Today, the homeless gather at Celtic Park


131 years ago today, in the hall of St Mary’s in the Calton area of Glasgow, Bro. Walfrid convened a meeting that concluded with the note: “A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”

While practically every other football club in the world formed because men wanted to play football, Celtic were formed to feed the poor.  We have a remarkable heritage.  This, more than European Cups or double trebles, is the greatest part of our history.

This afternoon, Glasgow’s homeless will descend on Celtic Park where your Foundation will provide a hot meal.  Winter brings acute problems for our homeless, each year, many do not survive the season.  But this time also marks the start of the most intense period of activiey for the Foundation.

The poor and underprivileged, the homeless and forgotten, across Scotland, the rest of the UK, Ireland and beyond are given whatever is possible.  All of this depends on the work of Celtic supporters and others, who see the work of the Foundation and commit to helping.

We are all busy getting on with our lives, but the Foundation makes it easy for us to be responsible for someone’s hot meal.  It makes it possible for us to bear witness as Celtic fans, not just for the goals and the glory, but for the reasons, which are today 131 years old.  What a great thing to be part of.

You can join today’s Founding Fathers’ Fast.  You don’t need to stop eating all day, just eat less than normal, and donate £5 to the Foundation here.  It is the most enjoyable money you will spend all week.

Or you can donate by texting ‘CELT07’ followed by ‘£5’ to 70070.

Thank you.


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  1. None of the other Scottish club’s apart from Hearts, care about the SFA / SPFL favoritism with / for Sevco, not since the supporter’s of the other club’s watched on as, the all mouth, and nae troosurs Celtic supporter’s queued up to rubber stamp the same club lie, with the purchase of the £49 Old Firm tickets. Can anybody blame the other club’s supporter’s for observing that, the Celtic green hun’s are no more than the other cheek of the Old Firm arse ?


    Who’s fault is that ?


    The £49ers are the ghouls who’ll have to look their grandchildren in the eye’s and tell them that, the easily gulled £49 ghouls had the opportunity to, refuse to purchase those £49 tickets, and leave those seats empty, and that if the PLC continued with that £49 policy, then the £49 ghouls would then leave further seats empty, until the complicit PLC board either changed their ways, or were removed and replaced by a new hierarchy who would have the balls to knock the £49 kowtowing, soul selling racket on the head.


    But, as we all now know, the weak, selfish, soul searching, sycophantic suck up, £49 green hun’s, put their Old Firm self preservation, before justice for the Celtic supporter’s of the future, the ease with which these £49 green hun’s were gulled by the PLC’s Brendan bounce, an act of selfishness that has, in effect, probably left the PLC board, and their Scottish establishment fellow colluding cheats, with the slevirs dripping aff their chins in the knowledge of how easy it will be to fuel the Old Firm, probably for the foreseeable future, or, we might be surprised, if, the next generation of Celtic supporter’s are actually born with sets of balls.


    Here’s hoping. √



    John Downey’s rebel flag fly’s eternal, on the Parkheid Jungle roof. YNWA √





  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Call me paranoid, but there is an


    ET headline on Celtic Newsnow, ostensibly about Morgan accepting Haring’s apology.



    However the headline says that Morgan wants more kicks!



    Nowhere in the article is there any reference to “kicks”.


    It is about him hoping to get more games.



    After Levein’s blatant dog whistle on Brown, this, to me, is another.



    Ach, I’m getting to old for this nonsense.


    Bring on the Super League.

  3. mike in toronto on

    Reading back …



    Can’t believe anyone could piss off CQN’s gentle giant, Jamesgang … because he is generally so good natured, JG’s reaction threw me for a loop … it was like I was watching someone get mauled to death by a Care Bear … all a bit surreal?



    SFTB certainly doesn’t need me to defend his position, but at present American farm owners (the vast majority of whom are Either large corporations which support Republicans, or represented by AFBF, which tends to be very, very conservative supporting … oRepublican, or even Tea Party) have work forces made up of about 70% immigrants, half of whom are undocumented.



    To address this problem, the Republicans proposed repealing the existing H2A farmworkers legislation with the new H2c program. This would, amongst other things, allow u450,000 visas, including for undocumented workers already In the US, , but would deny them rights under the existing legislation. For example, They would no longer be protected by minimum wage laws, and Farm owners would no longer be required to provide housing.. a portion of already even more


    meagre wages would be garnished until the end of their work period to ensure they leave… etc.



    So, it seems that the Republicans don’t really object to undocumented workers … the Republicans know they need the support of farm owners, and the farmers need the workers. .. they just want to (I) exploit the workers further, (ii) score cheap political points off the back of the 4,000 people desperate enough to walk from Mexico or further South, just for the chance to be exploited on largely Republican controlled farms.



    So, it’s no longer the old let’s lock the door once I am in. It never really was that, as undocumented workers were always essential to large sectors of the economy; now it is let them in, but let’s pay them less, and blame them for all the evils in the country.



    Jesus wept.

  4. What is the Stars on

    Mike in Toronto



    What should it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.



    Seems most people are prepared to value their souls very cheaply


    Cut my taxes …Yahoo ,do what you want…I never even knew the camps existed, Chimneys ??? What Chimneys


    I didnt see no darn tootin chimneys I just saw the extra few dollars in my cheque ….Yahoo

  5. weebobbycollins on

    MIT….I think I’ll join the queue for the first Elon Musk/Richard Branson flight out of here……only to discover that no matter where I go, the Ohio Meat Packers will be there before me…

  6. From DanielOConnel18



    We were told Rangers’* EBT-fuelled titles can’t be removed because there’s no mechanism to do it. But it appears there being no mechanism to appeal a yellow card is no barrier to Rangers* appealing a yellow card.

  7. RE. Slave workers…..li vulnerable didn’t want to free slaves for humanity….he said it was economically invisible to keep them..if you get the man working then you had to look after him..but also hiscwife children and parents etc morbid whim could not do a days work…..made sense to free them..only psyche man and let he rest fend for themselves

  8. Alasdair MacLean on

    I presume the “Look how big my poppy is” brigade have an ambush set for Celtic fans at Livingston on Sunday?



    The “Respect and Remembrance Enforce and Compare Society” will be preparing for the attack as I type.

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