Uefa need champions to be nominated


You and I have known for a while that the chances of football resuming to allow domestic and European seasons to conclude by the end of June are zero.  Uefa almost certainly knew this too before their videoconference meeting with the national associations last week, but they agreed to setup a working party to explore all options before issuing a decision.

As the virus spread, what was unthinkable only a few days earlier becomes the accepted norm.  By the time the working party reports, almost everyone in Europe will know football across the continent will be in lockdown until at least August.  Before then, transcontinental travel will be irresponsibly dangerous, so there is no chance of staging Champions and Europa Leagues finals in June.  These outstanding games, like the three remaining Scottish Cup ties, can take place anytime, even after the start of next season.

As we discussed two weeks ago, and today’s Daily Record reported “a source close to the discussions”, leagues and associations across Europe have asked Uefa to issue clear guidelines on what to do with their domestic competitions.  Whatever happens, many will be unhappy across Europe, but if Uefa guidelines are followed, outcomes will be transparent and free of interference.

What football needs now is money and the biggest pot available to much of the continent is from Uefa competition.  Heaven and earth will be moved to ensure the Champions and Europa Leagues will take place next season, ensuring TV and sponsorship income flows as usual.

For this to happen, Uefa will need champions to be nominated.  It is not how we wanted nine-in-a-row, but we all have more to worry about that football glory right now.

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  1. An Tearmann,,



    Access to network from home limited to management on Surface Pros. All have been issued. No configuration setup for laptops that haven’t been issued thru dept. So can’t VPN in.



    Phones still need answered. So on-site working for the plebs.



    Just not enough staff to deal with demand.


    1000’s of calls asking for the extra £1000 that BoJo promised them on the news as an annual rise.



    His loose rhetoric and promises are causing major problems. Tit.



    Anyhow, thanks for good wishes, please accept mine.



    Off to work we go.




  2. Just a thought what happens in years to come if workers under the new pension reforms have to work to 70years old and beyond and we get a pandemic like this, we will have millions of workers staying at home, how do we keep vital services going then??



    D. :)

  3. TET



    Best wishes to your son and future daughter in law.



    Prayers said for Jan and you.



    Don’t be a stranger.



    Take care and God bless.

  4. Your apology shows you in a good light. No reason why a ` wee bhoy from parkheid` should be outshone by doctorsin the morality stakes.

  5. Good morning from a sunny North Staffordshire – should have been in Torremolinos today . Still waiting for TUI to give me a call.


    Today CQN is a bit like a corner shop – with posters (shoppers) returning and very welcome they are.


    Another day in the garden.




    Neustadt-Braw on 25th March 2020 8:17 pm



    evening Timland ….







    one of our own needing a hand oot…..am an awfy braw couple ….







    The Exiled Tim





    Anyways, I hope Mahe, Bobby and the blog doesn’t mind, but if anyone can spare a few bob it really would be much appreciated, the young fella is on his plums if he want’s anything back from the administrators, the hotel are just ignoring him on top of losing their jobs to boot, trying times.












    smiley as ever Keith regards to the smile thing








  7. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Day 4, giving serious consideration to cleaning the fridge shelves today, though it will take a bigger virus than corona to make me take on the oven.





    Ernie Lynch – did your seeds arrive yet?



    Crossed my mind, what could be among the 35 most popular items normal people grow in their gardens from seed?



    johnny appleseed – an all-time favourite. Inclined to wander wherever it likes.


    seed vicious – uncontrollable pest. Makes an absolute mess of its surroundings.


    seed heil! – a German perennial. Casts a dark shadow when it rises. One to avoid.


    clarence seedorf – a rare highlight. Can be relied on to flower in May even after three plantings.


    seedmund freud – will flower to its potential through direct dialogue, always talk to these plants.


    seedney devine – creates an almighty racket in windy conditions. Sore on the ears.





    Save Our Coral Reefs – throw a starfish up the beach today.

  8. Police now have powers to split up groups …



    Let’s hope they start with coldplay…😜

  9. Art of War.


    Thanks v much for your answer.R4 money prog on types categories applying for 80% just seen problems ahead for universal credit,and compounded by the fact the new applicant will not be used to dealing wi the burrooo


    Hope it goes well mate.


    Be safe



  10. CRC. Great to see you on here despite the harsh necessity which brought you on. If you’re lurking, sent you an email.


    So many condolences to pass on. Please take care, one and all.

  11. Art of War



    pretty shocked that the jobseekers allowance in UK is £95. The standard in Ireland at the start of this was €203 and the govt have pushed it up to €350 during Covid.



    Part of the political dychotomy in Ireland is that politically and economically, Fine Gael/Fianna Fail are Tories but culturally there is social responsibility expected here if not Socialism.

  12. Coneybhoy, (on vape break),



    If you are 25 or over £317.82 p/m


    Under 25 – £277.80 p/m



    You then have additional payments for housing, children etc… If you have them.



    Roughly works out @ £10.40 per day if over 25 for your Standard Allowance (JSA).



    If you’re a smoker……fecked.

  13. Why are postman still putting junk Mail for places that are shut through my door ?


    Escape boredom 2for 1offers of London attractions


    Not any time soon thanks…


    Bunn leisure..nope..

  14. FrankTerry on 26th March 2020 9:22 am



    There’s a lot of curious aspects to the case, and a lot of unanswered questions (literally).



    I can understand why some people draw the inferences they do.

  15. Chanty, Your original post re the McCanns is totally out of order.


    I would strongly urge you to request Moderator to delete it.

  16. my fav celyik game of alltime is the 10 men won the league when murdo rocket hit the back of the net at the celtik end this guy was trying to get out none other than andy cameron many years later meet him he was not a bad guy done loss of work for catholic charitysr

  17. BOGNORBHOY on 26TH MARCH 2020 9:18 AM


    Police now have powers to split up groups …







    Let’s hope they start with coldplay…😜




    very witty , put a smile on this oul face , cheers . :))))

  18. BOGNORBHOY on 26TH MARCH 2020 9:18 AM


    Police now have powers to split up groups …


    Let’s hope they start with coldplay…😜




    I’d personally start with The Scissor Sisters. My personal opinion is their cover version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is a crime against humanity. 🤬

  19. Chanty, your last post put a thought in my mind: why don’t we all contribute by telling us their favourite Celtic game.



    Mine is the 65 Cup Final.



    By the way, whereabouts in Parkhead do you hail from? We might have been at school together.




    I much prefer the Scissor Sisters version.




    Fightinanemptyhoose C.S.C

  21. Said to my beloved “I’m gone for a walk ,need some excercise”


    “Do some housework” she replied.




    Guess who won ? :O(

  22. RIP Daddy CANAMALAR & Daddy Kickinthenakas.


    Thoughts and prayers with you and family.


    Take care and we’ll all get through this together




  23. Marspapa-that’s the police doing roadside checks now in Yorkshire,be all over the place soon enough

  24. CORKCELT on 26TH MARCH 2020 10:53 AM


    Posts deleted put up by CHANTY and FRANKTERRY. Frank’s at his request. Chanty, I’m sure you understand.

  25. FAIRHILL BHOY on 26TH MARCH 2020 11:53 AM


    Marspapa-that’s the police doing roadside checks now in Yorkshire,be all over the place soon enough




    you in Yorkshire the noo , think ill break into yer hoose and steal that pallet load of toilet rolls ye goat fae Asda



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