Turbulent AGM


Shareholder focus at yesterday’s AGM, the first in a decade without the Premiership trophy, concentrated less on the football situation than how the board were connecting with the wider support.

Brian Wilson, former MP and Celtic historian, was called to account for writing in an obituary that Rangers were “demoted” to the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Such a demotion is not possible within the rules.  He should, perhaps, have known Rangers were liquidated.

This mattered little to his Scotsman reading audience, but if you were a Celtic fan throughout the last 30 years, it counts.  Despite some historic success, Celtic were often subjugated during the 90s and first 11 years of this century by an opponent that care little for the rules of the game or our tax laws.  It is inconceivable I would write that word in this context, Brian needs to reconnect.

A perennial AGM favourite, the role of the non-executive directors (NEDs) was raised.  NEDs are important to a business, they ensure the interests of all stakeholders are heard, not just major shareholders.  There is a wealth of talent within our community, some global leaders in their industry.  This is a reasonable expectation from small shareholders.

If after Ian Livingston’s experience any of them were mad brave enough to take the task on, I have no doubt Celtic would benefit from fresh NED eyes.

As you would expect, the board were unable to comment on speculation they were considering employing Police Scotland chief, Bernard Higgins, who appears to have worked closely with the Scottish Government on their incredible treatment of Celtic.  I have no information on this, but the speculation, together with Brian Wilson’s obit piece, had many in the room perceiving a gap where none should exist. Some retro work here, please, Celtic.

Financial director, Chris McKay, and chairman, Ian Bankier, both informed the room that Celtic were one of 10 clubs working with Uefa to implement improved Financial Fair Play regulations.  Let’s hope that is fruitful.

The away ticket allocation issue was brought up.  In short, most of us do not get a sniff of a ticket, unless we pick up one of the many never used by an exec holder with rights.  This is how getting a ticket for an away game works at Celtic, it is not satisfactory or good for the club.

Interim chief exec, Michael Nicolson, received a comparatively supportive reception, although no questioner asked about the board’s long-term plans for this role.  Michael informed the room they were working with Ange Postecoglou on building up the football department, including potentially appointing a director of football.

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  1. As I said o the blog before that I had discussed the Rangers Liquidation with Brian Wilson, he knows the whole story, chapter and verse, and that there was no demotion. It is incredible that he wrote that.



    Bankier was unknown in the Celtic Lounges when he was appointed unlike Brian Quinn and John Reid who were common visitors. I had never seen him at the stadium. I think that he will ever pay for a ticket and further he will never be seen again.



    Desmond Junior shows more interest in the Club that his Dad and it would be better if he took his fathers Directorship.



    Non executive Directors are a difficult but should consist of individuals who bring skill and influence with knowledge in their field. We need political types to replace Brian Wilson and dare I suggest a SNP Celtic supporter with Influence with the Scottish Government.



    WE should increase the number of non-executives

  2. Wish someone had asked Nicholson to detail the ‘Evolutionary Initiatives’ he recently said we could look forward to. And probably at the glacial pace of evolution, I expect.



    TURKEYBHOY. In a European context, these 15 years were indeed wasted. GLASSTWOTHIRDSFULL above makes the very good point that we were turfed out of 4 Champions League competitions by sides who managed a pitiful 1 point out of 72. If that’s not spinning your wheels, what is? Ange has said that he is planning ahead so that the January window will be productive and less frantic than the last. Did the Board or Lawwell ever once announce that? Well, apart from flat out lying to us that their aim was to emerge from every transfer window stronger than when we went in. Willo Flood, anyone?

  3. Straight from the horse’s mouth . . .



    Angelos Postecoglou received a phonecall totally out of the blue and was asked if he would be interested in the Celtic job. He said he would and there then followed an extended telephone interview during which he spoke to more than one person.



    Less than 24 hours later he took a second call from a Celtic representative – unnamed – who offered him the job.



    There were no protracted negotiations; no series of board meetings; no thitd party due dilligence. After Steve Howe, the board knew they had to move fast and for once, they did.



    At the end of the day, who gives a damn whose signing he was or who first mentioned his name in the boardroom?


    He’s doing a grand job so far, so what does it matter?



    It really is quite sad to read good Celtic men arguing with each other over who did and did not bring Ange to Celtic.



    Vicarious point scoring CSC.

  4. Ive never understood, how managers tell opposition managers, who is injured a couple of days before you play them………

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:17 PM



    You had me confused there until I remembered `how` means `why` here !!

  6. SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:44 PM


    I wouldn’t say handing your own shares onto your children is nepotism, its just an inheritance.





    If it was shares in BP or Amazon then I would happily accept inheritance. Financial gain, no emotional involvement whatsover.


    Celtic is different. The right to own Celtic should be earned and not inherited. I may be barking up the wrong tree anyway as the Desmond boys might have no interest in being involved in Celtic long term. Only time will tell.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on 18th November 2021 3:14 pm



    There is no point scoring, it highlights Celtic Board members openly lying to shareholders at AGM’s, and supporters, been happening unchallenged for years.

