The F word and the C word


I see a justification for yesterday’s vote has been issued.  The chairman of one club spoke to several of my contacts in the media with a completely different version, using both the F word and the C word.

Apparently he believes several SPL clubs are being led by the C word – Celtic.  Or to be more precise, “F***ing Celtic”, a name reserved for use by a specific demographic.  All off the record, of course, but incredibly indiscrete, betraying his world view.

If that’s how you feel, man up and say so publicly.  Tell us who you think is really bringing Scottish football to its knees, I am sure everyone will agree this is a time for frankness.
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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If SPL 2 does happen against the wishes of the SPL,can they deny them promotion?Listening to Milne and Thompson yesterday ,I think they will resist any fast track efforts by Sevco via Gilmour or any other way.

  2. RIP to all who lost their lives watching the marathon in Boston. And speedy recovery to those injured and affected by this.

  3. I really hope St Mirren are relegated next season. Lets see him try to sell the club then.

  4. Paul67.



    You should lift your embargo on bad language for a day,then we can all swear back at him.

  5. Bada Bing – its impossible for SPL2 to happen against the wishes of the SPL. Its a seperate body and the 2nd tier wouldn’t be able to use its name without permission.

  6. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on



    I am assuming that your contacts are in the west of Scotland and not the north?

  7. Paul67 it’s times like this we should be more than grateful for the board we have in place.



    Well apart from Bankier who brings nothing to the table imho.

  8. Michael @ 17:54 (last article).



    “Licensing conditions require that free tap water is available ” – taken from http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/



    Interesting Michael that you only pop up to harangue me when someone else is doing so. Any particular reason?



    Since you shout like a typical barrack room lawyer I should point out that the trading standards and consumer legislation introduced in the 70′s is UK wide.


    The legislation was based on best industry practice. Do you know who were recognised for best practice and totally unaffected by the legislation?


    The impetus for enforcing the law regarding free drinking water came from the deaths in the early 90′s in Hangar 13. I do hope this clarifies things.



    Would you like me to explain to you how a REPO (repurchase ) trade works in the money or equity markets?



    Having to explain everything for the ground up makes for a tedious forum. But when needs must.

  9. Well, it looks like ole Roddy Forsyth got the wrong end of the stick yesterday. He was tellnig Britain on 5Live that it was all the fault of Peter Lawwell for calling Roy McGregor names. Sounds like the St Mirren man was using not name calling but very bad language about our Club. Rag tag. Is that too bad for CQN??

  10. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    The irony of being able to use the 11-1 vote whilst being completely opposed to the 11-1 vote per se

  11. I am so glad that I support Effing Celtic.



    Oldtim67 well done on your podium, you put that young spratt HT in his place.




  12. I’ve no excuse for getting first post,I came on with a message to paul67 and there before my eyes was a clear board,but you can see I was nervous,I usually send that message a bit differently.



    I’ve had many first posts over the years,I think I got nine in a row on the same blog back then,I think I done a wee bit better than Hamiltontim,at least I sent a message that was serious..


    I can picture Hamiltontim with his soup going all over the place and his eye getting stuffed with the ham sandwich.

  13. Pffffttttt…..who puts two posts on a blog on the same day!??



    Paul67, you have no consideration sir!!

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    weeminger-That’s what i thought,as I said can’t see any support from within the SPL………except maybe 2 clubs..

  15. Not only does my ‘first’ disappear into the ether, it’s usurped by that oul tart!!! ;-)

  16. Theres a man who is a billionaire


    He shafts the Huns like there not there !


    Stool pidgeon Cha Cha Cha Cha !!!

  17. Just a wee heads up: I am planning to make a statement on the voting procedures for this year’s Academy Awards in the next few days.



    Well, it’s about as relevant as The Rangers making a statement on an SPL vote.

  18. Des McKeown ‏@P3Des 50m


    St Mirren explain their decision yesterday.. As I said then, well done to them for sticking to their beliefs..



    Sun journalist and a supposed tim



    top class bunnet

  19. Gordon J



    I am sure your statement would be better written and more interesting




  20. Ntassoolla



    Supplying a link to trading standards shows how busy you and your search engines have been for over an hour.



    Just an example to show your complete waste of time on the search engine’s:



    I myself have catered (through my OWN licence) on perhaps 500 outside catering events, bike rally’s/dirt bike trials/vintage car shows etc etc etc.



    Never have i had to supply “Free Tap water” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>in a field.<<<<<<<<<<<

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