Watching the central defender space


I have been keeping an eye open for whispers on the central defender front. Although we have already brought Marvin Compper in this month, Brendan could be tempted into trading a few (cough) of the existing squad, so there could be more arrivals.

Reports in Poland this morning suggest Arsenal’s 20-year-old central defender, Krystian Bielik, could be heading on loan to Scotland, despite Legia wanting to loan back their former player. Celtic have worked the academy system at PSG and Manchester City recently, would not be surprised if we were scouting Arsenal too.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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    Good luck-and well done so far-on OBaFA.



    Good to see you back anaw.




  2. Hamilton Tim –


    Two replies, both within a few hours yesterday, Richard Leonard and Mark Griffin, very positive, no other replies since.




  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim , Dougie McGuire ended up at Albion Rovers when someone I knew played with them. He told me none of the Rovers players could get the ball off Dougie in training .



    Gerry Creaney , in my opinion , was more effective than Mark Burcihill plus he was a better forward. Gerry had a good record scoring in big league games as well as in European matches. I’m led to beleve that Gerry Creaney’s ego was a reason we got shot of him .



    Mark could not play with his back to goal but despite being a very good finisher , I was never fully convinced of his footballing ability . Mark still holds the record for the quickest hat trick in a European game.




    I hope temperatures have started to rise in Canada .



    God night all and sleep well

  4. Dallas- the only time i seen Henrik giving a team mate both barrels , was to Mark Burchill in the 5-1 game, 2 or 3 times he should have passed it to HL for his hat trick…..HH

  5. BMCUW/One Malloy



    The response has been incredible. The template response from SNP MSPs which is now evident is absolutely abject and references wholly discredited material.




    Gerry Creaney , in my opinion , was more effective than Mark Burcihill plus he was a better forward. Gerry had a good record scoring in big league games as well as in European matches. I’m led to beleve that Gerry Creaney’s ego was a reason we got shot of him.



    I liked Gerry, not blessed with a lot of pace but he knew where the goals, done well with Pompey when he went down south and then ended up at Maine Road who was a bit like us back then, sleeping giant.



    I also like Andy Paton, too think we swapped him for biggles, shudder at the memory of it. Both IMHO left because we badly needed money



    I hope temperatures have started to rise in Canada.



    *Bucketing down right now, all the snow should be gone by the morning, gives me a chance to remove all the outdoor lights and decorations, then it cools down again which normally bring snow, an arctic vortex disnae as its too cauld

  7. Another “Pravda” article by paul67.



    Translation of this one. We are going to sell a couple of central defenders even though it’s an area we struggle in. But it’s okay we will buy another moneyball project so calm down.



    Meanwhile in the real world rumours abound that griffiths wants away and that Celtic are saving up money for the hotel.



    This transfer window is pivotal.



    Celtic seem intent on screwing up (as usual).



    Paul though? He will tell you how clever it all is.



    This transfer window is a growing scandal.



    Wonder how Brendan feels.

  8. “ Celtic and Rangers are going head-to-head to land Dundee defender Jack Hendry, we can exclusively reveal.



    The 22-year-old has emerged as one of the best young defenders in Scotland, having returned North of the Border following an ill-fated spell in England with Wigan.


    Now the Old Firm duo are both in talks with Dundee to try and land the centre-half.


    Hendry, who began his career at Partick Thistle, is expected to cost in the region of £500,000. “



    Ha Ha……..Ha Ha



    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha



    Ha Ha……..Ha Ha



    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha



    YouKnowTheTune CSC

  9. Indeed bournes.



    It seems Celtic are intent on ensuring they just make money.



    The football? Oh aye that’s right, we can make money.



    This is turning out to be the ultimate screw up amongst so many. When you are at the top, get digging, seems to be Celtics mantra.

  10. Replies from 4 of the 8 MSPs I e-mailed, all positive.



    3 were Labour (Anas Sarwar, Pauline McNeil & Johann Lamont) and one is the Tory list MSP, Adam Tomkins.



    No replies, as yet, from



    Pauline McNeill- SNP


    Patrick Harvie- Green


    Annie Wells- Tory



    or James Kelly- Labour, who is sponsoring the repeal and may think his opposition can be taken for granted but, would be well advised to get on with replying to that effect. Us shallow voters tend to value that sort o thing :-)

  11. See whin the OBAFA gits dunn away wi


    diz that mean that ye kin sing as miny rebel songs iz ye waant


    fae the back ae the bus


    afoot gittin lufteed ?


