Taking the foot off the pedal talk


The count of how many times I’ve heard “I hope we don’t take the foot off the pedal like we did last year” has reached double figures. This is never a good sign. Football games, against any level of opponent, need to planned for and respected.

During last season’s League Cup semi-final, Celtic went two goals up early on, then made 100% sure the result would never be in danger by denying Newco even an attempt at goal (the match stats recorded one attempt, which was actually a wayward cross from a free kick). Compare and contrast with Borussia Dortmund’s two goal advantages last night. While I’d love to score a barrel-load, winning the game is all that really matters.

We have seen enough Celtic teams dominate possession in Europe against less-resourced teams only to lose to the sucker punch. This has been a harsh lesson, which I hope has been learned.

I doubt many of us know what to expect from Newco. They won the Championship but this season didn’t have to contend with vastly superior Hearts team. They are also in the semi-final because they thumped Premiership Dundee 4-0 at Ibrox, which is a huge result for any lower league team (we’ve failed to score twice against Dundee recently).

All my “Rangers” supporting pals tell me they are hopeless at defending, so there’s a decent possibility they will defend deeply and play on the break – just as several others have done effectively against us this season. We’re going to have a lot of possession in the final third, but Scott Brown and Nir Bitton will need to offer a lot of defensive cover.

Most of all, we’ll need discipline. There’s a red card winging its way to the first Celtic player to stare at an opponent in a rash manner. The First Minister will probably get involved too, so be prepared.

Did you read Walter “dare I say it, 10 in a row” Smith? What a man to have in your corner days before a big game. He’ll have them thinking it’s 1957 all over again!


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  1. evening all


    got this back from bbc



    Dear Mr ********



    Reference ***************



    Thanks for contacting us regarding BBC News.



    We note that you feel reporting on Rangers FC’s promotion to the SPL has contained inaccuracies regarding the history of the club.



    We continue to refer to Rangers FC as the same team; where we will make a distinction is between the old company and the company which currently runs the club. This is in line with the BBC Trust’s findings on the matter:

  2. I was going to go hill walking on Sunday but it appears it will be far too busy for me. Stuff it. We did nothing wrong and despite what you think of out club’s response this is still on going. Let’s beat this new club on Sunday and remind their historical followers that times have really changed.




  3. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    If the young Miss should as much as break


    a nail I’m told a annulment will be sought.



    I should be so lucky.

  4. mike in toronto on

    Just my two cents worth on the game this weekend …. I wont criticize anyone who chooses to go to support Celtic, nor will I criticize those who decide that they wont attend …



    Generally, I try to avoid criticizing fellow tims, as, I accept that even when we disagree, we all want the best for Celtic … and that, for me, is a reason to debate and discuss, but not to fall out over …



    I think the players need and deserve our backing …



    and I wont go just to avoid the bigotry that is sure to be on display …. frankly, I dont expect any better from them …. frogs and scorpions springs to mind….



    and I hope that the game in scotland will be cleaned up, but I dont expect it (again, frogs and scorpions)…



    and I wont criticize Celtic if they do the right thing, but are unsuccessful in their efforts to clean up the game ..


    but I do expect Celtic FC to stand up for what is right… to uphold the values of Fr. Walfrid (such as we can discern them) and to do what is right …..which, to me, includes, speaking out against bigotry and cheating ….



    there is nothing the zombies could ever do that would make me stop supporting Celtic … the only people who could do that are those in charge of Celtic, if I feel that they are no longing running Celtic in a way that is commensurate with the values the club has traditionally upheld….



    I am wary that our core values have been compromised, if not discarded, in favour of the almighty pound… but some good CQN’ers are working on things, including Res. 12, and have asked us to be patient … I am a bit skeptical but hopeful that their efforts will bear fruit, so I am trying to be patient….



    in the interim… I know they aren’t the same club … but I hope to god that, come Sunday, the bhoys absolutely hammer the impostors in the sevco jerseys.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Nye Bevan,



    My big skinny one is not going back to her house in Gilmerton but back to the Pans for a bevy with her dad, it’s the way you bring them up :0)

  6. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Stop teasing and get posting some hunskelping


    photo’s and reb tune’s.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    BBC comments are bollocks – fly in the face of corporate law and company strutures – this is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. FACT.






  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Jimmy the only reason she’s going back is


    to make sure her ole man gets home safely.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Tallybhoy on 15th April 2016 6:43 pm



    Judas a ‘pundit’ on Sunday?!


    Will he be wearing a wig and a false beard?!




    Wonder if he’ll say Sevco are the only team I’ve ever wanted to play for….?

