We are Celtic, ambition


On Thursday I wrote Brendan Rodgers ‘will be a remarkable signing’.  One day after the event, it feels very remarkable.  Some found it so remarkable they have attempted a smile for the first time since Artmedia took the lead.  I’ve even spoken to Newco fans who were engaged by the appointment.  The aphorism, a rising tide lifts all boats, feels apt.

Some weeks ago I heard Peter Lawwell talk about the difficulty of landing a top tier manager in our current environment, however, he finished with a positive “But we are Celtic”.  People want to come here; managers, players, even tourists.  For all the Scottish game’s limits, we are Celtic, let’s not forget.

We’ve used some of that cachet to bring people to the game.  There will be more cameras, more reporters, more international media, more TV viewers and many more glutes on seats next season.  This will reflect on all.

Our media rights are worth more today than they were a week ago.  Consider for a moment how Dafabet and Magners view yesterday’s news?  For all they knew when they signed their shirt deals, we could have had Owen Coyle in charge next season, unless his auntie told them otherwise [an old CQN in-joke].

I’m pleased to hear so many comments that this is a sign of ambition, although ambition is always more nuanced than it appears.  Ambition every year is to win the league and qualify for the Champions League, that’s always the plan, whether it happens, or if it’s only half achieved.  Hopefully the ambition is loaded with a little authority this summer.

Sannabhoy asked me to pass on these comments on behalf of the Kano Foundation to the CQN community:

“To round the season off the Kano Foundation had a visit from Almore to present us with a donation from the Dublin 1916 CQN gathering on Sunday for the sum of £580.

“As you know, this event, to commemorate the Easter rising of 1916, was organised by CQNers Almore and ClogherCelt, and featured 30 CQN members among the 70 scots who travelled over to join the 120 locals at the festivities.  A brilliant time was had by all (just to rub it in to the absentees).

“Brian Ainslie, trustee, is pictured here receiving the cheque from Almore and Delaney’s Dunky.
Kano cheque
“On behalf of The Kano Foundation it gives us great pride and pleasure to accept this fantastic donation.  We appreciate the numerous good causes that are out there and to be beneficiaries of this, and the historically significant events it commemorates, is humbling and makes the efforts of the patrons, ambassadors, volunteers and trustees worthwhile.

“To Martin Connor and Alan Curran, who organised it, we’d just like to say, on behalf of the almost 5000 kids we have taken to Celtic Park, thank you very much.  Without support like yours we couldn’t continue to do this. Hail Hail.

“On that note, I’m away for a kip until next season – I’ll need it – we can take 2000 kids next year . HELP!!”

What a stunning community you are.  Well done.

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  1. Miller is running this game from a withdrawn position – he will score again unless Hibs mark him out, or he runs out of steam.

  2. Emeraldbee-



    Hope you are feeling comfortable and well on the way to recovery.



    Wait till the soreness is gone and you are back to normal, you’ll see the difference in terms of mobility.



    Best of all though, you can now consider yourself a paid up member of the night shift!

  3. saltires en sevilla on

    Two crap teams tbh!



    Both Giving ball away and defending is woeful



    Bright light is how well stokesy is playing – a Celtic player running at them and finding space to shoot on target a good few times. Touch and strength with quick feet.



    If Hibees are to win this they need to score twice in normal time 2nd half or grab the odd goal in 3 on 96 mins.

  4. bournesouprecipe on 21st May 2016 3:52 pm



    First impressions on the Scottish Cup final are what a poor side Celtic fielded, in the semi.


    This game could go to penalties.




    It wasn’t a poor Celtic team it was a Celtic team that performed poorly.



    You’d have to ask the likes of Brown and the others why they let that happen.

  5. theglasgowcelticway on

    Think Hibs look tired although they’ve created the better chances.

  6. Heartbreak developing for Hibs here. They are miles the better team but you just know the New Huns are going to do it.



    Looks like McLean has learned well from Craig Thompson. No need for outrageous decisions, just give Deidco the benefit of a few soft fouls, ignore similar on Hibs players, and you can easily influence the ebb and flow of the game.



    Sevco really are rubbish, how we lost to them, even in our impoverished state, I’ll never know…

  7. PFAYR@1-31PM


    We may need to sign a central defender but i’m not convinced our central defenders are as bad as many os the fans think.


