Watching the central defender space


I have been keeping an eye open for whispers on the central defender front. Although we have already brought Marvin Compper in this month, Brendan could be tempted into trading a few (cough) of the existing squad, so there could be more arrivals.

Reports in Poland this morning suggest Arsenal’s 20-year-old central defender, Krystian Bielik, could be heading on loan to Scotland, despite Legia wanting to loan back their former player. Celtic have worked the academy system at PSG and Manchester City recently, would not be surprised if we were scouting Arsenal too.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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  1. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 11TH JANUARY 2018 12:29 PM



    So I managed 4 in the allotted time:



























    9 NCOSLHNJILO – John Collins



    10 OYYNDLJEHNO – Johnny Doyle

  2. Not great getting a loan player who has just signed for a new club, no chance of buying him.

  3. I would see this as a very clever strategy looking at teams who have FAT academies and picking off talented kids who are perhaps just short of the required level to make their first teams.



    The issue I have is the “LOAN” element. We can only benefit from these players over the medium term if they are our players. Fraser Forster is the loan player in recent times that I can think of that turned a loan move into a permanent one.


    1 paddy crerand


    2 Jackie


    4 Charlie Nich


    5 mark Burchill


    7 Gary Caldwell


    8 mo sila


    9 john Collins


    10 john Doyle

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I’m snow blind, or was it the big blank white page that was the new article ?

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Will Paul 67 be fined for being late?



    From the guards van of the last thread





    GENE on 11TH JANUARY 2018 10:20 AM
















    5 goals would not have flattered us that night – Edit.












    We often say leaving a ground that we “should have beat that mob 5-0″, but I actually said it





    that night leaving Parkhead.







    Go on, Paul, post the N A.

  7. SEÁNP1916



    Some of those players have developed into players who could do a job for the teams that released them. We’ve got plenty to offer someone like Michael Keane when they leave

  8. CELTIC40ME on 11TH JANUARY 2018 1:49 PM



    My point was more that we take these players on loan for a season. More in Paddy’s case they do a job for us in that season but we see no medium or long term benefit as they NEVER become our player.



    Fraser Forster as i mentioned is the only one i can think of that we actually signed following a loan deal

  9. Some of the CHs I have watched recently in the EPL have been crap.I include Man City.Arsenal have struggled to get CHs of any real quality in.Likewise Liverpool,apart from VVD.It seems to me,a position that is getting increasingly more difficult to fill.No matter the amount of money the idiotic EPL throw at it.Last night in the Arsenal game,their CH,cost 35 million ,Mustafi,was poor.Up against good players granted,but his positioning,getting caught wrong side,needless fouls because of this was bad.


    You can see how bad the problem is when the top clubs are looking at Johnny Evans at around the 30 million mark.

  10. Taken from Daily Ranjur Rag today.


    It seems that the DR has no trouble reporting on S.American teams that are only 5 YEARS OLD !



    Former Rangers boss Pedro Caixinha suffers Mexican Cup humiliation as Cruz Azul are beaten by team formed five years ago



    Caixinha suffered Mexican Cup disaster in just his second game in charge as they were dumped out in the first round




    this defeat has came just days after Pedro stated that his current bunch of players are the BEST he’s ever managed !



  11. We signed The Greek Ghod after an initial loan.


    My thoughts are sell Jozo , he ain’t reliable, sell Erik as he ain’t in Brendan’s plans.


    Buy Danny Ward ( goalkeeper from Liverpool) and buy a Centre Half that slot straight in.


    No projects


    No Loans.


    Solid investment in the team




  12. I dont have any problems with “Loan players”.If we can get them for the minimum of one year,and if they are of the required quality,that can help you qualify for the CL,help you do better in the groups,get you Euro football after Xmas.Job done.These type of players,if available on loan,would be way out of our price bracket.


    Sad to say,thats football nowadays,so we have to use everything we can.We are doing great at the moment,scouting the young French market,some high class loanees,like Musonda,for example can only make us better.

