Supporters Association launch at Holyrood


The Scottish Football Supporters’ Association (SFSA), an independent body of pan-club football fans, yesterday launched the first independent evaluation of Scottish football governance, at Holyrood.

The SFSA’s nationwide survey will assess, for the first time, supporters’ views on the current position of the game, including the performance of the game’s governing bodies in Scotland.  The research will become an annual benchmarking & reporting exercise looking at all aspects of the game.

The SFSA’s online survey has been created in partnership with Prof. Dr. Axel Faix and Dr. Joachim Lammert, two experienced German academics who have undertaken similar evaluations on a national level in Germany and on a European level.

The SFSA, whose board includes former First Minister Henry McLeish; former MP and MSP Cathy Jamieson and Maureen McGonigle, Founder of Scottish Women in Sport and first female Scottish FA Council Member, has over 67,000 members supporting clubs across Scotland.

The SFSA is Scotland’s fans’ representative in The Football Supporters Europe network (FSE), an independent, representative and democratically organised grass-roots network of football fans’ in Europe with members in currently 48 countries across the continent.

You have invited to Have Your Say by getting involved with the project here.

Most importantly, you can participate in the survey itself here.


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    THETIMREAPER on 21ST JULY 2017 10:04 AM




    UEFA do sanction the big clubs.










    In which case it’s time to got the big boys onside against the bullies.




    UEFA are making it up as they go along. Remember our first charge,illicit chanting?




    What a crock of…




    Their rules are opaque,but clear enough to them rather than those they find to have erred.




    Their responsibility is to the game,not to pursue an illogical and unworkable agenda in an increasingly politicised world.




    Clubs should ONLY be charged when they have broken the law. Not some petty wee rule book dreamt up by highly-paid jobsworths at highly-recompensed jollies.

  2. Much has been made of the UEFA Disciplinary Committee and how Celtic (and the perceived wee teams) always seem to be on the receiving end of their findings. Have a scroll through the attached link – think you’ll find a fair number of Last 16 CL participants feature pretty regularly.



    Fines typically feature; letting off fireworks, throwing objects and waving banners deemed to be inappropriate.


    Take the time to scroll down the highlighted dates (approx 27 down to Monday 19th December 2016) and read their response to the Estelades Catalan Independence Display at 2 Barcelona games – spells out in great detail why UEFA are anti-political banners and displays.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BT- the charge and fine for 5 bookings is standard practice for UEFA, but if the Club had any balls they would have tried to get the ridculous booking for LG rescinded, taking it down to 4 yellows maybe.HH…





    I’m gonna have to take the moral high ground here. I chucked most of the contentious songs-I still know them though,like my Catechism-in my teens.



    I was converting my best pal to The Hooooops,and not coming from a “traditional Celtic-supporting background” I didn’t think it was right to stand beside him belting out certain choons



    The fact that he is 6’4″ had nothing to do with it,honest.



    Btw,he’s still an über-Celt. As is his lad.



    Job done,worth the sacrifice(!)

  5. Season tickets sold out! I honestly cant remember that situation even in the Martin O’Neill glory years!




    Not only is there a survey to be filled out on the SFSA site, you can also join the SFSA, it’s free and part of the process is to give your opinion on a number of issues relating to Scottish Football, governance, your club, the SFA and the SPFL.



    I think it will be worthwhile, they certainly seem to be interested in hearing the views of everyone with an interest in the game in Scotland.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Season Tickets sold out



    More Fake news


    Just like this nonsense about signing Ntcham


    Never happened


    He will be at Juventus next week

  8. 2017/18 season tickets sold out


    By: Newsroom Staff on 21 Jul, 2017 10:18



    WE are delighted to announce that Season Tickets for the 2017/18 season are now officially sold out.


    A magnificent show of commitment from supporters has seen them snapping up Season Tickets in their thousands to ensure their place at Paradise to watch Brendan Rodgers’ Treble-Winning Invincibles again this season.


    Disappointed fans who missed out on a 2017/18 Season Ticket can now join the 2018/19 Waiting List for a chance to buy a seat for the next season.


