The trouble football people have with contracts


You have to wonder about football people sometimes when they appear to not know the difference between a contract and something which is not a contract.  A contract is a signed document committing one or more parties to do something.  For example, Lassad Noiuoiu and Celtic signed a contract committing the player to perform the duties of a footballer and committing Celtic to provide pay and conditions.

Employers can also contractually agree to pay employees money for fulfilling their job, over and above their Contract of Employment, by simply writing the terms down, signing the document and handing it over to the employee.  For a football player, this type of additional contract would need to be registered with the relevant Football Association and tax would be due on it, or else the Karma Police will come round and leave you in tears.

Speaking about his attempts to sign Noiuoiu, Levante’s president said, “During 30 hours of negotiations we closed the transfer with faxes and documents between the two parties”.

“Two parties”, “faxes and documents”?  Let’s be specific, the two parties would need to be Levante and Lassad Noiuoiu and the documents would need to be a Contract of Employment, otherwise it appears that Levante have been the victim of an agent trying to make a deal happen when he was not in control of events.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Levante, who appear to have acted with good faith throughout, but as Celtic fans have long known, a new signing is not a new signing until he is running around a football field.

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  1. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside, 13:47


    Don’t forget the European dimension either – big bucks involved there

  2. ASonOfDan – £60,000 for a 1996 model?



    Seems a bit steep even for a Bentley. (thumbsup)

  3. ASonOfDan, 13:56


    So Craigy’s da owns his Bently!


    Maybe he got it asa sweetener when the MBB handed the holding company for Oldco over to him. What a swell guy he is

  4. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside



    I reckon that unless there is a pre agreement not to seek financial compensation then the process would not happen in the first place.



    I would hope however that in reaching that agreement the clubs who have lost out will have set conditions for change on sticking to it.



    It is also possible however that the gloves will come off depending on what emerges from the FTT/Dual Contract/BDO/D&P “investigations”.



    That does not mean I disagree with any of your points that are resonable and logical, it is just me applying the peculiarly Scottish lens through which reason and logic are observed.

  5. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    O.g.rafferty, 13.56



    I agree on the euro money. They got it when it seems likely they were not entitled to it, so as a consequence of applying the rules, it will have to be returned and given to whoever was entitled to it.

  6. philvisreturns



    Apparently there is a share certificate in the glove compartment and a bike in the boot…

  7. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside, 14:04


    Also the involvement of non-Scottish teams means that it can’t be dealt with ‘in house’.


    Poor Mr Green and his ‘backers’

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    The money due from the SPL to ‘Rangers’ was never remitted because…



    …. under SPL rule C9.1, where a member is in default on a debt owed to another football club, the SPL may at its discretion apply any fees due to the defaulting club to the creditor club, per:



    C9.1 If any Club defaults in making payment of any sum or sums due to the Company and/or to another Club the Board shall be entitled to apply any sums which, under these Rules, would otherwise be payable to the defaulting Club by the Company in discharge of any debt due by such Club in default to the Company and/or such other Club in such manner as the Board shall determine.



    The SPL did (or is doing) this with part of the fee due to ‘Rangers’ for season 2011/12.



    D&P indicated in their first report to creditors that they would take legal action to prevent the SPL from effecting this redirection of fees. They subsequently sold the right to receive these fees to Sevco 5088 Ltd as part of the assets of Rangers FC plc, and never mentioned the issue again.

  9. the bhoy etc


    I, too, agree with you re what SHOULD happen.


    Nevertheless,unless those who run things ( and I don`t mean just football) decide that Scotland ( and I don`t mean just football) would be a better place without any Club at Ibrox, then things will remain as they are(and I don`t mean just football).




  10. WDH



    Nope but I can’t access my emails from work in any case.



    I will be able to check on my phone later but usually it takes some time for them to come through mate.

  11. saltires en sevilla on




    13:17 on


    6 September, 2012


    saltires en sevilla



    Read Marcoti’s article. He argues (and I agree with him) that there will be more clubs demanding the rules are followed than those wishing to avoid them.






    I accept that most clubs will say they


    Agree with FFP



    I expect the reality in the boardroom when existing authorities attempt to impose sanctions and penalties ..there will be a threat of a split…maybe even a split.



    When the spilt happens that is opportunity for Celts to take part in a bigger league/platform



    I feel we can operate and compete within an enhanced market …without doping!



    Our club have always found a way…back in the day we provided the odd public house as incentives to keep attract players.



    just the same as it ever was…




  12. pauloantony


    13:55 on


    6 September, 2012


    Unless Nouioui actually signed to dotted line with his own signature then levante don’t have a leg to stand on .


    I remember judas Johnston holding a Scarf aloft claiming to have resigned for the only club he had ever loved ….


    But signed his soul to Satan






    Judas, did sign a contract with Celtic, and UEFA confirmed that he had in a fax to Celtic Park (well the Celtic Pools office actually as there wasn’t a fax in the stadium itself). I can say this is 100% fact as I was there when the fax came in and read it (along with several others) before it was taken across the road. The clubthen decided to tell Judas to go forth and multiple, even though they could have held him to the contract and have frozen him out of football if they so wished.



