Welsh should start ahead of Carter-Vickers


Saturday’s game against Ross County was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second run out since July, so there was no surprise to see him down with cramp in the second half.  Match fitness cannot be fully achieved without matches.  It will take a few weeks until he is fully primed.

This poses a question for Ange Postecoglou, does he play Cameron against Real Betis tomorrow or revert to Stephen Welsh, a player two years younger but who is fully fit.

If we were discussing a creative type, like Jota, who also cramped on Saturday, I would expect him to start, as creatives are often swapped out in the second half, but managers are loathed to change their defensive line during a game.

I don’t think there is a definitive best choice here.  We do not know enough about Cameron and I know little about Betis, but my hunch would be to play Stephen.  The overriding factor is that we know Betis will run our back line significantly more than Ross County did on Saturday.  If Cameron’s muscles were in rebellion then, they will surely suffer in Seville.


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  1. I think Shareholders should be given the opportunity to purchase tickets once the Season Ticket holders have bought theirs for the European game’s. Season Ticket holders will probably get the option to buy extra tickets later this week, which is wrong, so your next door neighbour who’s never been to a game in his life could get a ticket before a Shareholder.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What about Juranovic vs Ralston?



    I didn’t think Juranovic was great at the weekend but I’d play him tomorrow and the sturdier Ralston on Sunday at Livingston.

  3. I’d agree. From watching them the other night Betis are a small quick team. They seem to play 4-2-3-1 with Fekir the string puller in the middle.



    I’d be more worried about the damage their left sided midfielder could do against whoever plays at left back, he’s wee but very quick and tricky, but having seen at the weekend that CCV might not be the most mobile, and his lack of match fitness I’d go with Welsh.



    I hope we don’t sit back and invite them on to us, or lose our nerve and abandon our possession game. Long balls out of defence will come straight back

  4. I think we should also be looking (medium term) at Ralston as a defensive mid-fielder, who’s main job is to simply sit in front of the defence and break up the opposition attacks.

  5. I vaguely remember having to scroll thru some oootburst from a wee sleekit, many-monikered pop-up who wanders aw aboot Timdom…especially the smaller fringe sites……..







    Its main point on this occasion was a threat “to shut the site doon ” or wurds to that effect………..







    Imo. its the same here wi’ the resident rocket(s)







    They despise this fine place, and its genial host as much as they despise Celtic.

  6. It will be very interesting to see how Ange approaches the game. In every game so far we’ve started quickly, even against a quick technical team like AZ. But tomorrow we face the best team yet.



    I hope we don’t have revert to a game plan that has rarely worked for us away from home in Europe. Crossing our fingers and hoping it’ll be different this time wouldn’t fit with Ange’s philosophy. Get at them from the start abd fit as long as we can

  7. Can’t avoid feeling a degree of poignancy about playing once again in Seville in such reduced circumstances.




    It sort of brings into focus the level of decline there has been. Like those before and after photos of people used to show the ravages of drugs, drink, debauchery etc.



    Though I daresay there are those who’d claim that if it hadn’t been for the stellar talent running the club things would have been much worse.

  8. BANKIEBHOY1 on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:22 PM



    Given the discussion at the end of the last blog, it’s ironic that you seem to be suggesting that your definition of a “resident rocket” seems to be someone you disagree with.

  9. Play a left back at left back right back at right back, Montgomery or Scales for me and probably Scales as he has more European experience.

  10. It’s going to be a real test on Thursday.


    No Abada, Cal Mac ,Forrest ,Kyogo ,Georgios ( prob not up to speed), Taylor and Big Chris our squad is already getting stretched.


    Shouldn’t be like this so early in the season .


    Just hope we can get the gaps filled in the Jan window.


    A draw would be a fab result.


    Let’s hope for the best!!

  11. I’d play young Montgomery as Left Wing Back, and, I also like the idea by MADRA RUA, to play Tony Ralston in a more midfield defensive position. Don’t think we can go to Real Betis and play both Tom and David, I would replace Tom Rogic with Tony Ralston, gives us more, much more energy in that area, in a game like this when it is most needed, por cierto

  12. BANKIEBHOY1 on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:42 PM









    The troll(s) despise this Dear Green Place as much as the despise Celtic…………







    Would you care to post a list of those you consider to be trolls?

