Uefa need champions to be nominated


You and I have known for a while that the chances of football resuming to allow domestic and European seasons to conclude by the end of June are zero.  Uefa almost certainly knew this too before their videoconference meeting with the national associations last week, but they agreed to setup a working party to explore all options before issuing a decision.

As the virus spread, what was unthinkable only a few days earlier becomes the accepted norm.  By the time the working party reports, almost everyone in Europe will know football across the continent will be in lockdown until at least August.  Before then, transcontinental travel will be irresponsibly dangerous, so there is no chance of staging Champions and Europa Leagues finals in June.  These outstanding games, like the three remaining Scottish Cup ties, can take place anytime, even after the start of next season.

As we discussed two weeks ago, and today’s Daily Record reported “a source close to the discussions”, leagues and associations across Europe have asked Uefa to issue clear guidelines on what to do with their domestic competitions.  Whatever happens, many will be unhappy across Europe, but if Uefa guidelines are followed, outcomes will be transparent and free of interference.

What football needs now is money and the biggest pot available to much of the continent is from Uefa competition.  Heaven and earth will be moved to ensure the Champions and Europa Leagues will take place next season, ensuring TV and sponsorship income flows as usual.

For this to happen, Uefa will need champions to be nominated.  It is not how we wanted nine-in-a-row, but we all have more to worry about that football glory right now.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Passing away these isolation days reminiscing old games with other bhoys. Like 27 November 1980, I’m totally pished and fall asleep once game begins. I wake up to see Charlie Nick score what I think is the winner, goes mental. Bhoy behind says something like…. we are four nil down ya arse😱😵

  2. Nally81


    sorry but i am for giving the other teams nothing


    many of them would rather have their ground sitting


    empty than sell us tickets when we play there,


    there was also no support for Celtic when it came to resolution 12,


    let them stew in their own juices.

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just started reading back , so condolences to Kickinthenakas, and


    Canamalar, so sad bhoys, stay strong for your family.


    Caught up with the hit list there, hopefully when this terrible crisis


    is over these evil companys and vile people will be long remembered


    by us all.


    H.H . Mick

  4. I rarely post these but news of three of our family are in need of our prayers.


    Canalamar and Kickinthenakas I am sorry to hear of your Fathers deaths, may their may God Bless their Souls.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. gordybhoy64 on 25th March 2020 8:59 pm






    sorry but i am for giving the other teams nothing


    many of them would rather have their ground sitting


    empty than sell us tickets when we play there,


    there was also no support for Celtic when it came to resolution 12,


    let them stew in their own juices.






    I couldn’t agree more.



    If they all go bust we could apply to the english league. I’m sure they would see us as a cash cow to help recover their losses. As we would be a stand alone club with no excess baggage, if you take my meaning. I can see the welcome mat from here.






  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Just watched those vids with the Maltesers challenge, need to call


    the weemhan now to go out and get me some, doubt if i’ll manage


    keepy uppy without eating them though. 8-))


    Now that we have some of the aul posters coming back on this dear


    green place, how about opening the doors to all those red carded


    in the spirit of goodwill and forgiveness, GFTB for a start.


    And i’d luv to see some names i’ve not seen for a wee whiley.


    Wee Fra


    Tractor bhoy


    And many others.


    Hope you ghuys are safe and well.


    H.H . Mick

  7. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 25TH MARCH 2020 8:17 PM


    evening Timland ….


    one of our own needing a hand oot…..am an awfy braw couple ….


    The Exiled Tim


    Anyways, I hope Mahe, Bobby and the blog doesn’t mind, but if anyone can spare a few bob it really would be much appreciated, the young fella is on his plums if he want’s anything back from the administrators, the hotel are just ignoring him on top of losing their jobs to boot, trying times.




    smiley as ever Keith regards to the smile thing






    The latest as I understand it the target is approximately €600 short…


    I realise these are tough times for us all. Celticrollercoaster is reaching out TET with a view to making a collective donation. So many of our lives are affected presently with Covid-19 and this is another sad story. So if any of you have not donated and are able to please get in touch with CRC.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Just read James forrest’s piece now ( i’ll need to get up earlier here in Oz ) and


    kudos James ,you had my eyes dewing up with the aul times on CQN and


    remembering Wee Oscar and Kano.