  8. In fact , that reminds me of a little incident.


    My brother`s Spanish friend spoke excellent English but it was all learned in Glasgow. He went for an interview for the position of English/Spanish translator for a News programme. On being told he hadn`t got the job, he queried: How no?

  9. tom mclaughlin



    Steve Howe?


    Doesn’t surprise me that the Board wanted another Yes man…

  10. It sounds like a heated AGM but an exercise in accountability nevertheless and part of the concept of democracy, so (most of) the Celticracy deserve credit for taking it on the chin. How they react though is what matters. Trying to keep our house in order and not minding what goes on in other houses. Well done to those who grilled our top employees and our amateur directors, another way of saying NEDs , no? I think it was the Guardian where pluriemployed Brian Wilson wrote about “demotion”, one of his many gigs. Could the Guardian not have asked someone from the world of football connected to Walter Smith to write his obituary, why a Celtic director? But maybe they look at him as a journalist or an ex Government Minister. By accepting to write it Brian went outside his comfort zone and ended up with egg on his face. Good to hear referees being commented on too. In all, a robust review of where Celtic are at in 2021 and congratulations again for the persistence of the Celtic shareholders who got their messages across well.




    The interview from Australia was posted twice on here yesterday, once by me and later by QUADROPHENIAN.



    There is no point scoring, it highlights Celtic Board members openly lying to shareholders at AGM’s, and supporters, been happening unchallenged for years.


    Yes, but only because some supporters are demanding to know who first thought of Ange as a possible manager.


    Again, who gives a shit? Why does it matter?

  13. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:54 PM



    Tom it matters because the Board have a credibility issue following various mishaps over recent seasons.



    It matters because it evidences who is making the calls at Celtic – the new CEO (now gone) or the one who was on his way out (still retained).



    It goes to the corporate governance of the club and feeds into whether we can rely upon this board to take us forward.




    Seriously though, that was a rewarding faux pas on my part because your response was brilliant and made me laugh.



    Cheers :))




    Surely all that only applies where the appointment of a manager turns out to be an unmitigated disaster.



    I don’t recall Celtic supporters demanding to know who was responsible for appointing Martin O’Neill or Brendan Rodgers.

  16. As I have said on here for over a decade.


    Dermot Desmond calls the shots.


    Change Bankier,Wilson etc.



    It ‘ll make no significant difference.



    You’re only changing the toilet roll.



    The shit still remains.



    Dermot has nothing but utter contempt for our support.



    All that being said .



    He has a better business brain than most .



    He has lost his ambition for Celtic to fulfil it’s potential as a European club.



    It’s a savage problem.



  17. TOM MCLAUGHLIN @ 4:08 PM,



    Think most people knew Martin and Brendan were DD appointments.



    For me Rolling Stone makes a couple of very good points.



    Hail Hail

  18. I feel so embarrassed for Calum McGregor at these endless press conferences, having to respond to questions from all these wee sheenas in the scottish media. I’m old enough to remember the first one, Hazel Irvine, when she was parachuted into Sunday Scotsport in the late 1980’s. You obviously needed a degree in the History of Art from St Andrew’s to get a job at STV then. A job that so many other scots would have been equipped to do at that time. Jim red white and blue was the male equivalent.

  19. Tom McLaughlin- its all relative to Directors openly lying to shareholders and supporters, pretty easy to understand why i posted it.

  20. IGBHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:47 PM















    ‘Non executive Directors are a difficult but should consist of individuals who bring skill and influence with knowledge in their field. We need political types to replace Brian Wilson and dare I suggest a SNP Celtic supporter with Influence with the Scottish Government.’







    Maybe one who was critical of their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.



    Should narrow it down a bit.



    To nil.

  21. @TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:08 PM



    Have you forgotten our recent unmitigated disasters?




    I don’t understand the relevance of that question.



    I suggested it would be appropriate to ask whose idea it was to appoint Ange if he had turned out to be a disaster.



    What have other disasters got to do with it?

  23. Ange is doing a decent job.


    But what else has changed at the club.



    The second manager in a row, who hasn’t been allowed to bring in his own coaching staff and still no head of recruitment.

  24. the great switcheroo,


    when DD pulled a flanker that would increase shareholding from 14% to 21% to 34%.

  25. GVB record. (Hope this displays ok on CQN)



    Winning the Erdevisie is a high achievement but not terribly impressive overall. Certainly it will improve in Scotland



    Notable is an average of 1.16 goals per game against



    Managerial record by team and tenure:


    Team Nat From To Record G W D L GF GA GD Win %


    Feyenoord Netherlands 18 May 2015 19 May 2019 176 107 26 43 367 190 +177 60.80 [40]



    Guangzhou R&F China 4 Jan 2020 3 Dec 2020 23 7 6 10 32 41 −9 30.43



    Career total 199 114 32 53 399 231 +168 57.29

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