  13. BURGHBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:05 PM



    Danny Ward I’d bite your hand off for as a long term replacement for Craig Gordon if he was available. I assume he is back at Liverpool now. I know after he left his loan spell at Aberdeen, he spent some time at Huddersfield.



    I think if my timings are correct that Brendan would have been his manager at Liverpool when he was loaned to the sheep. In that case you would have to assume he knows the player/current situation well.



    Perhaps the Boss doesn’t rate him? or perhaps just unavailable?

  14. BURGHBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:05 PM


    We signed The Greek Ghod after an initial loan.





    My thoughts are sell Jozo , he ain’t reliable, sell Erik as he ain’t in Brendan’s plans.





    Buy Danny Ward ( goalkeeper from Liverpool) and buy a Centre Half that slot straight in.





    No projects





    No Loans.





    Solid investment in the team.




    We differ here.I class,”Solid investment in the team”as taking the team further than now.No matter how that is achieved.Everything sounds so simple when you say it.Is the Liverpool keeper for sale?Where do we get this centre half that can just”Slot in”.We have just bought one have we not?.

  15. Okay I’ve got 8 correct


    1 Paddy Crerand


    2 Jackie. Mac namara


    3 Stephen McManus


    4 Charlie Nicholas


    5 Mark Burchill


    6 ?????


    7 Gary Caldwell


    8 ?????


    9 John Collins


    10 Johnny Doyle

  16. Turkeybhoy



    Every player is available if the price is right.


    We’ve got money in the Bank.


    Here’s a novel idea.


    Forget projects.


    Forget Loans.



    Let’s have a bit ambition for once

  17. I really fail to see the indecent haste to forget how good Ajer has been for us at CH.4 games,4 clean sheets,2 of those against our nearest rivals.I said a couple of weeks ago,if we had gone out and spent 5 or 6 million on him,and he had come in a performed as well as Ajer has,we would be raving about how well we had done.I dont have any worries about saying this boy will be the next VVD.


    On one hand we want to develop our own players,on the other its drop them and bring in someone we dont know.

  18. Development bhoys playing Dundee Utd today.







    26’ – GOAL! Kerr McInroy puts Celtic ahead. The midfielder dribbles past an opposition defender but is tackled on the edge of a crowded penalty area. The attempted clearance comes back off him and McInroy fires the ball back across goal and into the bottom corner [1-0]




    44’ – GOAL! Kerr McInroy grabs his second and doubles Celtic’s lead. He takes the free-kick and fires off a low shot towards the bottom corner which beats the keeper [2-0]



  19. We also need a back up left back.


    Having no replacement for KT who has been running on empty is a dereliction of duty

  20. Personally, I have never been a fan of loan players, cannot see the point, and I think it’s a bit unfair as well. So it’s OK for Chelsea and the likes to have a massive squad, then loan out these young players. Pure greed. If clubs were forbidden to loan players out, then these very young players would get signed up by other smaller clubs and rise and fall by their own merits.


    I think I read recently that Chelsea have something in the order of 40 players out on loan, to me, that is a scandal.


    My opinion obviously.




  21. OK. Bhoys remaining answers revealed in 10.


    Clue #6 Someone on here once, unbelievably, referred to him as a “shitebag” and #8 clue is barefoot in the park.




    How’s it goin’


    I want Cavani



  22. BURGHBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:23 PM









    Every player is available if the price is right.





    We’ve got money in the Bank.





    Here’s a novel idea.





    Forget projects.





    Forget Loans.







    Let’s have a bit ambition for once





    “Every player is available if the price is right”.Maybe so,but that does not apply to us.We cannot compete.I said earlier,Johnny Evans is on the market for 30 odd million.How much do you want us to spend?.Realistically.Would these players want to play in our league.Could we pay the upwards of 70 grand a week.To do what?.Win our league and cups?.We are doing that now.To let us become a force in Europe again?.Sorry,that ship has long since sailed.We will be Pot 4 for the foreseeable future.


    At the moment,we are doing all that can be expected of us.I think we have shown ambition.Dembele,Ntcham,Sinclair,Roberts for 2 and half years.We are paying big money here.

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