The gambles putting Celtic and Newco where they are


It is 3 years and 3 months since the previous time we met Newco in a League Cup Final.  Celtic were poor that day but still took home the trophy amid wastefulness in front of goal and one of the greatest goalkeeping displays I have ever seen.

Since then, Celtic have been completely transformed.  From that matchday squad, only Callum McGregor and James Forrest remain at the club (Mikey Johnston is out on loan).  We generated cash by selling players, scouted and recruited well, and now sit with a valuable player pool that is comfortably outperforming all others in Scotland.

Seven of the Newco team that lost in 2019 started against Celtic on Sunday, another two were on the bench.  Their squad development has been limited and mostly unable to force their way onto the field.  Four of their starting 11 on Sunday are not contracted beyond June, another two are in their final 18 months.

By contrast, none of Celtic’s starting 11 are out of contract this year and only the oldest two, Hart and Mooy, are out next year (they are also the only two in their 30s).  Everyone else has two, three or four years under contract.

Since 2019, one club in Glasgow went through the gamble of selling and buying, while another went through the gamble of inaction.  You could argue that both worked and failed by some measure.  Newco won their first title, Scottish Cup and reached a European final – a reward for retaining talent through their peak years.  But now they are a busted flush without resources to rebuild.  Celtic dropped one particularly important title, but the next generation, well as the last, is ours.

It might only have been the League Cup that was won and lost on Sunday, but the anguish across the city is indicative of a greater pain, that of structural disadvantage.  More on that soon.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Well the hun blogs have decided that they got beat because Beale picked the wrong midfield. Cantwell and Ruskin would have won them the game.



    Now unless I’m missing something none of these two made me sit up, especially Cantwell who actually looked pish.



    It’s this failure to believe that we have better players, Ibrox noise before the game said Vickers was the only player who could play in their team 🤪

  2. sevco blogs also believe that only CCV would get into their team…they really do know nothing about nothing…

  3. Most of what I have read on FF seems to recognise they have totally messed up in their player trading strategy.



    They fail to realise that with the amount of soft loan money they piled in they won’t see much reinvestment for some time.



    As you suggest Paul a continuation of this generation of domination may well come to pass.

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on



    FarmersField looks a lovely place.


    Be nice to see Greegsy and Connor bless himself Goldson see out their final days there. Eeeeeee Awe

  5. I listened to Clyde phone in yesterday


    I was thirsty and needed my fill of hun tears.


    First point. Too many Celtic fans interrupted the flow of tears.


    Secondly. They all genuinely believe that had Beale made the right team selection they would have won.


    There was no reference to the disgraceful Billy Boy chants at the start.


    Will Beale last the season?


    They are playing for the Scottish cup. Failure to win that will surely see his departure.

  6. P67



    Good points and their next moves on trading will be instructive.



    As an addendum, I was delighted to see players in our team getting their first medal.



    Johnston, Mooy, Iwata, Oh, Haksabanovic,

  7. Why does talk of another generation of domination leave me shaking my head? It implies that things won’t change when we know they almost always do.



    We could bag another treble this year but IF Ange decides to accept another challenge . . . well we all know that it does not take much time for a new manager to dismantle all of the good work of the previous one.



    Some idle speculation now. If you are DD and the Celtic Board, you want to keep Ange in situ for years to come. So you sound him out. I would be astounded if the Celtic board have not already asked Ange what he would want/need to stay for the next three years rather than the one-year rolling contract. Maybe he is considering his options, maybe he has already told them that he will not sign an improved long-term deal, he’s happy with the one-year deal.



    If that is the case, I hope they have a shortlist of managers who are capable of taking what Ange has built and ensuring the same footballing philosophy, same ethos, standards and culture is maintained.



    And that is where the biggest >GoD risk is because we all know that there are not many Ange’s out there, even fewer who will work in the SPFL.



    I think as fans, our job is to be present in the here and now and love this chapter in our history. The custodians are the ones that have to be focused on the future, not something they have historically been particularly good at.



    Sorry for the ramble. As I said talk of a generation of domination makes me nervous.

  8. Re the phone in llast night..the most hurtiest of huns wasnt a caller, he was on the panel…and not the Ex sevco player

  9. Deniabhoy



    I agree.There is an arrogance in the ‘generation of domination’ language that is alien to Celtic.we work quite hard at winning each game and building.




  10. Garngad to Croy on

    Ange’s mantra of ‘We never Stop’ is certainly helping improve every aspect of our club. We don’t have a god given right to win every trophy we compete for but with Ange in charge we will certainly give it a good go !

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “But now they are a busted flush without resources to rebuild. ”




    So why the constant comparisons with Celtic? What’s the relevance?