    £49 Old Firm fans CSC


    reep witt ye sow¡



  12. Meanwhile – as Barca crush them 5-0 – on Celta Vigo QuickNews regular blog whinger, Negativo Anónimo Dos, is lambasting their lack of ambition and budget restraints…

  13. NEG



    Fully realising you’re away to bed



    Neganon2 the accountant that sees the Celtic board like a fan in the street, where we have exactly £30M from last seasons CL, and more recently another £9M from the VVD sell on clause.



    Over the years on CQN at least you’re consistent, but can’t see the wood for the trees.



    You still suspect ‘the money’ is all salted away to the Kelly’s and the Grants or the wee wummin in Ireland.



    Its been posted ad nauseum that transfers don’t equate £ for £, and there are few if any £5M £6M + players who can come to Celtic unless they are prospects like Olivier Ntcham.



    We survive on selling to stay top dog in a back water, and thats as good as it gotten for us and CQN in all its existence.



    Finding ‘diamonds in the midden’ Dembele, VVD, Victor et all, and having a chore of better than Aberdeen players is all there is.



    That and having a world class manager can only buy our 52,000 season tickets, sell out in the CL and probably


    the Europa.



    Football clubs don’t bank millions, we’ll dwarf Scotlands spend in every window, for every foreseeable window, build hotels, improve environment retain and maintain the best stadium in Scotland.



    We are witnessing a new Celtic, a Celtic that really won the war and we’ll continue to dominate through superior legitimately obtained advantage, ad infinitum.



    Zzzzzzz CSC




  14. Removing the OBFA means what? Celtic Trust spokesman refused to answer whether they supported the singing of songs referencing the IRA. How am I supposed to support their email campaign when this basic question is not answered?

  15. Neilbhoy


    Any link to where and when the Celtic Trust spokesman was asked that question?



    He has 4 runners at HUNTINGD Today, I won’t go thru the names and times etc til later maybe, but they are ALL short prices…”LUCKY 15″ anyone ?


    It’s NOT been a great week so far with Nickys horses…ive lost a couple of quid, but that man owes me nothing over the years.



    GODOPLHIN have ONE Runner in LINFIELD’s 2.20 @ 6/4.


    Lucky 31..maybe ?


    Best of luck chaps if you take a wee punt.



  17. You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection – you cannot cope with the future



    Eckhart Tolle




    HUNTINGDON……….. 2.00 TURTLE WARS @ 5/2


    3.00 STYLE DE GARDE @ 8/11.


    3.30 TERREFORT @ 6/4.


    4.00 THE VOCALIST @ 6/4.


    No.1 jockey Nico De Bonville rides two of the in 3.00 and 4.00.






    HUNTINGDON…2.00 PYRIOS @ 12/1…..and 3.00 GUMBALL @ 11/8.









    If trying any of these of luck !



  19. neilbhoy on 12th January 2018 12:48 am


    It means that someones life can’t be ruined on the whim of a policeman who deems behaviour offensive only around a football match. It’s not about a ‘right’ to sing about the IRA, it’s about ridding us of a law that only applies to and criminalises football supporters. A Hamilton fan got done for singing, ‘”‘Well ‘Well f**k yer ‘Well” Songs about the IRA are a different debate.

  20. Gorbalstam. 6.28


    Well said.


    Neilbhoy, you are not very well educated on the consequences of the OBAF and how illiberal it is or you are an SNP sycophant.


    Hail Hail

  21. DBhoy



    There are many who would do well to remember that . I would add, though, that there is a big difference between preparing and worrying. I would further add that too many do too much of the latter.




  22. Ianbhoy929



    Seems strange to see an East Devon post that is only about the weather :-))






    PS The E.Devon Tourist Board should be rewarding you . It is mentioned more often on here than in the average Travel Agency !

  23. “Negative posts are invariably more bombastic, non-evidenced and arrogant than are positive posts.”




    Cheerio for now.




  24. Settingfreethebears,


    I presume your Season Ticket was received in the mail following it’s much appreciated use by Big Maddes and friends at the recentderby game.


    I believe Jamesgang is still sunning himself on a beach somewhere;-) so will need to wait until his return for confirmation that his has been delivered by his local Postie. Both tickets were posted on Hogmanay at Glasgow Central before Maddes left to return home.

  25. Headline from Perth news (Oz):



    Rangers rediscover tiny endangered rock wallaby on WA coast



    (But it’s not gonna save them from Admin II.)

  26. Stairheedrammy on

    Neilbhoy mischief making. You can almost hear the SNP plea in there “But we need a way to jail those pesky fenians, the arrest figures must be evennnnnnnnnnnnn”

  27. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Like SFTB I’ve had replies from Anas Sarwar Joanne Lamont and Tory Msp Adam Tomkins



    Nothing from The proposer of the bill or SNP or from odious Harvie