Victory is there for Celtic


Spartak Moscow will have considered Celtic’s history away from home in the Champions League and this afternoon will look each other in the eye and warn against complacency.  There is nothing in 20 games in this competition proper to alarm them, but there is nothing in that 11 year history which will prepare them to meet this Celtic team.

Not since Martin O’Neill took his side to Turin in 2001 have we approached a Champions League away match with such enthusiasm.  Celtic will approach this game knowing they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from imposing the team and personal development achieved over the last 18 months on Spartak.

The game also comes at a convenient window in our permanent injury crisis but with Spartak robbed of key players throughout the team.

At home against Benfica two weeks ago concentration was the important sentiment but tonight is a different game.  The foreign environs will ensure Celtic players are always acutely of their surroundings but they also provide a platform, and a playing surface, for them to express themselves.

Although Celtic’s away record in this tournament has been poor the better performances have come against the bigger challenges: a draw in the Camp Nou, 0-0 after 90 minutes before losing in extra time in the San Siro, and it took ridiculous penalty decisions at the Stadio Dello Alpi and Old Trafford to deny us a point, so don’t be confused by the stats.

This one is there for us.

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  1. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on






    Fair do’s mate but an hour before the next biggest game of our season we don’t need fellow tims expressing such pessimistic depressing predictions. We hear enough of that from the huns we work with etc. The poor away record in the CL was set by the same club but a different team. Our current bhoys dont have that monkey on their back








    Just don’t listen to anything horsey-elated at the moment!

  3. Saw this in response to an article about an apparently excellent buy by tonight`s opponents. Is it from a simple-minded reader or a sarcastic Tim? Hmmmm….?



    “Congratulations th The Herald on having the integrity to publish an article lauding a particular ralent in a team who are just about to play the Scottish Champions.


    The recent Ryder Cup served up some wonderful golf but the accompanying jingoism did much to spoil it for true sports lovers. I hope The Herald is setting a trend here in honest, open journalism. Scottish journalism, sadly, is much in need of an influx of impartial Sports reporting.


    Well done , The Herald.”



    show more

  4. DBBIA



    Elton John, first 5 albums from Amazon for £15.00 or less, absolutely wonderful. In fact almost anything from Elton John up to and including Captain Fantastic is worth having. After that it’s time to cherrypick I’m afraid. I recently heard High Flying Birds and just thought how good was he. However Ole Rod Stewart does the bst version imho of Elton’s Country Comfort.



    Passing time til Kick off csc

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Thought we would have got the CL game on BBC Radio Scotland from about 4pm / 4.30 pm ….But, silly me……it’s not the Ramsden Cup……… Silly bhun radio…..

  6. More than happy with the team line up.


    Will be delighted with draw but truly think we can nick this one, but remember spartak were 2:1 up at barca and L Messi saying they are a good team.


    Will be text updates for me tonight





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