    Fans are also encouraged to keep an eye on the official Celtic website and social media channels for match-by-match ticket availability. There will be a limited number of match-by-match tickets available for selected games throughout the season.


    There are a limited number of seasonal hospitality tickets still available in the iconic Number 7 Restaurant overlooking the pitch, full details of which can be found HERE


    Thank you to everyone who has bought a 2017/18 Season Ticket and we look forward to welcoming you to Celtic Park throughout the year.







    now my moan for today.



    relocation day, i gave up. the que was unbelievable.



    Then several times i tried to buy a season book for another family member, in the same section as the rest of our group or at least in the same stand. calls and attending the ticket office, nothing doing. Tried online, a failure also. So eventually , reluctantly we settled on a “special season book” in 418.



    So how today, can there be seats available for the hearts game in my section and adjacent. So there were seats empty all the time. What kind of crap system are they running.



    Also last season, right next to me, there are 2 rows of 2 seats, that were empty all season, even for the huns games and europe. Almost like they are not on the system.



    The celtic ticket office is poorly run.

  9. Davidopoulos



    If you’re still looking for ferry tickets, we’ve slashed prices in the last few minutes!





    Jee-zoh you nearly gave the easily offended and dyslexic a heart attack there!



    Thought you’d asked if there were will be anymore singing!



    My fault for lending my gregorys to my mate to go to the bookies.

  11. WITS – Thanks for tips last evening, got Brave Deed at 14’s with PP, keep them coming my friend :)





    For many years,driving at night,I just listened to R2. I’ve mentioned before that they recently messed around with their programming and I listen as much to R4/World Service.



    Things you didn’t know you didn’t know crop up often,but one last night,wow.



    Land of the free,home of the brave,and a place where a war veteran is respected by his community and country.








    Only posting it for those who are interested in such stuff. No agenda on it,honest.

  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Scottish Football is like that show from the 70’s ‘Its a Knockout’. Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring.


    Its a knockout was more realistic though.


    Maybe we could re-fit Hampden Blazer Park with huge inflatables and water slides, could help Scodlandio qualify for something, anything:)


    We could get Stuart Regan dressed as a Jester, and Duncaster with his full masonic kit and kaboodle on.


    And we could get the Huns to bring inflatable tanks, inflatable Bucky bottles, and throw everything on top of a huge inflatable bonfire:)


    Master of Ceremonies: Craig ‘We know you’re a Hun’ Thompson.


    This would be a more acceptable way to run Scuddish Fitba.




  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Just a wee aside.



    1863, first meeting of the English FA.


    Held in the Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen St, London.


    What a surprise eh:)





  15. I’m sure Darrel’s delighted to have been proved right, too.



    When John Clark met the SFA.



    “Mr Broadfoot opined that the future would show whether Scottish Football supporters were really concerned about the old club/new club debate, if huge numbers turned their backs on the game.”



    Gauntlet still just lying there.

  16. Praecepta 10:51



    I read the same thing on UEFA site today, the key words being…



    ……..UEFA recognizes that rules of this nature are not “set in stone” and that they can, and should, evolve to reflect the nature of the society in which we live, where freedom of expression is generally a value to be supported and cherished.



    While UEFA does not want football matches to be used for the purposes of political demonstrations, it also would have no wish to sanction any club or national association in situations where no reasonable person could object to, or be offended by, a particular message conveyed at a football match.



    And the definition of “….reasonable people? At a football match?….”



    That should keep the legal profession in foie gras and truffles for years to come.








    Bit narrow-minded of him. Plenty of people still turn up to support their club regardless of the machinations of corrupt authorities.



    That doesn’t mean they endorse corruption. Far from it.



    They want to support their club. They might want to use the occasion to show contempt and disdain for various corrupt authorities. They might even just want a break from the work/wife and kids cycle.



    I’m not in the least surprised that yon a-hole conflated continued support of any particular club with continued support and endorsement of corruption.



