Welsh should start ahead of Carter-Vickers


Saturday’s game against Ross County was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second run out since July, so there was no surprise to see him down with cramp in the second half.  Match fitness cannot be fully achieved without matches.  It will take a few weeks until he is fully primed.

This poses a question for Ange Postecoglou, does he play Cameron against Real Betis tomorrow or revert to Stephen Welsh, a player two years younger but who is fully fit.

If we were discussing a creative type, like Jota, who also cramped on Saturday, I would expect him to start, as creatives are often swapped out in the second half, but managers are loathed to change their defensive line during a game.

I don’t think there is a definitive best choice here.  We do not know enough about Cameron and I know little about Betis, but my hunch would be to play Stephen.  The overriding factor is that we know Betis will run our back line significantly more than Ross County did on Saturday.  If Cameron’s muscles were in rebellion then, they will surely suffer in Seville.


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  1. BSR………………






    Some forgot in the rush to blame” r’at bored”…for everything that there are other things that tims do well….and having a laugh is most of them!



    Somehow grim curmudgeons and worthy wullies have written a different script………..



    Funny how they still pop up here tho’.

  2. ParkheadcumSalford



    Well done on your first :-)






    Welcome back.:-) good to see you on




  3. Average home league attendance (no.)



    57,857 2020


    56,729 2019


    55,943 2018


    54,159 2017


    42,201 2016

  4. ….me?



    I’m just a light-weight , Happy-Shafter with a firm grip on everything apart from reality……….







  5. tom mclaughlin



    I never take anyone who uses bold lettering on here seriously. And I will not make an exception for you. Best stick to making anti-semitic comments, you are obviously more at home there.




    Nice to have a manager with real vision and the naw bags to stick to it.

  7. I normally sit in front of the main stand ,unfortunately owing to COVID I have been relocated to the Lisbon Lions Stand area 118,I’m seriously thinking of giving up my season ticket ,and a full refund ,have I a case .

  8. now, i find that inbteresting and hadnt really looked at the numbers that closely.



    but Ronne leaves, Brendan comes, average home attendnace goes up from 42,000 to 54,000, covers come off the lisbon lions upper.



    then brendan leaves, Neil is appointed full time, but, for nine in a row season, average attendance is 3,800 higher than brendans first season.



    without defending the board, if attendnace is one of your kpi’s for measuring business success, and the crowds went UP with Neil as manger, do you as a board think it was the wrong appointment ?


    particulalry coupled with 5 more trophies, and completion of trebles 3 and 4.

  9. Total season ticket sales (no.)



    52,457 2020


    52,520 2019


    52,229 2018


    48,723 2017


    39,309 2016




    Abada out for Yom Kippur. Sod that. It’s his job. He’s paid to play not pray.



    Rather obtuse comment Tom if i may say.leave the man to follow his faith in whatever way he wishes.it is his right,his business and his faith.it will be a loss to Celtic on the pitch but as a human being I hope we as a club do everything possible to support him.


    Hope your good Tom




  11. FRIESDORFER on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 5:45 PM


    Now we know for sure that they are “managing ” the figures: 57,857 in 2020…🙄🤔



    it would be more accurate to call it seats sold.


    I have been told “attendance” is actually all seats sold for that match, whether season book holders attend or not.

  12. AULDHEID on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:53 AM



    Celtic’s response will be interesting, to bring in a Moody Blues number we can only become at one with The Board if there are No More Lies.








    I know on here you have a high credibility rating, mainly because of your efforts to try and push Resolution 12 to a conclusion, however I cannot understand why sometimes you post on here in riddles, such as above. Not looking to have a go at you or anything like that, just trying to work out why if you have a point to make why you just don’t spell it out clearly, so that we can all understand what your are saying.

  13. Saint Stivs



    Celtic have a “headcounter.” Like a beancounter but he counts every head in the ground, instead of beans.

  14. Did we not have a guy on here who was privy to actual attendance figures.



    I think it was circa 5 years ago.




  15. Modern collective terminology for guy means, male, female, trans, or non binary



    C’est la vie.

  16. “Former Celtic centre-back Ramon Vega has been named as a possible contender to replace Dominic McKay as Celtic’s CEO, The Herald report”



    Now that would be interesting.

  17. Ramon Vega from Wiki –



    Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services industry and Sport , Skilled in Negotiation, languages ,Business Planning,


    Fin-tech ,Data ,Banking, and Strong Football experience advising Football teams and Federations as Ex International professional Footballer player, former player at Tottenham Hotspurs ,Celtic Glasgow, Watford Fc,Cagliari,Grasshopper Zurich and ex Swiss International Player, Finance meets Sport and sports meets Finance . Great , Rare combination and experiences in two very competitive world with experience and working in both industry,Public Speaker and entrepreneur.




    When I am responding directly to another comment, I use bold type to differentiate between the original comment and my response. Nothing sinister. I thought you’d understand that. Then again, probably not.

  19. Setting free/Squire



    Please don’t squabble over what I’ve written – it really isn’t worthy of that! My post was a focus on the team and our decline over the past three years compared to “them” who have been on an upward curve. I hate comparing us to them – it’s parochial and gives them an importance they shouldn’t deserve. But the reality is they’re the only challengers to us in Scotland and the main hurdle to get over if we’re to “punch our weight” domestically.