  13. You know what? I had totally forgotten about James McCarthy! Maybe that’s more to do with his start to his Celtic career though :)) por cierto

  14. Soro and McCarthy in the middle and Turnbull ahead of them.



    Right side midfield is a problem.



    A point here would be a very good result. Hopefully have CalMac back for Livi game.

  15. CELTIC40ME on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:02 PM





    AULDHEID on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:53 AM















    “Reading Spidey’s post it demonstrates gross incompetence at Board level and why we are where we are.”



    It does’nt it’s one person’s take.






    Well it’s mine based on hard evidence of it, and the more who see it the more who will share that opinion. Many CT members do having seen it, all done democratically.



    If others do not share that opinion they need not be concerned.

  16. “Ernest”






    Thurs a fuuull list on the back o’ the Secret Door to the tunnel that runs from Paradise to Glasgow City Cooncil offices………

  17. Concur with Paul, Welsh over CCV. Match fitness and pace an absolute necessity. Rogic bench, at best. Same with Ajeti. Keep it calamity free and we might just escape unscathed.



    One of our non-exec directors, Brian Wilson, is currently a paid columnist at The Herald. His Wednesday piece tends to be dull as dishwater stuff, but, there is always a common theme. Brian absolutely detests the SNP. Every week, without fail, Brian gives Nicola and her troops a kicking. Today is no exception, on the vaccine passport issue. Brian will take his seat at CP along with the other entitled heid bummers. I have no idea what Brian Wilson brings to Celtic.



    So its Ralston restored to RB and Juranovic back over to LB ?



    I’d go with experience, so yes. And their right winger was left footed and the right left footed on Monday, so I don’t think there’d be as much of a problem play Juranovic on the left. Assuming they’re set up the same way

  19. Callum, the eternally fit midfield cog, out injured. Nooooo….



    None of the potential alternatives have had enough game time. I’m thinking Shaw, Soro, McCarthy, Bitton. Not necessarily in that order.



    Abada out too. Nooooo… Can we play Jota on the right, Monty on the left?



    And then the full backs. Ralston right back, Juranovic left back? Or Scales?



    Glad Ange is making the decisions and not me.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I think the club had an excellent window, but the damage of the previous few windows is writ large in the lack of depth in the squad when we suffer a few injuries. Tomorrow we will be missing CalMac, Forrest, Kyogo, Abada and Taylor. As per above, CCV, Jota, McCarthy and Giakoumakis are not properly fit for such a challenge. We’re in really poor shape to be able to compete at such a level.



    Not sure if he’ll play Juranovic at LB or stick with young Montgomery. I think the lad will become first pick LB over the course of this season, even after Taylor recovers. Looks a good player.



    As is Welsh. Great to see young lads making it out of the academy. Nothing better.



    If we get any kind of result tomorrow it will be a triumph.

  21. AULDHEID on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:51 PM



    “If others do not share that opinion they need not be concerned.”



    That doesn’t sound like a very healthy state of affairs, especially when we’re talking about something as serious as gross mismanagement of our club



    No one likes having their beliefs challenged, but it’s important that no group or organization allows itself to become an echo-chamber. Surely that’s just doing what the board are accused of?

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Maybe the idea is to try to make Bankier look good? Not sure it’s working though…..

  23. Taylor out?



    Let’s bring in our £3m LB buy with previous Euro experience Bolingoli.



    Checks Europa League list.



    Bolingoli not listed.



    FFS. We really don’t help ourselves.




  24. Oh no, Macgregor out is a huge blow.



    I still hope Ange sticks to his style of play. Keep the team playing to his system

  25. JIMDOM @ 12:55 PM,



    Absolutely – a member of our incompetent Board.



    Bigger conundrum though, what exactly is he supposed to be competent at!?



    Hail Hail

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