Welsh should start ahead of Carter-Vickers


Saturday’s game against Ross County was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second run out since July, so there was no surprise to see him down with cramp in the second half.  Match fitness cannot be fully achieved without matches.  It will take a few weeks until he is fully primed.

This poses a question for Ange Postecoglou, does he play Cameron against Real Betis tomorrow or revert to Stephen Welsh, a player two years younger but who is fully fit.

If we were discussing a creative type, like Jota, who also cramped on Saturday, I would expect him to start, as creatives are often swapped out in the second half, but managers are loathed to change their defensive line during a game.

I don’t think there is a definitive best choice here.  We do not know enough about Cameron and I know little about Betis, but my hunch would be to play Stephen.  The overriding factor is that we know Betis will run our back line significantly more than Ross County did on Saturday.  If Cameron’s muscles were in rebellion then, they will surely suffer in Seville.


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  1. Coneybhoy



    Many thanks for your reply.



    There are football games scheduled on Good Fridays, Easter Saturdays and Easter Sundays.



    EG in 2019 Hibs played Celtic on Easter Sunday live on Sky Sports.



    Cheers and HH.

  2. Calmac, Kyogo & Abada are big misses in key areas – central midfield, striker & wide. We really are getting down to the bare bones. I think we are looking at damage limitation tomorrow – even that will be difficult with new and largely inexperienced defence. None of us should/would be surprised if we took a thumping – let’s hope we can keep it respectable.



    On another matter – my rule for using this site is to refrain from overt personal abuse/swearing & ensure that anything I post I would be prepared to say face to face if ever the situation arose. I respect all others who do likewise, regardless of their point of view.

  3. I’m not holding out much hope for tomorrow – we’re a squad new to ourselves and have lost our lynchpin; but you never know

  4. glendalystonsils on






    Mind you used to get a laugh on here ?



    Aye . Even in the Tony Mowbray days there was distinctly less angst .

  5. Coneybhoy.


    Re the tunnel sco/ire chat from last night.



    Boris tunnel is a no goer.more arms/weapons dumped in Beauford Dyke than was used in ww2.


    Think the fear of disturbing that may come into play








    You make a perfectly reasonable point, and maybe some Israeli footballers do play on Yom Kippur – I don’t know.



    However it is the only day in the year in which radio & television broadcasts are restricted, shops close and transportation shuts down as part of religious observations – indeed Egypt & Syria took advantage of this fact to launch an attack on Israel in 1973.



    If he is devout, I am sure that Abada will have a pertinent clause in his contract…and anyway, how many times will YK coincide with an important match day?

  7. The Christian holidays,Christmas,Easter,etc,just a load of twaddle.Pagan holidays,with the names changed by a Committee.No historical relevance whatsoever.

  8. Tam the ranter.



    It would be said to your face.



    Still awaiting your twitter handle.


    So I can return your stalking haha



    Still outraged at tweets but nowt to say on the poorest and weakest paying for it.


    Gargle the chunks



    Catch ye Tam ….aye

  9. TURKEYBHOY on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:02 PM


    The Christian holidays,Christmas,Easter,etc,just a load of twaddle.Pagan holidays,with the names changed by a Committee.No historical relevance whatsoever.






    I assume that’s an opinion rather than a statement of fact?

  10. Liverpool’s pressure on Milan absolutely unrelenting. 1-0 in 10 minutes, then Salah misses penalty after 13.

  11. GREENPINATA @ 7:04 PM,



    This is in all Sincereity with all due respect.



    I’m not sure of your world but it is so very different from mine that it’s no surprise we see things very differently.



    Maybe you could give me some insight where you are coming from, it’s a private matter and it is up to you but what I’m talking about is not political correctness gone mad nor protecting the snowflakes – I’m talking about the law.



    Have you really no understanding of the 2012 Equality Act?



    I would sincerely hope that if Celtic or any other football team give religious holidays then I would expect them to be given to cleaners, secretary’s youth teams, catering staff, security guards Paradise windfall collectors etc, etc.



    This is exactly what that act is about, it protects everyone EQUALLY, whether you’re a cleaner (doing noble and necessary work) or a famous football star you MUST be treated equally and respectfully by your employer – they cannot discriminate.



    I worked last Christmas Day with people living with Dementia. The Christmas Day before that I worked supporting people with Autism.



    Dementia and Autism don’t disappear for Regilous festivals.



    I worked with a seventh day adventist who has every Saturday off – he’s expected to work every Sunday. I work with a Catholic who has every Sunday off, he’s expected to work every Saturday.



    We live in a multicultural world and people’s diversity and human rights are enshrined in law.



    I have friends, associates and colleagues from scores of different countries with dozens of ethnic and religious origins and practices.



    The idea that Jewish football players would not be afforded those rights is wrong on several counts…



    It is unlawful and it is wrong-minded.



    There are many examples of how Muslim footballers deal with Ramadan that you and Tom Mc seem totally oblivious to.



    Many footballers make incredible sacrifices regarding their culture and religion.



    Not least British players, coaches, managers, etc – traditionally take it easy on the festivities on Christmas Day so they can play boxing day.



    Arranging weddings and family events for closed season.



    Yet Rogic was allowed time off to get married.