    BTW, the fax was sent on Saturday 24th June 1989, a few hours before the Under 16 World Cup Final at Hampden!

  13. Wow just buzzin bout being able to post , seein as just got ma password thru after registering months ago . I know Australia is a long way away but I didnae know the password came by boat. A big hello to ma uncle mick in Darnley and other Fergies and Daniel in Sydney . Awesome articles Paul I read and check everytime I have a break or between doin wean stuff. From Matt . Hello Hannah too!!!!

  14. Hi Bhoys,for anyone looking to travel to Barca,you can get flight from Edinburgh to Paris Beauvais & then onto Barcalona El Prat,for about £120.Flights with Ryanair.



  15. ASonOfDan – Ha.



    You know, what with his car being 16 years old and seemingly struggling to pay off his wife or pay to repair his own leaky roof, I’m starting to think Craig Whyte might not be a billionaire after all. (thumbsup)

  16. Ok – I’ve bought some Vitamin D tablets.



    How long before I have enough enrgy to leap out of bed at 5 a.m. and run a marathon before breakfast?

  17. Sanna



    There was an unsuspecting full stop there ready to pounce on any adjectives which snuck up on the blind side :-)

  18. PeteTheBeat – How long before I have enough enrgy to leap out of bed at 5 a.m. and run a marathon before breakfast?



    You need a different type of pharmaceutical product for that. (thumbsup)

  19. Aright lads,



    A few of my friends are on the last leg of their 600 mile bike ride from Ipswich to Arbroath to raise funds for my friends daughter support group who help them deal with her undiagnosed complex disability.



    Here is a link for more information





    There target was 2500 pounds they are currently at around 64% of their target.



    If anyone could spare a donation of any kind it would be much appreciated by all involved.








    Hail hail

  20. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    Auldheid, 14.01



    I think it is important that we nail down why any of this may happen. The msm are getting it wrong, either inadvertently or deliberately.



    It is happening as a consequence of rfc(ia) actions, not as a punishment because of them. Titles will not be stripped as some sort of punishment, matches will be reviewed and points reallocated and this may see different teams properly awarded titles.



    Who knows what agreements were cooked up to get sevco playing league football? Nothing would surprise me in this regard. However, can the directors of celtic plc or any other ltd company just ignore millions of pounds their companies were entitled to but never received? Especially as the money was wrongly, innocently or otherwise, given to a rival company? Also what about shareholder rights, etc?



    This is all over my head, but as someone pointed out earlier, this is a big boys’ game with big boys’ rules and should be very interesting over the next wee while:o)

  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    On FFP, read Swiss Rambler from yesterday:





    Essentially, everything is fine and dandy for all English clubs just now except Man City, the Germans are squeaky clean, the Italians are hurting trying to squeeze themselves into FFP, while Barca and Real are tickety boo.



    Man City will likely be given a ticking off year 1, then a warning in year 2, and will have cleared the requirement by year 3 through revenue growth rather than cost cutting.



    It’s having some effect on behaviour this season, but is likely to mean long term that the big clubs stay big and the rest look on enviously.

  22. **QUIZ NIGHT**



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    The quiz will be made up of a variety of questions, 50% Celtic related and 50% general knowledge. There will be raffle prizes and we also hope to have some live music after the quiz has finished.



    Tickets are priced at £5 and you can buy as many as you wish for friends and family so long as they are over 18. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to make up a team of 4/5 as we will arrange you into teams before the event. We hope to be able to offer a ‘print at home’ ticket service so that you would be able to simply bring your tickets on the night.



    Until then if you can contact me at then I can begin to allocate spaces to those who have expressed an interest.



    Thank you once again for your continued support.

  23. philvis – You need a different type of pharmaceutical product for that. (thumbsup)




    That was yesterday’s argument – sorry – discussion.

  24. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    14:09 on


    6 September, 2012



    I never thought about that. Very interesting indeed:o)

  25. JossyBhoy


    When are they arriving in Arbroath (and why Arbroath? Does Joseph live in Arbroath?)




  26. ASonOfDan – Sir Minty was duped – DUPED, I tell ye!



    Minty did his due diligence and asked Craig lots of probing questions like:



    1) Are you a billionaire?


    2) Are you sure?


    3) Do you promise you’re a billionaire?


    4) You’re not just some punter from Motherwell who grew up thinking “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” was a documentary, are you?


    5) Cross your heart?




  27. Any word of when the International clearances come through for the new boys.



    I expect that they will feature in the Raith game……would be a good crowd booster, methinks.

  28. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    jungle jim, 14.11



    I guess as auldheid says a lot of this will depend on the findings of the ftt and various committees. How much personal capital, in all its forms, will those in power, and I don’t just mean football, need to expend to keep sevco afloat.

  29. Apparantly you pronounce Lassad’s surname Nouioui as new-wee-wee


    ……Lassad it is then.

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