    I’m surprised he hasn’t been pulled up for it,but since he’s a minor footnote in history,he can GTF and take his snide opinions with him.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW @ 11 26.



    The Bonus Army .



    No shortage of blues choons re the subject . Memory of my old man having a compilation LP featuring choons like Peetie Wheatstraw’s -When I Get My Bonus. Think ( but could easily be wrong ) that the LP was called -The High Sheriff of Hell. . He probably still has it -I shall check

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The scope and breadth of the whole scenario is amazing.


    I mean on all levels(forgive the pun). From peer-reviewed academic journals to media culture, its like a stranglehold on politics and culture.


    I have been looking into this for a while now, for a long while.


    An old professor i got to know, who happened to be rather fond of wandering over to Celtic Park, revealed the depth of the whole thing.


    I started to dig, and i found out that certain people were actively trying to prevent me from getting access to certain source material.


    That shook me a bit.


    Now, im not going all David Icke:), but i will just post three interesting names at random.


    Sir Henry Craik, Lord Provost John Blackie, and the heroic Dr David Livingstone.


    I will finish by posing a wee question; What was David Livingstone looking for in Africa?










    Blinkin flip,pal. Don’t be so bliddy styooooopit.



    How can Scottish football ever be accepted into It’s A Knockout with that amount of jokers?



    Even It’s A Knockout has rules,you know…

  21. BMCUW



    “They want to support their club”.



    Not at any cost, as 2012 proved, thankfully.



    And certainly not if they feel their club is complicit in the corruption you mention.





    The things you learn from the most unlikely of sources.



    What was that song about? Must find out.



    Aye,been plenty over the years.

  23. the glorious balance sheet on

    UEFA sanctions are a curious business.



    Sevco fans throw paper onto the park. Result – 7,000 euro fine.



    Linfield fans throw various missiles including a glass bottle at various Celtic players throughout the match and then attempt to invade the pitch to assault a player. Result – 10,000 euro fine and a very small section of the stadium to be closed for their next UEFA match.



    UEFA deem that Leigh griffiths provoked fans by doing an act he habitually does post match in Scotland and invoke their standard sanction for 5 yellows (despite at least 3 of these being a joke). Punishment – 4,500 Euro fine for Celtic and the player suspended for the next CL qualifier, a crucial high stakes match.



    Where is the proportionality, equivalence and justice in these sanctions?



    Sevco get fined almost as much as linfield for paper being thrown onto the pitch. Is that in the same ballpark as a glass bottle being thrown, a failed pitch invasion and riot police being deployed?



    It’s a tiny area of the ground that will be closed on Linfield’s next UEFA match? How is that going to punish them financially or in any other way? As we saw from the first leg in Belfast, it seems as though parts of Windsor Park are already under closure orders as they’re devoid of fans.



    The bigots will never sell out their stadium for their next UEFA match – inevitably a 1st round qualifier against an outfit from Andorra or Liechtenstein so that sanction has no practical effect as a punishment.



    Had one of those missiles, in particular the buckfast bottle hit a player or even a match official would the punishment still be as paltry? Surely not. But surely also UEFA’s focus in issuing a sanction should be on the nature of the misconduct, its intent and its potential consequences. Those eejits who threw missiles did so to hit and injure Celtic players, they weren’t testing their shot put prowess. The punishment should not be reduced because the halfwits failed in hitting someone; the intent was there.



    Another couple of curious elements to this business occurred in the margins. Against all custom and practice, the name of the UEFA delegate at the first leg match in Belfast has not been disclosed. Nobody knows why.



    Secondly Sevco’s punishment was supposed to be announced by UEFA on 7 July. For whatever reason they sat on this until yesterday, despite their disciplinary committee meeting last week.



    Finally, it seems strange to me that one week on, and despite the presence of police recording the actions of fans in that area, the PSNI and Linfield have still not identified the bampot who threw the buckfast bottle at Leigh Griffiths.



    Linfield have been let off incredibly lightly by UEFA. It makes a mockery of all of UEFA’s anti racism and prejudice flannel.

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