    Tradition, multiculturalism and modernity have to be taken into account by organisations and individuals.



    A Club open to all is a nice tagine – it is also a legal requirement these days.



    Celts more than most should know this.



    Hail Hail

  12. threadbare





    (of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) becoming thin and tattered with age.


    “tatty rooms with threadbare carpets”






    well worn






    worn out
























    having seen better days


    falling apart at the seams


    in shreds


    in tatters


    falling to pieces






    the worse for wear







  13. Chairbhoy,



    Do you really believe that everybody gets the right to tell their employers when they are willing to work.



    I have recently been told I must work Christmas and New Year. I have done so many times in the past.



    Are you telling me because I want to go to Midnight Mass, I do not have to travel ?



    I have just completed refresher courses in diversity and human rights, but I do not recall seeing this entitlement.



    Please do not be offended, but do you live in the real world?

  14. After Liverpool have 4 corners in succession, Milan speed upfield to score. Didn’t see that coming.

  15. GREENPINATA @ 8:41 PM,



    To be perfectly honest I don’t know where this real world you talk of is.



    When you sign a contract if you have any specific cultural or religious days you want off you can tell your employer beforehand. Of course depending on what days they are and the reasons you wish to take them off the employer has the right to grant or deny your request as appropriate.



    If the employer denies your request on reasonable grounds then you must make an individual call as to what your requirements and obligations are.



    If you are obliged by your religion to take a certain day off and your employer can’t accommodate you, then you need to find an employer that will. Its that simple.



    For instance I’ve worked with many Roman Catholics but only a couple have requested every Sunday off. It’s not a obligation of the Church for you to take Sunday off as long as you can attend Mass. However some Catholics feel that the tradition of not working the Sabbath is important to them, so they make it a condition of their employment which legally they have every right to do.



    If Celtic refused to give Abada Yom Kippur off would he have still signed for us? That’s between him and the Club. As it happens the Club were wiling to accommodate him in this regard so everyone is happy.



    Hail Hail

  16. GREENPINATA @ 8:41 PM,



    Just another point, yes, many employers don’t let folk know the fullest extent of their rights.



    Due to my job, working with vulnerable people, last two positions for Charities and with a hugely diverse work force, it means my training in this regard is much more thorough than other professions.



    Hail Hail

  17. I tam hunk we need to tighten up for tomorrow game, and I know it’s against Ange philosophy


    But I would go with





    Ralston, Welsh, CCV, Starfelt, Montgomery


    Juranovic, McCarthy, Turnbull, Jota





    Would be comfortable with Scales at left back, and Montgomery in front of him ?


    With Jota over on the right right


    Now for the bench


    Bain, Bitton, Murray, Soro, Shaw, Rogic, Urgohide

  18. ROCK TREE BHOY on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 5:55 PM


    AULDHEID on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:53 AM







    Celtic’s response will be interesting, to bring in a Moody Blues number we can only become at one with The Board if there are No More Lies.
















    I know on here you have a high credibility rating, mainly because of your efforts to try and push Resolution 12 to a conclusion, however I cannot understand why sometimes you post on here in riddles, such as above. Not looking to have a go at you or anything like that, just trying to work out why if you have a point to make why you just don’t spell it out clearly, so that we can all understand what your are saying.





    Fair point. What happened is I brought forward my post from previous blog but not a follow up one to The Moody Blues song “No More Lies.



    Here is that post:



    ” The Moody Blues song I mentioned can be listened to here






    It’s a while since I heard it but on hearing the lyrics again I think it is even more apt than I thought.



    Hear for yourselves. It is a song of longing , an inner human desire to belong to something they love to be part of – truth and honesty.”



    Hope that makes it clearer once you listen if not let me know.

  19. tom mclaughlin



    Some on here might need reminded of what they posted a few minutes earlier, I’m not one of them. Season ticket holders do have priority ahead of public sales, something Celtic rarely applied to early LC or SC games in the last twenty five years or so. But this priority only applies up to a publicised date. In the case of the Raith Rovers game this has expired, but tickets are still not available to other Celtic supporters. Note, other Celtic supporters. I got a message today that tickets for this game will be made available on the 17th, but that date does not appear to be on the ticket site. Myself and others are already booked to attend the Dundee Utd match, three days later, but hope to add the League Cup game, but are unable to make the arrangements even though the publicised date has come and gone. Celtic in effect keep moving the goalposts. Not so long ago I could have completed this purchase directly by phone from just about anywhere, via the ticket office in Glasgow, not so easy communicating now, by whatever means. Not quite the modern club Dominic wanted to aspire to.

  20. BANKIEBHOY1 @ 9:22 PM,



    Is this one of you fun having a laugh posts…



    I didn’t realise until your earlier comment you did those.



    Let’s face it, they’re not exactly side splitters, so perhaps you could sign post them so I know when to laugh:)



    Hail Hail

  21. Some performances tonight. 3 goals for Nkunku fir Leipzig at Man City. (4-3) And 4 for Sebastian Haller for Ajax at Sporting Lisbon (1-5).

  22. Riddle me this……………



    There was an oul’ wan who lived in a blog


    every time it was there, he couldnae quite swear………….


    But try as it might


    it came oot like a shite


    ……………and it aw ended up


    in the bog…………

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