The enormous building maintenance costs for Celtic Park


Over the years I’ve gone on about the cost of running a football club the size of Celtic.  Before you start to employ a footballer, coach, or someone to put the cones out at training, you’ll be pushed to spend less than £17m.  If you want to have appropriate resources in place, you’re going to spend more than this.

The club spend a lot of money each year on building maintenance at Celtic Park (have a guess?).  The fabric of the building, plumbing, painting the steps, fixing the locks, ensuring electrics and heating systems are safe, costs a small fortune at a stadium that size.

There is a tendency to think of Celtic Park as ‘new’, but it’s not.  It recently entered its third decade, and like any building that age, with large areas exposed to the elements, it requires a continuous programme of renewal and repair.

Structural damage can happen to any building during a storm, it’s not necessarily a sign the building’s been under-maintained or is otherwise dangerous.  But when parts of the roof hang free over the heads of spectators, as happened at Ibrox last night, lots of things need to be checked.  Starting with the maintenance records.

My preference would be that games are cancelled during high winds.  Better safe than sorry.

Annual building maintenance cost of Celtic Park is £800k (not counting Lennoxtown or the Superstore).  That’s a lot of money to find, if you were scrapping by on emergency loans.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Warburton is a decent manager, similar in many ways to Ronny. Appointing him was the only decent decision they made in 4 years – totally tragic if he finds a new place to hang his hat :-)

  2. ‘GG



    Thanks…now about this tinypic etc…:o)



    The fun this morning was really stumbling on them battering each other with light sabres at 6.15am…



    Then talking to them and getting Darth to talk back…great fun…



    All the other tourists there thought I was bonkers asking Darth questions and chatting to them.



    Manhattan CSC (sorry guys)

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on








    Did they handshake their way out of punishment ?







    I remember the press report at the time and couldn’t believe the Sheriff’s remarks.


    Someone blogged about it quite recently and I probably have it saved somewhere.









    – See more at:

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Tim malone



    I think magic hats hang themselves

  5. RWE


    I think we are putting far too much emphasis on the bombing of Syria.


    It is not Syrian troops or the Syrian army who will be bombed, unless it’s done from one of the many honest mistakes we see in the fog of war.


    The resolution, supported by Syria and Iraq, calls on all UN member states who can to take action against Isis / Da’esh.


    The question is how can we distinguish between the multitude of factions involved in the current conflict?


    My enemy’s friend is my friend? Not all the time.

  6. It makes common sense to leave any `warchest` till next season. Whats the point in spending just now when the league is a foregone conclusion? Hibs? They will `Hibs` it as they always do. Next season Rangers will be back, (without inverted commas) and will be challenging for the title. Ronny not so good, Warbs on the other hand………

  7. Ah dank dreary December.


    I’m watching a 1958 movie, Cowboy, with Glenn Fors.


    Next up is Elvis in Love Me Tender.


    Forced retirement has its wee blessings.

  8. do you bhoys think Fulham should really consider the best manager in the championship? I think he would do a fantastic job, however i think he has unfinished business in driving this young Hibs team to the title!



    His budget is less than half that of sevco, he has clawed back a 10 point lead and above all – he did this without the need for penalties and usually playing against 11 men.



    gawn yersel stubbsy!

  9. GG,


    Point being, Syria did not ask the UN to extend an open invitation for the people who sponsored the Islamic fundamentalists to invade their country, France did that, France who were sponsoring Al nusra and telling the world only last year what a great job Al nusra (better known as al Qaida) were doing in Syria.

  10. Sipsini



    Like it…but who would be in charge of the wardrobe when the squabble over who disnae want to be Darth kicks off.

  11. RWE on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 8:06 PM


    Blinkin flip as BMCUWP would say



    Not been the same since Studio 54 shut doon….DISCO ROOLS!

  12. ‘GG



    Aye indeed.



    Makes a change from saying ‘Only in Scotland’ :o)






    I’m one of them that’s wearing a mask :o)

  13. GG,


    Don’t be so naive, who do you think they have been bombing for the last four years when they said they were bombing ISIS ? Ffs mhan sober up.


    We got all the shit about Assad bombing his own people, and everyone on here to a man swallowed it hook line and sinker because the BBC told then what to believe.


    Meanwhile the good jihadists were beheading everyone and NATO celebrated their great deeds.

  14. RWE


    I assume you sneaked into the studios and appeared on TV in your mask?


    You would have become an instant Celtic legend.

  15. GG,


    There is no appetite to learn from the past, the lesson today is that the west does what it wants without consequence and everyone else just needs to accept that. A bit like the hun and the SFA, and the more blatant they make it the sooner everyone will accept they do actually do what they want and they got the backing of the biggest guns, if you don’t like it, bring it on, that’s the attitude.

  16. Re Patrick Hamill being head of Glasgow polis in late seventies/ early eighties,, he was indeed, and he was a Tim as well, how did that happen

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 7:48 PM


    Celtic Mac



    UN Resolution 2249 which was passed yesterday at the initiative of France actually does invoke Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and goes very much further than some are arguing. The resolution does not just sanction action against ISIL (ISIS) but calls on member states which can act, to do so:



    ” Calls upon Member States that have the capacity to do so to take all necessary measures, ……. on the territory under the control of ISIL also known as Da’esh, in Syria and Iraq, to redouble and coordinate their efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist acts….”



    Any member nation is therefore fully authorised – in international law – by this resolution to attack ISIL (ISIS) (or any other of the named terrorist groups) in Syria or in Iraq.






    Love it.


    It won`t,however, curb the speculation and condemnation in the steamie.

  18. West End of East End on

    The problem with the Middle East someone once said is that it’s our oil under their sand otherwise we would have left the place alone…

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Big Virgil wearing some sort of magic hat


    He is woeful tonight up against couple of decent strikers