    Need to get away from this old firmery guff which only holds us back. Let’s have our own vision for competing in Europe.



    Big Jimmy







    “I hope that you can make it to the Wee/Big Bevvy CELTIC CELEBRATION on FRIDAY in the Old SHIPBANK ?”












    Well, at the risk of putting off other beer volunteers, I probably will be there to see you all. Not only that, but, as the good lady has had the good sense to go and visit her sister in Inversneckie that day, my Friday night’s driving is off, so I can actually drink while I’m there. Still need to be fit to get up on Saturday morning and play fitba mind.





    MAGIC Mate.


    Remember its an EARLY KICK AFF on Friday around HIGH NOON.


    You will play better on Saturday after the Bevvy on Friday….cos you will still be half drunk, and you will think that your KYOGO !



    HH Mate.

  13. im not long back from my Health Centre, but I didnt go to a Pub, as I just got a taxi home.


    My Local is still shut on Tuesdays, so I couldnt be bothered going to another pub and then getting another taxi home later.


    I will get a wee Bevvy Tomorrow…Wednesday.




  14. The Daily Ranger reporting on the Brawl at NEESONS Pub on Sunday around 5.30pm. NO ARRESTS….?


    How many Folk INSIDE Neesons were hell bent on causing trouble, while celebrating Celtics Victory ?



    ” HOODED MEN” Fighting outside…….How many Patrons of NEESONS were ” HOODED”, at the time of the Aggro starting ?



    Feckin Joke !

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on




    TBH I’m more than happy that they think they lost because of their tactics and not poor personnel.



    It will make their torture continue, until at some point they realise they are Glesga’s equivalent of Espanol 🤣😂

  16. The contract situation over there is indicative of players and agents being in control. It’s also indicative of over inflated wages that sevco can’t renew and other clubs are not willing to meet.



    I’d be surprised if one or both of Emo and Fatso don’t re-sign on the same way Goldson did. I’m convinced now that he was told to hang on, take a drop in wages for the sake of the books but benefit from a big signing on fee. Similar likely to happen with the useless Colombian and the step over king. Both will have to have their image rehabilitated in coming months so they can present this as a coup.



    I will watch with interest.



    However, with much more interest I look forward to our more aggressive and agile trading model as we seek to step up a level. I hope!



    Still got that wee cup win spring in my step. It’s been a lovely start to the week.

  17. The drop from sheer hunguffery overconfidence last week to this week’s lost tribe of babbling, tearful baffoons trying to come to terms with their reality is now almost outdoing the joy of the game itself !



    Everywhere I turn online and in person, it’s just sad huns wall-to-wall.



    Absolutely glorious may I add.







  18. BIG WAVY on 28TH FEBRUARY 2023 1:48 PM


    The drop from sheer hunguffery overconfidence last week to this week’s lost tribe of babbling, tearful baffoons trying to come to terms with their reality is now almost outdoing the joy of the game itself !







    Everywhere I turn online and in person, it’s just sad huns wall-to-wall.







    Absolutely glorious may I add.












    SPOT ON Mate.


    Its simply….MARVELLOUS !



  19. Deniabhoy,



    Why the negatives ?Ange has said,he is perfectly happy,and will surprise the SMSM,by how long he stays.Seems not good enough for you.FFS,some Celtic fans need to lighten up.Doom and gloom about what could happen in the future.Live for the moment.Enjoy it.Nothing last for ever.

  20. As much as I love him,I can’t help thinking that Haksa deserves a start over Maeda.Maeda is an enigma.Fantastic pace,phenomenal workrate,but coupled with,not a great amount of skill,a touch that sometimes resembles a blind Elephant,and a 50/ 50 end product result.I am sure there are scenarios where Haksa would be a better option.He deserves game time.Against packed defences,his footwork would be a big bonus,very good in tight positions.Hopefully at Love St on Saturday.Old name.


    Just a word on Oh.He played a delightful bit of football with a beautiful backheel over at the corner on Sunday that set us up with a great chance.More there I think.Would love to see a good bit more of him.Just to see.

  21. Calmac and Hatate,phenomenal.Very ably orchestrated by Mooy.Class oozes from them.Even against the Neanderthal approach on Sundayfrom the bruisers,it shone through.Really blessed at the moment.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nice stuff Pablo.



    Agree with some posters that Sevco are not the marker long term.



    That said, I fully understand why you ran with an “us and them” leader today.



    Let’s be clear, the Celtic community has endured almost a month’s worth of BS across the SMSM and Sevco leaning twerps ….



    … about how they are better than us (!)



    We are all entitled to get some things off our chest as a result.



    Sevco and the SMSM are delusional.



    A key facet of the delusional mind ….



    If you say it often enough it becomes real.



    On Sunday, reality bit.

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