    Just perhaps in this period of crisis we can get back to those halcyon days and


    respect one another.


    It’s what the Celtic family does.


    H.H . Mick

  9. Lennybhoy …CelticRollerCoaster….



    awfy braw …..




    smiley JamesForrest wasnae wrang thing






    ps is Bournesouprecipe ok…? missing my Soupy


    I am humbled bhoys, out of my own stupid stubbornness I haven’t posted on here for long enough, but trust me I have read every single post, CQN, it’s still in my blood.


    Thanks and I really do mean it.




    Canman and Kickin, such sad news, no words.



  11. Canman & Kickinthenakas, sincere condolences to you both on the loss of your faithers. Wee candle lit in my kitchen, wee prayer said.





    No such thing happening in Glasgow. It’s been seen as a holiday by too many. Pisses me off to come off a train, cross footbridge over canal and along the canal, groups, couples, joggers, cyclists…out in force.



    City centre is relatively quiet, would be different if shops open.



    Police presence at Queen St station. Stopped. Asked if travel was business or personal. Low key now but was aware it was just me and 2 cops. Coroboration? No witnesses about. When it gets worse, and it will, I have no faith in Police Scotland behaving correctly. (They probably just read that on here).



    Just watched news, DWP getting it right for not being able to handle nearly half a million new applications to benefit. This on top of existing claimants means system at breaking point.



    All backroom staff being pulled in to help around the country. AOW been tasked with putting together traning for those called in. Liaising with big wigs down south.



    I want a wage rise. 😁

  12. TET….



    just got a txt from my pal in lockdown ..Forfar loon …says he was so pished last night he couldnae remember coming home from the kitchen !



    smiley braw to your moniker thing



    as always regards to the smile




  13. hi Mick ….



    smiley them hurtin huns will be missing you thing






    and wee Grace will likely not leave your side when you get let oot….smart lassie

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    It’s going to be a mad mad world when we all get out




    Called the wee mhan about shopping for Maltesers as


    he’s beating me at the loo roll challenge.


    He said ” Papa you’re as well eating them cause you’ll


    not be able to see them never mind keep them up ”


    Kids eh ?


    H.H . Mick

  15. hahhahahaha what is annoying is he is right….



    smiley but we hiv better patter thing






    goodnight Timland been braw….




  16. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    Good early mornimg folks



    Its been a while! Canamalar & Kickinthenakas, my best wishes and thoughts go out to you both at this difficult time



    TET- we will support you



    NEUSTADT-BRAW- just braw! Thank you for highlighting TET position, Apologies I have been posted missing for a while



    Feck the coronavirus, we have a friend in need







  17. Canamalar and kikinthenakas



    Prayers In support of you guys at this time



    Exiled Tim


    Good to see you post k.prayers for you mate




  18. The Star above The Crest on

    Kick In The Nakas



    I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

  19. Good morning, friends from a grey, drizzly East Kilbride. However, it’ll be a dry walk to work for me from here in my kitchen to there in my dining room ;-)

  20. Can-Man and Kick……….sorry to hear your sad news.



    God Bless…………… This Dear Green Place.



    Those that use it are cut from a different cloth………..




  21. Good morning CQN from a slightly damp and overcast but quite mild Garngad



    Reading back and we tend to think of the NHS as frontline services against this horrible virus and indeed they are, but to me it’s obvious that for some sort of society to perform there is an army of Civil servants working to get family’s cash to feed their family’s and pay for the roof over their head in this their darkest hour.


    There is loads more people trying to keep the country moving and an army of 405,000 volunteers for the UK. WOW. That’s probably more than we have in the actual army and reserves.



    In a nutshell thanks to the lorry drivers bringing our food and the shop staff working to keep us all fed.


    Thanks to the NHS


    Thanks to the Civil Servants


    Thanks to the Army of volunteers 405,000



    Humanity at its best



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  22. Art of War


    May change Thursday!



    How will it go with working from home with the burrito? Any data implications+ ? Privacy



    Be safe friend




  23. good morning from abbunny spain at lastbeen pissing for 7 days another 15 days of lock down for uz

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