Welsh should start ahead of Carter-Vickers


Saturday’s game against Ross County was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second run out since July, so there was no surprise to see him down with cramp in the second half.  Match fitness cannot be fully achieved without matches.  It will take a few weeks until he is fully primed.

This poses a question for Ange Postecoglou, does he play Cameron against Real Betis tomorrow or revert to Stephen Welsh, a player two years younger but who is fully fit.

If we were discussing a creative type, like Jota, who also cramped on Saturday, I would expect him to start, as creatives are often swapped out in the second half, but managers are loathed to change their defensive line during a game.

I don’t think there is a definitive best choice here.  We do not know enough about Cameron and I know little about Betis, but my hunch would be to play Stephen.  The overriding factor is that we know Betis will run our back line significantly more than Ross County did on Saturday.  If Cameron’s muscles were in rebellion then, they will surely suffer in Seville.


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    Juranovic Welsh Starfelt Montgomery


    Ralston Turnbull McCarthy Soro Jota





    As I see it that’s the best we could immediately put out. LHS not the strongest granted.








    Swap Juranovic and Ralston and it’s a thumbs up from me. On the basis that Juranovic is a better crosser.

  2. Even this early it would appear that the Champions League will be Bayern Munich versus the EPL ( any one from three).

  3. Hendry 0 v 0 Mbappe / Neymar / Messi



    PSG first corner in the last minutes of the game.



    Anyone know the relative player values between the teams? It’s a measure often used to deride us when we don’t win against “inferior” opposition.



    That’s football.

  4. Looks as if we will be struggling to put a decent midfield together for tomorrow night.



    I wonder if losing 3 midfielders and only bringing in 1 has anything to with it.



    But we did have our best ever transfer window, allegedly

  5. UK Gov cabinet reshuffle time. Musical chairs for entitled smug imbeciles.



    Maybe DD should bring Celtic supporting Nat, Humza Yousaf onto the board. As some of the guys said earlier today, a bit of political clout is no bad thing. Brian Wilson, meet Humza Yousaf.

  6. Well done Brugge in a game they could VERY easily have won.



    Jack Henry did not look at all out of place amongst those overpriced PSG players.



    Good for him!

  7. The crazy world that our club seems to have descended into over the last thirteen months has thrown up a fact that probably none of us would ever have thought possible.



    The starting eleven tomorrow night will probably contain only one player who started in our first two EL ties at the beginning of last season ( v Milan at home & Lille away). That player is the much-maligned, non-firing & rarely selected, Albain Ajeti.



    Out of favour: Barkas,



    Out of the club: Duffy. Laxalt, Ajer, Griffiths, Frimpong, Ntcham, Brown, Elyounoussi & Christie.



    On the bench: Welsh, Bain



    On the treatment table: McGregor, Jullien.



    Amazing really inside twelve months. Fourteen players not available to start for one reason, or, another – exactly one more than the thirteen we have brought in – out of which only six – Hart, Starfelt, Juranovic, CVC , Jota & possibly Mccarthy, are likely to start.



    It illustrates the enormity of the task we face this season. If the Ibrox lot are less able than last season, we might narrow the gap – if they’re not, we won’t, in my estimation.

  8. JIMDOM on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:22 PM



    Humza Yousaf? Scotland’s political answer to Frank Spencer?



    Brian Wilson is a good man, who has done good – those who denigrate him don’t know him, or, anything about him. If they actually found out and had a conscience, they would be ashamed!

  9. Saint Stivs


    Point about attendance understood. There is a disparity though between ST sales of 52,000ish and attendance of 57,000ish for 2020. Computer says naw.



  10. JHB @ 10:38 PM,



    There was no malice that I read.



    He is on our Board as a NED.



    Yet Celtic have two, yes only two executives.



    No head of Sports, No head of recruitment, No head of Sports Science, No COO



    Yet seemingly a Board teeming with NEDs who are somehow irreplaceable and do not carry out their main function. Keeping the executive accountable.



    So he may be a great do the right thing guy, he may be a progressive, he may be a leading Celtic historian, things I can relate to and hugely admire.



    Point is, what is he doing on our Board as a fixture when over half a dozen crucial positions are vacant?



    Hail Hail

  11. PrestonPan.


    Plus a couple of dozen geniuses on CQN. When Hendry played for us he was the Universal Scapegoat on here,

  12. Life’s tough.



    All those high holidays and we never had the good fortune to lose Nir ‘defensive rock’ Bitton for any of them.