    Our system was so badly implemented last season that they were all constantly exposed.


    No centre half wants to vacate his berth to come out and tackle an advancing mid but that was often the scenario.


    Also at lot of goals we gave up were shots from the central area in front of our box so not really centre half’s fault.


    I think Boyata is better than rated.O’Connell always looked assured when played and Simo may prove to be excellent when his injuries clear.


    Brendan may think differently as he will know what defenders his system requires.

  8. Stokesy vs The Huns



    Sadly now set up for Hubs to Hibs it or Maclean and his subservient forelock-tuggers to implement the fix.



    A damning indictment of Ronny Deila’s judgement of a football player that Stokes was completely frozen out of Celtic squads for months in favour of Cifti and other imposters. Nice guy, no fckn clue.



    C’mon the Junkies, pump the Monkeys.

  9. Here’s me thinking it was Owen Coyle’s granny that had the inside track as to all things Celtic.



    Noo Paul tells us it’s been his auntie is involved tae.



    Sum family that!

  10. Snake Plissken on

    What this game does show is that they are limited and without proper investment over a league season they will not be good enough.



    That side will lose at Pittodrie, Tynecastle, the Highlands and even McDiarmid park or Fir Park.



    It is imperative that Celtic go about their business properly this summer. It looks like they will. Very important weeks coming.

  11. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Nevin is such a wee nanny.



    And his “transplant” was utterly pointless.

  12. The Huddle…………..sure we won it but the concession of that second goal particularly to that guy – he actually got both Malmo scores – was a catastrophy.



    This is a great Cup final. Stokesy could be on the plane to France yet with Martin, he looks lethal.





    Take yer daughter along to the games?



    Aye,I can go for that,though closest I can manage is taking my 11-yo sis.



    Much against the wishes of my mates,gonna screw up our day.



    No,far from it.



    1st game for Lorna,got it right away,never left her,season ticket holder.



    One convert is a decent return,mate. I expect you’ve had a few results in that regard,as have I.



    But one? Plenty. The joy on the face of a convert when they “get it”






    That’s what Celtic is to me,the joy of that which others introduced me to,and the joy which others have taken by me doing the same.



    It’s not always easy nor pleasant being a Tim. But it’s always.

  14. Snake Plissken on

    Joe Filippis Haircut



    I wonder if he heard any unacceptable songs and mentioned it. He said he would.







  15. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    It will be 3-1 to Hibs. Mark my words. The Oracle has spoken.




    (Adjustments to the above prediction may have to be made as the game progresses.)

  16. In Hibs could take half their chances or a quarter of their half chances this match would be over, ‘honest mistakes’ aside.

  17. bournesouprecipe on 21st May 2016 3:57 pm



    Don’t think anybody has forgotten how badly we played.



    IMHO the team selection on the day was also plain wrong.




    What would’ve been your starting 11?

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    That BBC commentary team are something else. The bias is tripping out of them.


    Anyone noticed that on the BBC scoreboard at the bottom left of screen it has “Ran 1 – Hibs 1” ?



    And there was me thinking it went by alphabetical order when the game is played at a neutral venue.

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    SNAKE PLISSKEN. This is not the Rangers team that will play next season they have big players coming to the club the two from Accrington Stanley and the young lad from Liverpool and they will bring in more big names.H.H. ;- )


    NO BOBBY DOES IT PETTA on 21ST MAY 2016 3:56 PM



    Maybe wee Nevin should speak to Stokesy’s and LG’s trichologist?

  22. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on

    Miller has found his level in the Championship – he’s looking no bad

  23. Looking at the calendar, no doubt Brendan is hitting the ground running. Our next game is just weeks away.



    Although that’s an age on CQN. My vote for the off season is everyone discussing and sending in their favourite recipes, Winning Captains publishing a CQN cookbook just in time for the holidays.

  24. They’re bringing in Accrington Stanley players that’s it we’re fecked we should just chuck it…




    Joe yer a zoomer sometimes mate:))

  25. Jobo Baldie on 21st May 2016 4:10 pm



    No drink to be partaken until Hibs take the lead.




    That’s some commitment

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