the Best Fans Award at a European game the following season, if i knew he was at CP, i would have went to the game to personally thank him.I sent a thank you card and flowers for his PA , who couldn’t have been nicer.My Seville story…..HH

  19. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    PHILBHOY on 19TH FEBRUARY 2018 6:21 PM


    Jock Stein said ” as long as you are kingpins in your own midden anything you get in Europe is a bonus”.






    I think football has changed utterly since the great man said that.




    I agree football has changed utterly since the great man said that.



    But his comment is more pertinent today because of those changes.



    We are light years behind the top clubs in Europe with no sign of the gap closing any time soon.



    So, win the league and if we get a wee run in Europe, even a poor run in the group stages, that’s where we earn the bonus.

  21. GREENINBINGLEYINOSLO PHILBHOY you know me from our spars before im outed as a hun by the way a an altar bhoy in our lady and st josephs glenboig we have no chance in the europa league please get real win the feckin scottish league and see what happens.hh.



    I agree with you re the EL, no that we will win it mind you, but I would take it all day long, also as Greenpinata said, we really need to stop worrying about them, what will be will be.


    We are where we are cos our suits are happy with the status quo.



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