    Gut yontif and hail hail, Liel.

  13. CHAIRBHOY on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:52 PM



    Yet Celtic have two, yes only two executives.



    For 5 whole days. We’ve had two since Friday and we’ll have three again (4 if you include the company secretary) once either we appoint a new CEO or MN’s position is filled.

  14. Chairbhoy agree. I would add …



    Brian Wilson buy his sell by date. With his board colleagues allowed Lawwell a free hand to bring the club to a state of collapse from the Rodgers period. No investment in club or people development—- the only person who benefitted was Lawwell in pocketing 20 Mil.



    Board is not fit for purpose and they have no idea what good looks like. Bankier is a joke figure to be chairman. Absentee landlord likes puppets on the board as does Lawwell.



    Bankier and Lawwell stictched McKay up and Desmond done the dirty deed. Paul67 must have felt good kicking a Celtic fan when he was down.

  15. CHAIRBHOY on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:52 PM




    I have no problem with the thrust of your argument, i.e. if his qualities and those of other directors, however admirable, are not relevant to the aims and responsibilities of the Celtic board, then why is he/they in situ.



    I don’t know the definitive answer to that – what I do know is that Brian is not a freeloader and would not be occupying a place on the board if he was not contributing. I/we don’t know what talents and influence various members of the board have and what they bring to the club.



    There are many aspects of law, politics and business that will impact on Celtic – members of the board will have expertise & contacts in these areas and advise and guide the club accordingly. Most of this will be commercially sensitive and/or confidential, so it is unsurprising that supporters and the general public are ‘in the dark’.

  16. CELTIC40ME on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:41 PM


    I don’t know know what Brian Wilson does. Just that



    Said no one




    How wrong can you be – you may see hundreds of people in the street day after day and know nothing of what they do – does that mean they all do nothing?

  17. Supersutton



    You’re right that’s football and a weaker/poorer club can have it’s day – David can beat Goliath!


    But Celtic are exceptionally rarely David these days (Lazio being the only one I can recall in recent years) and frequently Goliath – Cluj, Ferncvaros, Midtylland, AEK, Sparta Prague (x2) and we dropped points to 8 teams in the league last year: Kilmarnock; Them x 4; Aberdeen x 2; Hibs x 2; St Johnstone; Livingston x 2; St Mirren; Ross County and Dundee United. We also lost to Them and Ross County in the cups!


    That’s a lot of “bad days at the office”!!!



    Still, nice to see Clemente get a good result – he’s still on my list for next Celtic manager (though may be unattainable soon).

  18. Brian Wilson brings nothing to the success of Celtic.



    He is there to sign off the sub committees.



    End of.

  19. CELTIC MAC on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:51 PM




    Derision and criticism can only hurt when delivered by knowledgeable people whom you respect.

  20. Maybe Desmond and Lawwell are going to pull the rug from Ange at next transfer window?


    ThePuppetStrachan will bend over backwards to oblige his scunnery PLCmasters.


    Maybe Desmond and Lawwell were waiting till after the window closed and then impart the news of their deceitful plans for Ange, to Dom, as RangersFC need the CLmoney of £40 million to survive and maintain the OldFirm rivalry.


    Maybe Dom isn’t as crooked as CelticPLC so he bailed rather than be tainted with the OldFirmCorruption, that has fluoridated the senses of average CelticFans?


    Stranger Things hasn’t a look in.


    p.s. not a hun, just looking in for a gander.



  21. jhb



    Maybe not quite in context…


    But I’ll have to give you credit there


    Good point well made

  22. Tam the ranter/jhb



    Not free to give your twitter timeline.



    We know the old one from when you flounced last year






    Funnily enough a unionist writer/rentbhoy I answered, contrasting his spitting outrage at janeygodley with gobbling all Boris says,not a word on uc reduction,ni increases,nothing deducted from nondoms,offshore,basically saying nowt about the violence inflicted through austerity/poverty policies by your unionist masters.


    Nothing said by the eunuch


    2 minutes later your on here pishing your pants about her racism against people who have a thousand year history of racism/divide vomit rule.


    Ta for the stalk Tam but you are a good wee salmon


    Hook and line






    Do feel free to post yours



    But being troll vermin you won’t.

  23. Wishaw tim on 16th September 2021 6:13 am



    Just scroll on by or try contributing something other than abuse.