    Where the blame lies for underachievement is open to debate – for some it’s luck, others it’s law of averages and we can’t win all the time. But there does need to be some ownership by all involved with Celtic – we all got carried away on them dying, our 9 in a row, quad treble, invincible season and some (importantly the Board and last manager) got complacent.


    I think the Board and the team are indivisible, in so far as the Board determine and dictate how we support he manager as Head of Football Department. We’ve provided two managers with adequate support (at least in the early part of their time in charge) – O’Neill and Rodgers. Hopefully Ange will be the third to get that support.


    I don’t think a boycott will work – it didn’t during Deila times when the top tier was closed, instead change came about because their Directors gave Desmond some grief after a cup game. I’d also never tell folk to boycott games – for some every game might be their last, for some it’s a first (or child’s first, etc).


    I wouldn’t go as far as to say going to games is tacit approval of the Board’s approach, but there does need to be a clearer statement that we don’t think things are fine or last season was a blip. Not storming the team bus like some did last year but maybe an organised protest similar to the 67th minute camera thing – make it clear we’re all pee’d off. you can be sure Sky will beam those pictures around the world – maybe Desmond will be annoyed by his mates asking why we are all protesting to do something about it!


    I am glad it provoked healthy debate, though would have liked the debate to focus less on “sides” and more on what we need to do to improve (after all, I’m sure someone at Celtic does check this blog or Paul feeds back to his source).



    St Stivs – your question on attendance increases post-Rodgers kind of proves the old “statistics are like mini-skirts…” quote – yes there was an increase but that was always likely to happen given it was the Nine season…




    To be honest, my comment about Abada was tongue in cheek but I accept it is a sensitive subject that raises hackles.



    Lesson learned.

  21. Tom,


    I certainly didn’t see the comment as anti Semetic.


    You didn’t single out any religion, you just said players are paid to play & not to pray.


    I thought it was witty but I do have a weird sense of humour.


    Spidey, some excellent posts, some I agreed some not so much, but very impressed with your style.


    If your work was the template for Poster’s here we would have some impressive Forum.

  22. JHB &Tom/Gold Coast aren’t much different in my opinion.Both like to talk down to you 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Tom McLaughlin,



    Your post could have been worded better, but the principle is correct.



    These highly paid individuals should be like any other workers that have to work in all circumstances.


    If you accept the job you accept the conditions.



    Most of us have to work on individual religious days until we drop. 66 years and counting. Top footballers generally retire circa 36 years old with millions in the bank and can then do what they want.



    I would sincerely hope that if Celtic or any other football team give religious holidays then I would expect them to be given to cleaners, secretary’s youth teams, catering staff, security guards Paradise windfall collectors etc, etc.



    Or does ” human rights ” only matter to the few at the detriment of the many.




  24. GREENPINATA @7:04


    I’m pretty sure Celtic would have been made aware of Abada’s beliefs when signing him 😉


    Maybe they thought we wouldn’t make the Europa 🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. Interesting that Abada doesn’t travel due to Yom Kippur. I haven’t seen that come up before so i checked the Conference League fixtures and both Israeli teams had their games last night at home instead of Thurs. Must have made that application when UEFA were sorting the fixtures.



    Every day a school day



    PS remember when Scotland qualifiers were haggled over by Ernie Walker to try to get a home game last to qualify!? Don’t hear about that now so i assume FIFA/UEFA just tell you

  26. FAIRHILL BHOY on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:59 PM



    I’m not sure about that, that’s just the way they express themselves, give them the benefit of the doubt until they outright insult you! Works for me :-)

  27. With the massive changes at Celtic this season qualification for Europe was a bridge too far for the club, perhaps possibly the Conference could be achieved. But then we go and knock out the Czechs and the Dutch and against all odds Celtic make the group stage of the Europa, an unexpected bonus. European football against top sides up to Christmas.



    Losing three of our top players this season has really dampened expectations going up against Betis, Calmac in particular but in Soro, Montgomery, McCarthy, Henderson, Ralston there are still many good players who won’t let the club down. Some posters have been suggesting playing Anthony Ralston in a mid defensive position and it’s definitely worth a try. He has shown recently that he’s skilful on the ball and tough in the tackle, maybe blossom into a future Bobby Murdoch.



    Just hoping for a good performance tomorrow night, a result would be fantastic.

  28. Greenpinata



    I think it depends on the religion and the feast day.



    Yom Kippur involves fasting and praying for 24 hrs i think i.e. not a day off.



    A lot of the Muslim religious days are based on moon phases so can be mid week like the above



    Big Christian days are deliberately at the weekend and footie is never on Christmas day (possibly easter sunday but rare)

  29. Legia Warsaw Chief talking about Juranovic



    “I guess some people are lacking awareness of what is happening on the transfer market, which has collapsed in the last two years,” says Mioduski.



    “The amount we got for Juranovic is very good. Today, few clubs are signing players for €3 million to €4 million. The big ones make spectacular transfers, the rest save.



    “Juranovic is the most expensive football player in the (Polish) league in more than 24 years and, a year and a half ago, we bought him for €400,000.



    “Besides, we don’t put players up for sale. Sometimes, they want to leave. Jura wanted to go to Celtic, and we expected him to leave. After he played at the Euros the interest was high but, in the end, only Celtic made a specific offer.”