  10. Thanks for the comments good and bad, broad shoulders can bear the load and a skin like a rhino helps too.


    To all Celtic supporters and football fans at Sunday’s meeting, enjoy your self and keep safe. I will be as pleased as any Celtic fan if we win the match.


    I would take a thoroughly undeserved 1-0 win by means of an own goal in the 7 th minute of stoppage, in fact that would entertain me greatly. The reason being that I could enjoy the pain of the cloven hooves ones as they ranted for hours on end about ” ‘ sno fair , but …abut..but . Warbs says we wur robbed innat”


    Anyway all the best to Celtic on Sunday and to all who follow them, wether it is at Hampden ,on Ben Lomond, Mount Etna ( count me in) or in the pub..


    Stay safe.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Bognorbhoy 7:29


    That’s utter bullpoop and they know it. What they mean is they say what fits their own agenda.


    Tom English said earlier in the week that the club went bankrupt. Have they apologised for this “error”?


    What about when Dave King says the CLUB is debt free?

  12. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Goodnight Timland.



    Taxi duties, the offspring are spoilt.



    Might check in laters when the dafties


    and the chemically enhanced start to


    bang the keyboard’s.




    Of course they know it ..



    they just cant say it…







    Leigh Griffiths to score first and 7-1 score….






    im away to check couch for a lucky pound… :-)))

  15. Geordie Munro on

    At the risk of calling anyone a liar, I can’t believe a Celtic fan won’t have an eye or ear on the game or score of some sort on Sunday.



    I’m gonna need some proof of all these dog walks, mountaineering and moon landing escapades. ;))




  16. mike in toronto on

    JMccormick … I get what you are saying, and their pain at being ‘cheated’ is almost too good to pass up … but, frankly, because they have been mince, they have been pretty quiet of late, which has been nice …. and a good 5-0 thrashing would shut them up for a bit longer …



    so, I would prefer to give them an absolute humping.

  17. I ordered my ticket for Sunday but gave it away.


    In some ways I regret doing it but other ways I don’t.


    Like Mike in Toronto I would never be critical of any Celtic supporter choosing to go or not to go.


    Also gave last year’s LC semi ticket away.


    I vowed not to go to any game involving The Tribute act.


    I will go when their dead cousins have had their titles stripped , the same club myth truly accepted for what it is and the SFA brought to account for res. 12.




  18. Geordie Munro



    I can’t summon up that level of iron discipline either.



    I would love to be there but i have made my sacrifice and I have no beef with any regularly attending Celtic supporter who continues to support.



    But, I will probably watch the game and I will certainly feel god when we win.



    But the issues involved for the fans who attend or stay away will still be there after the game and will still have to be dealt with.

  19. Geordie Munro on




    That’s pretty much my actions. And has been regarding Hampden for some years now. Clear out the sfa and I’ll return.



    I’d take my seat at Celtic park though if we ever drew them in an early round.




  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Well, I have already decided to go out for the duration of the game including any possible extra-time. I will check the result when I come in. I have to say, though, that that is the norm for me when we are involved in any game I REALLY want a victory. I don`t like watching on TV. The commentaries simply annoy me and spoil the game and I cannot do something else at home as I cannot trust myself not to check the score! So, out on the bike it is. Even then, if I see someone smiling in a car, I wonder which team they support!


    Incidentally, watching Leinster 6 Edinburgh 3 and can`t help thinking that this is what could happen on Sunday. Leinster are comfortably the better side but cannot get the ball over the line. I am sure we will be the better side on Sunday but I am less sure that we will convert our superiority into goals. Let`s see what Leinster do second half.




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Hope Charlie isn’t on pens – after that one against St Mirren!




    maybe proof read before hitting post :-))

  23. Tommy Gemmell



    Great seeing you post.hope your enjoying the football.


    Keep smiling




  24. HH Geordie.



    I’ll watch the game in my house, with the doors locked and lights out!!



    Better slaughter they monkeys!!




  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Four minutes into the second half and Leinster`s class tell and they score a try right under the posts.

  26. Geordie Munro on




    Yup. Totally.



    I’m not going either as I just outlined to bb there.



    Mindya, I couldn’t manage this weekend even if we were playing Arbroath and the sfa was cleaned out from top to bottom.



    Some wumin has decided to go away with work for a week.



    Talk about selfish :)




  27. Taking the foot off the pedal?


    Surely the last Semi final was refereed by the Strathclyde polis and instructions carried out to a “T” by oor auld pal Thompson.


    There is not a hope in hell that we will be running up a big score.

  28. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Bad defending by Leinster allows Edinburgh in for a try. This analogy is beginning to sound too familiar!!

  29. Geordie Munro on




    I thought you said you didn’t have a telly anyways? :P






    I’ll be parked on the couch unless my fabulous mother decides to do some fine granny duties :)




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