Support and paradoxical intent


I suppose it is inevitable, this far into a period of domination, that draws and defeats attract disproportionate criticism.  We are not used to defeats, recently we have not even been used to a season without a treble, so reactions to dropping five points in a week have few reference points.

In the social media era, players are not immune to what is being said about them, some of them no doubt reflecting on years of successful service behind them, who perhaps feel deserted when the call was made.

I know what you’re thinking, this is classic paradoxical intent.  We react to that which makes us anxious in a way that can only increase our anxiety.

Neil Lennon is dealing with the absence of Forrest, Edouard, Johnston, Jullien, Bitton, Elhamed and Barkas, and easing the return to fitness of Ajeti, Christie and Griffiths, while hurting at some painful results.

We travel to France tomorrow then back in the early hours of Friday before it all goes on the line, again, at Hampden on Sunday.  All while Aberdeen rest and prepare.  In these circumstances, this is a tough ask.  Tougher still without support, and I don’t mean supporters, I mean actual support.  This is a no-brainer time, circle the wagons and get back to doing what we always do.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Paul the Spark – so sorry for you, your dad and family for the loss of your mum – RIP.



    This terrible disease is causing so much despair.



    Just heard a half hour ago about a friend’s dad – a great folk musician from Airdrie – succumbed to Covid-19 yesterday. RIP Mr McCann. So many families being hit so hard.









    So sorry to read the dreadful news of your Mum’s passing.



    May she rest in peace.



    Take care.

  3. Couldn’t agree more Paul – sadly it doesn’t work that way with the new breed of Celtic supporter

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Of course we must get behind the team , it is the only choice in the here and now . The time for a long , hard look at the bigger picture can come later.

  5. Straight from big pistol petes mouth. Paul we are being systematically being downsised. Why are you doing PLs dirty work

  6. Sincere Condolences to Paul the Spark,


    The simplicity of your post was Heartbreaking.


    May your Mum Rest in Peace,


    Ar dheís Dé go raibh a hanam dílis

  7. No mention of the manager and coaching staff Paul.


    Are we going to wait until it’s a lost cause.

  8. I was told by a cog in the wheel of cognoscenti that the sheep worriers had a real phobia of entering the Den of Hamp and coming face to face with the green and white wall of noise and passion known as the North Stand. Such was this very real fear that they were more than happy to surrender tickets in the Mount of Florida and take them up for the North in order that their timid lambs be no further intimidated pre-match.



    Meanwhile in the City of Granite we are now into the fifth sorrowful decade of ticket skulduggery, various switching of ends (no smirking in the paddock, please) and reductions of allocations – death by a thousand cutlets. We now seem to get the barest of minima and I generally find myself in the open section, wetter than the neighbouring North Sea whilst around me swathes of red seats lie socially distancing themselves from the natives. On Sunday I finally understood that their motto Stand Free actually means Stand Available. Despite this unpleasantness and most definite unwelcomeness Our Bhoys have regularly knocked the northern lights out on the very own Heap of Dung. A far cry from the first sorrowful decade indeed.



    Not on Sunday past though. The Dons played like a team who would gladly sacrifice their home ‘support’ for no Celtic fans in situ. The lack of crowd helped them because theirs normally doesn’t and ours normally help us. Therefore they will genuinely believe not that they have an advantage for the cup-tie but that they may have one less disadvantage.



    May well return to this topic later in the week.




  9. I made one big mistake this morning I logged onto celtic newsnow . Is there a celtic minded site on there , all doom and gloom and warnings from all the usual turncoat subjects , and lots of quotes from the rags ,who will probably be behind most of them .

  10. Paul The Spark. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dear mum. Your dad, your family and you will be in my prayers, especially at Mass tomorrow. May your mum rest in peace.

  11. So when did Winningemmell return to the fold?



    Get Noel90, P8ddy, Edward Ursus and Kojo back as well and I might start reading regularly again!

  12. Paul the Spark.



    Sorry to hear your very sad news.



    Thoughts with you and your family.

  13. JIMTIM:



    You’d prefer, would you, that the Celtic blogs lied about things? That we all pretended that life is good and rosy and the garden is bright in the sunshine?



    Some of them will, of course, and will urge faithful through and through and all that Hallmark sentiment guff that clubs themselves use to sell tickets and get you on board … you know what though? This club has serious problems behind the scenes, and it’s our job – our responsibility – to discuss that and what the possible solutions for it might be.



    You can find plenty of positivity out there … the blogs don’t just write doom and gloom; my first article today was slamming The Record for trying to get Scott Brown banned.



    But this is what we’re supposed to do … discuss the issues of the day and the main issue of the day is that we’re not in a good place. It’s not right to ignore that, and it’s not healthy either.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    that first paragraph by P67 is just bollocks



    the point is that barring probably only 1 game, we have been shit all season



    many folk seen this current predicament coming because we have struggled against almost every team we have played so far so when it came to bigger tests then we would be in trouble



    and sure enough we got papped out the champions league and are 2nd in the league and quite frankly look a shambles on the park



    i dont think the reaction is over the top at all



    the situation was predicted and nothing was done about it.



    i think that warrants criticism

  15. Favourite Uncle,



    Do you remember a Charles McLaughlin from the Gallowgate?



    I met him recently and when he found out my name realised he knew my dad and was friends with his younger brother John – who died when he was 14.



    Charles has written a book – under the nom de plume Charles Dobson – called Shala. It’s worth a read.

  16. Paul67’s article today will be manna to those who’ve had the deflector shields up to full maximum all season.



    Nothing to see here folks. Nothing to see here.




  17. Paul67



    How very dare you be supportive of Celtic on your own Celtic Blog.



    Meanwhile Scott Brown about to be cited for the invisible elbowing?



    Hail hail




    Paul the Spark – so sorry for you, your dad and family for the loss of your mum – RIP.



    This terrible disease is causing so much despair.



    Just heard a half hour ago about a friend’s dad – a great folk musician from Airdrie – succumbed to Covid-19 yesterday. RIP Mr McCann. So many families being hit so hard.



    *I echo these comments, we as a family have been hit with it but at least we’re all still here although one of us is a long hauler, 9 months now and still struggling.



    However, as the greatest American President, no not tangerine heid, once said “this to shall pass”. Stay safe and listen to the scientists.

  19. HOT SMOKED on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 11:46 AM


    If/when life returns to `normal`, I am going to take a trip down to my Home Town to have a pint in The Old College Bar in the High Street.





    Give me a shout mate IF/When things are back to normal and I will meet you for numerous Beers.


    The Old College Bar is only about 10/15 minute walk from my home.


    The last time I was in there one Sunday evening last year……great LIVE Music and I nipped a Burd !



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